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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  What is Celluloid?
Celluloid is an early plastic that was easy to mold and shape and is generally awarded the honor of being the first thermoplastic.
Celluloid was made into a variety of products that are now considered to be collectible.
Celluloid was an important component in photographs and early film.
www.gardenandhearth.com /AntiquesandCollectibles/Celluloid.htm   (526 words)

Celluloid would go on to be extensively used in the toy and novelty industries.
Celluloid was widely used as a substitute for more expensive substances, such as ivory, amber, horn, whalebone, and tortoiseshell.
Celluloid allowed for a flexibility and brightness of pigmentation that had not been widely available before.
takaoclub.com /camphor/celluloid.htm   (411 words)

In the process of making celluloid, the "pretty" that was added to the celluloid acted as a binding or bonding agent, and by accident and not design, acted as an inhibiting agent against decomposition.
If the celluloid were to catch fire and explode, the roof would release from the force of the explosion, which would save the building and the surrounding area.
Celluloid is fairly sensitive to temperature, light, moisture and chemicals.
www.oregonknifeclub.org /celluloid_02.html   (4266 words)

 Telling Pictures: The Celluloid Closet
First published by Harper and Row in 1981, The Celluloid Closet was the first book to chronicle the depiction of gay and lesbian characters in popular films, including the innovative use of historical reviews and censors' comments to reflect contemporary beliefs and assumptions about homosexuality.
The Celluloid Closet was to be one of their first projects, but a more pressing subject presented itself and the filmmakers went on to make their Academy Award-winning feature documentary Error!
The Celluloid Closet was picked up after Toronto by Sony Classics Pictures, which gave the film a major theatrical release in hundreds of theaters across the country.
www.tellingpictures.com /films/cc/cc_hist.html   (1170 words)

  Definition of celluloid - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
1 : a tough flammable thermoplastic composed essentially of cellulose nitrate and camphor 2 : a motion-picture film celluloid — John McCarten>
Learn more about "celluloid" and related topics at Britannica.com
See a map of "celluloid" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=celluloid   (52 words)

  Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for celluloid
Celluloid was the first important synthetic plastic and was widely used as a substitute for more expensive substances, such as ivory, amber, horn, and tortoiseshell.
Hence celluloid XIX; the use of -OID is arbitrary.
Camphor is used in medicine for liniments, in the manufacture of celluloid, lacquers and explosives, and as an ingredient of...
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=celluloid   (737 words)

Celluloid became the generic name for cellulose nitrate plastics and its use for knife handles, washable collars and cuffs, toys, table tennis balls, etc became widespread.
However, the highly inflammable nature of celluloid was always a hazard to its manufacture and use, and as newer plastics materials became available its use gradually declined.
Celluloid has long lost its economic importance but the word itself has not died because of the influence its ideas has had on 20th century technology.
www.plastiquarian.com /celluloi.htm   (383 words)

 Example of a CELLULOID doll.
Celluloid is one of the earliest forms of man-made plastic and was originally invented in the mid-nineteenth century.
Celluloid is a mixture of cellulose nitrate, camphor pigments, fillers and alcohol.
The disadvantages of the early celluloids are that they were highly flammable, squashable, subject to fading in light and many bore very hard, shiny complexions that proved unpopular with children.
members.tripod.com /~LindaDahl/celluloid.html   (349 words)

 History of Plastics and Plastic Packaging Products - Celluloid and Rayon
However, celluloid dentures tended to soften when hot, making tea drinking tricky, and the camphor taste tended to be difficult to suppress.
Celluloid's real breakthrough products were waterproof shirt collars, cuffs, and the false shirt fronts known as "dickies," whose unmanageable nature later became a stock joke in silent-movie comedies.
However, celluloid still tended to yellow and crack over time, and it had another, more dangerous defect: it burned easily and spectacularly, unsurprising given that mixtures of nitric acid and cellulose are also used to synthesize smokeless powder.
www.packagingtoday.com /introcelluloid.htm   (841 words)

 Celluloid Dreams | Hello
Please bear with us while we add our full catalogue during the summer with new features, downloads and trailers.
Celluloid Dreams is pleased to be attending this year’s SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC event.
Please click on the Video On Demand tab above to learn more about our exciting partnership with The Auteurs, who with Celluloid Dreams and Criterion are currently developing a uniquely curated library of films delivered through high-definition streaming and download on demand.
www.celluloid-dreams.com   (126 words)

 Happy Celluloid Ltd.
Happy Celluloid is film and TV production company, settled in Prague, Czech Republic
Because we produce high profile projects with the most prestigious producers and advertising agencies, and we have received appreciation for our work.
Our offices are located in the historical center of Prague.
www.celluloid.cz   (73 words)

 Celluloid | Plastic Types & History | The Carrotbox - glass rings, lucite rings, plastic rings, jade rings, wooden ...
Celluloid, the first entirely synthetic plastic, was invented by American John W. Hyatt in 1869 (the name was coined by his brother).
Hyatt was looking for something to replace ivory; billiards had become a very popular game, but the balls were made of valuable ivory —; and thus were getting more and more expensive as more and more elephants were killed for their tusks.
He began manufacturing celluloid in 1872, but his billiard balls didn't do well — they had the unfortunate tendency to explode on contact due to the volatile, flammable nature of celluloid!
www.thecarrotbox.com /plastic/celluloid.asp   (217 words)

Celluloid Dreams is a public affairs radio program celebrating the art of film and the moviegoing experience.
We provide information on all aspects of movies through interviews, film/ book/ DVD/ soundtrack reviews, film quiz giveaways and special features.
Celluloid Dreams serves the international community by conveying quality information, entertainment and the excitement of the movies!
www.celluloiddreams.net   (182 words)

 CELLULOID DREAMS: Reviews - Dune: Extended Edition (2006)
CELLULOID DREAMS: Reviews - Dune: Extended Edition (2006)
All content including Celluloid Dreams name, logo and tagline
© 1996-2008 CELLULOID DREAMS/ Tim Sika/ Larry Jakubecz
www.celluloiddreams.net /id63.html   (680 words)

 Celluloid Jesus - The Christ Film Web Pages (New Testament Gateway)
Celluloid Jesus - The Christ Film Web Pages (New Testament Gateway)
Welcome to Celluloid Jesus - The Christ Film Web Pages.
Site design by Mark and Viola Goodacre; maintained by Mark Goodacre
www.ntgateway.com /film   (401 words)

 the trouble with celluloid handles
Celluloid is a man-made material that was commonly used for knife handles in the early 1900s.
Since knives with celluloid handles would be almost certainly from the early 1900s, very old for a balisong, one of our major collecting goals, this has caused us to turn down some really great pieces.
If you have any knives or other items (celluloid was also common on custume jewlery, pens, and other decorative objects of the same era) with celluloid, I urge you to keep them separate from the rest of your collection and not to store them in closed containers.
www.balisongcollector.com /celluloid.html   (727 words)

 Lady A Antiques Celluloid
Celluloid is in top condition with only the tiniest of back corner chips, visible from the back.
The top only is celluloid covered and has a beautiful woman with a large dark blue hat with red scarf on it.
The top only is celluloid covered and has a sweet winter scene of a cottage, trees and man walking his dog.
www.lady-a.com /antiques/CELULOID.html   (3356 words)

 What is celluloid?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Celluloid was first invented in 1869 by John Wesley Hyatt.
Celluloid first use was to make dental impressions, which cost less than vulcanized rubber.
From then on celluloid became well known plastic because it can be sawn, cut, laminated, folded, punched, stretched, twisted, etc.....Yet it cannot be compressed, injected or extruded.
www.pembinatrails.ca /vincentmassey/topchem/celp4.htm   (136 words)

 Celluloid: Making Their Own Kind of Music
Celluloid formed 10 years ago, making it one of the oldest original blues bands in Taiwan.
This is a song about people's feelings of love and hate for famous movie stars and prompted the group to rename their band Celluloid.
Although Celluloid has not yet found a stable bass player, everyone that has played in the band has enjoyed an excellent track record.
www.taiwanfun.com /music/0205/0205Celluloid.htm   (612 words)

 Indian Film Societies and Celluloid Chapter Jamshedpur
The prints received for the festival will be insured by the Celluloid Chapter against fire, theft and damage from the time of receipt to the time of despatch.
Celluloid Chapter Jamshedpur will decide all matters not expressly provided for in these Regulations and its decisions shall be final and binding on all parties.
Celluloid Chapter, Jamshedpur reserves the right to exclude films which are not in conformity with the aims of the Festival, or which could offend the national feelings and susceptibilities of any participating country, or are likely to promote racial discrimination.
www.celluloid-chapter.org /international-film-festival.php   (648 words)

 Button Types - Celluloid Buttons
In the 1880s, celluloid made its first appearance on political memorabilia in thick pieces that were molded to look like candidates or as frames around cardboard photos.
Although not the first manufacturer of celluloid buttons, it was the company of Whitehead and Hoag of New Jersey that popularized the button with their patented design.
Celluloid buttons are generally superior in quality to lithographic buttons and, therefore, more collectable.
www-scf.usc.edu /~landes/celluloidbuttons.html   (407 words)

 Celluloid Dolls
They also produced all celluloid dolls, which were very fragile and flammable and often squashed by accident in too-enthusiastic play.
ven though celluloid dolls and toys could be washed and did not shatter if dropped, as did their bisque counterparts, they proved to be fragile, fading and flammable.
Celluloid dolls were made illegal in the United States in the 1940’s because they burned or exploded near an open flame or heat.
www.angelfire.com /oh3/dollcollectors/celluloid.htm   (675 words)

 MMD Archives: Celluloid and More
Celluloid was one of the first "man-made" organic (as in organic vs inorganic chemistry) structural materials.
Celluloid is (or was since it is no longer made) made by dissolution of cellulosic fiber in a mixture of pyridine, nitric acid, and carbon disulfide (don't try this at home) to eventually form cellulose nitrate.
Celluloid was invented in 1865 by John Wesley Hyatt (1837-1920).
mmd.foxtail.com /Archives/Digests/199804/1998.04.26.03.html   (375 words)

 Vintage : Toys : Celluloid :
A celluloid ball is attached to a rod and when it is wound the ball spins on the seals noise while he vibrates and turns in a circle.
This is a pretty celluloid rattle from the 1920's or 30's that has a dolly face on either side with a bell inside.
A celluloid Santa with a blue lap robe over his legs is being pulled by a white celluloid reindeer that is lightly dusted with fine glitter or mica.
search.rubylane.com /antiques/,id=84.7.5.html   (1515 words)

 Bakelite Bracelets|Vintage Bakelite Bangle|Vintage Bakelite Bracelet|Celluloid|Bakelite Clampers|BakeliteJewelry
This celluloid necklace is made up of perfectly formed tubes and discs in green and darker green colors that alternate as they saunter around your neck.
Vibrant red celluloid discs and rich green celluloid leaves say you're an unabashedly lovely lass that isn't afraid to show off her beauty and unique style.
Celluloid and Paste Stone Snake Item BFBR8238 Danger and seduction are the calling card of serpentine beauty but you'll get that and then some when you slip this circa 1920s celluloid snake onto your wrist.
www.sassyclassics.com /bakelite.htm   (5325 words)

 Bakelite Jewelry|Bakelite Necklaces|Celluloid Jewelry|gutta percha|Lucite Celluloid Bracelet Jewelry
Seven colorful pastel celluloid orbs graduate from small on either side to large as they meet at the central pastel lavender pink bubble bauble, which has a flaw on its back but is perfect on its front.
Made of celluloid, a sparkling paste stone earring decorates her ear and a faux diamond paste pendant dangles from her neck as a sign of her success.
This rare celluloid beauty measures 2 and 1/2" tall at the center and 2 and 1/2" in diameter.
www.sassyclassics.com /bakelite2.htm   (3273 words)

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