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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Catherine Bell Biography
Catherine Bell is the daughter of a Scottish father and Iranian mother.
Catherine Bell had to have her thyroid gland removed from her neck in her 20s.
Catherine Bell will play the wife of a US Army major, a devoted homemaker who is enduring physical abuse at the hands of her teenage son.
www.catherinebellclub.info /about-catherine-bell/catherine-bell-biography.htm   (583 words)

  Catherine Bell Biography
Bell is the daughter of a British father of Scottish descent and an Iranian mother.
Bell is a survivor of thyroid cancer and had to have her thyroid removed in her 20s.
Bell is renowned in NFL football history as being the only person ever to have correctly predicted, in a major publication, the participants in, winner, and final score of a Super Bowl before the regular season.
www.catherinebell.info /biography.php   (277 words)

 Pictures of Catherine Bell - Aclasscelebs.com
Catherine Bell was born on August 14, 1968 in London, England, to a British father and an Iranian mother.
When Catherine returned home to the United States, she was still stuck in a downward spiral, however her acting teacher caught hold of her and introduced her to the religion of Scientology, which Catherine credits with helping her reclaim her life, and giving her clarity and success.
Catherine had had a history of dating ‘bad boys’, and she discovered Adam was the first nice guy that she had ever dated.
www.aclasscelebs.com /catherineb   (845 words)

 Catherine Bell | Catherine Bell Nude
Bell also made an appeareance in the series called “Hot Line”it is a late night series that aired in the United Kingdom, it didnt last that long,from the year 1994 till the year 1996, Catherine Bell made an appearance in an episode where they go to “The Bruch Club”.
Catherine Bell is born in London, England, She is the daughter of Peter Bell, an English citizen who works as an architect, and Mina, an Iranian citizen who works as a personal assistant and nurse.
 Catherine Bell is born on the 14th of August 1968, her full name is Catherine Lisa Bell, she is born in London, England, and she is most famous for her acting skills where she acted in the television series JAG for over 10 seasons, from 1995 till 2005.
www.catherine-bell.mobi   (683 words)

 AbsoluteCelebrities.com: Catherine Bell Biography
Catherine was born in London, England, on August 14, 1968.
Catherine and her mother lived in Los Angeles, where they stayed, at first, with her mother's parents.
During Catherine's early school years, she was a bit of a tomboy; however, by Grade 11 she began to adopt a more feminine attitude.
absolutecelebrities.com /catherine_bell/bio.html   (251 words)

 Catherine Bell
Catherine Bell was born August 14, 1968, in London, England.
Catherine Bell parents supported her decision to pursue acting (rather than the more secure medical field), but it took years of auditions to finally get the break she needed.
Lieutenant by day, Catherine Bell is wife to Adam Beason, who she met on the set of Death Becomes Her as he was the director's assistant.
www.cybersitter.dk /Catherine_Bell.htm   (363 words)

 º º Hot Catherine Bell, Catherine Bell, Catherine Bell Movies, Catherine Bell pics, Catherine Bell gallery, ...
Catherine Bell is of British and Iranian descent and she speaks Farsi fluently.
Bell and her mother (after getting divorced from her husband) migrated to US when she was three years old.
Catherine bell wanted to be an artist and she had appeared in some commercials as a child.
www.moviespoint.com /actress/catherine-bell.php   (557 words)

 Catherine Bell at All-Star Celebrity: Actresses, Actors, Musicians, Supermodels, Athletes and MORE!
Catherine was born in London, but moved to California with her Iranian mother at age 2.
Catherine Bell entered UCLA with the intention of being a pre-med major, but in her sophomore year found herself at a crossroads.
Catherine Bell is the only person to have ever correctly predicted the participants in, winner, and final score of a Super Bowl before a season begun in a published article in a major sports periodical or book.
www.allstarcelebrity.com /Actresses/Catherine_Bell   (762 words)

 Catherine Bell
Catherine's acting skills have been tested regularly on JAG thanks to story lines that have including her dealing with being abandoned by her mother, being abused as a child, being an alcoholic, being stalked, being accused of murder, breaking up a marriage, and having her ex die in her arms.
Catherine was a bad girl, who liked to date bad boys before her current husband (where were we during those times?).
Catherine Bell's resumé isn't filled with critically-acclaimed series or films, but at least she hasn't had to resort to posing in Play.boy to bolster her career (though she has repeatedly turned them down, a giant loss for mankind).
www.geocities.com /bangablebabes/CatherineBell/index.htm   (1115 words)

 The Kellys | Cast & Crew: Catherine Bell
Catherine was born in London and moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was three years old.
Building on her success as a model, Bell decided to pursue an acting career, which was launched soon thereafter.
It seems a shame for someone with the looks of Catherine Bell to hide behind the image of a cartoon character, but it's a testament to her versatility as an actor.
www.teamkellyracing.com /castcrew/bell.php   (1200 words)

 Catherine Bell - WhoABC Celebrities Guide
Catherine Lisa Bell (born August 14, 1968) is an actress known for her role of Lt. Colonel Sarah MacKenzie of the television show JAG from 1995 to 2005.
Born in London, Bell emigrated to California with her Iranian mother at the age of two and began acting and modeling as a child.
Bell was born in London, England, the daughter of Mina, a personal assistant and nurse, and Peter Bell, an architect.
www.whoabc.com /women/c/catherine-bell   (1114 words)

 Catherine Bell - AskMen.com
Catherine Lisa Bell was born on August 14, 1968, in London, England.
Catherine was killed off the show after only a couple of appearances, but the good news was that the show's creator and executive producer was so impressed by her performance that she was made the female lead in 1997.
Catherine Bell also added several film roles to her credit, including Isabella Rossellini's body double in 1992's Death Becomes Her, 1994's Men of War, 1997's Crash Dive and Black Thunder, the made-for-TV-movies Mother of the Bride and Alien Nation: Body and Soul, and starring roles in Cab to Canada and The Time Shifters.
www.askmen.com /women/actress_60/97_catherine_bell.html   (988 words)

 Catherine Bell
Catherine Lisa Bell (star of JAG and Bruce Almighty) was born in London, but moved to California with her Iranian mother at age 2.
Catherine went to UCLA to study biology, but dropped out to become a model in Japan.
Bell moved back into acting with a Mexican commercial for Amex and then followed that up by being Isabella Rossellini's nude body double in Death Becomes Her (1992), where she also met her future husband, Adam Beason, who was director Robert Zemeckis's assistant.
celebrities.330.ca /catherine.html   (176 words)

Catherine Bell made a brief appearance on JAG nine seasons ago as a Navy lieutenant who was murdered, and the series' creator and executive producer, Donald Bellisario, was so impressed by her performance that he cast her as the female lead when the series moved to CBS in January 1997.
Bell has been featured in numerous theatrical films, including "Death Becomes Her," "Men of War" and, most recently, "Bruce Almighty." Her television credits include "The Time Shifters," "Friends," "Dream On," "Misery Loves Company" and the syndicated series "Hercules." She also starred in the television movie "Cab to Canada," on CBS.
Bell was born in London and moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was three years old.
www.cbs.com /primetime/jag/bios/catherine_bell_bio.shtml   (204 words)

 Catherine Bell
Her body is shown sitting in her car, and then later in the morgue.
Note: This was filmed before Catherine joined the cast as a series regular as an entirely different character.
This episode was not aired at the time due to the change in networks, but premiered when the series went into syndication.
www.cinemorgue.com /catherinebell.html   (106 words)

 Catherine Bell News
Former "JAG" star Catherine Bell has been tapped to star opposite Kim Delaney in Lifetime's drama pilot "Army Wives." Written by Katherine Fugate, "Wives" is an ensemble drama about a sassy woman from the wrong...
Catherine Bell is one of those actresses that flies in under the radar.
Actress, Catherine Bell says she was like a drowned rat for most of her 3-month-shoot on, "the Triangle." Bell plays a scientist trying to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.
www.topix.net /who/catherine-bell   (637 words)

 Catherine Bell's Official Website -- Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
But when her parents, Peter, an architect, and Mina, a nurse, divorced when Catherine was a toddler, she and her mother settled in Los Angeles, CA.
Several months after that guest spot, Bell heard that the producers of J.A.G. were looking for a new female lead for the show.
Bell shares her Los Angeles-area home with her husband, actor Adam Beason, and their two Italian greyhounds, Leo and Zoe.
www.catherinebellonline.com /about/bio.html   (346 words)

 Scientology Kills - Celebrity Scientologists - Cahterine Bell
Robin Quivers asked Catherine if her husband was a Scieno and did she convert him, and Catherine said yes, her husband was a Scieno but she didn't convert him.
Then Robin said, "You walked into the Centre and they said, 'Sit down, we're gonna put you on this e-meter'?" Catherine said that she had gone to the center and took a course (which was the "Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life" course) and it was "very cool".
Catherine said that she started to do better in life and wound up getting the "JAG" TV series shortly after joining Scn.
www.scientology-kills.org /celebrities/bell.htm   (1292 words)

 the JAG zone * Duty Roster * Catherine Bell
An only child, Catherine and her mother emigrated from England to the United States when she was three years old.
Catherine returned later to appear as Isabella Rosselini's double in Death Becomes Her.
Catherine met husband Adam Beason on the set of Death Becomes Her, and along with their two Italian greyhounds, Zoe and Leo, the couple resides in CA.
cetara.tripod.com /JAG/dutyroster/catherinebell.html   (259 words)

 Amazon.com: Ritual Theory, Ritual Practice: Books: Catherine Bell   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bell's reckoning reverses this picture: individuals manipulate ideology in the discursive process, acting on behalf of their own self-interests; ideology becomes the effect of human activity rather than its cause (Umberto Eco and Marvin Harris have made similar arguments in their own works).
If I have any major criticism of Bell's book, it is this: she presents ritualization as an intuitive, instinctive enterprise, undertaken only in those scenarios when it is the strategically most effective option (in other words, when competing agents are too equally matched to effectively dominate one another).
On the contrary, an inequitably well-endowed agent may submit to compromise because he or she fails to appreciate the possibility of a one-sided dominion, while another may overestimate his or her means and thus attempt to engage in coercive hostilities to ill effect.
www.amazon.com /Ritual-Theory-Practice-Catherine-Bell/dp/0195076133   (2392 words)

 Catherine Bell for NDP MP   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Catherine Bell is in Ottawa gearing up for her first session of Parliament as the new MP for Vancouver Island North.
Newly elected MP Catherine Bell says the softwood lumber dispute will be at the top of her agenda when she heads to Ottawa on Monday for her first meeting with the NDP caucus.
Bell is astonished that Duncan doesn't think it's important to address the concerns of 52 per cent of his constituents.
www.vinndp.ca /media/releases   (2067 words)

 Catherine Bell pictures,photo gallery of Catherine Bell,Catherine Bell wallpapers, pics, photos, images, picture gallery
Catherine Bell has a wonderful sexiness with a very natural and different look that isn't seen too often in Hollywood.
Catherine and her mother lived in Los Angeles, where they stayed, at first, with her mother's parents.
During Catherine's early school years Catherine was a tall, skinny kid that got straight A's and wore glasses - in junior high she programmed a computer game.
www.funmunch.com /celebrities/actresses/catherine_bell/index.shtml   (207 words)

 The Modern Magazine for Famous Iranians, Celebrations, Cuisine, Culture & Community
Born in London to an architect father and a nurse mother, Catherine was always ambitious and full of life.
Learning Farsi at an early age, Catherine was good in school, but also had an interest in acting, appearing in various TV commercials along the way.
Catherine soon found herself cast in smaller roles and guest appearances on shows like "Hercules", "Dream On", and "Friends", including several commercials.
www.persianmirror.com /culture/famous/bios/catherinebell.cfm   (359 words)

 The Catherine Bell Picture Pages
London born actress Catherine Bell was best recognized while portraying David James Elliott's sexy partner, Marine Major Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie, on CBS's military court drama "JAG" from 1997 to 2005.
Catherine stands at 5' 10 inches tall and has a heart tattoo with the word "love" inside of it on her right ankle.
British actress Catherine Lisa Bell was born on August 14, 1968, in London, England.
www.superiorpics.com /catherine_bell   (1049 words)

 Latest Pictures of Catherine Bell > New, Latest Photos Shoot : pics @ Platinum-Celebs.com
Actress CATHERINE BELL is making the most of the free time the Hollywood writers strike has allowed her - she’s learning to fly.The Bruce Almighty star’s U.S. TV show Army Wives is among the programmes shut down by the strike, which began in November (07).But Bell is refusing to sit around waiting to get back
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Catherine Bell is keeping busy during the Hollywood writers strike by honing her photography skills and learning to fly.
AP - LOS ANGELES (AP) — Catherine Bell is keeping busy during the Hollywood writers strike by honing her photography skills and learning to fly.
www.platinum-celebs.com /actresses/catherine-bell   (321 words)

 CATHERINE BELL - Catherine Bell Pictures, more.
Joining the likes of Eric Stoltz, Lou Diamond Phillips and Sam Neill in the ensemble cast, JAG alumna Catherine Bell plays Emily Patterson, a deep-ocean resource engineer driven by dire financial straits to contribute her expertise to a frustrated shipping magnate's daring effort to explain the oceanic mystery of the Triangle.
It was most fortunate that she had such a strong reaction because, Bell notes, "I only had three days to decide.
Bell shares her Los Angeles-area home with her husband, actor Adam Beason, and their daughter Gemma, and their two Italian greyhounds, Leo and Zoe.
numberonestars.com /catherinebell   (1431 words)

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