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In the News (Sun 17 Feb 19)

 Tier 1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tier 1 is a US DOD platform for aerial reconnaissance drones, such as the Gnat.
Tier 1 tournaments, category of WTA Tour tennis' events.
Tier One, Scaled Composites' suborbital human spaceflight program. /wiki/Tier_1   (105 words)

 U.S. News Again Ranks Rider in Top Tier of Northern Universities
Approximately 35 institutions are listed in the top tier of this category.
Only those colleges and universities listed in the top tiers of their categories in the quality rankings were considered for this evaluation.
Rider ranked in the top tier of regional universities in the north last year and again this year in the guidebook. /news/newsreleases/1996/96oct/toptier.htm   (275 words)

 Kommersant: Second-Category Victory
However, it is her first time to win in a second category tournament.
This is the third victory in Safina’s career — she had won her previous titles in lower tier events in Sopot in 2002 and Palermo in 2003.
She made a break at the second set and held her grip on the game tightly. /page.asp?id=547087   (275 words)

 Orogenesis, Inc. Wine & Spirits Distribution
The three-tier system was created by conscious decision of the federal and state legislatures to treat alcoholic beverages as a special category of products deserving regulatory treatment different from most other products.
Orogenesis, Inc. is the second tier of the three tier system of alcoholic beverage distribution.
The system had only two tiers-suppliers and retailers. /about.html   (683 words)

The term N-Tier Architecture describes a category of hardware and software configuration, and does not imply a particular source code design of software programs.
While N-Tier Architectures did, for the most part, result from the introduction of web technologies such as HTTP, N-Tier architectures are regularly employed in both Web (browser-based) as well as traditional Windows-style applications, where the UI screens are not browser-based.
To this extent, N-Tier Architecture evolved from what is known as the Client-Server Architecture, which was the predominant design for software systems until the early 1990's, when HTTP-based web technologies emerged and came into widespread use. /SOEFNTierArch.htm   (683 words)

 Thailand unlikely to bank on sub debt Financeasia m
A new category of capital, upper tier 2 debt, was allowed for the first time, in order to enable the sector to boost weakened capital bases.
Expectations that Thailands relaxation of tier 2 capital requirements will lead to a flood of international debt issues has been dismissed by bank capital experts, who predict activity will be dominated by buybacks and exchanges.
Previously, although tier 2 debt could theoretically equal tier 1 debt, only lower tier 2 debt was allowed. /z1001b/991_thailand.html   (683 words)

 Peer Dispute Leaves Some 'Net Users in the Dark
While in the early days, all ISPs peered, eventually things shook out to where the tier 1 players peered with each other but charged everyone else to carry their traffic.
Web sites went dark for some users on Wednesday morning, as one tier 1 ISP cut connections with a second.
Cogent and Level 3 are both Tier-1 ISPs, a loosely defined category that includes the top players. /isp-news/article.php/3554471   (1266 words)

 New Digital Tier Channels - TTP Community[title]
The 16 category 1 English language services approved last year by the CRTC, meaning that carriers are obliged to make them available to the public:
Any of you guys having problems with the box, my parents got it in the summer and it didnt work, and we got it about 2 weeks ago again having problems but shaw cable was over today to fix it.
With MTV Canada starting up, I'm sure Fasty is kicking himself now for turning his back on his homeland. /forums/showthread.php?t=251   (1234 words)

 RealScreen - 2000-12-07
The long-awaited Documentary Channel is only months away from its debut on the U.S. digital tier, and the hunt is on for content.
Non-fiction is high on the list of priorities for Canada's raft of brand-spanking-new Category 1 digital channels.
In Category 2, Discovery has the potential for five channels - if it can get carriage. /articles/plus/20001207   (254 words)

 Wireless Internet Service Providers Network Operators Group
The organization is a nonprofit association formed in June of 2001 by equipment and component suppliers to promote the adoption of IEEE 802.16 compliant equipment by operators of broadband wireless access systems.
To fulfill our mission, and in recognition of the close collaboration we have enjoyed with industry, PTI has established a special membership category for our Industry Partners.
RBC serves Internet service providers, telecommunication companies/utilities, for-profit utilities, rural electric cooperatives, municipalities, public utility districts, tribal communities, technology companies, government organizations, associations and other interested parties that are dedicated to supporting the deployment of broadband Internet access to rural America. /park-city_2005/partners.htm   (254 words)

These are the guys who won first place in the "theme category." They were a sort of "Three Amigos!" meet "Quintin Terrintino" outfit.
The problem is that anyone should pretend that they are doing anything except spinning, and that's what the Three Stooges (Brokaw, Rather, et.
Nine hours cooking three thirty-pound gangs of chili meat of a blazing hot fire, all while dancing to the musical entertainment.   (254 words)

 Talk:North American Man/Boy Love Association - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I was content with NAMBLA being classified in the "Gay Organizations" subcategory only so long as that category was not a clear attempt by political-minded gays to try to shove NAMBLA out of the first tier of organizations.
The article North American Man/Boy Love Association seems to me to belong in the LGBT category because people reading it might gain further insight on the many topics in the article by browsing the category.
NPOV, as I interpret its use in wikipedia, dictates that an article on an organisation focussing on homosexual relationships be included in the category. /wiki/Talk:North_American_Man/Boy_Love_Association   (3866 words)

 Open Directory - Sports:Tennis:Tournaments
All other professional tournaments should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory, if any, under the tennis tournaments category.
The Tennis Masters Series are 9 ATP tour events that form the most prestigious tier of tournament.
Submit all other professional tournaments to the appropriate subcategory under the tennis tournaments category. /Sports/Tennis/Tournaments/desc.html   (479 words)

 The Plain English Guide to Tailpipe Standards
Under this program there is one emission category (called the Tier 1 category), but SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, and diesel vehicles are allowed to pollute more than gasoline cars.
Tier 1 refers to the current federal tailpipe standards for passenger cars and light trucks.
Partial credits are given based on several criteria, including low emissions associated with refining and distribution of the fuel, the all-electric vehicle range (for hybrids), and near-zero evaporative and tailpipe emissions. /clean_vehicles/cars_and_suvs/page.cfm?pageID=247   (479 words)

 Audit Commission - Comprehensive performance assessment
The new approach is similar in many respects to the original CPA for single tier and county councils, with the three elements of annual service assessment, use of resources and a periodic corporate assessment brought together to give a single category.
View the CPA framework scores for single tier and county councils [updated in June 2005] (Excel, 54Kb) which gives CPA scores for all single tier and county councils.
District Council CPA – on 6 September we published a series of publications dedicated to district council CPA including a consultation on the future framework for CPA from 2006. /cpa   (679 words)

 Gleaner Online: Walla Walla College - WWC Places in Top Tier
The magazine places WWC 37th out of 65 other top-tier schools in the category of “Best Universities—Master’s” in the western region of the United States.
There were 572 universities in the “Best Universities—Master’s” category, and WWC was compared with 124 other universities in the western region.
“We are very pleased to see Walla Walla College recognized as one of the top universities in the nation,” says Jon Dybdahl, WWC president. /100/10/26793.html   (252 words)

 Board Packet - Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Possible amendments to address this concern included a dedication by the County of Santa Cara to use its Category 2 and Category 3 funds for rural roads in those areas and the suggestion to include City major arterials in the Category 1 in those jurisdictions not served directly by expressways.
These funds could be used by the County of Santa Clara for improvements to the expressway system included in the Tier 1A County Expressway Plan.
The study evaluate whether a program controlled by Santa Clara County jurisdictions could be effective at addressing the litter problem on freeways. /inside/boards/committee_advisory/tac/agendas_minutes/2005/02_feb/6X.html   (252 words)

(U) Iraqi criminal prisoners must be held in separate facilities from any other category of detainee.
Abu Ghraib (BCCF) normally housed between 6000 and 7000 detainees, yet it was operated by only one battalion.
This systemic and illegal abuse of detainees was intentionally perpetrated by several members of the military police guard force (372nd Military Police Company, 320th Military Police Battalion, 800th MP Brigade), in Tier (section) 1-A of the Abu Ghraib Prison (BCCF). /intell/library/reports/2004/800-mp-bde.htm   (252 words)

 Counter Attack
Well-marketed private label is forcing national brand leaders and second-tier brands to set new promotion strategies.
Also, smaller brands bring incremental marketing money to retailers "that may justify having their presence on the shelf," he says.
Packaged goods manufacturers' category management programs planted the marketing seed with retailers; brand leaders offered to manage a total category to boost overall sales for grocers - mostly by boosting their own brand's sales. /mag/marketing_counter_attack   (1879 words)

 - AFA Revises ‘Power Rating’ System To Further Refine AAA-AA-A Level Teams And Leagues :: Sports News and Articles
“Realizing some leagues actually may not have a very good knowledge of what level they are playing at as compared to other leagues across the country, we will allow league commissioners to ‘appeal’ league tier placement up to 30 days before the start of their first league game”, added Real.
Because the structure of most leagues is made up of teams that are of varying degrees of talent levels, a league’s overall rating is now established by the top organization’s ability, as one that can compete on the AAA level with other triple A type teams.
The new power rating system will assist most teams and leagues in the AA category as those teams will be rated on their own level and not mixed in with the AAA leagues as they had been previously. /article301.html   (635 words)

 Fancy Store-Bought Dirt: Simpsons Update/Reminder
Of course you can always check the category archive for the latest, not to mention our comments on the pools as they happened, almost like a time capsule.
(Reminder: David's observation was exactly right on the post a few days ago, for ranking integrity I can't/won't move an episode into a tier above that of an episode that did better in the same pool, though obviously two episodes from the same pool can share the same tier.)
The running feature wherein we rank a list of randomly-drawn Simpsons episodes is on hiatus until the week of /matt979/archives/001741.html   (182 words)

 94.8 Exhaust emission standards.
EPA will promulgate final Tier 2 standards for Category 3 engines on or before April 27, 2007.
(a) The Tier 1 standards of paragraph (a)(1) of this section apply until replaced by the standards of paragraph (a)(2) of this section.
(b) Exhaust emissions of oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and particulate matter (and other compounds, as applicable) shall be measured using the procedures set forth in subpart B of this part. /cfr/40CFR/P94_010.HTM   (843 words)

 The Plain English Guide to Tailpipe Standards
Under this program there is one emission category (called the Tier 1 category), but SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, and diesel vehicles are allowed to pollute more than gasoline cars.
Partial credits are given based on several criteria, including low emissions associated with refining and distribution of the fuel, the all-electric vehicle range (for hybrids), and near-zero evaporative and tailpipe emissions.
That's why even tougher emission standards for conventional vehicles, and zero and near-zero emissions vehicles are essential for achieving and maintaining clean air. /clean_vehicles/cars_and_suvs/page.cfm?pageID=247   (843 words)

 Encyclopedia: List of Ontario Municipal Divisions
Upper-tier municipalities are agglomerations of lower-tier municipalities, such as towns and townships, where it is legislated or more efficient to provide certain services, such as water, electricity, and police coverage, over an area that includes more than one municipality.
See also: List of Ontario counties, Historic counties of Ontario Category:Ontario
Below is a list of census divisions in the Canadian province of Ontario. /encyclopedia/List-of-Ontario-Municipal-Divisions   (843 words)

 Huddersfield Town Tickets Ticket Prices
Disabled tickets for Lawrence Batley Lower Tier Front Row, Lawrence Batley Visually Impaired Area and John Smiths Platform are £10 for the disabled and foc for the PA.Disabled tickets for other areas are adult matchday price and foc for PA.
Full time student tickets available at the ticket office priced at £11 B Category and £12 A Category proof of student status must be carried at all times. /page/Prices/0,,10312,00.html   (843 words) Fantasy Source - Baseball
It could be better than drafting a mid-tier option who is not dominant in any one category.
Luis Castillo is struggling to stay in the second tier, as well as in his second spot in the Marlins' batting order.
Durham had the third-highest OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) among second basemen, and it helps to be at the top of a lineup that also includes Barry Bonds. /baseball/voices/george_winkler/20050316.html   (1387 words)

 Ground-Based Missile Defense (U)
The family of systems approach uses a defense in depth strategy, utilizing both lower-tier -- those systems that intercept at relatively low altitudes within the atmosphere -- and upper-tier systems -- those that intercept missile targets outside the atmosphere and at longer ranges.
Ground-Based Missile Defense (U) Ground Based Missile Defense (U) (U) The Ground Based Missile Defense category addresses systems designed to intercept ballistic missiles in flight.
The diverse nature of the threat leads to the use of a "family of systems" approach. /spp/military/program/nssrm/categories/bmdgbmd.htm   (169 words)

 The Master's College
The Master’s College is one of 321 institutions in the Comprehensive Bachelor’s Colleges category and is ranked 6th of the 40 western region (15 state) colleges in this category.
This marks the sixth year in a row that TMC is listed in the first tier of western region bachelor’s degree colleges.
Over the past four years, Bible Professor Dr. Steven Boyd has participated in an Institute for Creation Research project known as the RATE Project.   (339 words)

 TPS Introduction
All the other TPS measures fall into the Tier II category.
TPS' major design components are presented, followed by detailed descriptions of each component.
Describe Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) for UI programs that did not meet Tier I criteria. /tps   (754 words)

 IFC Europe & Central Asia -Summary of Project Information
Environmental Category and Issues This is an environmental review category (FI) Tier 2 project.
TEB and TEBL are part of the Colakoglu Group, one of Turkey's largest conglomerates, with interests including financial services, steel production, shipping container production, power generation and shipping.
TEB and TEBL will be required to undertake an environmental review of each sub-project. /ifcext/eca.nsf/Content/SelectedProjectTurkey?OpenDocument&UNID=3115DFBD28F9C3E68525688E007C1EE8   (402 words)

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