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Topic: Celtic doom metal

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Celtic Mythology Encyclopaedia
In Celtic mythology, Epona was the goddess of horses.
In Celtic mythology, Gwyrthur ap Greidawl (Gwyrthur) is a rival to Gwyn ap Nudd for the affections of Creurdilad.
In Celtic mythology, Penardum was a sea-goddess married to Llyr.
webpages.charter.net /sn9/religion/myth/celticencyclopaedia.html   (2282 words)

 Metal - the history of early doom metal
Together with heavy metal, doom metal is the oldest form of metal music, rooted in the music of early Black Sabbath, which is often considered as one of the first metal bands amongst many metalheads.
Doom metal first became widely recognized within the metal scene with Sweden's Candlemass, who are hailed in the mainstream metal press as one of the most important and influential doom metal bands; their 1986 album Epicus Doomicus Metallicus is considered a genre-defining release.
According to the proponents of the classic doom metal style, the most prototypical doom metal band would be Saint Vitus, who released their self-titled debut album in 1984 - two years before doom metal as a genre was recognised in the mainstream metal press.
metalll.blogfa.com /post-9.aspx   (807 words)

 dweeb metal - Metal Genres by James Slone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Doom metal sticks to the slower and mid tempos, with dirge-like (often downtuned) riffs and dark, somber melodic harmonies.
Most doom metal makes use of death and fl metal vocals, but clean male and female voices are often employed to enhance the sullen atmosphere and dark mood of the music.
Doom death is a simply fusion of traditional doom metal's slower tempos and morose atmosphere with death metal's (generally low tuned) heaviness and growled vocals.
home.carolina.rr.com /dweeb/SloneDefinitions.html   (1522 words)

 To Mega Therion Review
Celtic Frost may not be my "favorite" death metal band (then again, they may) but there is little doubt in my mind that they're the "best" death metal around.
The only death metal band I can think of that doesn not boast a satanic image, their "occult" image is portrayed through outstanding lyrics dealing with all sorts of occult themes (and some non-occult themes), lyrics which most death metallers probably can neither understand nor appreciate.
Celtic Frost brings respectability to a form of metal in dire need of respectability, and for that alone I thank them and support them.
www.celticfrost.com /ToMegaTherionReview.html   (393 words)

 Live-Metal.Net - Interviews: Sahg
Sahg, featuring members of Norwegian metal bands Gorgoroth, Manngard and Audrey Horne, are creating quite a buzz with their debut album, Sahg I.
Celtic Frost, is another legendary band, which have had a huge impact on a lot of newer doom and metal bands.
Most of our lyrics evolve around the traditional doom universe, where the threat of evil forces and predictions of last judgment are the typical themes.
www.live-metal.net /interviews_sahg.html   (1478 words)

 Utter Trash--Celtic Frost
Martin Ain was only 16 when he and Celtic Frost co-founder Tom G. Warrior (aka Tom Gabriel Fischer) recorded the debut EP by their band Hellhammer, the death/doom metal classic ‘Apocalyptic Raids’, in 1983.
In 1984, Hellhammer morphed into Celtic Frost, and late that year their ultra heavy full length album ‘Morbid Tales’ took the metal underground by storm.
The entire vision, the entire idea of Celtic Frost was to be able to create something new, and from there take another step.
www.uttertrash.net /celticfrost.htm   (1753 words)

 Merlyns Dungeon (The Heavy Metal Music Page!)
The general styles of metal I will touch on are metal in general, doom, death, thrash, and fl metal.
Doom Metal has slow tones, lower, slower melodies, and is distinctive for it's growling vocals.
The distinguishing facet of Death Metal is in the vocals, which are a sort of half screaming and half growling.
www.pioneernet.net /merlyn/dungeon.htm   (3792 words)

 metalupdate.com - Features
Immolation are true death metal warriors, metal fans like you and me. When they are not on tour doing the Immolation thing, these guys are out at the shows, drinking beers and thrashing right along with the rest of us.
On the occasion of the release of their new album on Metal Blade Records, 'Close to a World Below' I caught up with bassist / vocalist Ross Dolan for a little metallic respite from the baseball fever then evelloping New York, between games 1 and 2 of the 2000 Subway Series.
Death metal seems to be on the rise, becoming hipper.
www.metalupdate.com /interviewimm.html   (2738 words)

 The Probert Encyclopaedia - Celtic Mythology
In Welsh Celtic mythology, Arianrhod (Silver-Wheel) was the virgin white goddess of birth, initiation, death and rebirth.
In Celtic mythology, Gwyn ap Nudd is the lord of the underworld and master of the wild hunt.
In Welsh celtic mythology, Llyr is the god of the sea.
www.fas.org /news/reference/probert/D3.HTM   (1448 words)

 From Below - Metal - CD Reviews - Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
It was evident that one of the most influential bands in the history of metal music couldn´t get rid of a re-issue of their stuff, with everything that this process conveys: improved sound through remastering, unreleased songs, enhanced booklet, new pictures and so on.
But beholding this work right now, many years after its release, taking into account the wide variety of musical genres in the metal scene, and, the most important thing, the huge influence that this opus seems to have had in several bands and artists within metal (specially doom metal), the veredict would be rather positive.
Without abandoning at all the traditional metallic power of their style, they incorporated such issues as clean vocals (characterized by an overall feeling of despair and agony...
www.frombelow.dk /metal_celticfrost_into.htm   (443 words)

 Symphonic Black Metal Downloads - Download Symphonic Black Metal Music - Download Symphonic Black Metal MP3s   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The starting point for symphonic fl metal was the early-'90s sound of Norwegian fl metal, specifically the wing of bands that employed sorrowful, melodic keyboard lines as a counterpoint to their furious assaults.
The symphonic fl metal movement remains somewhat limited, partly because of its epic ambitions and partly because it isn't traditionally metallic, but its fascinating synthesis of influences made it an instantly identifiable alternative in underground metal at the turn of the millennium.
This unconventional mix of fl metal brutality and synthesizers resulted in one of the decade's most original and extreme metal releases, and was followed by extensive touring (including the band's first American shows).
www.mp3.com /symphonic-black-metal/genre/391/subgenre.html   (3366 words)

 MSJ - Celtic Frost - Monotheist
Celtic Frost continue to blaze their own path, this time through the darkest corridors of the mind.
Lasting over 14 minutes, this is the longest Celtic Frost track ever...all of it the punishing distortion for which the band is famous.
The conclusion of both the triptych and the album, this is not metal at all, but a somber, droning string arrangement.
www.musicstreetjournal.com /celticfrostmonotheist.htm   (1048 words)

 No Life 'til Metal - CD Gallery - Opeth
While there are some intense moments that may have been influenced by the fl metal movement, the entirety of the CD is so far removed from the corpse painted hordes that it is a totally inaccurate label.
The only thing this CD has in common with death metal is the occasional growled vocal and some of the faster, heavier parts like in the opening moments of "Wreath".
At times it's not even metal, but would be better described as progressive rock along the lines of King Crimson.
www.nolifetilmetal.com /opeth.htm   (937 words)

 METAL NIGHTMARE: PENTACLE INTERVIEW 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In a lot of older metal, especially that from the '80s, there is a certain feeling that just hits you in the gut.
I mean, whatever big magazine invents a new form of metal or calls a new band the hottest new "metal-act," the fans of real metal know what to do and how to act.
Not every death metal band has to wear studs, leather and bullet-belts, but a dark approach is needed, as those bands play extreme music.
www.geocities.com /metalnightmarezine/pentacle.html   (3108 words)

 ::MetalJet.com:: - Exploration of the Metal World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The genres and sub-genres of heavy metal are a much debated subject.
The heavier side could almost be considered Black Metal considering the shrieking male vocals, and sometimes female as well.
The main difference is the use of synths to create an air of gothic horror and the generous use of female sopranos and male/female choirs.
www.metaljet.com /genres.htm   (1077 words)

 BNR Metal Pages -- Northwinds   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Northwinds is one of the very few true doom bands from France (if not the only one), having been formed way back in 1987 even though they didn't get around to recording an album until 1998.
That album, Great God Pan, is a fine, Sabbath-inspired doom metal album with keyboards applying an occasional psychedelic edge to the proceedings.
Black Sabbath's "A National Acrobat" is an interesting choice for a cover, and the bands use of flutes and "celtic instruments" (a bagpipe-like sound in one instance) lends a distinctive touch to the band.
www.bnrmetal.com /groups/nort.htm   (115 words)

 Hessian.org: heavy metal music and culture
Metal music has a deep, rich, history of life changing material and it's catalog can be intimidating when getting started.
Basically a sub-genre' of fl metal, viking metal takes the rich history of the ancients and uses that as influence for an anti modern stance instead of using the metaphor of satan.
Black metal has a sense of heroism; death metal is very (romantically)anti-heroic and sometimes blantantly valueless while at the same time becoming inspirational in it's brutality.
www.hessian.org /metal/music   (2866 words)

 Doom-metal.com: Reviews - Winter
With the sluggish intro "Oppression Freedom/Reprise" serving as Armageddon, the remainder of this release is akin to a downtrodden journey through the debris of the very structure of civilization, as a bleak landscape of urban ruins extends for miles in every direction.
However, these releases are not particularly oppressive in the attacking, full-throttle fl metal way, or in the mind-boggling, pretentiously-technical approach; no, not in the least, for the sluggish pace and downright HEAVINESS alone is far more than enough to drive most away.
The death metal influence is still present of course, and in very strong quantities, however it is outweighed by the darkness and even the fear of a world on the edge on the tracks.
doom-metal.com /reviews/winter.html   (626 words)

 Metal-Rules.com - Interview with Solitude Aeturnus guitarist John Perez
Solitude Aeturnus is definitely one of the longest running heavy doom metal outfits still existing nowadays.
I think metal music is an excellent avenue for intelligent and though provoking music and lyrics and that’s what we’ve done over the years.
So, actually the doom scene is even better now than ever with quite a few bands doing the pure doom style.
www.metal-rules.com /interviews/Solitude/solitudea.htm   (3611 words)

 Amazon.com: Metal - A Headbanger's Journey: DVD: Tom Morello,Dee Snider,Bruce Dickinson,Geddy Lee,Lemmy,Robert Walser ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Dunn explores all aspects of heavy metal culture, from gender and sexuality to censorship to basic musical constructs of a heavy metal song and band.
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey is an overview by an actual Metal fan about his own scene and lifestyle, thereby, the 'expert' - and despite some of the innacuracies inasfar as the "lists" and "catagories" go, the film footage and interviews are of worth.
He's not called the metal god for nothing, and if it was filmed over a period of time then they should have included that band as more than a passing reference...
www.amazon.com /Metal-Headbangers-Journey-Tom-Morello/dp/B000EGEJIY   (2510 words)

 Metal Injection News - CELTIC FROST: Special Report From 'Monotheist' Listening Session In Berlin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Most of the tracks are really slow, menacing doom metal.
Or in this case, maybe term "doomed metal" describes the sound even better.
And the riffs are just punishing, Tom's vocals vary from magnificent death metal grunts to something utterly beautiful, and the whole atmosphere just takes the listener into the pure darkness.
www.metalinjection.net /news/viewnews.cgi?id=EEukpEEyVAOIkTRRHH   (703 words)

 JS Online: Underground metal surfaces
Metalfest XV, however, is a return to the event's roots as a purely extreme metal experience.
Fans of extreme metal - which ranges from fast and pounding thrash to the slow dirges of doom metal - turn Metalfest, North America's largest extreme metal event, into more of a community gathering than concert each year.
Because underground metal bands do not get airplay on commercial radio or shelf space at most music stores, musicians and fans use Metalfest as a forum.
www.jsonline.com /onwisconsin/music/aug01/metal11r081001.asp   (605 words)

 disinformation | satanic metal heads   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Starting in the early Eighties as a gimmick-flavored synthesis of classic Metal's dark, horror-film aesthetics with raw thrash music, Black Metal has evolved into a widespread, harsh-sounding subgenre whose lyrics and imagery invoke occultism, misanthropy and severe anti-Christian sentiments.
When the initial wave of evil thrash innovators, including Celtic Frost and the mighty Venom, declined and subsided, a new generation of fiercely dedicated fans took up Satan's mantle, and this morbid vision of youthful rebellion mutated into something like an ideology.
In Norway, a small but fervent underground Black Metal scene quickly grew violent around 1992, as members of well-known bands in that country became involved in a wave of church burnings, suicide, and murder.
www.disinfo.com /archive/pages/dossier/id30/pg1   (1126 words)

 Classic Death & Thrash/Speed Metal (1980-1996)
Generally described as technical doom metal, so it's a bit off the blog's usual bonds, but interesting and groundbreaking nonetheless.
This is the 2005 reissue on Marquee records with the rare and brutal 1991 demo only sent to press and labels and two newly recorded songs, originally written in 1992, as bonus tracks.
A death/thrash metal band from Montevideo, Uruguay not to be confused with the legendary Texas band Ankor Wat.
classicdeathmetal.blogspot.com   (1167 words)

 Doom-metal.com: Interviews
I wouldn't call Mael Mordha doom metal really but I suppose in ways it is. Yeah it’s Brian and Adrian from Sentinel’s plan to release an Irish 7" collection.
Ivan and I played in another band, he played guitar with a gothic doom metal band during the nineties, and I had a dark/ambient project called Syrion with which I completed two albums in the years 1998 and 1999.
Void of silence was born for our necessity to unite the love for the doom sound and my passion for the industrial.
www.doom-metal.com /interview.php?id=49   (2066 words)

 MetalBite - Heavy Metal Webzine - Tracks
a total harmonic doom metal with a female vocalist and a pure sound of violin...
They Try to reach the highest threashold of the voice, and carry it on like a celtic ballad.
Doom listeners deserve to hear a variation of voices.
www.metalbite.com /tracks.asp?album=291   (267 words)

Black Metal/Symphonice Black Metal, Death Metal/Swedish Death Metal/American Death Metal/Melodic Death, Traditional Metal/Power Metal/NWOBHM, Thrash/Speed Metal, Christian Metal, Grindcore, Goth Metal, Industrial Metal, Stoner Metal, Progressive Metal, Doom Metal and the list can go on and on, but you get the idea.
The type of Metal that suits me more though is Doom and Black.
I'd always been a fan of the early Doom Metal bands but had gone off on a very strong Black Metal tangent.
www.angelfire.com /realm/lilmissmetaller/metal.html   (650 words)

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