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Topic: Catholic Church

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  The Catholic Church - God's One and Only Church
The immense truth that will strike you is that there is a great difference between the doctrines of the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church and those of the post-Vatican II “Catholic Church.” Once you recognize this, you are forced to admit that they are not one and the same Church.
The movement on the part of those who still have the true faith, still in the Catholic Church, came to a joyful outcome on October 24, 1998, when Pope Pius XIII was elected to the Chair of St. Peter.
In the early Church of the 4th century, history records the terrible Arian heresy, a denial of the Divinity of Christ, which caused nearly all the bishops to leave the Church by their accepting the Arian heresy.
www.truecatholic.org   (946 words)

  Roman Catholic Church. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The doctrine of apostolic succession is one of the keystones of the Catholic faith; it holds that the pope (the vicar of Christ) and the bishops have in varying degrees the spiritual authority Jesus assigned to his apostles.
In addition the Roman Catholic Church stresses that since the members, living and dead, share in each other’s merits, the Virgin Mary and other saints and the dead in purgatory are never forgotten (see church; saint).
The contest between church and state continued, ruining the Hohenstaufen dynasty and, in the contest between Boniface VIII and Philip IV of France, bringing the papacy to near ruin.
www.bartleby.com /65/ro/RomanCat.html   (2272 words)

Church who are alive on earth but those, too, whether in heaven or in purgatory, who form part of the one communion of saints.
Church, as denoting the "rulers" of the synagogue (cf.
Church involves no more than that it must ever be a public, not a private profession; a society manifest to the world, not a body whose members are bound by some secret tie.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03744a.htm   (12893 words)

 Welcome to the Anglican Catholic Church
The Anglican Catholic Church is part of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, faithfully continuing the Anglican tradition.
On August 27, 2007, the Most Rev. Mark Haverland, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC), wrote a letter to the Most Rev. John Hepworth, Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC), regarding ecumenical talks between the ACC and the TAC.
The Church of India (Anglican) is the Second Province of the Anglican Catholic Church.
www.anglicancatholic.org   (263 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions about the Catholic Church
Catholics believe that the universe is the creation, and the exclusive dominion, of an infinitely powerful Spirit Being, called God, because the evidence which points to that conclusion is so overwhelming that there is no room left for even the slightest vestige of doubt.
Catholics fully recognize that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for their sins and thus ``opened the gates of Heaven,'' and that salvation is a free gift which no amount of human good deeds could ever earn.
Catholics confess their sins to priests because-- as it is clearly stated in Sacred Scripture--God in the Person of Jesus Christ authorized the priests of His Church to hear confessions and empowered them to forgive sins in His Name.
www.columbia.edu /cu/augustine/a/faq-cc.html   (12689 words)

 Catholic Online - Breaking News, World, U.S., Catholic, Diocese & Video News
Catholic Encyclopedia, the most comprehensive resource on Catholic teaching, history, and information ever gathered in all of human history.
Catholic Church is pro-life, life ethic not optional belief, Irish bishops say in pastoral letter
Catholic Comedian Sally Edwards and WGN Radio's Steve Cochran to Perform at Zanies in Vernon Hills
www.catholic.org   (1338 words)

  Catholic Church slams free Brazil Carnival condoms | International | Reuters
Catholic Church slams free Brazil Carnival condoms
With 150 million Catholics, Brazil has a Carnival that is a five-day street party legendary for liberal amounts of dancing, drinking and sex.
But the church is against birth control and preaches abstinence from sex before marriage.
www.reuters.com /article/worldNews/idUSN0623546920070209   (447 words)

  Roman Catholic Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Catechism of the Catholic Church, 85 states that authentic interpretation of the Word of God is entrusted to the living Magisterium of the Church, namely the bishops in communion with the successor of Peter.
Byzantine Church of the Eparchy of Križevci (Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro)
Catholic Church thinker, Francisco de Vitoria, a disciple of Thomas Aquinas who studied the issue regarding the human rights of colonized natives, is recognized by the United Nations as a father of international law, and now by historians of economics and democracy as a leading light for the West's democracy and rapid economic development.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Roman_Catholic_Church   (10127 words)

 Catholicism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However, other Churches that trace their historic episcopate to the apostolic succession — such as the Oriental Orthodox Churches, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, the Assyrian Church of the East, the Churches of the Anglican Communion, and the Old-Catholics — consider themselves to be branches of the Catholic Church.
The early Catholic Church came to be organized under the three patriarchs of Rome, Alexandria and Antioch, to which later were added the patriarchs of Constantinople and Jerusalem.
The Alexandrian Church rejected the terms adopted by this Council, and the Christian Churches that follow the tradition of non-acceptance of the Council - they are not Monophysite in doctrine - are referred to as Pre-Chalcedonian or Oriental Orthodox Churches.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Catholicism   (3580 words)

 Former site of Catholic Resources on the Net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Catholic Resources on the Net was one of the first indexes of Catholic resources on the World Wide Web.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church is an official summary of the teachings of the Catholic faith.
The Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913 was an unofficial encyclopedia designed for Catholics, and has many articles on Catholic beliefs, practices, saints, and organizations.
www.cs.cmu.edu /People/spok/catholic.html   (431 words)

 Ukrainian Greek–Catholic Church:
The head of the 5.5 million-strong Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, on a visit to his Church's American base, was humbly dressed in an open cardigan, slacks and an open-collared shirt.
In a prince of the Church - especially one visiting a part of the American Church where the cardinalate has a reputation, not entirely undeserved, for being hostile to the press and not at all averse to the sumptuousness that comes with the office - this grandfatherly appearance and demeanour was refreshing...
And on Sunday, March 12, all UGCC Churches in Ukraine and abroad celebrated Divine Liturgies for the victims of persecution and their persecutors.
www.ugcc.org.ua /eng   (741 words)

 The views of the Roman Catholic Church on other Christian denominations and other religions
Since the Church teaches that a very lengthy interval in Purgatory or an eternity in Hell awaits the unsaved, the adverse consequences of an individual following another religion (or a Christian denomination other than the RCC) are severe -- perhaps infinite infinite in nature.
The Roman Catholic Church which was established by Jesus Christ: "he himself is in the Church and the Church is in him....
Joseph Cardinal Retzinger, "Dominus Iesus on the unicity and salvific universality of Jesus Christ and the church," Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
www.religioustolerance.org /rcc_othe.htm   (2682 words)

 THE EVANGELICAL CATHOLIC CHURCH HOME PAGE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
She has sought a profound reconnection with the ancient historic Church and a thorough appropriation of the ancient Catholic Faith.
Rather, Her clergy and lay members have come to know that it is only in that ancient Catholic Faith, at once so utterly simple and yet so utterly profound, that one can find rest and security for one's soul.
proclaims The Evangelical Catholic Church to be part of The Lutheran Confessional Movement within The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, tracing Her Orders and Faith back to the historic Church of The Apostles.
members.aol.com /EvCathCh/index.HTML   (582 words)

 Catechism of the Catholic Church - Table of Contents
The Church is the Temple of the Holy Spirit IN BRIEF Paragraph 3.
The Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic I. The Church Is One II.
The Church Is Apostolic IN BRIEF Paragraph 4.
www.vatican.va /archive/catechism/ccc_toc.htm   (2152 words)

 History, beliefs, practices, deeds, etc. of the Roman Catholic Church
Most Christian faith groups acknowledge the Nicene Creed and thus regard themselves as "Catholic," at least as far as being part of the "catholic and apostolic church." Within any one given faith group, the meaning of the term "Catholic" is relatively clear.
Church expectations of Catholics on matters of faith and morals
Anti-semitism, the Nazi Holocaust, and the Catholic church
www.religioustolerance.org /rcc.htm   (502 words)

 English Translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church with Search Utility   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Second Edition English Translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church includes the corrections promulgated by Pope John Paul II on 8 September 1997.
These corrections to the English text of the Catechism of the Catholic Church were made to harmonize it with the official Latin text promulgated by Pope John Paul II on the same date.
Editio typica modifications to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
www.scborromeo.org /ccc.htm   (183 words)

 Boston Globe / Spotlight / Abuse in the Catholic Church
With lawsuits pending, the church is eyeing bankruptcy.
The Boston Globe was awarded the Pulitzer for public service for its coverage of the church scandal.
Facing a budget crunch, the archdiocese is preparing to close numerous churches.
www.boston.com /globe/spotlight/abuse   (384 words)

 Roman Catholic Church News - Topix
Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday invited all Roman Catholics in China to unite under his jurisdiction and urged the government in Beijing to restore diplomatic ties and permit religious freedom.
Worship is allowed only in the government-controlled churches, which recognize the pope as a spiritual leader but appoint their own priests and bishops.
The Sri Lanka n government and the Tamil Tigers have agreed to declare a demilitarized zone around a much revered Catholic church in the island's north, a religious leader said Thursday.
www.topix.net /religion/catholic   (785 words)

 Welcome to the Evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church in America
We encourage both men and women to reach their full calling to serve the Lord.
The Formation of the Evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church in America
The Formation of the Evangelical Orthodox Church of the Hussites in America and Europe
www.evangelicalorthodoxcatholic.org /toc.html   (272 words)

 American Catholic - A Roman Catholic Church site from the Franciscans
Today, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, is an opportunity for you to explore the roots of this treasured Catholic custom.
Catholic SAMPler Free online samples of Catholic books, audio-books, videos and the nation's favorite Catholic family magazine.
American Catholic is for Catholics, all Christians and seekers.
www.americancatholic.org   (356 words)

 Catholic Information Network (CIN)
"If there's a way to leave home, the church,
Catholic League is the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization.
Catholic Information Network (CIN) offers a free exchange of news,
www.cin.org   (104 words)

 Stem-cell Research and the Catholic Church
The Catholic Church is against embryonic stem-cell research because it involves the destruction of human embryos.
Pope John Paul II said embryonic stem-cell research is related to abortion, euthanasia and other attacks on innocent life.
The reported advances "would be a gain for science, ethics and society," he said.
www.americancatholic.org /News/StemCell   (832 words)

 Catechism of the Catholic Church
Sacred Scripture in the Life of the Church
The Holy Spirit and the Church in the Liturgy
CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH - Latin text copyright (c) Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Citta del Vaticano 1993
www.vatican.va /archive/ENG0015/_INDEX.HTM   (709 words)

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