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Topic: Castle Hill Railway

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  Newport Castle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
It replaced an earlier motte and bailey castle on Stow Hill, near the cathedral.
The castle was of the usual medieval type with a curtain was enclosing a courtyard or ward.
After 1521, when the 3rd duke of Buckingham was beheaded, the castle was neglected, and by the 18th century was mostly ruinous.
www.castlewales.com /newportg.html   (560 words)

The Glasgow to Ayrshire Railway, extending to 40 miles, was opened in 1840, Dalry to Kilmarnock, 11 miles, in 1843, Kilmarnock to Auchinleck, 14 miles, in 1848; Auchinleck to Closeburn, 32 miles, in 1850, Closeburn to Dumfries, 12 miles, in 1849, and Dumfries to Gretna, 24 miles, in 1848.
The railway from Dumfries to Castle-Douglas traverses one of the most picturesque parts of Kirkcudbrightshire, and one of the most notable structures in the nineteen miles is the Goldielea Viaduct, which, in respect of height, workmanship, and picturesque surroundings, compares favourably with either the Carronbridge Viaduct or the noted bridge at Ballochmyle in Ayrshire.
The Cairn Valley Railway was opened in 1905, and the traffic still continuing to expand, even the present large accommodation has become cramped, and for some time excavations have been proceeding at the north end of the Station with a view to the shunting lines being extended in the near future.
www.buittle.org.uk /railway.htm   (3470 words)

 The Castle at Bishop's Castle
Like many castles in this area, it was built soon after the Norman conquest by the Bishops of Hereford who were appointed Marcher Lords to protect the troubled frontier of England, vulnerable to attacks by the Welsh.
At this time, the castle was still constructed of earth and timber, but by 1167, a stone fortress was erected to protect the town, known at this time as Y Trefysgob (in Welsh - town of the bishops).
The castle was completely refurbished in 1281, and was maintained until around 1570 when the town, castle, and surrounding lands were taken into possession by the Crown.
www.bishops-castle.co.uk /castle.htm   (375 words)

 Castles for sale
The castle itself and surrounding land is built for comfortable living; however the propery would also be suitable for a corporate executive vacation place or as a main building for a huge resort complex.
Castle dating back the 17th century, 4700 sq.yd of living space, 38 bedrooms, with bathrooms, 3 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, equipped kitchen, elevator, stables, 2 guest houses, 12 acres park and 44 acres wood.
The realty is composed of: * the castle with 55.184m· land and 4.243m· farmland * the castle tavern with 263m· useful area * the Meier courtyard with 17,757m· land * and 1.345m· usable area It is possible to buy up low-priced building land and extend the available building area to 21.000m·.
www.property.org.uk /unique/castles.html   (1410 words)

 Vanished Castles
Some castles have vanished without a trace, or with only a fragment of masonry to mark the location of a once great castle.
The castle was built by Sir John Cornwall in the 15th century.
Greenhalgh Castle located in Lancashire England: All that remains of this castle, licensed in 1490 and built by Thomas Stanley, is one piece of tower.
www.castles-of-britain.com /castlepu.htm   (1387 words)

 Dolbadarn Castle
Like many early masonry castles, the main entry to Dolbadarn was at first floor level, possibly through a forebuilding similar to the restored one that now protects the entrance.
During the Welsh princes' revolt against the English monarch, Edward I (whose response was a ring of massive fortresses around the north), Dolbadarn Castle was held by another of Llywelyn's brothers, Dafydd ap Gruffydd.
Unfortunately for the princes, the castle in the Llanberis Pass succumbed to more formidable forces led by the Earl of Pembroke, and in 1282 (the year of Llywelyn's death), Dolbadarn was seized by the English army.
www.castlewales.com /dolbd.html   (1061 words)

 Castle Hill, Townsville - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Castle Hill is a huge pink granite monolith standing in the heart of the north Queensland city of Townsville.
During WW2 the slopes of Castle Hill that faced Rowes Bay and the Strand, were probably used to locate some defensive machine gun emplacements and possibly some mortar pits.
The road up Castle Hill was closed to traffic on about 12 March 1942 to ensure that the construction of military facilities such as the Green Street Bunker were not obvious.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Castle_Hill,_Townsville   (834 words)

 History of the Railway
Plans were finally accepted for a route from the bottom of the Stoneway Steps to the end of the Castle Walk and consequently a company entitled The Bridgnorth Castle Hill Railway Company Ltd was registered in 1891.
The original patented design of the railway was for a single track with two cars, with a crossing point mid way between top and bottom, but this was abandoned in favour of a double track.
This gave the railway an incline of 33°, the steepest in England.
www.bridgnorthcliffrailway.co.uk /history.htm   (568 words)

 Castle Hill, Budapest - Reviews of Castle Hill - IgoUgo
A little way back along the hill is a chair lift (just like those in a ski resort) which for a trifling sum will take you back down to sea level in Zugligeti ut. From here, you can take a bus or taxi back to the centre.
Castle Hill is one of the first "sights" you will notice when staying in Budapest - it is the steep, flat hilltop seen across the Danube from downtown Pest, topped by the magnificent palace and Stephen's church.
At the top of the hill you will notice dust and disorder due to some archaelogical excavations which are exposing early relics of Budapest, including some from the Turkish occupation in the 15th century.
www.igougo.com /travelcontent/JournalEntryActivity.aspx?entryID=20393   (338 words)

 CastleXplorer - Dunster Castle
Dunster Castle dominates a steep hill overlooking the picturesque village of Dunster.
In the late 14th century the castle came into the possession of the Luttrell family, and remained in their ownership for the next six hundred years.
In 1617, Sir George employed the architect, William Arnold, to erect a new house in the lower ward of the castle.
www.castlexplorer.co.uk /england/dunster/dunster_links.php   (288 words)

 Tunnels/Bunkers under Castle Hill during World War 2
I was told by someone of 2 tunnels at the base of Castle Hill which started from the basement of the Officer's Mess for North East Area Command HQ in Sturt Street.
I have heard a story that approval was given for the construction of an underground Area Combined Headquarters in Castle Hill in 1943.
A former member of the Combined Operational Intelligence Centre that was located inside Castle Hill near the Greet Street Bunker told me that Colonel North had an office at the top end of Denham Street in the city.
home.st.net.au /~dunn/ozatwar/castlehill.htm   (1468 words)

 Hastings West Cliff Railway
Built by Messrs A H Holme and C W King of Liverpool (who subsequently built the Snowdon Mountain Railway), the railway was of a funicular type, comprising two parallel lengths of track running on a 1: 2.9 gradient, and rising some 170ft.
In common with most railways of this type, the two cars were joined by wire cables and controlled by winding gear situated in the upper station.
To mark the railway’s centenary year, the line was fully refurbished in 1991 and continues to take passengers up to the castle ruins, and to the ‘Smugglers Adventure’ located in St Clement’s caves.
www.theheritagetrail.co.uk /cliff_trams/hastings_west_hill.htm   (460 words)

 Aberystwyth Castle built in 1277 by Edward I :: Aberystwyth-online
The governor, apprised of his design, had sent to the neighbouring castle of Ystrad-Meirig for a reinforcement, which arrived during the night; and in the morning Grufydd, ignorant of the circumstance, and confident of success, advanced to a place called Ystrad Antaron, opposite Aberystwith castle, where he encamped, and held a council of war.
Llewelyn, on his arrival at Aberystwith, rebuilt and garrisoned the castle, and seized the whole of the extensive territory lying between the rivers, Aëron and Dyvi, which he afterwards surrendered to Rhys and Owain, the sons of Grufydd ab Rhys, and nephews of Maelgwyn.
At the commencement of these commotions the castle was strengthened with additional fortifications, and strongly garrisoned for the king : the royalists kept possession of it till the year 1647, when it was besieged and taken by the parliamentarians, and soon afterwards dismantled.
www.aberystwyth-online.co.uk /castle.shtml   (1011 words)

 English Cliff Railways - Castle Hill Railway, Bridgnorth
The Castle Hill Railway at Bridgnorth differs slightly from the majority of UK cliff railways inasmuch as it is situated inland, rather than by the coast.
The proposal was for a twin track railway, running at an incline of 1 to 1.81 over a distance of some 200ft (60m), but in order to achieve this a cutting had to be created in the cliff face, getting progressively deeper as it ran down the cliff.
At the opening of the Castle Hill Railway on 7th July 1892, the formalities were performed by the Mayor of Bridgnorth amid great celebrations.
www.theheritagetrail.co.uk /cliff_trams/bridgnorth_castle_hill.htm   (637 words)

 Baulkham Hills Shire Council   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
North of Baulkham Hills was the District of Castle Hill Reserve, which was the site of the Government Farm, an agricultural farm worked by convicts to support the colony.
The first free settler at Castle Hill was a Frenchman of noble birth, Verincourt De Clambe, who had fled France because of the revolution.
The story of the Castle Hill Rebellion and the Battle of Vinegar Hill is a story of failed mini-rebellions, unsuccessful escape attempts, mutiny, conspiracies, betrayal and personal tragedy.
www.baulkhamhills.nsw.gov.au /shire_information/history.aspx   (1201 words)

 English Castles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The castle is at one corner of a very attractive market town, which is worth visiting for its own sake, with some fine old mills on the other side of the river from the castle (although they might have torn these down since I was last there -- they were derelict).
BROUGHAM (Cumbria)- One of Lady Clifford's castles; Lady Anne Clifford was a 17th C eccentric who restored several medieval castles just after the Restoration, when medieval castles went out of fashion; these are rather impressive fortresses (originally) that had some rich-lady embellishments added on, such as fancy stonework and flushing privies.
LINCOLN- Another big Norman castle, built within an old Roman city; pretty good as a castle, but the cathedral nearby is incredible and quite overshadows the castle (where they used to hold public executions by projecting the gibbet over a cliff and hanging the victims by tossing them off the castle wall).
www.britcastles.com /englcas.htm   (3095 words)

 Bancroft Castle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The remnants of a castle are on a hill in groton, massachusetts overlooking main street, and the huge castle gate is directly on mani street with a guard house.
It is referred to as bancroft castle and the castlegate has a plaque explaining who bancroft was....may well be connected with the bancroft tower in worcester, ma.....this bancroft had something to do with the railroad in cambridge, ma.....
The "skeleton" of the castle are on gibbet hill, private land, but can be seen from both main street and, more closely route 4 behind lawrence academy.
www.dupontcastle.com /castles/bancrof2.htm   (568 words)

The castle was originally known as the Castle of Gloom, sounds something out of a horror movie.
He had the name of the castle changed by an act of Parliament to Castle Campbell in 1489.
Cromwell's forces occupied the castle in 1653, and only part was restored after the castle was burnt by Monck in 1654.
www.geocities.com /castlegloom/intro   (258 words)

 Bridgnorth Cliff Railway
The Castle Hill Railway, Bridgnorth, Shropshire was built in 1892 to connect the high town and low town.
Over the years they have rotted away and were replaced with a multitude of secondary fixings - this allowed the rails moving slightly out of line, and resulted in a less than smooth ride.
The Railway remained open during this work, and it took some 18 months to complete.
www.hows.org.uk /personal/rail/bridge.htm   (1192 words)

 Leaders, Legends, & Landmarks: Casco Castle
The building of Casco Castle in 1903 is linked to the development of the electric trolley car that was then regarded as the ultimate in rapid transportation.
The Castle was built on a high rocky hill overlooking the bay which gave it its name.
The Castle ballpark was the delight of local fans, for Freeport was and still is a great baseball town.
www.freeporthistoricalsociety.org /cascocastle.htm   (749 words)

 Welsh Castles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Superb castle on a high crag in the middle of an extremely rural part of Wales; at one point it was the hang-out of a gang of bandits who terrorized the region; has a nifty cave under it that can be reached via a 'secret' passage.
WHITE CASTLE- See Skenfrith and Grosmont; this is the largest of the three, and the only one not inside a town (short entry, I'm ticked off, because we couldn't get in -- it was a Sunday, and nothing is open in Wales on a Sunday -- see footnote).
There are a LOT of Welsh castles I've only seen from the outside (Cilgerran and White Castle, for example, and I couldn't photograph Conway because I was out of film and couldn't buy any), and that's because I was there on a Sunday, or during one of their peculiar 'lunch' breaks, or whatever.
www.britcastles.com /welshcas.htm   (1690 words)

 Visting the church
The church is situated on Castle Street, which rises from the north side of Cambridge city centre up Castle Hill to the County Council municipal buildings (Shire Hall) and the adjacent Castle Mound.
Castle Street Methodist Church is about 2km from Cambridge railway station.
Castle Park is on the same side of the road as the County Council buildings (Shire Hall), near the top of Castle Hill.
www.castlestreet.org.uk /visiting.html   (384 words)

 BBC - Shropshire - Your Place and Mine - Bridgnorth
The railway tracks are 201 feet long, and rise a vertical height of 111 feet.
While High Town offered the castle a strategic view of the river; Low Town was built alongside the port and the wealth that it brought in.
The railway was converted to electricity in 1943.
www.bbc.co.uk /shropshire/features/places/bridgnorth/funicular_railway.shtml   (784 words)

 Castle Museums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Be sure to visit these museums when nearby, as much can be learned about the history of the castles, villages, and towns.
The castle is closed until April 2001 due to refurbishment.
A museum that depicts the history of the castle.
www.castles-of-britain.com /castletm.htm   (305 words)

 FocalPlane > Travelogues > Severn Valley Railway
Ample parking is available in a field by the river on the west side (this is where we parked in June) and it is but a short walk up the hill to the SVR station.
Here there is the castle (blown up during the civil war; the remains are tilted at a rakish angle) and one of Telford's churches.
For much of the distance between Bridgenorth and Hampton the railway is out of sight to the west while the path hugs the bends in the river, passing impressive sandstone cliffs and a few very large farmsteads.
focalplane.com /travel/SVR.html   (1815 words)

 Command Post on top of Castle Hill
The site selected for the command post was on a pinnacle of rock on the crest of Castle Hill.
This necessitated a long and heavy haul of material and men to the parking area at the top of Castle Hill.
I found a cable coming down from Castle Hill at 273 Walker Street near the old Technical College.
home.st.net.au /~pdunn/ozatwar/commandpostchill.htm   (236 words)

 Barnaby in Bridgnorth
The two are linked by 7 sets of historic steps, the famous Cliff Railway and by Cartway, a meandering historical street.
The Saxons built a fort on the Castle Hill settled by Ethelfleda.
King Charles I at Bridgnorth Castle for 3 days - he said the view from the Castle Walk was the finest in his dominion.
www.perton-first.staffs.sch.uk /Barnaby2H   (254 words)

 Welcome to Hills Model Railway Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The 2007 Castle Hill Model Railway Exhibition will be held at the Harvey Lowe pavilion, Castle Hill showground on Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of July 2007.
The principal activies of the Hills Model Railway Society Inc. is to promote the hobby of model railway construction, operation and history to society members, public and statutory bodies, to attend and hold displays at model exhibitions and other venues from time to time.
We love discussing our models and layouts and visitors are welcome to our society rooms at Baulkham Hills by invitation, by contacting a committee member listed on the contacts page or by sending us an email by clicking here.
www.railpage.org.au /hmrs   (270 words)

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