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Topic: Catch the Wind (song)

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In the News (Wed 24 Jul 19)

 The Covers Project: Donovan
The cover version of this song appears on the Donovan album Catch the Wind: The Best of Donovan.
The original version of this song appears on the Donovan album Top Ten Hits of the 50s, 60s and 70s (disc 3).
The original version of this song appears on the Donovan album Saint Etienne Presents Songs for Mario's Cafe. /artist/Donovan   (980 words)

 Donovan Concert and Album Reviews
He played Catch the Wind, Lalena and Intergalactic Laxative solo, using that half-moon acoustic guitar on the cover of "Cosmic Wheels." By the way, it was surprising that "Laxative" was the only song from that album, which had come out just a year and a half earlier and sold quite well.
He asked for the context in which it would be used, and they told him it was a dinner scene where the maid puts LSD in their meatloaf, and they all eat it, and then the song comes in.
3 or 4 songs from the new album, /donovan/reviews.htm   (2024 words)

 Catch The Wind - Double CD
What is original, and even compelling, about 'Catch the Wind' is the sweet spirit of the worship leaders, the simple adoration and humility embedded in each song of love to Jesus.
Review: Recorded live at a Global Awakening Conference in St. Louis, 'Catch the Wind' is an eclectic collection of worship songs, (mostly from the Eaglestar/Morningstar stable), that captures an evening of powerful ministry time and exuberant worship.
It could easily be said that, 'There's nothing new here' since most of these songs are as old as 1997 and not one of them is original with this recording. /cd012.html   (369 words)

 Catch The Wind - Double CD (CD)
What is original, and even compelling, about "Catch the Wind" is the sweet spirit of the worship leaders, the simple adoration and humility embedded in each song of love to Jesus.
Review: Recorded live at a Global Awakening Conference in St. Louis, "Catch the Wind" is an eclectic collection of worship songs, (mostly from the Eaglestar/Morningstar stable), that captures an evening of powerful ministry time and exuberant worship.
The songs range in style from wild Irish jigs to Jamaican reggae to old-fashioned southern fried rock and roll, at times even blending these extremes together within the same song. /cd012.html   (369 words)

 Cripes, Suzette!: In The Wind
I couldn't remember what the commercial was, but I KNEW I had heard Donovan's "Catch the Wind" in some commercial.
The Volvo ad with the Wind song by Donovan is awful.
I guess they were going for the association with lightness and speed, but its really another song about the futility of yearning for a thing that you can't have. /suzette/2005/09/in_the_wind.html   (890 words)

 Donovan - Beat Cafe
After appearing on the UK’s seminal “Ready Steady Go” TV pop show for three consecutive weeks in late 1964, the 18-year-old Donovan found “Catch the Wind,” his first single, ascending to Number 3 in the British music charts.
As his recording output slowed in the Eighties, Donovan and his family moved to Joshua Tree, California, for a period of rest and creative recharging before returning to the United Kingdom in 1990 to tour, to work on his autobiography and to write new songs.
Perhaps his most surprising appearance was as guest vocalist on the title song of Alice Cooper’s Number One-selling 1973 album, “Billion Dollar Babies,” but Donovan can also be heard in the background of a Beatles song or two (and vice versa). /donovan   (414 words)

 Catch the Wind
Catch the wind and turn it into song,
Catch the wind and turn it into glory,
Catch the wind and turn it into power, /catcht.html   (414 words)

 Donovan @ peermusic - The Independent Major
Following "Catch the Wind," the Hickory label released the acoustic folk-oriented single, "Colours." Then, Donovan sought out pop producer Mickie Most and played a new song for him.
Donovan returned to peermusic's basement studio to record the version of "Catch the Wind" that was released by Pye as his first single.
In the U.S., peermusic's Nashville office licensed Donovan's recordings to the Hickory label, which released "Catch the Wind" in America. /artistpage/Donovan.html   (483 words)

 Blowin’ in the wind — again - July 1, 2005
Donovan& "Catch the Wind" came out in 1964 and I learned to play it on my guitar.
When the boxed set album "A Gift From a Flower to a Garden" came out in 1967, I latched onto the "Song of a Naturalist’s Wife" as one of my favorite songs of the decade.
I hoped that when I grew it out, my long hair would look like Donovan& and blow romantically in the wind along with a cape similar to the one he wore on the album cover. /archive/2005/0701/life/stories/07life.htm   (813 words)
Some Highlights: This is the debut recording of "Catch The Wind", a song Evans wrote but never recorded.
Gallinger, are based on the history of the title as told to her by his widow, Nenette.
This is extremely challenging material, handled with sensitivity and intelligence by a singer with a voice hailed by critics as "astonishing" and "extraordinary". /album_details.php?album_id=30953   (340 words)

 Donovan's Beat Cafe At Joe's Pub July 29, 2004
Donovan's progression from folk to folk-jazz-blues fusion comes very clear in the concerts, which open with a set of his finest early folk songs (Summer Day Reflection Song, Ballad of Geraldine, the ubiquitous Catch the Wind), just him and his guitar.
This is far more of a back-to-the-roots album than a casual fan might realize, as Don early on brought together strands of folk, jazz, and blues; he was really more of a folk-jazz artist than a folk-rock artist, and in Beat Cafe he captures that smoky, jazzy, bluesy, folk and beat milieu brilliantly.
But then the mood shifts, the lights go low, and Don shifts into storyteller mode to introduce the second phase not only of the concert but of his musical career: his mid-60s late night jam sessions with London-based jazz musicians. /donovan/beat_cafe   (265 words) Donovan's Greatest Hits [EXTRA TRACKS] [ORIGINAL RECORDING REISSUED] [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]: Music
If you like is Folk music, (Colours, Universal Soldier, Catch The Wind, etc) you can branch out to his "Summer Day Reflection Songs" CD which provide a true example of his Folk phase.
My favourite track would have to be the wistful "Catch The Wind" which is about some poor guys unsuccesful efforts to win the hand of the woman he loves.If you have ever suffered from the effects of Unrequited Love then you will be able to relate well to this track.
I bought this cd primarily for my all time favorite by him of Catch Thew Wind, which as a record on vinyl, I practically wore it out in those yesteryears.I was pleasantly surprised that this remastered cd sounded so good and original.A good value cd. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00000ICNY?v=glance   (1528 words)

 Classic Rock - Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donovan free mp3 full albums download
The two re-recordings of "Catch the Wind" and Colours" done for a for a best of album, are both fine, though they lack the charm of the original versions.
This was already a five-star album so added six bonus tracks including "Lalena," "Colours," and "Catch the Wind," was hardly necessary but a nice touch.
The album out-take "What a Beautiful Creature You Are" is a fun track with a very catchy melody. /album/78104.html   (911 words)

 the wind lyrics plus better The Industry Yellow Pages
Song Lyrics > D Lyrics > Donovan Lyrics > Catch The Wind Lyrics.
Shes like the wind through my tree She rides the night next to me She leads me through moonlight...
The wind chili pepper lyrics hockey team to increase her... /th/the-wind-lyrics.htm   (2573 words)

 Celtic Legacy : Celtic Legacy
The third track is 'Catch The Wind', an excellent track, which is another good hard hitting rock song.
If this album doesn't get your foot tappin, playing air guitar, then I would suggest you take up listening to some other type of music.
My favourite track on the album and the longest one too at nearly 12 minutes. /Reviews/C/CelticLegacy.html   (396 words)

 Am I Right - Song Parodies, Catch the Kids
"Catch the Wind" Based on the performance by Donovan
So he'd better hope that he can catch the kids.
Now he's got to go and try to catch the kids. /parody/60s/donovan18.shtml   (282 words)

 Under Construction All Access Live
Kicking off the 65+ minutes of jam-oriented music is "Cool Till 2000," which features some wild percussive chops when the song finally seems to catch its wind, about five minutes in.
For a live album, All Access Live receives a grade of "C" for the mix, which sounds a little sloppy, but the performances are spirited and the songs, worth a listen.
This live album displays Under Construction's calm demeanor and impressive ability to "kick it up a notch" when it comes to live delivery of their Matthews-esque tunes. /cd_reviews/under_construction_all_access_live.html   (115 words)

 Catch the Wind Score Sheet Music 0!
Digital Catch the Wind Score Sheet Music is downloadable and printable now!
Digital or Paper Singles Matching: Catch the Wind Score
To top of Catch the Wind Score Sheet Music, Scores and Tabs /Sheet-Music/Catch%20the%20Wind%20Score-BOOKS.html   (115 words)

 Donovan / Donovan's Greatest Hits (extra tracks) album review [plus 'Atlantis' song lyrics]
The mesmerizing song tells Donovan's version of the story of Atlantis—its culture, its knowledge, its destruction.
This album is an expanded version of the original "Donovan's Greatest Hits" album, and it features a raft of classics.
You can get album reviews free via email each week /review-lyrics/donovan-greatest-hits-extra-tracks-atlantis.htm   (163 words)

 Cover Art:  Al Kooper - The Blues Project
A nice cover of the Donovan song "Catch the Wind" first caught my ear, but the entire album holds your attention.
The tunes had been previously released on various albums and make for a nice grouping here.
If anyone has any additional information pertaining to the album or players you can send an E-mail to Tralfaz. /coverart/K/kooper_blues.html   (131 words)

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Nets to Catch the Wind, by Elinor Wylie Copyright laws are changing all over the world.
The iron clapper laughed aloud, Like clashing wind and wave; The bell cried out "Be strong and proud!" Then, with a shout, "Be brave!" The rumbling of the market-carts, The pounding of men's feet Were drowned in song; "Lift up your hearts!" The sound was loud and sweet.
ATAVISM I always was afraid of Somes's Pond: Not the little pond, by which the willow stands, Where laughing boys catch alewives in their hands In brown, bright shallows; but the one beyond. /dirs/etext04/ntctw10.txt   (131 words)

 A SONG OF RAIN by C.J. Dennis (1876 - 1938)
Wycheproof and Wollongong Catch the burden of the song That is rolling, rolling ever O'er the plains of Never Never, Sounding in each mountain rill, Echoing from hill to hill...
Because a little vagrant wind veered south from China Sea; Or else, because a sun-spot stirred; and yet again, maybe Because some idle god in play breathed on an errant cloud, The heads of twice two million folk in gratitude are bowed.
Ninkerloo and Nerim South Hail the breaking of the drouth; From Toolangi's wooded mountains Sounds the song of plashing fountains; Sovereign Summer's might is waning; It is raining - raining - raining! /lit/authors/denniscj/backblocklater/songofrain.html   (131 words)

9 Bryn Mawr Girls' Song..….…....……..…..…… 9 By the Waters of Babylon……………………… 10 Casey’s Coffins…………………………………… 10 Chastity………………………………….………… 10 Catch the Wind…………………………………..
49 Song of the Classes……………………………… 50 Song of the Prudy Ladies……………………….
48 So Free Us………………………………………… 48 Song of the Abolition……………………………. /alumnae/reunion/documents/documents/tableofcontentsfinal.doc   (507 words)

 TV ACRES: Props - Balls & Spheres - Rover (The Prisoner)
The Rover traveled on both land and sea to catch its prey especially Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) an unwilling guest of this strange environment whose continual attempts at escape were thwarted by the ubiquitous white patrolman.
Shaped like a large weather balloon, the Rover (with a sound like a lion's roar and a gale force wind) hunted down any person who attempted escape from the secret seaside resort known as the Village.
And the first day of shooting, Rover was supposed to go down off the beach into the water, do a couple of signals and a couple of wheel spins and come back up. /props_balls_rover.htm   (445 words)

 Written On The Wind Book Review
Be sure to catch the continuing story of the Hayes women in Somewhere A Song, book two in the Daughters of Fortune series.
Written On The Wind very difficult to put down.
Judith Pella has once again tapped her limitless resource of talent and penned a fascinating story that will tug at your heart and keep you engrossed for hours. /writtenonwindreview.htm   (399 words)

 The Singing Fool (1928)
Al opens up a nightclub where he not only manages but is its star singing attraction, with the catch phrase, "I'm going to sing you a thousand songs." What makes Al's personal life so complete is his little three-year-old son he calls Sonny Boy (David "Davey" Lee).
Upon its release, THE SINGING FOOL reportedly broke all box office records to date, until that record was broken 11 years later with the Civil War epic of "Gone With the Wind" (Selznick, 1939).
The one thing both movies have in common other than being musical dramas is that they are both part-talkies, with THE SINGING FOOL featuring more songs and dialog than its predecessor. /title/tt0019388   (921 words)

Googler continues the meditative flow of synth-laden drones, crystalline guitars and dense rhythms, but a dark wind blows through the album to reveal the band's angular aggression.
Overtop of this a clockwork melody chimes along making the song the most ugly/beautiful song on the album.
Catch a stone groove and stare at the sky, the light shows about to start. /reviews_googler.html   (921 words)

 The BG News - An interview with CAKE
The BG News had a chance to catch up with Cake trumpet player and back up vocalist Vincent DiFiore to talk about Bowling Green, their beloved cover songs and dancing to the beat of a blender making a smoothie.
VINCE: During rehearsal, we always wind up doing a Bad Company or ACDC song.
You want them to play your songs, but you don’t want them to strangle the listeners with it. /vnews/display.v/ART/2002/01/31/3c5ac34789e75   (921 words)

 urban vagabond - lyrics - waiting for a star to fall
I hear your name whispered on the wind, It's a sound that makes me cry, I hear a song blow again and again, Through my mind and I don't know why, I wish I didn't feel so strong about you, Like happiness and love revolve around you.
Trying to catch your heart, Is like trying to catch a star, But I can't love you this much baby, And love you from this far.
Waiting for a star to fall, And carry your heart into my arms, That's where you belong, In my arms baby, yeah. /starToFall.php   (328 words)

 Cher Scholar: The Cher Zine/I Got You Babe
Years later, the former disgruntled manager of Sonny and Cher, Charlie Greene, would bitterly assert that IGUB was, in reality, a rip-off of Donovan’s “Catch the Wind.” (Check it out yourself as Cher covered that song on her 1967 self-titled LP.)
This song not only took Sonny and Cher from obscurity to super-stardom but also charted a course for their lives to follow and cemented their image as casual, likeable and accessible pop-stars.
Thirty years have passed and “I Got You Babe” is still as inseparable from our notions of the mid-60s, innocent love, and Sonny and Cher as they ever were. /IGUB.htm   (328 words)

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