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Topic: Cebu Island

  Cebu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cebu is one of the provinces of the Philippines.
It lies to the east of Negros Island; to the east is Leyte and to the southeast is Bohol province.
Cebu is known for its narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus, and coastal plains, all characteristics of a typical tropical island.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cebu   (4053 words)

 Cebu - LoveToKnow 1911
CEBU, a city and municipality, port of entry, and the capital of the province of Cebu, island of Cebu, Philippine Islands, on the E. coast, a little N. of the centre.
Cebu is an episcopal see, and the palace of the bishop, although small, is widely known for its interior decorations.
The island of Cebu is known for its excellent mangoes and for the rare cornucopia-shaped sponges, called Venus's flower basket (Euplectella aspergillum), found here.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Cebu   (400 words)

 Cebu City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cebu City is the provincial capital of Cebu in the Philippines and is the second most important metropolitan center in the country.
Cebu is also the main hub, outside of the capital, of international flights into the country and is the most important center of commerce, trade, and industry in the Visayas and Mindanao, the southern parts of the country.
Cebu City is governed mainly by city hall, composed of one mayor, one vice-mayor and sixteen councilors (eight representing the north and eight representing the south).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cebu_City   (4621 words)

 Main Page - Cebu Wikipedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Cebu is a group of islands and a province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region.
Cebu lies to the east of Negros Island; to the east is Leyte and to the southeast is Bohol province.
The main island of Cebu is a long, narrow sliver of land flanked on both sides by Tañon Strait and the Strait of Cebu.
www.ngkhai.net /cebuwiki/index.php?title=Main_Page   (2569 words)

 Cebu Island   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The Cebu Strait connects the western part of Bohol Sea with Camotes Sea, and is a major sea-lane connecting Cebu City on its northern end with port cities in the south such as Dumaguete City and Cagayan de Oro City.
Cebu City is the capital of the province of Cebu in the Philippines and is the second most important metropolitan center in the country.
Cebu is one of the main hubs of international flight into the country and is the most important center of commerce, trade, and industry in the Visayas and Mindanao parts of the country.
www.artistbooking.com /trips/34/cebu-island.html   (929 words)

 Cebu Islands Philippines
In contrast to the bustling metropolis, the rest of Cebu's 167 islets and islands are lined with idyllic white sandy beaches and pristine clear waters.
Sheltered by the other Visayan islands of Negros, Panay, Leyte, Samar and Bohol, this thin sliver of land is blessed year-round with clement, tropical weather--all the better to enjoy its pristine, sun drenched beaches, washed by the balmy blue waters of the Cebu and Tanon Straits.
Magellan's cross planted in Cebu as a symbol of natives embracing the Christian faith), Cebu is replete with historical first's.
cebu.islandsphilippines.com   (1171 words)

Cebu (Sugbo) is the name given to the city, the metropolis, the island, the province.
Cebu Island is a sliver of an island centrally located in the Visayas region of the Philippine archipelago, 365 miles south of Manila.
At the roof of the kiosk is a painting depicting the landing of Magellan in Cebu and the planting of the original cross on the shore.
cebuonwheels.tripod.com /cebu.htm   (836 words)

Cebu itself does not have a rich source of raw materials for furniture-making due to denudation of the forests, however, several the manufacturers are able to procure their materials from other islands and from imports as well.
The main island of Cebu is a long, narrow slither of land flanked on both sides by TaГ±on Strait and the Strait of Cebu.
Cebu is comprised of hundreds of small islands, some of which are uninhabited which make them the targets of adventure-seeking tourists.
www.paleorama.com /Lakes-C/Cebu.php   (2014 words)

 Cebu (island) - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Cebu (island), island and province of the central Philippines, between Bohol and Leyte islands on the east and the island of Negros on the west.
Cebu (city), also Cebu City, chartered city of the central Philippines, on Cebu Island.
Visayan Islands, island group in central Philippines, one of the four main insular groups of the Philippines, lying between the islands of Mindanao...
uk.encarta.msn.com /Cebu_(island).html   (111 words)

 CEBU, Philippines -Seattle Sister City
Cebu City is the capital of Cebu Island Province.
Cebu City is centrally located in the widest portion of the island at the east coast harbor.
Cebu is a commercial center whose main industries include copper mining, fishing and aquaculture, farming and agriculture, shipbuilding, steel and cement.
www.cityofseattle.net /oir/Cebu.htm   (281 words)

 Cebu Island Hotels & Resorts- Philippines Traveltipid.com
Cebu is one of the larger islands of the central region of The Philippines known as The Visayas.
Cebu province includes Cebu Island and a few smaller satellite islands for the most part undeveloped and unspoilt.
Malapascua Island is endowed with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, and the west coast is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
www.traveltipid.com /local/cebu   (315 words)

 Cebu travel guide - Wikitravel
Cebu is a city on Cebu Island in the Philippines.
Cebu is also the domestic air hub of the Philippines with close to 60 flights daily on average to and from popular destinations and key cities all over the archipelago such as Manila, Boracay, Siargao (Surigao), Zamboanga, Davao, Bohol, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin, Gen. Santos, Leyte, etc.
Set Amidst a tropical splendor of island life, the resort is a scenic blend of turn of the century architecture and furnishings with modern facilities for your style and comfort.
wikitravel.org /en/Cebu_(city)   (1413 words)

 Cebu, Philippines Destination Guide from asia-hotels.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Cebu is welcoming to visitors and attractive to both the eye and the wallet.
The first Asian Basilica, Basilica Minore de Santo Nio, was built in Cebu in 1740 and teems with devotees clambering to catch a glimpse of the oldest religious relic in the Philippines, the Santo Nio statue, given to Queen Juana of Cebu by Magellan.
Cebu is predominantly Catholic and follows the Christian calendar with Christmas and Easter celebrated with almost fanatical excess.
www.asiahotels.com /cityguides/philippines-cebu.asp   (1944 words)

 WOW Philippines :: Explore Philippines :: Description   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Cebu is 365 miles south of Manila and can be reached in an hour through air travel.
The topography of Cebu is characterized by narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus, and coastal plains but with predominant rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges traversing the northern and southern lengths of the island.
Cebu's weather is relatively moderate, having no distinct wet and dry season, the perfect vacation spot for seasons.
www.tourism.gov.ph /explore_phil/place_details.asp?content=description&province=40   (537 words)

 WOW Philippines :: Explore Philippines :: Famous For   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Tropical island Cebu is famous not only for its fresh mangoes but its export-quality dried mangoes.
Cebu’s biggest and most popular festival, the Sinulog Festival is a feast in honor of the Holy Image of Senyor Santo Niño de Cebu.
The island is blessed with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.
www.tourism.gov.ph /explore_phil/place_details.asp?content=famousefor&province=40   (624 words)

Cebu City is the first Spanish settlement in the country and the oldest city in the country.
In the urban area of Cebu City there is an important seaport and the nation's second largest airport is located on Mactan Island, near to Cebu City.
For tourists the island Cebu, its capital Cebu City and the nearby smaller islands have a lot of attractions.
www.philippines.hvu.nl /cebu1.htm   (212 words)

 Metro Cebu, the Island and Visayas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Cebu City is the regional capital for the Visayas and the second most expensive city in the Philippines.
Some examples of the differences between Cebu and Manila are that from the farthest parts of Metro Cebu to Mactan International Airport (former Mactan Air Force Base), 25 to 40 kilometers road distance, is usually 30 to 45 minutes (up to double that during the rush hour).
The Central Visayas consist of Negros Occidental, Cebu Island, and Bohol with numerous smaller islands in the mix.
www.raocebu.us /movrvis.html   (1894 words)

 Cebu island in Visayas, Philippines
Of all the islands in Visayas, Cebu is the traveler's fantasy of a tropical island come true whereby its balmy weather, pristine beaches, crystalline waters and luxurious resorts with all the frills of modern living is an open invitation to a fantastic time here.
Metro Cebu is the second biggest metropolis in the country and rivals Metro Manila, the National Capital Region, in many ways.
Cebu City is the country's oldest city and provides visitors an excellent transport links to other parts of the Philippines.
www.aguidetoasia.com /philippines/cebu.php   (241 words)

 Cebu Outdoor Geographic Adventures -- CEBU ISLAND GEOGRAPHY
Cebu is a main island of the Philippines and comprises one of the Visayan Islands.
Its provincial capital, Cebu City, is a Roman Catholic archbishopric and forms part of a vast metropolitan area that includes the cities of Mandaue, Talisay and Lapu-lapu, and the municipalities of Cordova, Consolacion, Liloan, Minglanilla, Naga and San Fernando.
Cebu, or Zubu originally, was an important trading community; ships from the East Indies, Siam and China paid tribute to the local chief for the right to berth here and barter.
www.geocities.com /arnoldsa/land.html   (510 words)

 Cebu Paradise Island is Juvio’s Solution For Travel
Geographically located at the southern part of the Cebu island, about 3-4 hours drive from Cebu City it’s a must site to visit during hot season.
Inside the chapel is a large Christian cross planted by Portuguese and Spanish explorers as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan upon arriving in Cebu in the Philippines in 1521.
This Magellan’s Cross is a symbol of Cebu City and the chapel’s image can be found in its city seal.
cebuparadiseisland.com   (1021 words)

 Wow Cebu   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Cebu is one of the places in the country that has been blessed with natural wonders complemented by man-made structures that make a tourist's stay more than just memorable and enjoyable.
Cebu's beautiful beaches and clear seawaters, strategic location, rich cultural and historical heritage and generally peaceful atmosphere are among its priceless attractions.
Explore the enchanting islands around Cebu, admire the creativity of island villages in their livelihood activities; and discover rich marine life, natural white sand beaches and crystal clear waters!
www.dotpcvc.gov.ph /starstudded/wowcebu.html   (786 words)

 Cebu City Philippines - General Information - TravelPH.Com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The island is 587 km south of Manila and is the second international gateway to the Philippines.
The calm waters surrounding Argao, Badian and Malapascua islands are ideal for kayaking.
Cebu is an international destination with flights from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.
www.travelph.com /resorts/Cebu   (502 words)

 Cebu Travel Information , Philippines
As early as the 13th century, Sugbo, how the island of Cebu was called, was already an important crossroad of pre-colonial Southeast Asian trade.
As in the past, the island province preserves with pride its role as the crossroads of international trade.
The Cebu Capitol, seat of provincial government, is a magnificent edifice of pre-war vintage.
asiatravel.com /cebu/cebuinfo.html   (918 words)

 Cebu Travel Guide - Cebu map, hotels, flight, sightseeing, transportation, dinning, weather, travel tip
Cebu Province is situated in the heart of the Philippines archipelago, in the centre of the Visayan Islands, some 560 km south of Manila.
It is made up of 167 islands including Cebu Island, Mactan, Bantayan, Daanbantayan and the Camotes Group.
Cebu City, the provincial capital, is located on the island's east coast.
www.hoteltravel.com /philippines/cebu/guides.htm   (153 words)

 CeBu CeBoom CeBlog » Main
Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (CCCI), under the chairmanship of Dr. Edward S. Gaisano, CCCI vice president for business development, in cooperation with the newly organized Spa and Wellness Association of Cebu (SWAC) will hold the 2nd Beauty, Health, and Wellness (BHW) Show on Sept. 22-24.
The island is part of a group of islands that form Mactan Islands, province of Cebu and is divided into Lapu-Lapu City and the municipality of Cordova.
Cebu exports account for more than 95 percent of the total figure, because majority of exporters are based here.
www.ngkhai.net /cebu   (2113 words)

 Cebu City Travel Guide, Cebu Mactan Hotels, Cebu Hotels, Magellans Cross, sinulog festival, cebuano
Historic Cebu was where the Portugese Captain Ferdinand Magellan planted the Cross of Christianity in 1521.
Strategically lying at the center of the Visayas, Cebu has been a popular entry point among merchants through the centuries.
World-class resorts fringe the islands, serving both divers and plain tourists alike.
www.lakbaypilipinas.com /travel_cebu.html   (531 words)

 Sumilon Blue Water Island Resort - Cebu City Philippines Hotel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort is 125 kilometer from Cebu City and is close to Dumaguete.
The Island Pavilion houses the resort restaurant serving local and international cuisine.
Aquamania, the dive shop on the island, is situated on the eastern beach area.
www.philippine-travel.co.uk /cebu_hotels/sumilon-bluewater-island-resort   (209 words)

 Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort - Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Cebu is correctly named "The Queen City of the South".
Today, Cebu is a busy metropolis, recently having been chosen by Asiaweek Magazine as one of the best cities in Asia to live and play in.
All the diverse pleasures of island living are at your doorstep, scuba diving, snorkeling, beach combing, swimming or just simply lazing under the tropical sun.
www.asiatraveltips.com /MaribagoBluewaterBeachResort.htm   (435 words)

 Mactan Island and Cebu City, Hotels and Info. Holiday Inn, Best Hotels and Resorts for Lapulapu City
Mactan Island Cebu, a beautiful island located about 1 hour south of Manila by plane is one of the reasons this area is called, Pearl of the South.
Cebu City is only a short drive away as well as Mandaue being accessible across either of the two bridges which connect to the island.
The Philippine Islands became a Spanish colony during the 16th century; they were ceded to the US in 1898 following the Spanish-American War.
www.mactan.com   (1214 words)

 Wa'y Blima! Cebu Visitors Guide: Cebu Island   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
While Manila is a sprawling megalopolis, Cebu is an island in the south sea.
Some notable places in Cebu include the diving village of Moalboal in the south of the island, which is already quite famous across Asia.
Malapascua Island, a tiny island to the north of Cebu Island, is the new Moalboal, a relatively unknown diving haven.
www.wayblima.com /cebu-island.html   (131 words)

 Cebu Holiday - Philippines
Cebu is called the Queen City of the South is the oldest city in the Philippines.
Around Cebu Island are 167 islets and islands lined with idyllic white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and swaying palms, making Cebu a perfect destination for that escape to a Tropical Paradise.
Cebu is rich in history and has many places of interest to visit.
www.cebuholiday.net   (1055 words)

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