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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Cell (biology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The cell is the structural and functional unit of all living organisms, and is sometimes called the "building block of life." Some organisms, such as bacteria, are unicellular, consisting of a single cell.
The cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell is surrounded by a plasma membrane.
This membrane serves to separate and protect a cell from its surrounding environment and is made mostly from a double layer of lipids (hydrophobic fat-like molecules) and hydrophilic phosphorous molecules.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cell_(biology)   (3620 words)

 Cell (biology) - MSN Encarta
The smallest cell, a type of bacterium known as a mycoplasma, measures 0.0001 mm (0.000004 in) in diameter; 10,000 mycoplasmas in a row are only as wide as the diameter of a human hair.
Prokaryotic cells are among the tiniest of all cells, ranging in size from 0.0001 to 0.003 mm (0.000004 to 0.0001 in) in diameter.
The extraordinary biochemical diversity of prokaryotic cells is manifested in the wide-ranging lifestyles of the archaebacteria and the bacteria, whose habitats include polar ice, deserts, and hydrothermal vents—deep regions of the ocean under great pressure where hot water geysers erupt from cracks in the ocean floor.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761568585/Cell_(biology).html   (2369 words)

 Cell Biology Encyclopedia @ NaturalResearch.org (Natural Research)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Cell biology (also called cellular biology or cytology, from the Greek kytos, "container") is an academic discipline that studies cells.
Appreciating the similarities and differences between cell types is particularly important to the fields of cell and molecular biology.
Cell biology (cellular biology) is an academic discipline which studies the physiological properties of cells, as well as their behaviours, intercellular interactions, and environment; this is done both on a microscopic and molecular level.
www.naturalresearch.org /encyclopedia/Cell_biology   (536 words)

 Cell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A cell is a single unit or compartment, enclosed by a border or wall.
Cell (mathematics), in Euclidean geometry, refers to a 3-dimensional facet in a polytope
Cell, (radio communications), a small geographic area of radio coverage served by a cell site (radio tower and equipment).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cell   (309 words)

 What is a Cell
The simplest of cells, and the first types of cells to evolve, were prokaryotic cells—organisms that lack a nuclear membrane, the membrane that surrounds the nucleus of a cell.
The cells may be adjacent to one another because they did not separate after cell division or because they remained enclosed in a common sheath or slime secreted by the cells.
This membrane serves to separate and protect a cell from its surrounding environment and is made mostly from a double layer of proteins and lipids, fat-like molecules.
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov /About/primer/genetics_cell.html   (8545 words)

 NBC11.com - Health Encyclopedia - Aging Changes In Organs - Tissue - Cells
Cell membranes change, so many tissues have more trouble receiving oxygen and nutrients and getting rid of carbon dioxide and wastes.
This size increase is caused by an increase in cellular proteins, such as the cell wall and internal cell structures, not an increase in the cell's fluid.
Dysplasia is fairly common in the cells of the cervix and the lining of the respiratory tract.
www.nbc11.com /encyclopedia/6865242/detail.html   (1310 words)

 ECO-CELL - Frequently Asked Questions
Cell phones and their accessories contain many toxic substances such as arsenic, antimony, cadmium, cobalt, copper, lead and zinc.
Cell phones with no resale value will be sent to Umicore.
Chargers are kitted with the cell phones that go to charitable organizations for emergency use, sold to recyclers, or disposed of properly.
www.eco-cell.org /faqs.asp   (1069 words)

 The Biology Project: Cell Biology
Cell Membranes Learn that membranes are fluid, with components that move, change, and perform vital physiological roles as they allow cells to communicate with each other and their environment.
The Cell Cycle & Mitosis Understand the events that occur in the cell cycle and the process of mitosis that divides the duplicated genetic material creating two identical daughter cells.
The Cytoskeleton Learn that the cytoskeleton acts both a muscle and a skeleton, and is responsible for cell movement, cytokinesis, and the organization of the organelles within the cell.
www.biology.arizona.edu /cell_bio/cell_bio.html   (416 words)

 IBM, Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Toshiba unveil Cell processor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Cell is optimized for compute-intensive workloads and broadband rich media applications, including computer entertainment, movies and other forms of digital content.
Cell provides a breakthrough solution by adopting a flexible parallel and distributed computing architecture consisting of independent floating point processors for rich media processing.
In addition, the Cell processor is scalable and can be utilized in a variety of applications — from small digital CE systems within the home to entertainment applications for rendering movies, to scientific applications, such as supercomputers.
www-03.ibm.com /chips/news/2004/1129_cell1.html   (1084 words)

 Biopharmaceutical Cell biology glossary
Cells are usually stained with one or more fluorescent dyes specific to cell components of interest, e.g., DNA, and fluorescence of each cell is measured as it rapidly transverses the excitation beam (laser or mercury arc lamp).
Cell rupture caused by physical or chemical means, or by phage infection and propagation leading to the release of the cell content; also the death of microorganisms after the stationary phase of a batch fermentation.
A special method of cell division, occurring in maturation of the germ cells, by means of which each daughter nucleus receives half the number of chromosomes characteristic of the somatic cells of the species.
www.genomicglossaries.com /content/cell_bio.asp   (6459 words)

 Floatation Mirror Cell Design Software
Cell is a public domain program written originally as part of the design of the 24" equatorially mounted telescope Byron Melland and I built for the Pomona Valley Amateur Astronomers.
An early form of the program in BASIC (for 9 and 18 point cells only) was published in ATM and has been used by a number of commercial telescope manufacturers for their mirror cells.
You are free to use Cell for private or commercial mirror cells, but any commercial use should be accompanied by a credit in the documentation stating that the mirror cell design was computed using Cell by David Chandler and giving a reference to the David Chandler Company home page: http://www.DavidChandler.com.
www.davidchandler.com /cell.htm   (726 words)

 Chip trio allows glimpse into 'Cell' | CNET News.com
Cell has nearly "taped out"--an industry term meaning that the chip's pen and paper design and layout have been completed.
While Cell's hardware design might be difficult, it's creating software for the chip that will be the trickiest part of establishing it in the market.
Cell's designers are engineering the chip to work with a wide range of operating systems, including Linux.
news.com.com /2100-1001-948493.html   (1427 words)

 developerWorks : Cell Broadband Engine resource center
Cell BE in the news: Cell BE builds better robots, powers Welsh software development incubator, and is deemed HPC-ready by LLNL: Keep up with these and other breaking stories on the resource center's daily news page.
Cell BE in the community: Check out cellperformance.com, an unofficial stopping place for performance-related articles and discussions on the Cell BE processor -- as well, Power.org has launched a Cell developer's corner and a Power community blog.
Cell Broadband Engine processor DMA engines, Part 2: From an SPE point of view: Meet the SPE interface to the DMA capabilities of the processor, from channel allocation to communication.
www-128.ibm.com /developerworks/power/cell   (462 words)

 E-Cell System — E-Cell Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
E-Cell System is an object-oriented software suite for modeling, simulation, and analysis of large scale complex systems such as biological cells, architected by Koichi Takahashi and written by a wonderful team of developers.
For research projects in the traditional computational sciences, where brute force computation remains operative, it is reasonable to develop new software for each project, sometimes in a disposable fashion.
Cell simulation, in contrast, involves numerous and various components with different properties, interacting in diverse, complicated manners.
www.e-cell.org /software/e-cell-system   (369 words)

 [No title]
The Cell processor consists of a general-purpose POWERPC processor core connected to eight special-purpose DSP cores.
In this brief overview, I'm first going to talk in some general terms about the Cell approach — what it is, what it's like, what's behind it, etc. — before doing an information dump at the end of the article for more technical readers to chew on and debate.
In its most basic form IBM's Cell does what computer architects have been doing since the first cache was invented — Cell moves a small bit of memory closer to the execution units, and lets the processor store frequently-used code and data in that local memory.
arstechnica.com /articles/paedia/cpu/cell-1.ars   (1117 words)

 WSBTV.com - Health - Researchers Get OK To Clone Human Stem Cells
Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Boston Children's Hospital researchers said they will try to develop a powerful new tool to explore the biology of, and create patient and disease-specific, stem cell lines that could lead to the treatment of a wide range of now-incurable conditions afflicting tens of millions of people worldwide.
The cell is then forced to divide into multiple cells that are genetically identical to the healthy donor cell.
Human embryonic stem cell research has long been at the center of controversy because in extracting healthy cells, days-old human embryos are destroyed.
www.wsbtv.com /health/9334705/detail.html   (711 words)

 The Cell Membrane
The cell is highly organized with many functional units or organelles.
To perform the function of the organelle, the membrane is specialized in that it contains specific proteins and lipid components that enable it to perform its unique roles for that cell or organelle.
In essence membranes are essential for the integrity and function of the cell.
cellbio.utmb.edu /cellbio/membrane.htm   (412 words)

 [No title]
The basic architecture of the Cell is described by IBM as a "system on a chip" (SoC) design.
This is a perfectly good characterization, but I'd take it even further and call Cell a "network on a chip." As I described yesterday, the Cell's eight SPUs are essentially full-blown vector "computers," insofar as they are fairly simple CPUs with their own local storage.
The entire Cell is produced on a 90nm SOI process with 8 layers of copper interconnect.
arstechnica.com /articles/paedia/cpu/cell-2.ars   (632 words)

 The Cell project at IBM Research
The Cell Architecture grew from a challenge posed by Sony and Toshiba to provide power-efficient and cost-effective high-performance processing for a wide range of applications, including the most demanding consumer appliance: game consoles.
Cell - also known as the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture (CBEA) - is an innovative solution whose design was based on the analysis of a broad range of workloads in areas such as cryptography, graphics transform and lighting, physics, fast-Fourier transforms (FFT), matrix operations, and scientific workloads.
As an example of innovation that ensures the clients' success, a team from IBM Research joined forces with teams from IBM Systems Technology Group, Sony and Toshiba, to lead the development of a novel architecture that represents a breakthrough in performance for consumer applications.
www.research.ibm.com /cell   (262 words)

 CellPress Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A Gardenia fruit extract traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat the symptoms of type 2 diabetes does indeed contain a chemical that reverses some of the pancreatic dysfunctions that underlie the disease, researchers report in the June 2006, Cell Metabolism.
Cell Press announced that access to the recent online archive of Cell and the other premier journals of the Cell Press collection became freely available beginning in January 2005.
We are pleased to announce that the Cell and Neuron backfile collections are now available to personal subscribers.
www.cellpress.com   (786 words)

 The Cell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
And there are cells that only function when part of a larger organism, such as the cells that make up your body.
At the center of the cell is the cell nucleus.
The cell wall is a rigid structure outside of the cell membrane composed mainly of the polysaccharide cellulose.
web.jjay.cuny.edu /~acarpi/NSC/13-cells.htm   (534 words)

 Cell Supercomputer :: Supercomputer Applications for the Cell Processor
The Cell Processor is a multicore CPU under development by a joint venture between Sony, Toshiba, and IBM (STI).
Without something like xpac-zero, Sony and Toshiba will only use the cell chip for game consoles and TVs; IBM will only make very high-end supercomputers for the Fortune 500, and the rest of the world will be left behind, powerless without a chance.
The Cell is the real computer revolution, everything else up until now has just been a drum roll.
www.cellsupercomputer.com   (356 words)

 Cell Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Cell launches a new feature inviting thoughtful comments from our readers on a highlighted article in each issue.
Protein palmitoylation is a reversible lipid modification that regulates membrane tethering for key proteins involved in cell signaling, cancer, neuronal transmission, and membrane trafficking.
These are the Top 20 Papers by download from the Cell web site for the last 30 days.
www.cell.com   (303 words)

 Technorati Tag: cell
Cell Phones at CellularChoices Visit CellularChoices.net to compare quality cellular phones and features.
HTC Hermes is the first Windows Mobile phone in the world.
NES Controller Cell Phone Mod June 12th, 2006 Sam Garfield managed to cram a Nokia 3200 phone into a standard NES controller after countless hours of...
technorati.com /tag/cell   (490 words)

 Amazon.com: Cell: A Novel: Books: Stephen King   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Cell, the king of horror's homage to zombie films (the book is dedicated in part to George A. Romero) is his goriest, most horrific novel in years, not to mention the most intensely paced.
Those without cell phones, like illustrator Clayton Riddell and his small band of "normies," must fight for survival, and their journey to find Clayton's estranged wife and young son rockets the book toward resolution.
While it might seem obvious to some of us that cell phones are horrible little devices, it still takes a pretty talented writer to write a book about evil spread by cell phones...and to keep readers riveted the entire time.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0743292332?v=glance   (2427 words)

 Real World Technologies - CELL Microprocessor III
In the months since our second article on the CELL processor was published, the STI consortium has released new information on the microarchitecture and programming model of the CELL processor.
In a show of force equivalent to the introduction of the CELL processor at ISSCC, five presentations were given by members of the STI consortium at COOL Chips VIII in April of 2005 in Yokohama, Japan.
The new version of the CELL processor, with the larger PPE, is code named DD2, and the CELL processor unveiled at ISSCC 2005 is designated DD1.
www.realworldtech.com /page.cfm?ArticleID=RWT072405191325   (383 words)

 Cell - Now Available In Stores and Online
Clay and the few desperate survivors who join him suddenly find themselves in the pitch-fl night of civilization’s darkest age, surrounded by chaos, carnage, and a human horde that has been reduced to its basest nature…and then begins to evolve.
The Playaway audiobook player is an MP3 player marketed to that segment of the audiobook market which is intrigued by the convenience of MP3's but which might lack the technical savvy to download an audiobook from Audible.
Entertainment Weekly will be running the first two chapters of CELL in their issue on stands January 20, 2006, as a first serial excerpt.
www.stephenking.com /cell_release   (457 words)

 alphaWorks : Emerging Topic : Cell Broadband Engine technology
The Cell Broadband Engine is a breakthrough microprocessor with unique capabilities for applications requiring video, 3D graphics, or high-performance computation for imaging, security, visualization, health care, surveillance, and more.
Cell Broadband Engine resource center: The developerWorks Cell Broadband Engine Resource Center provides resource for all things Cell BE including articles on the technology, daily news on the processor and links to CBEA forums.
Cell Broadband Engine Architecture from 20,000 feet: The Cell Broadband Engine Architecture (CBEA, or, informally, "Cell") defines a new processor structure based upon the 64-bit Power Architecture™ technology, but with unique features directed toward distributed processing and media-rich applications.
www.alphaworks.ibm.com /topics/cell   (843 words)

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