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Topic: Certificate-based encryption

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

 ID-based cryptography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The most efficient identity-based encryption schemes are currently based on bilinear pairings on elliptic curves, such as the Weil or Tate pairings.
Clifford Cocks, An Identity Based Encryption Scheme Based on Quadratic Residues, Proceedings of the 8th IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding, 2001.
The Cocks IBE scheme is based on well-studied assumptions (the quadratic residuosity assumption) but encrypts messages one bit at a time with a high degree of ciphertext expansion.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/ID-based_cryptography   (651 words)

 Certificate-based encryption - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Certificate-based encryption is a system in which a certificate authority uses ID-based cryptography to produce a certificate.
The best example of practical use of certificate-based encryption is Content Scrambling System (CSS), which is used to encode DVD movies in such a way as to make them playable only in a part of the world where they are sold.
The downside of this is the requirement for regular communication between users and the certificate authority, which means the certificate authority is more vulnerable to electronic attacks (such as denial-of-service attacks) and also that such attacks could effectively stop the system from working.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Certificate-based_encryption   (257 words)

 Netscape Server Central - Certificate Server 1.0 Evaluation Guide
A Web-based solution, Netscape Certificate Server seamlessly integrates with other Netscape products and with X.509-compliant applications, enabling IT professionals to easily create and manage a public-key infrastructure that scales from the intranet to the Internet.
Certificates are a strong form of authentication because they require that the user both have something (the certificate and private key) and know something (the password protecting the private key).
A digital certificate is a type of digital identification in the form of a small data file that links a user's identity to their ownership of a public key.
wp.netscape.com /certificate/v1.0/evalguide   (2779 words)

 Cryptology ePrint Archive
We demonstrate how certificate-based encryption can be used to construct an efficient PKI requiring less infrastructure than previous proposals, including Micali's Novomodo, Naor-Nissim and Aiello-Lodha-Ostrovsky.
To decrypt a message, a keyholder needs both its secret key and an up-to-date certificate from its CA (or a signature from an authorizer).
In this model, a certificate -- or, more generally, a signature -- acts not only as a certificate but also as a decryption key.
eprint.iacr.org /2003/183   (132 words)

 Identity-Based Encryption
Identity based encryption from the Weil pairing by
The IBE email system is based on the first practical Identity-Based Encryption scheme (IBE).
An Identity Base Encryption (IBE) scheme is a public-key cryptosystem where any string is a valid public key.
crypto.stanford.edu /ibe   (1504 words)

Step 2 - Decrypting the encryption header ----------------------------------------- The purpose of this step is to further initialize the encryption keys, based on random data, to render a plaintext attack on the data ineffective.
Certificate Flag Values Additional processing flags that can be present in the Flags field of both the 0x0017 field of the central directory Extra Field and the Decryption header record preceding compressed file data are: 0x0007 - reserved for future use 0x000F - reserved for future use 0x0100 - Indicates non-OAEP key wrapping was used.
Encryption of the Central Directory is done in a manner similar to that of file encryption.
www.pkware.com /business_and_developers/developer/popups/appnote.txt   (7471 words)

 Voltage Technology
However, until now, encryption techniques have relied on long, randomly generated keys that must be mapped to identities using digitally signed documents called certificates.
The design of an Identity-Based Encryption system was a long-standing open problem in cryptography.
Fundamentally, the reason to use encryption is to protect data so that only a specific person (for example, bob@b.com) or a machine (for example, www.voltage.com) can access it.
www.voltage.com /technology/ibe.htm   (844 words)

 PCWorld.com - PKWare Delivers Secure Compression
Zip developer PKWare has added encryption and centralized management to SecureZip, so documents can be protected and compressed at the same time with a systems administrator able to define variables from one location.
PKWare has also included "the capability for administrative policy lockdowns", so, for example, the need for both a password and certificate to open encrypted files can be enforced across an organization.
SecureZip for Windows adds encryption, centralized management tools.
www.pcworld.com /news/article/0,aid,115878,00.asp   (432 words)

 Protecting against Key Exposure: Strongly Key-Insulated Encryption with Optimal Threshold - Bellare, Palacio (ResearchIndex)
SKIE-OT is based on the Boneh-Franklin identity-based encryption (IBE) scheme [10] and...
227 Identity-based encryption from the Weil pairing - Boneh, Franklin - 2001 ACM DBLP
4: Identity based encryption from the Weil pairing - Boneh, Franklin - 2001
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /bellare02protecting.html   (762 words)

 MCSE 70-210
This is based on public key and private key encryption procedures.
Build an answer file based on your current computer's configuration - If you are sitting at a machine that is configured the way you would like the other machines to be set up, you can select this option.
Free space for applications is based on a quota limit.
www.etechzone.com /70-210.htm   (5044 words)

 PKWare Adds Encryption to Compression Software - Computerworld
But Knobloch said many of the clients and insurers that Gilsbar deals with have standardized on encryption technologies developed by Palo Alto, Calif.-based PGP Corp. Because of that, it has been a challenge to get some of them to accept encrypted PKZip files from Gilsbar.
Encryption that's built in at the operating system level, which Microsoft includes with Windows, generally works well for protecting files on individual servers, Thompson said.
But now, "there is significant interest in compression and encryption at the server level for batch file transfers," said David Thompson, an analyst at Meta Group Inc. in Stamford, Conn.
www.computerworld.com /printthis/2003/0,4814,77891,00.html   (525 words)

 The .zip Standard Splinters - PKWare, WinZip format changes jeopardize compatibility.
The recently released beta version of WinZip 9 boasts 256-bit AES encryption as well (without certificates).
PKWare and WinZip, makers of competing compression and encryption products, are fighting over the.zip standard--which means that.zip archive files created by one program may not be accessible by the other.
For instance, if you select PGP encryption in PentaZip, your file will have the double extension.zip.pgp, and Windows won't try to open it as a.zip file.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/926458/posts   (1203 words)

 Certificate based PDF encryption with the Aloaha PDF Crypter - Wrocklage Intermedia GmbH
Certificate based security offers the highest level of encryption compared to traditional password based security.
Unlike password encrypted PDF documents the recipient of such a certificate encrypted document is not able to pass the document to a third person.
Password based security can be removed in a matter of seconds and does not protect documents from being re-distributed to unauthorized people.
www.prleap.com /pr/16716   (464 words)

 Aliroo Ltd. - The eMail Evolution
PrivaWall enables you to encrypt your e-mails either Symmetrically or S/Mime Certificate based encryption.
™ is a secure e-mail server that automatically applies rule-based security actions (e-mail encryption for example) to any e-mail or attached files that are routed through it.
When PrivaWall detects a digitally signed incoming e-mail, it will extract the sender's certificate so next time an e-mail is sent back to that sender - it will automatically be sent encrypted.
www.aliroo.com /PrivaWall4Mail.htm   (272 words)

 Stuart Padley's Web Log
Service Broker comes free with the SQL Server Express edition, and by using certificate based dialog- and transport-encryption, you can setup secure message based communications with many (potentially 1,000s, if you use the message forwarding capabilities to fan in/out) branch locations that report into a central hub.
The second encryption of the Service Master Key is a recent addition because service account changes (of the SQL Engine service) might have led to loss of data.
The Entropy, while not increasing the overall strength of the encryption, does increase the difficulty for another application, running under the same service account as the SQL Server service, to compromise the encryption key.
blogs.msdn.com /stuartpa/default.aspx   (3220 words)

 ISC Silver CA Enrollment
Platform-independent certificate-based file encryption with support for secure e-mail attachments is now available for your handheld device!
Instructions for using PGP 6/7/8 to obtain an ISC Silver E-Mail Subscriber certificate based on an existing legacy RSA key may be found here.
ISC is offering renewable X.509v3 certificates with a one year validity period for $10.00 USD per year.
www.infoseccorp.com /ca/silver/contents.htm   (490 words)

 Easy RSA ActiveX Component - Certificate-Based Public-Key Encryption and Digital Signature Component
Easy RSA is an easy-to-use ActiveX component for certificate-based public-key encryption, decryption, and digital signature creation and validation.
Easy RSA integrates with Chilkat Certificate, which plays a supporting role to this and other Chilkat components, such as Chilkat S/MIME, Mail, WebMail, etc. The Certificate component provides the ability to open any type of digital certificate store, whether it be registry-based, file-based, or something else.
It allows for certificates to be imported or exported from files, databases, Active Directory, etc. and retrieved for use with Easy RSA.
www.chilkatsoft.com /easyRsa.asp   (328 words)

 Nistevo - Solutions
The Nistevo Network is secured through multiple firewall layers, encryption, certificate-based authentication, role-based user IDs and passwords.
The Network handles up to 600,000 transactions per hour, includes multiple boxes that scale deep and wide, and is designed to support a 500% annual growth rate (based on transactions and user login volumes).
With over 99% up-time, the Nistevo Network's reliability is guarded through redundant servers, intelligent load balancing, multiple tier 1 bandwidth, and N+1 environment redundancy.
www.nistevo.com /v1/solutions/technical_architecture.html   (223 words)

Using the certificate based encryption technology makes everything passed between the server and the client safe including passwords at login time as well as data that is accessed through the web based interface to the database.
With the web based reports Administrators can quickly see usage data for all enabled servers.
ThinAnywhere's Web Portal provides a simple solution to a single point of entrance to all Unix/Linux based applications whether you are a Windows, Unix, or Linux Client.
www.thinanywhere.com /products/webportal.html   (212 words)

 DevSolutions SecureFile - create self-decryption archive using password or certificate
The encrypted file can be decrypted simply by double clicking the archive with the given password for symmetric key mechanism and no input is necessary for certificate based encryption and decryption.
SecureFile is an encryption and compression program that allows you to encrypt and decrypt file(s)/folder(s) using symmetric key and asymmetric key mechanism.
It creates a self-decryption archive which can be decrypted at the other end without any dependencies.
securefile.tripod.com   (273 words)

 PKWARE - SecureZIP for zSeries (OS/390, z/OS) Mainframe Data Security - Enterprise Business Software
Adds certificate-based encryption based on RSA BSAFE and meets AES standards.
Password-based strong encryption combined with efficient, reliable ZIP compression.
Based on the first mainframe ZIP implementation, PKZIP
www.pkware.com /business_and_developers/security/zseries   (539 words)

 2WC02 - Cryptographic Systems, 2005
Craig Gentry, Certificate-Based Encryption and the Certificate Revocation Problem, in: Advances in Cryptology - EuroCrypt 2003, LNCS 2656, Springer Verlag, 2003, pp.
Dan Boneh and Matthew Franklin, Identity-Based Encryption from the Weil Pairing, SIAM Jnl.
Usually it consists of a collection of protocols and mechanisms such as encryption, key agreement, authentication, key management, to achieve security goals such as message protection, transaction security, or access control.
www.win.tue.nl /wsk/onderwijs/2WC02   (1890 words)

 Breaking News--PKWARE Launches PKZIP Server and SecureZIP Server Products
Similarly, PKWARE offers a base SecureZIP Server product for Unix and Linux, which includes all of the features of the base PKZIP Server product, in addition the more advanced FTP and SMTP server and RSA's PKI certificate-based encryption capabilities, and costs $1,800.
The base PKZIP Server product for Unix and Linux servers costs $400 per server and features basic compression and password-based encryption, in addition to virus scanning and SYSLOG or SNMP support.
The company's OS/400 and mainframe products share a common code base, and the company is extremely cautious about testing it before rolling out new releases.
www.itjungle.com /breaking/bn102604-story01.html   (455 words)

 Midrange Stuff, OS/400 Edition
Like the new password-protected encryption, after PKWARE's certificate-based encryption has been shaken out and deemed stable among the PKZIP user base, PKWARE will release that capability into the public realm.
PKWARE is also working to bring certificate-based strong encryption capabilities to its cross-platform product line.
Earlier this year, PKWARE teamed with RSA Security to add support for up to 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) password-based encryption to PKWARE's PKZIP Professional products for Windows, Linux, Unix, OS/400, and MVS.
www.itjungle.com /mso/mso061003-story04.html   (1012 words)

 SecureBlackbox® - PDFBlackbox
With PDFBlackbox you can complete your PDF processing applications with outstanding security features, such as password-based and certificate-based encryption, certificate-based signing and compression of your PDF documents.
PDF certificate-based public key data encryption using RSA algorithm and PKCS#7 format;
PDF standard password-based data encryption using MD5 + RC4/40 or RC4/128 algorithms;
www.eldos.com /sbb/desc-pdf2.php   (221 words)

 New Reports in the Cryptology ePrint Archive
Nicolas T. Courtois and Guilhem Castagnos and Louis Goubin 2003/183 (PDF) Certificate-Based Encryption and the Certificate Revocation Problem Craig Gentry 2003/182 (PS PS.GZ PDF) Chosen-Ciphertext Security from Identity-Based Encryption Ran Canetti, Shai Halevi, and Jonathan Katz
www.iacr.org /newsletter/v20n3/eprint.html   (47 words)

 Voltage Security Announces Growing Support From Industry Leaders for Securing Applications and Content With Identity-Based Encryption : ArriveNet Press Releases : Business
Based on a revolutionary breakthrough called IBE, or Identity-Based Encryption, the Voltage Privacy Management Platform greatly simplifies the use and administration of traditional security systems.
The Voltage Technology Alliance Partner program is designed to help corporate partners, developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) bring Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) solutions to market more quickly by providing comprehensive technical and tactical business support as needed.
IBE is a breakthrough encryption technology that enables a simple identity, such as an email, phone number or IP address, to be used as the public-key in a public key cryptographic (PKI) system.
press.arrivenet.com /bus/article.php?id=586824   (47 words)

 Identity-based encryption toolkit supports Windows Mobile
IBE is an encryption technology that allows a simple identity -- such as an email address, phone number, or IP address -- to be used as the public-key in a public key infrastructure (PKI) based cryptographic system.
Voltage Security has relesed a toolkit that supports the development of applications that use identity-based encryption (IBE) technology.
IBE eliminates the certificate and certificate management headaches which have prevented PKI from being widely deployed, and provides an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy PKI alternative, according to Voltage.
www.windowsfordevices.com /news/NS3439268101.html   (47 words)

 Proofpoint Secure Messaging, Powered by Voltage IBE, Delivers Easy, Policy-driven Encryption for the Enterprise
As a result, encryption policies are accurately and consistently applied and end users do not need to take any special actions to ensure that messages are appropriately encrypted.
Voltage IBE is a public key cryptography system that uses common identities (such as an email address or screen name) as public keys, eliminating the need for certificates, Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) and other costly infrastructure.
Message origin or destination: Messages can be encrypted based on their destination (e.g., a specific business partner or supplier) or sender.
proofpoint.com /news/pressdetail.php?PressReleaseID=114   (47 words)

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