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Topic: Celtic culture

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Celtic Culture: Central_Texas_Celtic
From Old-Time, Celtic, Bluegrass, and traditional Jazz to Latin American, Zydeco, Cajun, and Gospel, AFTM has provided the Austin community with a sampling of musical and dance expressions from folk cultures the world over.
The Texas Highlanders are a new group in Austin, promoting the culture, heritage, history and accomplishments of the Scottish in Central Texas.
The Celtic Cultural Center is organized to operate a charitable center for the benefit of the Celtic Community and to act as an umbrella organization to house and support local Celtic groups.
www.austincelts.org /celtic/Central_Texas_Celtic   (645 words)

  Celt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Celtic language family is a branch of the larger Indo-European family, which leads some scholars to a hypothesis that the original speakers of the Celtic proto-language may have arisen in the Pontic-Caspian steppes (see Kurgan).
The Hallstatt culture was succeeded by the La Tène culture, and during the final stages of the Iron Age gradually transformed into the explicitly Celtic culture of early historical times.
A century later the defeat of the combined Samnite, Celtic and Etruscan alliance by the Romans in the Third Samnite War sounded the end of the Celtic domination in Europe, but it was not until 192 BC that the Roman armies conquered the last remaining independent Celtic kingdoms in Italy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Celts   (3779 words)

 Celtic & Vedic Culture
Celtic culture was a tripartite system based on the three-fold divisions of: the spiritual leaders, the Druids; the ruling/warrior class; and a class of producers which included merchants, hunters and in later periods agricultural producers.
One teaching that we are certain was prominent in Celtic culture was that of the doctrine of transmigration of souls, the process of death and rebirth.
In the Celtic myth the Goddess Domnu is regarded as being of "Chaos and Old Night", the abyss, from whence came the Fomors the deities of the dark waters who were conquered by Lug, the Celtic Sun God, and the Tuatha De Danann.
www.geocities.com /indianpaganism/celticvedic.html   (4356 words)

 Deanna's World: Celtic Whispers
Celtic language, as defined by the dictionary, is a group of Indo-European languages usually subdivided into Brythonic and Goidelic and now largely confined to Brittany, Wales, western Ireland, and the Scottish Highlands.
Celtic Spirit - The ancient Celts and their spiritual mediators, the Druids believed in the communion of all living things and sought harmony between nature and the human soul.
This handsome and informative volume is an ideal introduction to the world of Celtic belief, tracing its origins from Druidic practices, to the conversion of Ireland by St. Patrick, to the modern interest in Celtic history and mythology.
www.dworldonline.com /celtic.htm   (923 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
ASTRONOMY IN THE CELTIC CULTURE by A.Gaspani INTRODUCTION The investigation of the transmission of the knowledges in the fields of mathematics and astronomy is one of the important means of establishing the cultural level reached by an ancient civilization.
In the Celtic culture there was a tendency to concentrate all the knowledge within a restricted class of persons, the Druids, who transmitted orally a great number of mnemonic rules to their scholars over many years of training.
Additionally the simulations were carried out at the dates of the four principal festivals typical of Celtic culture with the object of inferring the occurrence of some remarkable astronomical phenomenon that could be adopted as reference in order to fix the dates of the festivals along the year.
www.vialattea.net /archeo/celtcab.txt   (14296 words)

During the Classical periosd of Greece and Rome, Celtic culture was predominiant to the north of the Alps.
Celtic religion taught the reincarnation of all individual souls, and the appearance of divine beings on Earth.
Celtic man on the continental mainland wore trousers with a tunic, but in Britain and Ireland the men wore a thigh-high tunic and a cloak, the ever-present dagger or sword, and leather or fur footgear tied around the legs.
www.joellessacredgrove.com /Celtic/history.html   (2936 words)

 MacCorkill's Scottish - Brehon Laws of Early Scots
Today, culture is as important as it ever was, for it gives us an expression of being which is in harmony with the land, other people of like mind and the forces of the natural world.
Culture is a way of life; there is still a thriving cultural tradition within the Gaidhealtachd, although like other Celtic 'fringes' it has become rather marginalised in its forms of expression - musical, linguistic, and so on.
The meaning of this Celtic word would seem to be a description for something holy or sacred; it is also used as a noun to denote a place of sanctuary.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Parthenon/2897/celtic2.html   (2392 words)

 Celtic Colours :: Our Culture
The pattern of emigration followed by the initial settlers was an important factor in the successful transfer of the language and culture.
This pattern has been called "chain migration" which in its simplest terms, means that emigrants tended to follow in the path of their neighbors who had gone to the New World before them.
Conservatism in the retention of older cultural and social institutions is a well documented feature of communities like Gaelic Cape Breton that lie far from the physical center of that culture.
www.celtic-colours.com /culture.html   (2128 words)

 The Celts
The Celtic method of warfare was to stand in front of the opposing army and scream and beat their spears and swords against their shields.
The center of Celtic expansion, however, was Gaul, which lay north of the Alps in the region now within the borders of France and Belgium and part of Spain.
   It was in Ireland that Celtic culture and institutions lasted the longest—although Christianity was introduced at an early date, Ireland did not suffer any major invasions or cultural changes until the invasions of the Norwegians and the Danish in the eighth century.
www.wsu.edu:8080 /~dee/MA/CELTS.HTM   (3792 words)

 celtic culture: 1st-rate-papers.com- first rate papers, first rate essays, first rate research papers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Some church holidays were based on earlier pagan or Celtic customs, such as All Saint's Day, which relates to the Celtic holiday of "Samhain." "This process of creative interaction with non-Christian culture continued in the 1500s and 1600s, as Christianity came into contact with countries such as China, India, and Japan" (Author 389).
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www.1st-rate-papers.com /term-papers/123220/celtic-culture.html   (356 words)

 Hindu and Celtic Culture Are One   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
As humanity begins to break free of the Dark Age caused by Christian Europe’s conquest (military, political and cultural) of much of the world, it becomes obvious that the history taught by their culture leaves much to be desired.
My particular topic is the relationship between the Celtic peoples of Europe, their origin, their relationship with the Vedic culture, and a few other relevant facts and theories.
One of the hallmarks of Celtic culture is the use of the sacred Ogham (pronounced Oh-wum) alphabet by the Druuids, who are Celtic Brahmins.
www.vedanet.com /HinduCeltic.htm   (901 words)

 1- Gundestrup Cauldron (2- 3C BCE) - Style La Tene - Himmerland, Gundestrup
In the following pages, Celtic culture and the possible use of human sacrifice is discussed and illustrated with ancient artifacts that could have played a part in the ideas that encompass human sacrifice and it's importance to them.
The Classical writings about the Celtic peoples that was left behind were recordings done by such people as Caesar, and the Roman poet Lucan, during the period in which the Romans were trying to immerse the Celts into their empire.
According to Caesar in one of his many descriptions of the Celtic practices, was that of the sacrifice of both human and animals in a huge bonfire, in which an enormous wickerwork was filled with animals and humans and set on fire.
gallery.sjsu.edu /sacrifice/celt.html   (4321 words)

 Celtic Resources And References
It was broken only when various Celtic tribes allied with the Etruscans in the third Samnite war, this was near the time of the breakup of the old Celtic Empire.
During the Celtic expansion the Druids were adopted by the highly religious Celts and the numerous Celtic deities and beliefs were adopted by the Druids.
The Celtic League is an inter-celtic organisation that campaigns for the social, political and cultural rights of the Celtic nations, as set out in the aims and objectives.
www.tylwythteg.com /celtic.html   (4313 words)

 Internet Public Library: Pathfinders
Celtic culture is quite a broad area of study, and sometimes the best way to learn about it is through wandering.
The home page of the Dalriada Celtic Heritage Trust, found at http://www.dalriada.co.uk/, contains a great deal of information, but at the moment, the only way to access the majority of their Celtic pages is by clicking on "site search" and then typing a word describing what you are looking for into the box.
The first two of these focus on culture and music, respectively; the latter two focus on the Welsh and Gaelic languages, respectively, and are carried on in those languages.
www.ipl.org /div/pf/entry/48449   (1371 words)

 soc.culture.celtic FAQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The Celts evolved from the Urnfield Culture (given that name because of the burial system of cremation and placement of ashes in urns which in turn were buried in fields...) much earlier than the Romanized Celtic world of the late 500-400 BC.
Trevor Roper in his research suggests that the Highlands of Scotland were culturally deprived approaching the 16'th century and that the literature of the Highland Scot was a crude echo of the Irish literature.
Culture ~~~~~~~ The modern day culture of Mannin may be difficult to distinguish from north-western English due to the demographic changes over the past century and particularly the past thirty years.
www.faqs.org /faqs/cultures/celtic/celtic-faq   (10954 words)

 Rampant Scotland Directory - Celtic Culture
There is also a history of Celtic Culture.
Celtic Knot Font makes a True Type font that lets people create their own Celtic knotwork designs just by typing on any computer keyboard.
Ogham, the ancient celtic writing, is covered in considerable detail by this site which contains a huge list of both general and academic links to Web pages about the script plus a TrueType font version of the alphabet.
www.rampantscotland.com /celts.htm   (921 words)

 In Celtic Spain -- Travel Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The Celtic language has long been lost here, but Galician music shrill and lively yet with passages of great melancholy, is undeniably Celtic.
What a Galician Celtic song may not share with its Irish cousin, though, is the power to fire up nationalism.
The local language and culture, said one local official, survived "only as a private thing." Since 1983 and the coming of democracy to Spain, Galicia has been an autonomous province and those would push further toward independence from the national government are apparently few.
www.fabuloustravel.com /globe/celticspain/celticspain.html   (1369 words)

 Green's the thing at annual Celtic Lands Culture Fest
Inside the museum's doors, vendors sold Celtic merchandise while a crowd stood around a three-person band playing the Celtic harp, fiddle and mandolin.
The Celtic Lands Culture Fest is the fourth of five celebrations in the museum's 2003-04 Passport to the World series.
Thirteen-year-old Annette Volk of Springdale studies Celtic music on the flute at the school.
www.enquirer.com /editions/2004/03/14/loc_Celticfest.html   (373 words)

 Celtic Culture in America   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
He provided the Irish with a substitute language in these prescribed devotions and offered them a new cultural heritage divorced from their ancient Celtic expressions by which they could identify and be identified.
As Lawrence McCaffrey, a lecturer emeritus on Irish culture, wrote in Textures of Irish America, ".the Irish journey in the United States from the unskilled working-class ghettos to the middle-class suburb is a success story in acquisition of material prosperity if not a spiritual or intellectual achievement".
It is a transition from Celtic cult to Celtic culture.
www.op.org /domcentral/library/celticculture.htm   (1911 words)

 Celtic Culture
Once dominating much of Europe north of the Alps as well as the British Isles, the Celts are now generally thought of as being condensed into six small nations: Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Brittany and Cornwall.
Yet Celtic culture has not diminished in size to become merely a tourist's idea of kilts, bagpipes, harps, step dancing and whiskey.
Rather, it should be understood that Celtic society across Britain and Europe was mainly of the oral tradition, their histories sung by bards in a poetic format meant to keep the stories alive and able to survive war, famine, social and political upheavals.
www.bardsongpress.com /celtic_culture.htm   (340 words)

 Celtic Culture Webring
Celtic Nation USA is committed to the ways of our Celtic ancestors, as well as to existing Celtic culture.
We advocate a Cothrom or balance of accurate information and history, between the past and the present, between Celtic traditions past and present, existing and extant Celtic culture, both mythology and archaeology.
Austin's Original Celtic Renaissance, The Bards perform throughout the nation in Celtic festivals, weddings, pubs and Renaissance Faires performing a mix of traditional Irish, Scottish and Renaissance music on autoharp, recorder and mandolin.
q.webring.com /hub?ring=celtring   (2324 words)

 Celtic Culture
The way in which the culture is passed down through our family lines, be it by art and craft or song and tale, has, it is fair to say, been an important part of the continuing influence of the Celts.
Mum told tales of Celtic deities and a mythical Culture of fairies, Dragons and magical and witchcraft including witchcraft spells.
Historically it was by word of mouth that the cultures of the world survived.
www.celtic-culture.com   (515 words)

 Online music course - Celtic Music: Regional Cultures and Modern Success
The Celtic Tides book also offers an optional accompanying CD and DVD or video with interviews and music from the most popular Celtic musicians today.
To cap it off, the best Celtic music resources from across the Web are built right into each unit, offering you a truly multimedia and up-to-date educational experience.
The instructor, Bob Newton, Ph.D., and the course author, Alan Ng, are both experienced Irish traditional musicians and university teachers, and have achieved with this course a new milestone in distance education about Celtic music.
www.dcs.wisc.edu /lsa/online/celtic.htm   (550 words)

 Celtic Heritage - Culture - Traditions
The Celtic Events and Groups in DC page has information of interest to Celtic culture enthusiasts: Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Manx, Breton, Cornish, and other topics.
Seed of the Gael Siol nan Gaidheal, The Scottish Cultural and Fraternal Organisation.
When celebrating the fabulous history of the Celtic peoples in the New World, one must include the progeny of their liaisons with the Native Americans, for herein lay many of the greatest stories on this continent.
thecapitalscot.com /celtic.html   (1196 words)

I have decided it is time to break this giant page of Celtic resources into smaller bits so that it is a bit easier to get around.
Resources for Celtic activities in the Bay Area.
Cultural offerings - music, poetry, arts and crafts.
www.conjure.com /celtic.html   (62 words)

 Celtic Cultures
Celtic Cultures now offers an online service to order coats-of-arms and family name histories that is less expensive than hand painted coats-of-arms.
We have over 700,000 Names in our database from all over the world, so you don't have to be Celtic to use our service.
Celtic Cultures is dedicated to the philosophy of reasonable prices (in fact most of our prices haven't increased in 4 years!), great service, and customer satisfaction.
celtic-cultures.com   (496 words)

 Celtic Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The UC Celtic Studies conference is held in the spring of each year.
The UCLA Celtic Colloquium is a group of students (undergraduate and graduate) interested in all aspects of Celtic Studies.
The UCLA Celtic Colloquium sends forth a CALL FOR PAPERS in anticipation of the twenty-sixth annual University of California Celtic Studies Conference, to be held MARCH 4-7, 2004, here at UCLA.
www.humnet.ucla.edu /humnet/celtic   (444 words)

 Celtic Culture: Archaeology
Today, armed with computers, laboratory analysis, theories about society and culture, and a wide range of questions about human behavior, they may try to reach into the minds of those who made and used the artifacts.
Thus their analysis acts as a bridge between the two sets of things: one an invisible realm that includes human ways of survival, religious beliefs, family structure, and social organization; the other a visible, tangible accumulation of material remains such as trash, tools, ornaments, and buildings.
For example, excavations at the huge Cahokia site in western Illinois give us an intriguing glimpse of the area as it was around A.D. 1200 by providing numerous clues to the nature of everyday life, the richness of ceremonial activity, and the workings of economic systems in the Mississippi Valley at that time.
www.fortunecity.com /bally/navan/300/cc-arch.html   (547 words)

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