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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  OSHA Ergonomic Solutions: Computer Workstations eTool - Components - Chairs
Use a chair with a backrest that is easily adjustable and able to support the back in a variety of seated postures.
Using a chair with a seat that is too high may force you to work with your feet unsupported or encourage you to move forward in the chair to a point where your back is unsupported making it more difficult to maintain the S-shape of the spine (Figure 2).
Provide a chair with a seat pan that is adjustable and large enough to provide support in a variety of seated postures.
www.osha.gov /SLTC/etools/computerworkstations/components_chair.html   (1319 words)

 A Turned Four-Post Chair   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
In general, early turned chairs are illustrated as being somewhat plain, with relatively simple ring and ball designs and a square or rectangular seat.
The chair shown here is generally consistent in style with illustrations from the 14th to the 16th centuries, though is not patterned on any particular example.
The seat on this chair was cut from a 5/4 cherry plank, edge-joined on one edge with a joining plane, and rabbeted on the other three side with a rabbet plane.
www.his.com /~tom/sca/turnedchair.html   (893 words)

 CUergo: Choosing an ergonomic chair
If the chair has a fixed height lumbar support and it feels comfortable when you sit back against this, and you will be the primary user of the chair then a fixed lumbar support may be acceptable.
Look for chairs that allow you to easily recline, that provide you with good back support in different recline postures, and that have a back that tracks where your back is. Locking the chair backrest in one position generally isn't recommended or beneficial to users.
If chair mobility is important to help you to do your work then the chair should have at least a 5 pedestal base with casters that glide freely over the floor surface.
ergo.human.cornell.edu /AHTutorials/chairch.html   (845 words)

The first of these chairs stood in the Vatican Basilica, in the baptismal chapel built by Pope Damasus; the neophytes in albis (white baptismal robes) were led from the baptistery to the pope seated on this ancient cathedra, and received from him the consignatio, i.
The Chair of St. Peter in the apse was made of marble and was built into the wall, that of the baptistery was movable and could be carried.
During the Middle Ages it was customary to exhibit it yearly to the faithful; the newly-elected pope was also solemnly enthroned on this venerable chair, a custom that ceased at the transfer of the papal capital to Avignon, in the early part of the fourteenth century.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03551e.htm   (3126 words)

 Amateur Woodworker: Adirondack-style chair
The shape and angle of these chairs is somewhere between a normal garden chair and a slovenly deck chair.
All that is then needed is to cut a small shaped piece of wood to support the front of the armrest (where it meets the front leg) -- thus stopping it from bending when pressure is placed on it.
The chair should be given at least two coats of marine varnish before being placed outside.
www.am-wood.com /june97/adirondack.html   (750 words)

 Herman Miller - for Business - Mirra Chairs
The chair's next-generation innovations, including the upholstered backrest, all work together in a fresh-looking chair that's easy to use.
Mirra is made of a minimal number of parts and is easily disassembled for recycling; the recycled content is high, and it's 96 percent recyclable.
The Mirra chair is a product of their collective imagination, talent, and persistence--along with a willingness to break the mold in order to create a chair that sets a new standard for comfort, fit, balanced ride, and visual refinement in its price range.
www.hermanmiller.com /CDA/SSA/Product/0,,a10-c440-p205,00.html   (1010 words)

 chair   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The chairs were solid oak constructions and each had two electrodes, one for the prisoner's head and one for the lower back.
The head and spinal electrodes each consisted of a 4 inch diameter wooden cup, containing a three inch diameter metal plate faced with a layer of sponge which was soaked in brine to improve conductivity.
"The chair functioned as it was designed to function and we're comfortable that that worked." Tilley said that despite how things seemed to witnesses of the execution, there was no blood from the mouth or chest.
www.geocities.com /trctl11/chair.html   (2982 words)

 folding chairs through the ages
the folding chair was the symbol of the worthy divinity
was associated with the folding chair in the past.
the fauteuil is a forerunner of the director's chair in the
www.designboom.com /eng/education/foldingchair.html   (600 words)

 IDOnline.com - The International Design Magazine - Graphic Design, Product Design, Architecture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The chair has 18 core parts; the missing piece, or #19, is the sitter, who completes the chair.
The chair's frame and base are 100 percent recycled aluminum, and 93 percent of the other materials used are recyclable.
The chair is built from the floor up, starting with the casters and the base, enabling it to be rolled along.
www.idonline.com /adr03/chair.asp   (910 words)

 Antiques Roadshow/Tips of the Trade: Pull Up a Chair
Chairs manufactured in recent decades are already being sought by collectors worldwide.
Usha encourages chair collectors to look for the work of accomplished, influential designers, and to be especially alert for any pieces that predate the designer's becoming a household name.
As for undiscovered designers, the marks of a promising work in mass-manufactured chair design will always be the combination of rigorous training, classical references, sound construction, and the innovative use of technology and materials—attributes that add up to inspired creation.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/pages/roadshow/tips/chairs.html   (535 words)

 Chair - Top Online Choice
The electric chair is a primary form of execution in Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Virginia...
The electric chair was introduced as a "modern" and humane alternative to hanging by New...
Chair Chair A chair is a piece of furniture consisting of a seat...
www.furniture-champ.info /furniture/chair.html   (498 words)

 World's Largest Chair Battle. Roadside America
The chair was made of ten tons of steel, causing would-be vandals to throw up their crowbars in despair.
Chair is on Elm St., on the right, in front of the Helen Mae Sauter School, between Bond and Cross Sts.
Some would argue it is the "World's Largest Chair on Tour." Once it finds a permanent home, possibly in Bassett, VA at Bassett's corporate HQ, it will fade into the fog of middle-sized giant chairs.
www.roadsideamerica.com /set/CIVIchair.html   (1060 words)

 Chair Pros RFM 911 24/7
This chair incorporates all of the outstanding features of the 911 Series in a full-size executive model chair.
A versatile chair that lends itself to a variety of duties.
These are some of the service areas that require an easily customized chair able to withstand 24-hour use.
www.chair-pros.com /RFM911.asp   (329 words)

 Chairs - Dining Room, Restaurant & Office
A little comfort goes a long way when relaxation is just a recliner or lounge chair away.
At Chairs 1000 you’re sure to find something to complement your home décor style and personal taste.
We offer a range of lounge, upholstered, and home office seating with and without arms in an array of finishes, which combined with a vast range of colors and designer fabrics create the ultimate in imagination, flexibility and originality.
www.chairs1000.com   (469 words)

 Games on Captains Kirk's Chair - MegaGames hardware
The Ultimate Game Chair is incredibly comfortable for long or short play, the sensory enhancements of sound, vibration, and ergonomic controllers made all of my games more intense and interactive then I ever could of imagined, said focus group respondents.
The Ultimate Game Chair is a luxury leather chair with three variable levels of vibration that sync with Xbox, Playstation/PS2, or Game Cube systems.
The chair definitely looks comfortable but at USD 749.99 each don't expect it to become a must-have accessory quite yet.
www.megagames.com /news/html/hardware/gamesoncaptainskirkschair.shtml   (291 words)

 Herman Miller - for Business - Aeron Chairs
We designed the chair to be above all biomorphic, or curvilinear, as a metaphor of human form in the visual as well as the tactile sense.
The transparency of the chair as a visual element was in keeping with the idea of transparent architecture and technology, which Aeron pioneered in advance of Apple's transparent iMac computers.
Measurements of 224 people--in a sample that was evenly distributed between men and women and that closely reflected the distribution of the U.S. population on most dimensions--found that of all the anthropometric dimensions measured, height and weight had the strongest relationship to chair size preference.
www.hermanmiller.com /CDA/SSA/Product/0,1592,a10-c440-p8,00.html   (1563 words)

 Columbia U. Releases Edward Said Chair Donors: Names Arab Government - Campus Watch
March 19, 2004 — The recently established Edward Said Chair at Columbia has caused much controversy, in part because it is held by former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi and in part because the donors of the chair's estimated $4 million endowment have until now been kept secret.
As Campus Watch has reported, it is highly irregular for the identity of academic chair donors to be concealed.
It is all the more alarming that a university, naming a chair for one political activist and then awarding it to another political activist, would then prevent the public from knowing who had funded the chair.
www.campus-watch.org /article/id/1076   (438 words)

 IRTF Chair's Page
The IRTF Chair is appointed by the IAB.
The IRTF Chair is responsible for ensuring that Research Groups produce coherent, coordinated, architecturally consistent and timely output as a contribution to the overall evolution of the Internet architecture.
When the prospective Chair and the IRTF Chair are satisfied with the charter form and content, it becomes the basis for forming a Research Group.
www.irtf.org /chair   (380 words)

 chairs, back pain, and ergonomic misconceptions
The problem with chairs, according to Cranz and other radical ‘somatic’ practitioners who practice ‘new ergonomics,' is that we have been forced into a 'table and chair' culture, where many activities take place in a right-angled seated position.
The ‘no-work’ school is responsible for chairs that ‘cradle’ the body or otherwise force the spine into a C shaped slump.
It is the first chair which allows the 135 degree leg angle in the West.
www.zafu.net /whatswrong.html   (2227 words)

 Chair guidelines
The chair is one of the most important items in your workplace.
Select a chair that is comfortable for you; it should be adjustable and provide good back support.
If your chair has insufficient adjustment, lower back support may be improved with a cushion.
www.pc.ibm.com /ww/healthycomputing/we-chair.html   (124 words)

 Ergonomic, computer chair - Kneelsit - the chair for life!
Kneelsit is a groundbreaking ergonomic computer chair that has been enthusiastically received by users and applauded by medical and scientific professionals from major institutions.
In addition to the exceptional comfort and pain-relieving properties, the Kneelsit ergonomic chair is durable and stylish.
Each chair is individually inspected prior to shipping to ensure quality.
www.kneelsit.com   (448 words)

With the help of his ground crew, Larry then secured himself into the lawn chair which was anchored to the bumper of a friend's car by two nylon tethers.
Immediately I called Carol and Hazel to let them the know Larry's chair had finally been found and was in the same condition as when he last used it.
Walters then lost his pistol overboard, and the chair drifted downward, controlled only by the gallon jugs of water attached to the sides as ballast.
www.markbarry.com /amazing/lawnchairman.html   (2909 words)

In the early days, however, the proponents of the use of electricity as a means of death had to prove that it was indeed the most proficient manner of execution.
Chair inventor Harold Brown had applied for the chair's patent and, thus, set out on an campaign to prove its efficiency.
chair existed, it was left to a committee to decide which form was better.
www.ccadp.org /electricchair.htm   (5491 words)

 Bubble Chair by Aarnio Eero - the original by Adelta
The Bubble Chair swallows the sounds and you feel isolated inside in a pleasant way, even when you are in a crowded place.
At the EXPO 2000 in Hannover eleven Bubble Chairs were installed in the Cycle Bowl "Blue Box" of the GrĂ¼ne Punkt Deutschland Pavillion as small, individual information spaces whithin the library.
The Norwegean phonecompany Telenor has installed some Bubble Chairs in the entrance hall of their new building in Oslo to offer calm "rooms" for mobile phoning.
www.eero-aarnio.com /23/Objects/Bubble_Chair.htm   (326 words)

 Family Inada -Luxury Shiatsu Massage Chair
And for those a little too far away, the Inada Chairs will be coming to a store near you this fall.
We unfortunately ship only within the Continental U.S. as a pioneer in the massage chair market for 43 years, has been developing products based on the idea of contributing to the mental and physical wellness of people all over the world with the goal of bringing happiness to each individual.
According to research, 98% of the customers using an Inada Chair is highly satisfied and 95% would consider an Inada Chair the next time around.
www.inada-chair.com   (239 words)

 Review of the Herman Miller Aeron chair   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
In fact, the chair is so good I kind of wish I hadn't sat on it now because it makes every other chair I sit on not just 'pale in comparison', but it makes other chairs 'feel like a pail' in comparison.
When sitting in ordinary office chairs I tend to alter my body position to fit the chair, but the Aeron is so adjustable you can alter the chair to fit you.
There are a huge number of ways you can adjust the chair, from the thickness of the lumber support, to the height of the arm-rests.
www.egrindstone.co.uk /aeron_review.htm   (1825 words)

 The Ultimate Computer Chair by Roger Arrick
Normal office chairs just don't allow you to recline without bending your body in half and many recliners have only one position and are too soft for my taste.
The main problem now is that my office is designed around a traditional sit-at-desk setup and the new computer chair changes how I interact with bookshelves, printers, radios, etc. For now, it's just stuck where my chair use to be.
However I do envy you your chair and have often thought that I might design something more comfortable that the usual office chair even if it is high backed.
www.robotics.com /chair   (1537 words)

 Chair Pros RFM Manhattan
The ultimate in comfort and luxury, this chair incorporates all of the outstanding features of the Manhattan series.
A full-featured high back chair with pillow headrest that provides maximum support for the neck and shoulders.
Reimers Furniture designed the Manhattan chair as an important tool to meet the ergonomic considerations of the workplace at the management level, as well as the need of individual executives for variation, movement, support, rest and relaxation.
www.chair-pros.com /RFMmanh.asp   (219 words)

 james scarborough on rodney mcmillian at susanne vielmetter
He waxes nostalgic, as Van Gogh does in his painting of the empty chair in which sat his chum Paul Gauguin when he dropped in for a visit to Arles.
"chair" 2003, has a plain, lopsided, threadbare chair, sitting in a corner.
It's not much to look at, yet it has a particular sanctity of place, like an icon, a familiar location where it would be set, like Archie Bunker's armchair from the television series "All in the Family" which has since been enshrined in the Smithsonian.
www.artcritical.com /blurbs/JSMcMillian.htm   (505 words)

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