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Topic: Chalumeau

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In the News (Thu 24 May 18)

  International Clarinet Association - ClarinetFest Archives
The fondness for the chalumeau in that city is confirmed by the prominent role it played in the repertory throughout the 18th century.
It is the role of the chalumeau and clarinet as ‘signifiers’ in 18th century stage music though that warrants further investigation.
Later in the century though, it was the clarinet that adopted the role of signifier in its portrayal of the chalumeau itself.
www.clarinet.org /fests/1998/Pearson.asp   (2281 words)

The chalumeau was developed from the recorder by adding a reed to the recorder.
The chalumeau was first recorder to exist in Germany in 1687.
The chalumeau belongs to the instrumental family called the woodwinds.
library.thinkquest.org /17321/data/chlumeau.html   (35 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Chalumeau
The chalumeau and clarinet were two distinct instruments during the baroque period, although the clarinet quickly proved itself to be the more versatile of the two, leading to the unfortunate demise of the chalumeau.
The chalumeau was blown then only by shepherds and old people who remembered the end of the 19th century when a great many folk musicians performed on the chalumeau folk dances, songs, sutartinės and other melodies.
The fondness for the chalumeau in that city is confirmed by the prominent role it played in the repertory throughout the 18th century.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Chalumeau   (1148 words)

 Pučiamieji instrumenatai
It was there that the chalumeau was gradually perfected to meet the requirements of stage performances; and finally it became a diatonic instrument with the compass of the small decima.
The high-tone chromatic chalumeau is built in three sections: the ebonite mouthpiece, the tube of maple, apple or some other tree on the top end of which, according to the tradition of the folk prototype, a finely polished cow horn is put on.
In 1953 P. Kupčikas, a folk instrument master, made the chromatic tenor chalumeau with the compass from H to g2 instead of the diatonic chalumeau in G, and the chromatic double bass chalumeau with the Fis-e1 compass instead of the diatonic chalumeau.
www.folkinstruments.lt /eng/puciamieji.htm   (2013 words)

 [No title]
Charles PICARD obtient ainsi la première flamme oxyacétylénique avec un "brûleur", c'était le 21 mars 1901, ce fut le premier chalumeau soudeur haute pression (HP) à pressions équilibrées (PE) oxyacétylénique PICARD/FOUCHE.
déposa ainsi un brevet (1) en 1902, publié le 28 avril 1903 sous l'appellation "chalumeau à gaz", ainsi qu'un autre brevet (2) en 1909, publié le 23 mars 1909 sous l'appellation "perfectionnement aux chalumeaux et en
Ce chalumeau soudeur spécifique au marché français est toujours actuellement, fabriqué, commercialisé, mais "utilisé" en mode haute pression (HP), c'est à dire avec une pression d'acétylène > à 30 mb.
chalumo29.free.fr   (298 words)

 chalumeau - Maisonbrico
Le chalumeau, outil indispensable pour assembler les métaux à haute température avec maisonbrico.com
Indispensable pour atteindre les hautes températures nécessaires à la fusion des métaux, le chalumeau est une torche permettant de concentrer la flamme de butane, de propane ou de gaz enrichi d'oxygène (butane, kyrène ou acétylène).
Le chalumeau est associé à des buses qui permettent de concentrer plus ou moins la flamme en fonction de la chaleur nécessaire à la fusion du métal des pièces à assembler ou du métal d'apport.
www.maisonbrico.com /fr-chalumeau.php   (418 words)

 Vienna Symphonic Library
Chalumeau means “reed” and is derived from the Greek “calamos” and the Latin “calamus”.
The chalumeau’s cylindrical bell was replaced by one that flared, and the clarinet tubing was given its characteristic barrel-shaped bulge (barrel) below the mouthpiece.
On the chalumeau only the fundamental register was played, in other words the pitches from the fundamental that could be produced using the fingerholes (the clarinet’s lowest register retains the name chalumeau to the present day).
www.vsl.co.at /en-us/70/3161/3173/3175/5578.vsl   (1455 words)

 NIU School of Music - Gregory M. Barrett - History of the Clarinet   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 18th century two-key chalumeau was similar in appearance to the contemporary two-key clarinet.
The clarinet differed from the chalumeau by the higher position and smaller size of its key on the back side and the use of a register tube to aid in attaining the overblown register.
The chalumeau instrument was designed to have a good chalumeau register with an almost nonexistent clarinet register.
www.niu.edu /user/u40gmb1/Cl_history.shtml   (3113 words)

 Definition of Chalumeau
The chalumeau is a musical instrument, believed to have been invented in the late 17th century by Johann Christoff Denner, and the direct ascendant of the clarinet.
It represents the link between the recorder and the clarinet, and is essentially a cylindrical bore recorder with the mouhtpiece of a clarinet.
As the instrument developed through the 18th century, the terms chalumeau and clarinet were used interchangeably, with the usage dying out by the 19th.
www.wordiq.com /definition/Chalumeau   (220 words)

 Dessine-moi un bouton
Chalumeau a 37 ans et, par-delà Lunel ou Aigues-Mortes, l'état civil s'obstine à l'appeler Christophe Almuneau.
Chalumeau cherche son hôtel dans un labyrinthe de tours, aveuglantes de néons, carrossées d'écrans plasma, et se rend compte que presque toutes sont des hôtels.
Chalumeau voudrait demander sa route mais les Chinois, les milliers de Chinois, mettent une énergie obstinée à l'éviter.
www.liberation.fr /transversales/portraits/217103.FR.php   (1319 words)

 Fingering Scheme for Clarinet - The Woodwind Fingering Guide
The thumb hole is closed by the left thumb for the majority of notes in the chalumeau, clarion, and altissimo registers.
This hole is closed for notes from chalumeau A and below and from clarion E and below as well as for various altissimo notes.
This key raises chalumeau D and clarion A by a semitone as an alternative to using the lower right hand side key or fork fingerings for chalumeau Eb and clarion Bb.
www.wfg.woodwind.org /clarinet/cl_fing.html   (1454 words)

 Clarinet - Wikinfo
The main body of the clarinet is divided into the clarion (upper) joint whose holes and most keys are operated by the left hand, and the chalumeau (lower) joint with holes and most keys operated by the right hand.
The clarinet started life as a small instrument called the chalumeau.Not much is known about these instruments, but they may have evolved from recorders.
The chalumeau had a similar reed for producing the sound as the clarinet, but lacked the register key which extends the range to nearly four octaves, so it had a limited range of about one and a half octaves.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Clarinet   (3322 words)

 "Chalumeau" - Shopping.com
Chalumeau on the Go - Score and Parts Curnow Young Band Clarinet Feature -...
Chalumeau by Acker Bilk and His Paramount Jazzband
Glinka, Brahms, Komma: Clarinet Trios / Trio Chalumeau
www.shopping.com /xGS-Chalumeau~NS-1   (383 words)

 Tempus vivit! - Thema: Chalumeau
Ich bin gerade in einem Katalog über ein Instrument namens Chalumeau gestolpert.
Ob da auf einem Bild nun eine Flöte, eine Schalmei oder ein Chalumeau dargestellt ist, ist ja oft genug völlig der eigenen Phantasie überlassen...
Von all denen, die behaupten, es habe das Chalumeau schon im MA gegeben, lässt sich aber keiner herab, mal einen Beleg anzugeben (zumindest bei allem, was ich gelesen habe...).
www.tempus-vivit.net /tempus-vivit/taverne/thread.php?tid=3278&action=addvisit&from=44   (382 words)

 Chalameau (pre-clarinet)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The chalumeau was used for folkmusic in the Middle Ages and had its origin in the Orient.
At the upper end of the tube, three cuts were made that together formed a rectangle, so that the resulting "reed" was part of the tube.
The range of the chalumeau was from f (i.e.
hem.passagen.se /eriahl/chalumeau.htm   (133 words)

 Encyclopedia of Organ Stops
Most sources describe this stop as a soft-toned reed of the Regal class, found at 16', 8' or 4' pitch.
It is suppposedly imitative of early double-reed instruments called chalumeau, piffero, schalmei, and shawm; similar or identical instruments included the bombarde and pommer.
The first known example of the organ pipe of that name [Chalumeau] - the first reed stop of the organ - was at the Frauenkirche, Nürnberg (Conrad Rothenburger, circa 1463).
www.organstops.org /s/Schalmei.html   (325 words)

 HyperMusic -- Musical Instruments: Clarinet
The history of the modern clarinet dates back to the 1600's when the chalumeau (pronounced shall-yu-mo) was a popular instrument in Europe.
The chalumeau had two keys and a single reed.
In memory of the chalumeau,t he low range on hte clarinet of today is called the chalumeau register.
www.hypermusic.ca /inst/clarinet.html   (654 words)

 My Home Page
-the word “chalumeau” is of French origin and is a general word for any small, reed-
-the bore of clarinet was larger than the bore of the chalumeau
-the clarinet had a poor lower register and the chalumeau had a strong lower register, so many times 18
gozips.uakron.edu /~elo1/presentation.htm   (724 words)

 basson historical (english)
All of our historical clarinets and chalumeaux are made of boxwood with the exception of the chalumeau in F which is made of maple.
chalumeau in C (used to exist, but there is no surviving example, we made it based on the Denner chalumeau)
chalumeau in F, the bass chalumeau, after Kress, with a bent bore.
www.guntramwolf.de /instruments/historical/clarinet/clarinet_hist_e.htm   (424 words)

 Histoire de l’érable - Produits d’érable (eau et sucre) | Histoire et produits d’érable (eau, sucre, tire)
Un morceau d’écorce ou de bois servant de chalumeau y était ensuite inséré.
D’abord deux révolutions technologiques : le chalumeau de bois à embout rond et le seau en fer blanc.
Avec le chalumeau, plus nécessaire d’entailler l’érable avec une hache; on le perce avec une mèche montée sur un vilebrequin.
www.erable.org /francais/histoire.asp   (561 words)

 Chalumeau Blue - Soprano Summit - Music Downloads
Soprano Summit was one of the finest regularly working jazz bands in existence during the 1970s.
Sorry, at this time no downloads have been found for Chalumeau Blue.
Sorry, at this time no streams have been found for Chalumeau Blue.
www.mp3.com /albums/117348/downloads.html   (711 words)

 The World of Robin and Marion
Anon: Par un matinet / Lés un bosket / Portare (lute, vielle, chalumeau)
J'oi Robin flajoler (voice, vielle, saz, chalumeau, carillon)
Roman de Fauvel: Je voi douleur avenir / Fauvel nous a fait present / Autant m'est si poise (3 voices, vielle, 2 lutes, chalumeau)
www.medieval.org /emfaq/cds/ana29816.htm   (528 words)

 Farewell to Nicolas Chalumeau
Our friend Nicolas Chalumeau has departed this world on the 4th of October 2005 at the age of 27.
The Apache Software Foundation would like to express its condolences to Nicolas' family and friends.
All our thoughts and good wishes are with you and your loved ones.
jakarta.apache.org /cactus/participating/nicolas.html   (224 words)

 Ustensiles pour le Sucre, chalumeau, gaz, mandrin, bois, caraméliser
Chalumeau à gaz pour crème brûlée ou collage du sucre.
Chalumeau servant à caraméliser les desserts ou peler les légumes.
Stylo chalumeau à gaz rechargeable pour le travail du sucre tiré ou soufflé.
www.meilleurduchef.com /cgi/mdc/l/fr/boutique/produits/ust_sucre/index.html   (213 words)

Das Chalumeau ist ein Holzblasinstrument mit zylindrischer Röhre, 7 vorderständigen Grifflöchern und Daumenloch.
Die heute gebauten Chalumeaus dienen vor allem der Wiedergabe von Musik aus Mittelalter, Renaissance und Barock.
Chalumeau ist auch der Name für ein Lingualregister in der Orgel.
www.weblexikon.de /Chalumeau.html   (155 words)

 NHBS - The Chiasognathinae of the Andes - Fortuné Chalumeau and Bernard Brochier
NHBS - The Chiasognathinae of the Andes - Fortuné Chalumeau and Bernard Brochier
Chalumeau and B. Brochier have devoted some thirteen years to studying a difficult and predominantly Andean subfamily of Coleoptera, consisting of thirty-three representatives in South America, two in Australia, and a fossil one in Europe.
This book aims to provide a practical tool for the determination of all the surveyed species within an accurate taxonomical framework and to examine the biogeography of the group from a worldwide perspective.
www.nhbs.com /title.php?bkfno=166067&ad_id=32   (151 words)

 Die Klarinette - Geschichte
Es gibt leider keine erhaltenen Chalumeaus mehr, aber man nimmt an, dass es ziemlich ähnlich wie eine Blockflöte ausgesehen haben muß, und wie die untere Oktave der heutigen Klarinette klang.
Das Problem bei der Entwicklung der Klarinetten-ähnlichen Instrumente wie dem Chalumeau wird deutlich, wenn man sich klarmacht, was passiert, wenn man eine Tonleiter auf einem Instrument wie der Blockflöte spielt: Es gibt acht oder neun Tonlöcher für die untere Oktave (man hat ja 10 Finger), und dann ein Oktavloch.
C. Denner hatte es nun nach langem Experimentieren mit dem Chalumeau geschafft, ein Instrument zu bauen, mit dem man nicht nur die Naturtöne (also das untere Register, dass heute bei der Klarinette folgerichtig auch Chalumeau-Register heisst) spielen konnte, sondern eben auch halbwegs sauber die oberen Töne, indem man es überblies.
www.die-klarinetten.de /k-ges.html   (1287 words)

 Fonds Universitaire Maurice Chalumeau
Maurice Chalumeau who died in Geneva the 6 June 1970, a “Fund Maurice Chalumeau” is created under the supervision of the Geneva University the 5 March 1971.
The aim of the Maurice Chalumeau Prize is to reward a scientific research in sexuality taking into account its psychosocial dimensions.
Topic: all specialization, as soon as the topic is related to sexuality or familial health (the prize is attributed under the supervision of the Geneva University)
www.gfmer.ch /Chalumeau/Fund_En.htm   (206 words)

 Micro chalumeau
Ce chalumeau est extrêmement maniable et s’utilise comme un crayon,, il offre une qualité parfaite des soudures.Le chalumeau est muni de tuyaux souples de 2 mm de diamètre intérieur équipés de clapets anti-retour de sécurité, et se raccorde sur un tuyau standard de 6 mm de diamètre intérieur.
Le réglage se fait par 2 bagues sous la tête du chalumeau.
Le socle permet de poser le chalumeau allumé et libére les mains pour d’autres travaux, il est muni à sa base d’un plot pour cintrer les aiguilles, pour accéder aux endroits difficiles.
www.multirex.net /boutique/fiche_produit.cfm?type=2&ref=200_001&code_lg=lg_fr&pag=1&num=0&tri=0&marq=0   (181 words)

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