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Topic: Celtic Nations

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

The World Organisation -- in which would be vested the effective government of the world -- would not consist of dozens of nations, but of nine leading Powers, each one representing a continent and group of federated nations.
Whereas the former attempts to unite the world, in a sort of universal Jewish centralised capitalism, within the framework of the League of Nations, and then of the United Nations Organisation, have failed because of conflicting ideologies, there will now be no such division.
All purely continental administration-covering both legislative, political, and juridical tasks-will be vested in the ruling Councils of the particular continent.
www.faem.com /books/hb-06.htm

 The Languages of the Q-Celtic Areas By Kelly Vincent
All the other Celtic nations saw Latin as a significant language, though in Scotland the impact was relatively short-lived and minimal, as the Romans could not penetrate too deeply into the lands of the tribes that later merged to become the Picts.
The six Celtic nations have one obvious linguistic trait in common: they each correspond to the primary homeland of one of the six modern Celtic languages.
In most of the nations, other languages have historically been as important as the Celtic language, French or English.
www.celtic-resources.com /articles/070102.html

 The Celtic Connection
The Celtic Connection focuses on the similarities and differences in language across the Celtic nations and contributes to the resurgence of interest in the Celtic identity which is increasingly being supported by official bodies, both national and international.
The Celtic nations of Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales, are well known for their literature, mythology, poetry and song.
This volume is a study of the linguistic and literary achievements of those nations and provides a much-needed overview of the condition of all the Celtic languages.
www.colin-smythe.com /books/celco.htm   (231 words)

 Research on Ancient Celts
Celtic Heritage is not intended as a collection of the ancient myths and legends of Ireland and Wales, a simple glance at the cover copy and the introduction should make that clear, nor is it one of those currently faddish, cobbled together New Age warm fuzzy spirituality entertainments supposedly based on secret Celtic lore.
Ellis deconstructs the ancient texts to disclose biases and self-contradictions, then adduces archaeological evidence that reveals a Celtic world quite different from what Rome would have us see.
For a people that at one time dominated much of Europe, very little is known of the Celts and their religion, yet many flimsy theories and fanciful relationships have grown up over the years based on the scant evidence available.
www.geocities.com /mikerdna/celtic.html   (231 words)

 FatherOak's Druidism
Celtic women did have much more freedom than that of the other nations of their time.
It is generally believed that there were seven separate, but historically related Celtic nations, all of which were connected to one another by common culture.
Many records of Celtic history and Mythology depict women as walking equally with their male counerparts in the Druidic society.We are not sure, however, as to the particular role which women played in the every day functions of a priestess.
www.fatheroak.com /resource3.html   (231 words)

The law of intellectual property provides a means by which the most wealthy nation states and multinational corporations can colonize other nations, minority groups and individuals.
Referring to international law, these corporations and nations have imposed onto others their political ideologies concerning the role of human genetics in society.
Patent law presupposes the separation of: subject (inventor) and object (patentable subject matter); the new and unobvious and the old and obvious; and utility and non-utility.
www.ialmh.org /Montreal2001/Sessions/genetics.htm   (1226 words)

 Tom Hanway
This is also true for tunes from other Celtic nations.
We know of a Celtic language that has disappeared, i.e., Cumbrian (spoken in northwestern England and parts of Lowland Scotland), and in the 17th Century the Middle Breton written standard was abandoned in favor of Modern Breton transcribed according to French phonetics.
The ancestral Celtic language, originally spoken across the European mainland and all the way to Asia Minor (Turkey), branched out by the fifth century A.D. to become the two main variants of todays six modern Celtic languages, "Q-Celtic" (Goidelic or Gaelic) as spoken in Ireland, and "P-Celtic" (Brythonic) spoken primarily in Britain.
www.tomhanway.com /celtmusc.htm   (1226 words)

 Celtic League International
The fundamental aim of the Celtic League is to contribute, as an international organisation, to the struggles of the six Celtic Nations to secure or win their political, cultural, social and economic freedom.
By Celtic Nations we mean the peoples living in Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales.
This site contact E-mail is mlockerby@enterprise.net Please set message subject as Celtic league
www.celtic-league.org   (1226 words)

 Welcome to Moch Pryderi's Home Page
Since 1998 the Virginia based Welsh band, Moch Pryderi, has been performing the exciting and haunting Brythonic-Celtic folk music of Wales and Brittany, with occasional excursions into the other Celtic nations of Galicia, Cornwall, Ireland and Scotland.
Celtic Music of Wales, Brittany and other Celtic Nations
Moch Pryderi is: Mary Triola, harp, flute, whistles, uilleann pipes, vocals; Melissa Rich, fiddle, whistles; Dave Rich, guitar, vocals; Bill Reese, Welsh pibgorn, Celtic bouzouki, Breton bombardes, smallpipes, and vocals; Rik Rice, bodhrán, dumbek, and Bob Roser, smallpipes and highland pipes.
www.mochpryderi.com   (1226 words)

 About Celtic Rock--Portland America Distributing
America’s hottest Celtic rock band, Seven Nations, uses two pipers, in addition to bass, electric guitar, vocals, keyboard and fiddle.
Are traditional musicians capitalizing on rock, or are rock musicians capitalizing on Celtic?
In recent decades, the powerful melodies and rhythms of Scottish music have moved some musicians to shift traditional Celtic themes into a rock mode.
www.portlandamerica.com /page35.html   (587 words)

 Celtic League (political organisation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The fundamental aim of the Celtic League is to contribute, as an international organisation, to the struggles of the six Celtic nations to secure or win their political, cultural, social and economic freedom.
The Celtic League is a political and cultural organisation in the modern Celtic nations of
The Celtic League, American Branch (CLAB) was founded in New York City in 1974.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Celtic_League_(political_organisation)   (587 words)

 All Rugby News - Scrum.com - Rugby News, Rugby Results, Rugby Action from Scrum, the best Rugby Football site in the World
16 Jul 2004 Just when Jake White though his Springbok squad were putting their injury problems behind them the coach has been hit with a double injury blow ahead of Saturday’s game against the Pacific Islanders, and the Tri Nations tests against New Zealand and Australia.
16 Jul 2004 Edinburgh will have revenge on their minds when the Celtic League kicks-off on the first weekend in September with reigning Celtic Cup holders Ulster returning to the Scottish capital to face the side they beat in the cup final at Murrayfield last season.
16 Jul 2004 Former Australian captain — and World Cup winner — John Eales believes the Wallabies will edge it at the lineout in Saturday’s opening Tri Nations game against the All Blacks.
www.scrum.com /news/default.asp?StartID=26157   (587 words)

 Rampant Scotland Directory - Celtic Culture
is an inter-celtic organisation that campaigns for the social, political and cultural rights of the Celtic nations.
Keltic Times has some articles on sport, music, dance and events found in the Celtic nations.
Celtic Knot Font makes a True Type font that lets people create their own Celtic knotwork designs just by typing on any computer keyboard.
www.rampantscotland.com /celts.htm   (587 words)

 Mor tier's Y Tir Mawr
Celtic art, culture and society, The six Celtic languages, The six Celtic nations
an inter-celtic organisation that campaigns for the social, political and cultural rights of the Celtic nations
Freumh nan Ceilteach - The Celtic Roots of Europe
www.ping.be /~ping7864/ytm.html   (587 words)

 The Seven Nations Webring
The inspiration for the Seven Nations Webring came to me as I was browsing the multitude of Celtic webrings that had become abandoned after the Yahoo migration.
As in all the other Celtic nations, the English instituted policies oppressing and persecuting the Celts and their culture.
The Celts were an ancient European people that occupied the central areas of Europe from Asia Minor to the Iberian peninsula to Britain.
www.albee.org /sevennations   (587 words)

 Celtic Monasticism - History and Sprituality
Celtic monasticism is colored by the peregrinations of the Celtic Saints and, consequently, is of a very different character than western European monasticism.
Today the League of Celtic nations (Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany) attempts to preserve Celtic languages and traditions.
Celtic monasticism is a world in which journey and stability of place are not at odds at all, but expressions of one spiritual ideal.
www.faculty.de.gcsu.edu /~dvess/ids/medieval/celtic/celtic.shtml   (2025 words)

 Cornish language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Congress is a group that advocates cooperation amongst the Celtic Nations in order to protect and promote Celtic languages and cultures.
Cornish is a member of the Celtic branch of the Indo-European family of languages, and shares many of the characteristics of the other Celtic languages.
The Celtic languages of Scottish Gaelic, Irish and Manx are part of the separate Goidelic group.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cornish_language   (2025 words)

 Druidism Guide -- page five
Celtic Christianity is an union of Druidism and Christianity nominally founded by Columba and Columcille, among other early saints, and centred on the Scottish island of Iona, in the southern Hebrides.
One group of Celtic warriors worth special mention is The Fianna, an out-caste class of warriors, typically adolescents and young-adults, similar to the Hindu "sadus" (wandering holy men) in their severance from society, but more militant than religious in nature.
The spirituality of the Celtic warrior, while it is intertwined with commitment to one¹s family, tribe, and nation, cannot be used to endorse modern day racism and white supremacy.
www.wildideas.net /cathbad/pagan/dr-guide5.html   (3937 words)

 Celtic Woman Tickets - Tickets for Celtic Woman
We are the nations premiere seller of Celtic Woman tickets.
Our dedicated team of Celtic Woman ticket specialists will source your tickets through our state of the art database and have premium tickets "in your hand" in as little as 24 hours.
We are licensed, bonded and insured, we are not affiliated with the Celtic Woman box office and we are also members of the Better Business bureau.
www.ticketsus.com /ticket/Celtic_Woman_Tickets.htm   (197 words)

 Welsh Rugby Union : Celtic League And Cup Fixtures Announced
The Celtic League will continue to run throughout the 2003 Rugby World Cup and the 2004 RBS Six Nations Championship in tandem with the exciting new Celtic Cup knock-out tournament.
John Hussey, Chairman of the Celtic League, welcomed the arrival of the Celtic Cup as 'an extremely exciting new addition to the northern hemisphere rugby calendar.
The first round of the Celtic League, on the weekend of the 5/6 September sees the Neath-Swansea Ospreys region taking on Ulster while both the Cardiff Blues and the Celtic Warriors regions have fixtures north of the border - Cardiff Blues play Glasgow while Celtic Warriors travel to the Borders.
www.wru.co.uk /2_2330.php   (596 words)

The Aryan ancestors of the Celts are depicted by the colour blue in the map above, and contribute roughly 20% to the genetic makeup of Proto-Celtic nations.
It’s important at this point to reflect on the way in which the terms "Celtic" and "Native" are interchangeably used in today’s society.
Northern Scotland was the only part of Britain and Ireland to escape Celtic influence 2,000 years ago, and as a result Proto-European culture survived there in a homogenous state (in the form of Pictish culture), until the Gaels arrived there sometime before 300AD.
www.geocities.com /proto_european   (596 words)

 BBC SPORT Rugby Union Nations divided by Celtic League
The Celtic League cannot be classed a roaring success, even if it has been better than any of the domestic competitions that preceded it in Wales in the professional age.
The Celtic League may not be the most successful or respected of competitions, but without it the future looks bleak for Celtic rugby.
Celtic League matches simply do not ignite the passions like traditional Anglo-Welsh fixtures - or even the old Welsh inter-town games - and attendances have been disappointing.
newsalerts.bbc.co.uk /sport1/hi/rugby_union/4599583.stm   (596 words)

 Celtic Christianity
To us it is the study of the lives and history of the Christians and people of the Celtic nations in relation to Christianity in the land around them.
There was, historically, no unified "celtic" church during their golden age of Christianity.
It is also a study of the exploits and acts that God performed through these Christians during this time.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Forum/6389/whatis.html   (467 words)

 Celtic Christian Ring
The Celtic Society of Christ is a community for all Christians who are interested in the Seven Celtic Nations and their ancient ways of worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Celtic Christian Webring is a ring of sites that have pages that are devoted to Celtic Christianity both the historical church and modern practices inspired by the historical Cetlic Church.
The St. Aidan Celtic Christian Trust -USA is the daughter community of the Community of Aidan and Hilda in Britain.
q.webring.com /hub?ring=celticihs   (1299 words)

 Sac and Fox
Following the settlement and invasion of Europeans on the east coast, which also resulted in pressures from other Native nations, the Sauk moved from near Saginaw Bay in Michigan to Green Bay, Wisconsin, to Saukenuk located at the convergence of the Rock and Mississippi Rivers, and then forcibly removed to Iowa and Kansas.
When the government removed the tribe from its homelands and way of life, the government began a policy of "Civilizing" the natives to a European lifestyle, and tried to destroy the Sac and Fox lifeway.
Throughout this time, the original thread of Sac and Fox life, which connects the tribe to the heart of who they are as a people, has continued.
www.cowboy.net /native/sacnfox.html   (1299 words)

 Celtic Nations & Tribes
Many of these nations are resulting settlements of Celtic tribes in a history of diaspora.
hough we today consider these primary seven Celtic nations, it is generally understood that the Celtic peoples lived in looser formations such as tribes.
Throughout Celtic history tribes have been known to embark on great migrations sweeping across vast territories in pursuit of better settlement opportunities out of situations of tribal rivalry, war, increasing need for more space, famine, disease, etc. So far, some 14 different Celtic tribes have been identified, primarily by Roman writers.
www.celticgrounds.com /chapters/c-nations.htm   (1299 words)

It was not until after the Reformation in the 16th century, that English culture largely replaced Celtic culture, as a result of the new geo-political situation that arose once Europe was divided into blocs of Catholic nations and Protestant ones.
Until the sixteenth century, Celtic culture and the Gaelic language remained predominant in Ireland, and the descendents of the original Anglo-Norman settlers began speaking Gaelic themselves.
The story of Ireland's exploding high-tech industry is a very new one, and the growth of today's "Celtic Tiger" is one of the most surprising economic developments in modern Europe.
linguapress.bravepages.com /ireland.htm   (5415 words)

 Celtic Rock Band Seven Nations - Original Photos and Digital Images, and Tour Dates
is a celtic rock group of five - Kirk McLeod, lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, piano and highland bagpipes; Struby, bass guitar and backup vocals; Dan Stacey, fiddle and viola; Crisco on drums; and Scott Long on highland bagpipes and electric bagpipe.
At left: I finally got a picture of Crisco, who is seen here with Scott and Dan, doing some primitive celtic drumming, fiddling and piping.
Above: Struby on bass guitar, Dan on fiddle, and Kirk on guitar - this was an unplugged session in the afternoon.
www.ndoylefineart.com /Irishimages.html   (203 words)

 Ancient Celtic Religion
The Druids were the priests or ministers of religion among the ancient Celtic nations in Gaul, Britain, and Germany.
There were many other components to religion in Celtic society before the Common Era, and they were integrated within the daily life, and still remain part of the culture.
When thinking of Celtic religion, the first thing that comes to ones mind is generally Druidism, and maybe even Stonehenge.
www.onlineessays.com /essays/history/his035.php   (203 words)

 Celtic Festival Programme
Andi and Swift Waters –Music                    of 7 Celtic Nations
As well, for a touch of family fun, bring the children for a Celtic family or individual caricature.
Celtic Festival promises to be an entertainment paradise for kids.
www.brockvillecelticfestival.com   (399 words)

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