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Topic: Central Bank of Afghanistan

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Banking on Afghanistan - ADB Review - ADB.org
OPTIMISTIC Anwar-ul-haq Ahady, Governor of the Central Bank of Afghanistan
We are about to build a new banking system in the sense that we have received applications at least from three banks and they are ready, they have been reviewed, we are ready to issue them licenses, but we are waiting for the passage of the central bank law and the banking law in general.
The main challenge is to establish a new banking sector that is unlike in the past.
adb.org /Documents/Periodicals/ADB_Review/2003/vol35_5/interview.asp   (1203 words)

Furthermore, the bank will try to create a financial market system in the sense that in the past the financial market system was extremely controlled by the state here.
We [will] also emphasise the central banking features of the Afghanistan Bank and eventually move away from some of the commercial banking responsibilities that the central bank has been performing in the past.
Even though the central bank will focus more on other issues, it will continue to operate these branches for a very long time to come, because we need disbursement centres for government expenses and collection of revenues.
www.afghanmellat.de /ahady/ahady_interview_irin_02.htm   (1617 words)

 Afghanistan Country Study
The formal banking system in Afghanistan was established during the country's initial economic modernization in the 1930s.
In March 1982 the central bank- was made independent of the Ministry of Finance; the governor of the central bank was designated general president and given the rank of a cabinet minister.
The general president of the central bank and the ministers of finance, agriculture and commerce, and industry were the other members.
www.gl.iit.edu /govdocs/afghanistan/BankingandMonetoryPolicy.html   (2319 words)

 "); NewWindow.document.write("IRINnews"); NewWindow.document.write("   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Outlining the reasons for the move, the governor of Afghanistan's Central Bank, Anwar ul-Haq Ahadi, told IRIN that the value of the current afghani was low, thereby rendering transactions difficult.
Ahadi went on to say that the Central Bank [Da Afghanistan Bank] had not been in control of the printing of banknotes, and had therefore been unable to formulate a meaningful monetary policy.
The central bank's operations virtually ground to a halt after the fall of President Najibullah's government in 1992.
www.irinnews.org /report.asp?ReportID=29720&SelectRegion=Central_Asia   (1024 words)

 Afghanistan's Web Site - Afghanistan Currency and Banking
Afghanistan's central bank was founded in 1938 and is the largest bank in Afghanistan.
The central bank issues all notes, executes government loans, and lends money to cities and to other banks.
All private banks in Afghanistan were nationalized in 1975, mostly because a lack of clear terms for borrowers and lenders had made it difficult for people to use the country's credit resources.
www.afghanistans.com /Information/Economy/CurrencyBanking.htm   (242 words)

 ICP / Fair Finance Watch: Central Asia - Focus 2005 on Afghanistan (and Turkmenistan)
Banking activity is regulated by the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic On Banks and Banking Activity of July 29, 1997 and the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic On the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic of July 29, 1997.
Banks are advised to keep this in view while submitting their annual branch expansion plan for year 2005 and onwards.
Central Banking Publications: "The former chairman of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, Khudaiberdi Orazov, is under fire from the top prosecutor's office, accused of loan fraud.
www.fairfinancewatch.org /centralasia.html   (1044 words)

 energyme.com :: Standard Chartered Bank first to open Afghanistan branch
The Bank submitted documentation to the central bank in Afghanistan in June.
The Bank was quick to note its appreciation of the support it has received, both abroad and through the local consulate teams in Kabul.
The Bank is trusted across its network for its standard of governance and its commitment to making a difference in the communities in which it operates.
www.energyme.com /energy/2003/pr_1031.htm   (673 words)

 Da Afghanistan Bank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Da Afghanistan Bank افغانستان بانک in Pashto) is the central bank of Afghanistan.
It regulates all the banking and money handling operations in Afghanistan.
 This bank, insurance, or other financial services corporation article is a stub.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Da_Afghanistan_Bank   (77 words)

 Afghanistan Watch
It is a smaller version of what Afghanistan was before Sept. 11, 2001, and it poses a direct threat to vital American national security interests.
Afghanistan will be difficult, and we must do a much better job on the ground.
Afghanistan Watch is prepared by Carl Robichaud, a program officer at The Century Foundation.
www.tcf.org /afghanistanwatch/listserv4-7-06.htm   (1924 words)

 Remarks at Central Bank of Afghanistan
And it is a very, very good step in putting Afghanistan on the road to a modern financial system so I congratulate you and I am delighted to see that not only are you making the exchange but destroying the old money as well, this is a very good thing to do.
I think Afghanistan is off to a good start because of the good work of the President and his ministers, by taking the important steps that are necessary.
The United States is committed to being here for the long term to assist Afghanistan and to turn promises into reality.
www.state.gov /p/sca/rls/rm/15244.htm   (990 words)

 USATODAY.com - Afghanistan awaits new currency   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Central bank chief Ahady says that 60% of the afghanis officially printed between 1939 and 2002 have been printed in the past six years alone, driving the value of the currency into the ground.
Over the past three weeks, the central bank spent $10 million in U.S. dollars (which came from donor countries abroad) to buy afghanis in the market — a huge amount in impoverished Afghanistan.
Instead of gaining value from the purchases, however, the afghani continued to sink — a sign, Ahady believes, that large amounts of afghanis were being dumped on the market, overwhelming the central bank's efforts and driving the afghani's value down.
www.usatoday.com /money/economy/trade/2002-07-23-afghan_money_x.htm   (990 words)

 Iran to establish new Bank in Afghanistan
Kabul, June 28, IRNA -- Bank Melli and Bank Saderat are to jointly establish a new Bank named "Aryan" in Kabul, it was announced here Monday.
Deputy Governor of Afghanistan's Central Bank Abdul Qadir Fetrat welcomed the idea of establishing the new Bank in his country.
Banks from Britain, Pakistan and the Netherlands have already opened branches in Afghanistan.
www.payvand.com /news/04/jun/1193.html   (112 words)

 BBC News | BUSINESS | Afghanistan backs national currency
The central bank in Afghanistan has intervened to support the national currency, buying $500,000 worth of afghanis from the Kabul money market.
The Afghan central bank's intervention scarcely affected the currency.
There are no commercial banks in Afghanistan so money has to be paid to the big dealers in Kabul's money market.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/low/business/1944719.stm   (240 words)

 Online NewsHour: Rebuilding Afghanistan -- January 14, 2003
Torek Faradi, special adviser to the governor of Afghanistan's central bank, discusses the new currency and the struggle to rebuild the Afghan economy.
Afghanistan's grand council, or loya jirga, meets to compose the new Afghan government.
Afghanistan's minister of women's affairs talks about the emerging role of women after years of harsh Taliban rule.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/asia/jan-june03/rebuild_01-14.html   (1568 words)

 Iran to set up Aryan bank in Afghanistan
Kabul, Dec 4, IRNA -- A license for establishment of an Iranian bank called 'Aryan bank' was issued Saturday in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul.
Aryan bank will attempt to further promote bilateral trade relations, he said, adding Iranians' investment in Afghanistan would be facilitated due to the establishment of the Iranian bank.
Also in the meeting, Aryan bank Managing Director Majid Fotouhi said that financial, trade and economic problems between the two countries would be solved through the bank.
www.payvand.com /news/04/dec/1031.html   (292 words)

 Central Asia/Russia
The daulati, the most widely used currency in Afghanistan, was printed by the previous government of president Burhanuddin Rabbani, before it was expelled from Kabul by the Taliban in 1996.
The first occurred in late January when Abdul Qadeer Fitrat, acting governor of the nation's central bank, said the daulati was "not a viable currency".
The Central Bank in Afghanistan spent more than $1 million to stabilize the daulati and bring it back to its former exchange rate to the dollar.
www.atimes.com /c-asia/DE15Ag03.html   (1034 words)

 Dollar, rupee still in use in Afghanistan -DAWN - Business; June 1, 2003
KARACHI, May 31: The visiting governor of the central bank of Afghanistan Dr Anwar-ul-Haq Ahady says Pakistani rupee and US dollar are very much in currency in his country along with its own revalued afghani.
The head of the Afghan central bank admitted that before the launch of re-denominated afghani US dollar and rupee were used frequently to settle payments.
Ahady said at the present the central bank of Afghanistan is autonomous in the sense that it is independent of the ministry of finance — but it is not independent of the president of the government.
www.dawn.com /2003/06/01/ebr6.htm   (577 words)

 Eight banks keen to set up branches in Kabul -DAWN - Business; June 1, 2003
He said the central bank of Afghanistan has requested the SBP to help in training bankers to operate in a global environment.
State Bank Governor Dr Ishrat Husain said while introducing his Afghan counterpart that the SBP could help the central bank of Afghanistan in organizing its financial and capital markets — and the central bank itself.
He said the visiting delegation of the central bank of Afghanistan headed by Dr. Ahady had been briefed by himself and other senior officials of SBP about the banking sector reforms here.
www.dawn.com /2003/06/01/ebr2.htm   (700 words)

 State's Larson on Funding Afghanistan Reconstruction
LARSON: Various banks in the U.S. As we announced in Tokyo, the assistance of the United States is going to be focused on high-impact, job-creating projects in the area of agriculture and education, health, humanitarian de-mining and counter-narcotics.
Each of the bilateral donors that runs their own assistance programs will be making those decisions for themselves, but they'll try to do so in coordination with the Afghan Interim Authority and within the context of the needs assessment that really has set up the strategy of the framework for the assistance effort.
It was immediately clear that both he and we agreed that the sensible thing for the gold was to have it be part of the backing of the central bank and backing for the Afghan currency.
www.usembassy.it /file2002_01/alia/a2012503.htm   (3568 words)

Under each country's name is the name of the central bank, the title of its annual report, and the call number of the report.
The Central Bank Bulletin is for central banks, finance ministries, bank regulators, scholars, and other interested persons around the world.
It is a forum for discussion of issues related to central banks and facilitates the establishment of contacts.
jolis.worldbankimflib.org /JL/annualre.htmold   (977 words)

 outlookindia.com | wired
New Central Bank chief vows to modernise banking in Afghan
Fitrat, who was appointed Central Bank Acting Governor yesterday, spent his first day in office holding meetings with colleagues in a bid to finalise a team that will help him in the task.
The now-ousted Taliban regime had turned the central bank and Afghanistan's two commercial banks into places of religious study during their five-year rule, and when they fled Kabul on the night of November 12, took every bit of cash they could lay their hands on.
www.outlookindia.com /pti_news.asp?id=34191   (502 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | UK bank targets Afghanistan
Standard Chartered has applied for a licence from the Central Bank of Afghanistan and hopes to open its first branch in Kabul.
The bank said it initially expects to offer a range of banking services including saving accounts in both US dollars and Afghanis, and money transfer services.
The bank reportedly spent two months weighing the risks and benefits of setting up shop in the country that is still politically volatile.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/business/3025378.stm   (209 words)

 CorpWatch : Afghanistan: World Bank and Central Asian Pipeline
Wolfensohn, who was in the Afghan capital to open the financial institution's offices here and to confirm 100 million dollars of World Bank grants for the interim administration, said a number of companies had already expressed an interest in the project.
Turkmenistan is reportedly estimated to have 159 trillion cubic feet (4.8 trillion cubic metres) of gas reserves, the 11th largest in the world.
But its landlocked status and the 23 years of war in Afghanistan have scuppered previous plans to open up the reserves to the outside world.
www.corpwatch.org /article.php?id=11197   (522 words)

 International experience   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
In partnership with BearingPoint, ERG has been providing expertise in Human Resources management to aid in restructuring the Central Bank of Afghanistan.
The scope includes right-sizing the Central Bank from 3,500 employees and 89 branches to a smaller regional network operation.
In addition, ERG will be developing personnel policies and procedures to modernize the bank’s personnel administration and human resources management system.
www.ergconsult.com /cba.htm   (70 words)

 International experience
ERG is currently advising on restructuring the National Bank of Serbia.
With nearly 5,000 employees, the Bank will be right-sizing personnel, re-engineering work processes, and optimizing performance in line with international banking standards.
The National Bank has since adopted the Credit Manuals as a model for all commercial banks in Kyrgyzstan.
www.ergconsult.com /p_consult.htm   (2108 words)

 Australasian Business Intelligence: Kabul joins queue for bank services.@ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
In March 2002, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has an official ready to go to Kabul.
This official would give help to the war-ravaged Central Bank of Afghanistan, if allowed to.
The problem is that the Australian Government is still adhering to a UN decision to boycott any contact with the Central Bank of Afghanistan.
highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?docid=1G1:84191806&refid=ink_tptd_mag   (148 words)

 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program - Boston University
Safiullah Baharustani has been an advisor for BearingPoint consulting firm, and an economic/statistical analyst in the Department of Monetary Policy at Da Afghanistan Bank, the Central Bank of Afghanistan.
He has also been involved with USAID's Afghanistan Economic Governance Program and has played an active role in the Banking Reform Project, which restructured and enhanced the capacity of the Central Bank.
Apart from that, he also participated in the publication and production of Da Afghanistan Bank's quarterly Economic and Statistical Bulletin.
www.bu.edu /hhh/baharustani.HTML   (176 words)

 Afghanistan (AFG) - ADB.org
Afghanistan was a founding member of ADB in 1966.
The Afghanistan Resident Mission in Kabul, Afghanistan plans, coordinates, and helps implement ADB's development work in the country.
First Part of Program to Reform Afghanistan's Public and Fiscal Administration
www.adb.org /Afghanistan   (129 words)

 WorldLII - Categories - Countries - Afghanistan - Government
Official website of the statutory body of the Afghan Interim Administration and responsible for coordination of all external assistance in Afghanistan
Official website of the Central Bank of Afghanistan
Official site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic State of Afghanistan (in English)
www.worldlii.org /catalog/52258.html   (109 words)

 U.S. Treasury - Recent OFAC Action: 02/12/2002
The following names have been removed from OFAC's SDN list -
BANK E. Jada Ibn Sina, Kabul, Afghanistan [TALIBAN]
THE AFGHAN STATE BANK), Ibni Sina Wat, Kabul, Afghanistan [TALIBAN]
www.ustreas.gov /offices/enforcement/ofac/actions/20020212.html   (43 words)

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