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Topic: Center, Texas

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  Business and Industry Data Center
Texas' population reached 22,859,968 in 2005 according to the latest estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.
Texas universities and research institutions are leaders in electronics, medical, biotechnology, aerospace, advanced materials, and energy research.
Texas residents were issued 5,660 patents and Texas resident filed 12,951 patent applications in fiscal year 2005, ranking second in the nation in both categories behind California.
www.bidc.state.tx.us   (342 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online:
Center is seventeen miles from the Louisiana border and 118 miles north of Beaumont at the center of Shelby County.
In an election called in January 1866 Center was voted the new county seat, but a number of people disputed the results, and no action was taken for some months.
Center's reported population was 4,950 in 1990 and 5,678 in 2000.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/view/CC/hfc5.html   (389 words)

 Texas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Texas is internationally known for its energy and aeronautics industries, and for its ship channel at the Port of Houston—the largest in the U.S. in international commerce and the sixth-largest port in the world.
It is mostly sedimentary rocks, with east Texas underlain by a Cretaceous and younger sequence of sediments, the trace of ancient shorelines east and south until the active continental margin of the Gulf of Mexico is met.
Texas is known for its love of American football and is noted for the intensity with which people follow high school and college football teams—often times dominating over all else for the purposes of socializing and leisure.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Texas   (7311 words)

 Center, Texas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Center is a city in Shelby County, Texas, United States.
Center is the home to the only remaining Irish castle style courthouse in the US, built in 1885, by J.J.E. Gibson, and maintained by the Texas Historic Commission.
The City of Center is served by the Center Independent School District.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Center,_Texas   (581 words)

 Texas Children's Newborn Center
The Texas Center for Fetal Surgery™ is one of just four centers in the United States that performs fetal surgery, and is the only center in the Southwest offering advanced therapies to correct defects and deficiencies in unborn and newborn infants.
As the nation’s first and largest center for the care of newborns, Texas Children’s Newborn Center is known worldwide for excellence in providing specialized care for infants born prematurely or with complications.
Texas Children’s Newborn Center provides the support, care and technology to infants born with lungs so tiny they need the help of machines to breathe.
www.texaschildrenshospital.org /carecenters/newborn/default.aspx   (364 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online:
McCulloch County (H-14) is 250 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico in Central Texas and is bounded by Coleman, Brown, San Saba, Mason, Menard, and Concho counties.
The center of the county lies at 31°11' north latitude and 99°21' west longitude, three miles north of Brady.
The geographical center of Texas is located in northeastern McCulloch County at 31°21' north latitude and 99°14' west longitude, sixteen miles northeast of Brady.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/view/MM/hcm7.html   (2349 words)

 Center Texas Real Estate * Ranches And Land * Homes * Country Living * Deep East Texas Real Estate
Center Texas is the seat of Shelby County.
R.L. Parker, who was county clerk in 1866, decided that the county seat should be in the "center" of the county.
The records were then placed under armed guard in a log cabin near the geographic center of the county.
www.deepeasttexasrealestate.com   (345 words)

 Sea Center Texas
Sea Center Texas is a marine aquarium, fish hatchery and nature center operated by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD).
The site’s visitor center educates through interpretive displays, a “touch tank” and aquariums depicting native Texas habitats including a salt marsh, jetty, reef and open Gulf exhibits.
The facility operates one of the three TPWD marine hatcheries located on the Texas coast that produce juvenile red drum and spotted speckled trout to stock in Texas bays.
www.tpwd.state.tx.us /spdest/visitorcenters/seacenter   (249 words)

 Brady Texas, Geographic Center of Texas.
marble marker on the courthouse lawn states that Brady is "The Geographic Center" of Texas.
Another, more official marker just North of Placid on Hwy 377 is a bit closer, but we've heard the really, really exact, smack-dab-in-the-middle center of Texas is on a nearby private ranch.
For awhile, due to a surveyor's 10 mile error, the village of Whon in neighboring Coleman County was thought to be the geographic center.
www.texasescapes.com /TOWNS/BradyTexas/BradyTexas.htm   (318 words)

 Hale Center, Texas.
According to the Handbook of Texas, these towns were named Hale City and Epworth and both were founded the same year of 1891.
While Texas has a well-known history of small town rivalry, this is the first case we've heard of where both towns moved homes and buildings to a common location.
I was born in Hale Center, Texas but moved to Phoenix, Arizonia at the age of six.
www.texasescapes.com /TOWNS/Hale_Center/Hale_Center_Texas.htm   (698 words)

 Contact the Heart Information Center - Texas Heart Institute
The Heart Information Center is located on the first floor of the Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital—The Denton A. Cooley Building (6770 Bertner, in the Houston Texas Medical Center).
In addition to educating physicians and researchers, the Texas Heart Institute is committed to educating children and adults about the effects of heart disease and the need for heart disease prevention.
In an effort to provide heart-information resources for the Hispanic population, the Heart Information Center's ongoing goal is to increase the amount of Spanish-language information available in the Center and on the website.
www.texasheartinstitute.org /HIC/800number.cfm   (382 words)

 The Texas Cancer Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The primary mission of the Texas Cancer Center is to show you the great body of medical evidence which supports conservative (limited) surgery for patients with cancer.
The Texas Cancer Center believes that all available medical evidence continues to support the increased use of trachelectomy for selected patients with invasive cancer of the cervix.
The Texas Health Guide has thousands of links to health websites across Texas, the US and the world, plus a search engine to help you find the information you need.
www.texascancercenter.com /cervical.html   (4314 words)

 Texas Bigfoot Research Center
The Texas Bigfoot Research Center exists to validate what we believe to be an undocumented species of bipedal primate, an animal commonly referred to as the Sasquatch or Bigfoot.
These animals actually have a long history in Texas and neighboring states; most Texas reports originate in the eastern third of the state.
In the far East Texas communities of Jefferson and Marshall, for instance, one hears of the "Big Cypress Swamp Monster." The "Chambers Creek Monster" is known from near Corsicana, and the "Turkey Creek Monster” was the nickname given to a Bigfoot-like creature seen near Sulphur Springs.
www.texasbigfoot.com   (783 words)

 Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University
The signing ceremony was the culmination of an effort by Texas Realtors to put the state at the forefront of real estate research.
The Center is closed for the holidays and will reopen Jan. 2, 2007.
Tierra Grande is our quarterly magazine with timely research and analysis of the trends and events shaping Texas real estate today.
recenter.tamu.edu   (551 words)

 Texas Tech University System
At the TTU Health Sciences Center, health care professionals receive a hands-on education coupled with innovative research opportunities.
Texas Tech University and General Electric have teamed up to create an affordable and abundant new supply of drinking water to meet future demand.
Texas Tech's integrated visual identity system makes your job easier and reflects the great things happening here.
www.texastech.edu   (323 words)

 Texas Children's Heart Center
Texas Children's Heart Center ranks among the top three pediatric heart programs in the nation, according to Child magazine's 2005 survey.
Additionally, the Heart Center is home to a cardiovascular genetics clinic, a syncope (fainting) clinic and an adult congenital heart program.
Texas Children's is affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine
www.texaschildrenshospital.org /carecenters/heart/default.aspx   (278 words)

 Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
At the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, health care professionals receive a hands-on education coupled with innovative research opportunities.
With five schools, four campuses and two centers, we'll prepare you for a health care career through hands-on training in clinical and research settings.
Whether your ambition is for a career in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, biomedical sciences or an allied health field, HSC provides you with the real-world experience necessary to understand – and meet – the challenges facing the health care community.
www.ttuhsc.edu   (329 words)

 Texas Explorer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Galveston is one of the most popular vacation spots in Texas, clean beaches, tropical resorts, dramatic history, much, much more.
Sugar Land is no longer just a Houston suburb, a population explosion in the late 1990s paved the way for an edgier and trendier Sugar Land.
In this city where monumental skyscrapers rule supreme, 3333 Allen Parkway is the crowning glory of Houston’s urban revitalization.
www.texasexplorer.net   (506 words)

 Texas Center
Thanks for visiting the website of The Center for the Study of Texas Politics.
The Center is a non-partisan entity based in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas.
A packed auditorium welcomed Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson in the Spring of 2006.
www.utdallas.edu /texascenter   (82 words)

 Texas State Data Center and Office of the State Demographer Website
REMINDER: As of July 16th, 2004, the Texas State Data Center will be making it's final move to the offices at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
The Texas State Data Center and Office of the State Demographer, in cooperation with a network of affiliates
The Center also disseminates population estimates and projections for Texas, as well as other information from the federal government, state government, and other sources.
txsdc.utsa.edu   (485 words)

 Texas Voice Center
Richard Stasney, Otolaryngologist and director of The Texas Voice Center, has developed a simple outpatient procedure designed to “plump up” the vocal folds and restore their natural vibration.
To hear the effect of this and other disorders before and after treatment, browse through our website.
Texas ENT Centers of Excellence > ENT
www.texasvoicecenter.com   (448 words)

 Texas 4-H Center ~ Welcome
Texas Cooperative Extension is a member of the Agriculture Program of the Texas AandM University System.
Statement of Open Access and Equal Opportunity Educational programs of Texas Cooperative Extension are open to all people without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, age or national origin.
Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, Acts of Congress of May 8, 1914, as amended, and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture.
texas4h-ctr.tamu.edu   (176 words)

 Texas Bob's, Texana Ranch
Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word."
I know you must have a question to ask ole' Texas Bob or you wouldn't be here.
I answer all questions about Texas, even if I have to make up the answer.
www.texasbob.com   (252 words)

 Texas Medical Center
The University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston
The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Houston
The University of Texas School of Nursing at Houston
www.tmcmaps.info   (118 words)

 Healthy Heart Center - Texas Heart Institute
The Healthy Heart Center, which offers a comprehensive heart program, is the only one of its kind in Houston.
Every patient at the Healthy Heart Center is seen by an experienced nurse practitioner acquainted with the full range of diagnostic and treatment options.
When you come to the Healthy Heart Center, located in St. Luke’s Medical Tower (6624 Fannin St., 11th Floor), you’ll receive basic screening tools that can help you decide what action you need to take.
www.texasheartinstitute.org /PatientCare/Centers/HHC/index.cfm   (236 words)

 Grapevine Texas movie theater baylor medical center grapenvine texas lake mortgage texas tx.
Grapevine is a small town in Texas with a total population of about half a lakh people.
Prior to the American Civil war the state Of Texas struggled as an independent republic.
There are special websites which are useful as guide for all the visitors as well as those people who plan to visit the state of Texas and region Grapevine.
www.yourdictionary.com /business_profile/debt/business/grapevine-texas.html   (619 words)

 Texas Maps. Texas Digital Map Library. Table of Contents. United States Digital Map Library, Texas Maps.
The following maps of Texas and the surrounding territories are online in the United States Digital Map Library, and are available for you to download.
Texas 1820 -1836 Texas Map, Atlas of American History (1943).
Big Bend Area of Texas Big Bend Area of Texas circa 1920, prior to the extablishment of Big Bend National Park.
www.rootsweb.com /~usgenweb/maps/texas   (196 words)

 Center Texas TX Hotels, Motels and Area Attractions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Center Texas TX Hotels, Motels and Area Attractions
Attractions Within 20 Miles Of Center City Center.
We'll provide a list of all the nearby hotels, and their distance from the attraction.
www.metrotravelguide.com /hotels/Center/TX/USA   (92 words)

 Texas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Texas State and County Quickfacts (U.S Census Bureau)
Texas Health and Human Services System: Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Texas Research and Oversight Council on Workers' Compensation
www.lexisone.com /legalresearch/legalguide/states/texas.htm   (80 words)

 Center For South Texas Programs, UTHSCSA
On Sunday, May 29, 2006 Richard Garcia, Assistant VP for South Texas Programs, went into the hospital for dehydration.
The Center for Health and Health Care Disparities
Additional material is provided to assist potential students, faculty, employees, researchers, and others seeking information about UTHSCSA.
southtexas.uthscsa.edu   (69 words)

 Texas Cancer Center - Mesquite
Residents of the Mesquite area have convenient access to today’s most advanced cancer care at Texas Cancer Center - Mesquite.
Our patients are treated in comfortable surroundings by caring oncology teams.
Patients can also participate in innovative research programs and nationwide clinical trials of new drugs and therapies.
www.texascancermesquite.com   (91 words)

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