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Topic: Cassette

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  Cassette culture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cassette culture was in part an offshoot of the mail art movement of the 1970s and 1980s.
In the UK cassette culture was at its peak in what is known as the post-punk period, 1978--1984; in the US activity extended through the late 80s and into the 90s.
Cassette culture received something of a mainstream boost when acknowledged for a short while in the early 1980s in the UK by the major music press.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cassette_culture   (848 words)

 Cassette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Depending upon the context, 'cassette' may refer to this concept in general, or to a specific type of cassette (typically the audio cassette).
Audio cassette; normally refers to the standard compact audio cassette, although there are other forms of audio cassette, such as DCC and DAT.
Cassette (genetics) - a term used to describe certain vectors that are normally used to confer a selectable marker on an organism.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cassette   (165 words)

 Compact audio cassette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The cassette was a great step forward in convenience from reel-to-reel audio tape recording, though because of the limitations of the cassette's size and speed, it initially compared poorly in quality.
Most cassettes were sold blank and used for recording (dubbing) the owner's records (as backup or to make compilations), their friends' records or music from the radio.
Cassettes were also a boon to people wishing to tape concerts (unauthorized or authorized) for sale or trade, a practice tacitly or overtly encouraged by many bands with a more counterculture bent such as the Grateful Dead.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Compact_audio_cassette   (2879 words)

 BBC NEWS | Technology | Not long left for cassette tapes
The cassette may have hissed, been prone to wow and flutter, and often ended its life chewed in a tape deck, but it ruled for four decades before MP3s and downloads.
"Cassette albums have declined quite significantly since their peak in 1989 when they were selling 83 million units in the UK," Matt Phillips of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) told BBC World Service's The Music Biz programme.
However, while cassettes are disappearing quickly from the music stores, they are clinging on in the UK in bookshops.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/technology/4099904.stm   (753 words)

 Cassette Duplication & Audio Cassette Copying
Cassettes are an ideal media for distributing both music and spoken word.
Cassettes also give you the chance to present your content to people as they drive, with most cars featuring a cassette player.
Because audio cassettes don't have the high set up costs associated with screen printing and duplicating CDs, a short run of audio cassette duplication can be produced for around a 5th of the price of screen printed CD-Rs on a quantity of 50.
www.mediacopy.co.uk /cassette.htm   (506 words)

 Beatles Cassette Tape-ography
While it is often true that early pressings of albums have better sound quality than reissues, the early cassettes were recorded at lower volumes (meaning greater tape hiss) and apparently did not have as long a life as the cassettes we have today.
The two cassettes were housed in a fl outer box with "The Beatles" and a large Apple on it, along with the catalog number.
Since early cassette tapes were sold in much lower quantities than were vinyl albums, and since cassettes were typically not available at the same time as the LP (originally), they tend to be much scarcer than their LP counterparts.
www.friktech.com /btls/tapes/k7.htm   (1558 words)

 Shimano Cassettes & Freehubs, by Sheldon Brown
All sprockets in a Hyperglide cassette are splined, and a special lock ring screws into internal threads on the freehub body to hold the set together.
Cassettes come in various gear ranges, and the ones where the sizes are close together, with no really large sprockets are commonly referred to in marketing-speak as "road" cassettes.
In the case of cassettes that are actually rivetted together, the easiest way to remove the rivets is to grind off the heads where they protrude from the largest sprocket.
www.sheldonbrown.com /k7.html   (3591 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Arts | | Last night a mix tape saved my life
Earlier this year, Cassette Stories, an exhibition at the Museum of Communication in Hamburg, threw a fond light on the home-mix tape as diary or love letter.
The picture that emerged was of the mix cassette as a way of re-sequencing music to make sense of our most stubbornly inexpressible feelings, a way of explaining ourselves to someone we love, or to ourselves.
More recently, record companies have started to issue promos in cassette form, not only because they stand out from the crowd but also - irony of ironies - because the original bootlegger's medium turns out to be so much harder to copy.
www.guardian.co.uk /arts/fridayreview/story/0,12102,1049363,00.html   (1255 words)

 Visual Techniques Cassette Recorders
The 1300AV cassettes are powered by either AC or battery powered by 4 "C" cell batteries.
This cassette recorder with 7 station listening center features a 5W amplifier, built-in microphone, auto shut-off, cue/review, 2X counter and auto level control for recording.
It copies both sides of a cassette in mono at 16x normal speed, and offers a full set of functions including stop, rewind, copy and interrupt, all operated by a single lever.
www.visualtechniques.com /links/cassette.htm   (1092 words)

 Cassette Duplication, Audio Cassette Duplicator, and Cassette Copies by Audio Sphere   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Cassette cases are available as Norelco boxes or the soft plastic poly case (crystal clear).
Our cassette duplication prices include a test copy and printed cassette case j-cards (standard single panel printed color one side and bandw the other side).
Tip for formatting your cassette: if at all possible, make Side A the longer side of your cassette so that whoever is listening doesn’t have to fast forward at the end of Side A to avoid having to rewind when the tape flips and Side B begins playing.
www.audiosphere.com /cassette%20duplication.htm   (228 words)

 DAU Digital Audio Mastering Cassette   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
DAU Mastering Cassettes are manufactured and qualified as digital PCM cassettes.
The result is a cassette which is specially qualified to provide exceptionally reliable PCM performance.
The 30-minute cassette is ideal for short recording times, while the 60-minute cassette meets most standard play time demands.
www.quantegy.com /ProductGroups/Audio/DAU.htm   (603 words)

 Rear cog/cassette contact problem
With the derailler set to the largest chain ring, the derailler cog nearest the cassette is squeezing the chain and the cog comes in contact with the chain ring/cassette.
Cassette = the stack of gear cogs attached to your rear hub.
The pulley wheel closest to the cassette is hitting the cassette when the chain is on the middle chain ring on the front and the largest cog on the cassette.
www.cyclingforums.com /showthread.php?goto=lastpost&t=176667   (1460 words)

 Record an MP3 From a Cassette - CNET reviews
For a standalone cassette player, we recommend using a simple cable with headphone and 1/8-inch stereo plugs on both ends.
If your cassette deck is part of a stereo system, use the headphone output with the same cable mentioned above; you will probably need a big-to-small adapter to pull this off.
If you have a pile of cassettes to convert to MP3s, you may find yourself in the market for more storage space, in which case you should by add another hardware storage device.
reviews.cnet.com /4520-6450_7-5020866-1.html?legacy=cnet&tag=mb   (670 words)

 Audio Cassette Duplication @ Cassette Works
Help us to duplicate for you a cassette of exceptional performance that Cassette Works is known for, by providing us with the best source master available to you.
Your cassette information is printed directly on the cassette shell in one color.
Generally, fl or blue ink is used on a white cassette shell and white ink is used on a clear shell.
www.m2com.com /audio.html   (307 words)

 Facts: Playback Machines and Accessories Provided on Free Loan to Eligible Individuals and Institutions (1999)
Both disc and cassette recordings require specially designed playback equipment (see Part I, below), which is loaned free to eligible individuals and institutions.
Cassette machines play at either 15/16 or the commercial standard 1 inches per second (ips); disc players are designed to play at 8, 16, and the commercial standard 33 revolutions per minute (rpm).
Books and magazines are recorded on either cassettes or discs or both.
www.loc.gov /nls/reference/factsheets/playback.html   (640 words)

 AC-30 Cassette Interface   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
With our new AC-30 Cassette Interface you will be able to store and input program data to any computer system having RS-232 serial interfaces and a UART circuit having an accessible 16X clock frequency.
Independent control circuits are provided for two audio cassette recorders (not included in the kit).
One recorder's tape may be read while the second is recording a new updated tape; making it possible to generate new program tapes, data tapes and to create program object tapes while reading and assembling program source tapes.
www.swtpc.com /mholley/AC30/AC30_Index.htm   (349 words)

 Rochester Cassette | Our Products   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The remanufactured cassettes that RCRC ships out are cassettes we would trust our own health with.
These screens can be installed directly into your existing x-ray cassettes, or you may choose to have an x-ray cassette built to your specifications.
Not only is your grid protected within the GRID-LOK device, the cassette is securely held in place so there is no danger of dropping the cassette out of the device causing physical harm or cassette damage.
www.rochestercassette.com /ourproducts.html   (731 words)

 Magnetic Recording History Pictures 4   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Philips cassette diagram for the system introduced in 1965 that used 1/8-in.
Philips cassette was 1/4 the size of the Fidelipac or Lear cartridge, making possible small battery-powered versatile players that could be carried anywhere.
Mercury was one of the first record companies to offer a selection of 26 albums on the Philips cassette at a price of $5.95 each.
history.acusd.edu /gen/recording/tape4.html   (115 words)

 Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary Ca--Ce
Some of the sprockets and spacers may be semi-permanently attached to one another by bolts or rivets.
Poorly-informed cyclists often misuse this term when they're actually speaking fo a multiple freewheel, not a cassette.
I have a special article that explains the difference between cassettes and multiple freewheels.
www.sheldonbrown.com /gloss_ca-g.html   (2401 words)

 Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Video Cassette Recorders
If attempting to load a cassette produces no response (though the VCR has power), then there could be a problem with the microswitch that senses the presence of a cassette, the cassette loading motor (if separate from the main motor), a slipping or broken belt, or a faulty driver or other electronic problem.
Similarly, if the cassette seems to be cycling in and out in an apparently infinite loop, there may be an obstruction or the microcontroller is confused by a bad sensor or the basket is out of synchronization with the rest of the mechanism.
In particular, if the cassette was loaded successfully and you just finished a thoroughly enjoyable movie, the microcontroller may think the mechanism is not safe and is not ejecting to protect your valuable tape from possible damage should it not be fully retracted into the cassette.
www.repairfaq.org /sam/vcrfaq.htm   (21132 words)

 CSC Tapes: 1999 RENFREW Conference Order Form   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In order that all members, including convention attendees, may benefit from the material presented, the cassettes are available from CSC.
CASSETTE K2 Laura S. Brown, Ph.D. Surviving as a Trauma Therapist in the Face of the Backlash
This workshop explores ways in which patients disconnect from the ingredients in their lives that they need in order to become "whole" again, and suggests that profound change can occur when one is open to spiritual connections.
www.csctapes.com /tapes/renfrew99.htm   (3192 words)

 Technorati Tag: cassette
Blank Audio and VHS Cassettes Great prices on blank audio and video cassettes.
BBC News: Some 40 years after global cassette production began in earnest, sales are in terminal decline.
Cassette Find Deals on Cassette and other Home Stereo Equipment at DealTime.
technorati.com /tag/cassette   (441 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Tape Recorders Work"
In the audio realm, magnetic tape (in the form of compact cassettes) is a popular way of distributing music.
We'll focus on cassette tapes and tape recorders, but the same technology applies to any form of magnetic recording.
You will learn that the reason why magnetic recording is so popular is because it an easy and inexpensive technology with good medium-term (10 to 20 years) storage characteristics.
electronics.howstuffworks.com /cassette.htm   (173 words)

Though the live and recorded manifestations of Cassette may take on many forms--sometimes alone and unguarded with just acoustic guitar and voice, while at other times backed by a rotating band of friends--the songs and the warm, compassionate, inviting feelings projected from them are wholly Samantha.
Known by many from her days with bands like Rumbleseat, Bitchin', and Crustaceans, Samantha's work in Cassette is a departure from her past.
All defenses have been lowered, and we are welcomed into the heart of Samantha's experience- told in a frank, honest, and organic voice.
www.myspace.com /cassettesongs   (959 words)

 Cassette Multitracks - zZounds.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Using the MF-P01 couldn't be easierá just pop in a standard cassette tape, plug in your instrument, select the track you want and hit "Record." You have 4 tracks to work with, so recording your drum machine, guitar, vocals, and keyboard is no problem.
With great sound quality, easy operation, and full compatibility with consumer stereo cassette decks, this economical 4-track recorder lets you record, overdub, and mixdown to standard cassette.
Utilizing standard audio cassettes, the X-12 allows the intuitive independent recording of 4 audio tracks.
www.zzounds.com /cat--Cassette-Multitracks--2871   (293 words)

 YHC Cassette Industrial Ltd
Our factory is located in Shenzhen, China with our head office in Hong Kong and a distribution and services centre in Canada.
Besides, we have also been the manufacturer of VHS blank video cassette tape under the license of JVC for more than 15 years.
Our complete production lines from moulding to packaging and a strong team of well-trained supervisors and staffs helps us to provide the best products and the best services for our clients with the best price.
www.accessv.com /~yhc   (163 words)

 Cassette Works Main Page
For over 25 years, Cassette Works has been providing media solutions for speakers, trainers, musicians, corporate promotions, communications and infomercials.
Cassette Works uses the latest technologies to provide you with a product delivers the quality you need every time.
The Cassette Works logo, the Sitting and Static Rabbits and "Masters of Duplication" are all trademarks of Cassette Works.
www.m2com.com /cassetteworks.html   (175 words)

 Encyclopedia article on Video cassette recorder [EncycloZine]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The video cassette recorder (or VCR, less popularly video tape recorder) is a type of video tape recorder that uses removable cassettes containing magnetic tape to record audio and video from a television broadcast so it can be played back later.
In the early 1970s the Dutch electronics company Philips developed a VCR system that used square cassettes with a recording time of one hour (the Video Compact Cassette system).
Macrovision caused the functionality of the video cassette recorder to be greatly reduced by adding random peaks of luminance to the recorded video during vertical sync, which confuse the automatic level adjustment of a recording VCR and thus prevent the analog copying of Video Tapes or DVDs.
encyclozine.com /Video_tape   (1170 words)

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