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Topic: Chamber of Deputies

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  Chamber of Deputies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Historically, the "Chamber of Deputies" (fr:Chambre des députés) was the lower house of parliament in the French Third Republic; the name is still informally used for the Assemblée nationale under the current Fifth Republic.
Members of these parliamentary chambers are generally referred to as "deputies", with the sense of "congressperson", "member of parliament".
The term "deputy" may be extended to refer to any member of a parliamentary body; this usage is particularly common among those parliaments or legislative chambers in French- and Spanish-speaking countries that style themselves National Assemblies.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chamber_of_Deputies   (229 words)

 Chamber of Deputies of Chile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Chile (Spanish: Cámara de Diputados) is the lower house of Chile's bicameral Congress.
Deputies must: be aged at least 21; not be disqualified from voting; have finished secondary school or its equivalent; and have lived in the corresponding electoral district for at least two years prior to the election.
The Chamber of Deputies meets in the Chile Congress building, which was built during the last years of the Pinochet regime and stands in the port city of Valparaíso, some 120 km west of the capital, Santiago.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chamber_of_Deputies_of_Chile   (292 words)

 Chamber of Deputies of Mexico - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Chamber of Deputies (Spanish: Cámara de Diputados) is the lower house of Mexico's bicameral legislature, the Congress of the Union.
The structure and responsibilities of both chambers of Congress are defined in Articles 50 to 70 of the 1917 Constitution of Mexico.
The entire Chamber is replaced on both of those occasions, and deputies are disqualified from serving in two consecutive legislatures.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chamber_of_Deputies_of_Mexico   (231 words)

 Election Resources on the Internet: Elections to the Italian Parliament
From 1948 to 1992, members of the Chamber of Deputies were elected by proportional representation (PR) in multi-member electoral districts, except in Valle d'Aosta, represented in the Chamber by one member elected by simple majority.
Chamber seats awarded to a coalition are in turn proportionally allocated among constituent parties that have obtained at least two percent of the vote; however, this requirement is waived for the coalition party with the largest number of votes among those polling fewer than two percent.
Chamber seats in Italy proper are subsequently distributed among twenty-six multi-member districts - the same districts used under the previous electoral system - following a set of complex procedures designed to insure that seats are filled in all districts without changing the nationwide distribution of seats or the apportionment of seats among districts.
electionresources.org /it   (3180 words)

 Rules of Procedure of the Chamber of Deputies
The Chamber of Deputies may resolve, on the basis of a proposal from a Deputy or a member of the Government, that a meeting or part thereof shall be non-public, especially if the agenda of the meeting includes secret issues connected with the protection or defense of the state or other serious, secret matters.
It is possible, however, to propose that the proposal be returned to the Chamber of Deputies, in the event that the specified body failed to adhere to the deadline stipulated for the submission of a written statement of opinion(on the proposal).
The bodies of the Chamber of Deputies, their officials, the officials of the Chamber of Deputies, verifying persons of the Chamber of Deputies, Deputies clubs and their officials who were elected or established in accordance with regulations18 in effect to date shall be deemed to be bodies and officials elected and constituted under this Act.
www.psp.cz /cgi-bin/eng/docs/laws/1995/90.html   (17479 words)

 Get to know the Chamber of Deputies
Chamber and Senate combined, with the presence also of three delegates for each Region (one only for Valle d'Aosta), every seven years elect the President of the Republic.
In order to understand the work done by the Chamber it is necessary to understand the work carried out on the floor of the House, in the Committees and in the other bodies, but also the initiatives and special events that take place in the Chamber.
The Chamber Web Site aims at providing even broader realtime access to the general public, thus allowing citizens to be informed of all activities of parliament and the activities carried out by each deputy.
english.camera.it /serv_cittadini/6473/6472/documentotesto.ASP   (813 words)

 Historia Congreso
The Chamber of Deputies is composed of 120 members, elected by popular vote, representing the nation´s 60 electoral districts.
Deputies elected as independents, who vacate their seats before the end of their term and who have maintained their independence up to the date of their departure, are not replaced unless they have composed a replacement list that includes a candidate from a political party.
The Chamber´s Commissions are composed of thirteen members while those of the Senate are composed of five, each one of which includes a representation from the different political parties in proportion to each party´s representation in the Chamber overall.
www.camara.cl /hist/h002e.htm   (946 words)

 Guide to the Chamber of Deputies
The history of one of the oldest parliamentary buildings in Europe, the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic, begins somewhere near the end of the 17th century or the beginning of the 18th.
The Chamber of Deputies appoints and dismisses its chair and vice-chair, and likewise, the Senate the chair and vice-chair of the Senate.
A deputy or senator who is a member of the government may be neither the chair nor vice-chair of the Chamber of Deputies or Senate, nor a member of a parliamentary committee nor commission.
www.psp.cz /cgi-bin/eng/docs/guide   (1708 words)

 The Constitution of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
The Chamber of Deputies shall have the right to determine the validity of the election of its members.
Any deputy may resign his seat by notifying the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies in writing, and the Speaker shall place the resignation before the Chamber for a decision as to whether the resignation should be accepted or rejected.
Such Chamber shall be deemed as having been in existence in all respects from the date of the issue of the Royal Decree effecting its reinstatement.
www.kinghussein.gov.jo /const_ch5.html   (1085 words)

 Lebanon - The Legislature
The Chamber of Deputies (sometimes called the parliament) has many responsibilities, but electing the president is its most important.
Deputies are elected every four years by popular vote, but only within the strictures of the confessional system.
In 1951 the Chamber of Deputies was increased from fifty-five to seventy-seven members, in 1957 it was reduced to sixty-six, and in 1960 it was raised to ninety-nine.
countrystudies.us /lebanon/81.htm   (816 words)

 Constitution of May 3, 1791   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The sejm, or the assembled estates, shall be divided into two chambers: a chamber of deputies, and a chamber of senators presided over by the king.
The chamber of deputies, as the image and repository of national sovereignty, shall be the temple of legislation.
The duty of the chamber of senators, comprising bishops, province chiefs (wojewodowie), castellans and ministers, presided over by the king, who is entilled to cast a votum (vote) of his own, and secondly to resolve paritas (an equal division of votes) either in person or by sending his judgment to that chamber, is: Primo.
www-personal.engin.umich.edu /~zbigniew/Constitutions/k3m.E.06.html   (409 words)

 MENAFN - Middle East North Africa . Financial Network News: The Chamber of Deputies yesterday approved the estimated ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Chamber of Deputies yesterday approved the estimated BD2.5 billion revenues in the biennial state budget for 2005-06.
The Chamber referred to the committee a proposal to include the privatisation revenues in the state budget as the Minister of Finance, Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohammed, said such revenues were allocated as a backup for emergency and unexpected projects.
Deputy Abdulnabi Marhoon said some international publications were true when they highlighted that the Kingdom had two budgets; one that was being discussed by deputies and the other that was hidden for some reasons.
www.menafn.com /qn_news_story_s.asp?storyid=97475   (999 words)

 UNDP-POGAR: Country Index: Legislature
Article 64b of the Constitution requires that new elections for the Chamber of Deputies be held within four months of the dissolution except under compelling circumstances.
The Chamber of Deputies elects its president and two vice presidents for the same duration as the chamber’s term of office.
If the Consultative Council and Chamber of Deputies re-confirm the bill by a two-thirds majority vote of their members, the King shall ratify and promulgate the bill within one month from the date of the re-confirmation.
www.pogar.org /countries/legislature.asp?cid=2   (815 words)

 The presidential and legislative elections - Tunis 2004
Its composition and relations with the Chamber of Deputies and the Chamber of Advisors are determined by law.
Following their adoption, the President of the Republic submits to the Constitutional Council the bills proposed by the deputies, within the deadlines for promulgation and publication stipulated in article 52, in the cases where the submission of bills to the Council is mandatory according to the terms of article 72.
The internal regulations of the Chamber of Deputies and of the Chamber of Advisors shall be submitted to the Constitutional Council before applying them, so as to check their conformity with the constitution.
www.tunisiaonline.com /elections2004/references/constitution9.html   (420 words)

 Chamber of Deputies in Brazil
Each State, and also the Federal District, elect a number of Deputies in proportion to the respective population; there is, however, a minimum of eight and a maximum of seventy Deputies per State.
The idea, grosso modo, is that the Chamber represents the population (and therefore the number of Deputies is proportional to the population), whereas the Senate represents the Federation (hence, each State has the same vocality, all with three Senators).
Every law must be approved both by the Chamber and the Senate (and eventually promulgated - or vetoed - by the President of the Republic); if one of the Houses changes anything in the draft of law being appreciated, the draft returns to the other House for a new appreciation.
www.aboutbrasilia.com /politics/brazil-chamber.html   (441 words)

 Lebanon The Mandate Period - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International ...
The president was to be elected by the Chamber of Deputies for one six-year term and could not be reelected until a six-year period had elapsed; deputies were to be popularly elected along confessional lines.
Thus, the president was to be a Maronite Christian, the prime minister a Sunni Muslim, and the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies a Shia Muslim.
Theoretically, the Chamber of Deputies performed the legislative function, but in fact bills were prepared by the executive and submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, which passed them virtually without exception.
workmall.com /wfb2001/lebanon/lebanon_history_the_mandate_period.html   (478 words)

 ::Chamber of Deputies::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Chamber of Deputies shall be elected by the whole population voting as a single electorate, by a method of proportional representation.
The President of the Republic shall dissolve the Chamber of Deputies on the first day of March and the first day of September each year.
Until Parlamînt otherwise decides, the number of seats in the Chamber of Deputies shall be twice the number of seats in the Senäts, minus one.
www.talossa.com /cod.html   (99 words)

The two Chambers have different numbers of members: the Chamber of Deputies is composed of 332 deputies, and the Senate, of 137 senators.
Thus, for the election of the Chamber of Deputies the representation norm is of one Deputy to 70,000 inhabitants, and for the election of the Senate, of one Senator to 160,000 inhabitants.
The activity of the General Secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies is designed to help the functions and duties of the Chamber of Deputies to be carried out; it is run by the secretary general of the Chamber of Deputies.
www.cdep.ro /pls/dic/site.page?id=103&idl=2   (315 words)

 The Parliament in Czech Republic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Chamber of Deputies of Czech Republic was carried forwarded by the current constitution, which was ratified on December 16, 1992, and effective on January 1, 1993.
A bill passed by the Chamber of Deputies is sent to the Senate which has the power to veto it, send it back to the Chamber of Deputies with amendments, or table the bill.
The Chamber of Deputies is elected on the basis of proportional representation.
www.unc.edu /courses/2002spring/rues/230/001/czech/czeparl.html   (650 words)

 Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Bahrain projects oil revenues at BD 196.6 mm
16-05-05 The Ministry of Finance and the Chamber of Deputies' Committee on Financial and Economic Affairs have reached an agreement to increase the revenue projection from BD 44 mm to BD 196.6 mm, for each financial year of 2005-06, from Bahrain oil field and refinery.
The announcement was opposed by the Chamber of Deputies which insisted on increasing it to BD 260 mm for each year.
We believe that the Chamber of Deputies has managed to add BD 152 mm a year to the revenues of the Kingdom.
www.gasandoil.com /goc/news/ntm52358.htm   (461 words)

 DR1 - Daily News 18 December 2002
The deputies are conditioning the passing of this bill to the senators passing a bill that makes changes in the Electoral Law.
In a scene reminiscent of the 18th and 19th centuries, two deputies apparently tried to pull their weapons and threatened to carry out a duel at the very door to the Chamber of Deputies.
Deputy Pelegrin Castillo urges the Supreme Court to overrule the judgement.
www.dr1.com /news/2002/dnews121802.shtml   (2323 words)

 Welcome to Tunisia Online, your digital gateway to news and information on Tunisia.
The Chamber of Deputies, the Tunisian parliament is composed of 189 members elected by direct universal suffrage every five years.
Following the fundamental reform of the Constitution (May 26, 2002), a second parliamentary chamber, the Chamber of Advisors, was established.
It is composed of 112 members, one-third of whom are elected by an electoral college (Deputies and Municipal Councilors), another third elected by socio-professional organizations, and the remaining third appointed by the President of the Republic.
www.tunisiaonline.com /government/government1.html   (1270 words)

 CNN.com - World - Election Watch
The Dominican Republic's bicameral legislature, the Congreso de la República, is composed of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.
Members of the Chamber of Deputies are directly elected by a closed party-list system for four-year terms.
The number of seats in the Chamber of Deputies increased from 120 to 149 since the May 1994 election.
www.cnn.com /WORLD/election.watch/americas/dominican.rep.html   (232 words)

 [No title]
The Chamber of Deputies has 257 members who are elected from province-wide multi-member districts (the 23 provinces and the federal district) for four year terms.
Dalmau spent eight years in the Chamber of Deputies and generated at some point the largest number of bills presented by a particular legislator and approved by Congress” (Vidal 1997).
Thus, deputies will survive in congress when their tenure there poses no threat to the local party boss, either because they are politically “harmless” or because they are more dangerous at home than in the national legislature.
www.igs.berkeley.edu /research_programs/ppt/past/papers/spiller.doc   (5914 words)

 MENAFN - Middle East North Africa . Financial Network News: The Chamber of Deputies yesterday approved the provision of ...
The Chamber of Deputies yesterday approved the provision of BD3.4 billion expenditure, BD2.1 billion continuous expenditure and BD905.4 million project
The Chamber of Deputies yesterday approved the provision of BD3.4 billion expenditure, BD2.1 billion continuous expenditure and BD905.4 million project expenditure in the two-year state budget, with a deficit of BD503.9 million.
FTA okayed: The Chamber yesterday approved the Free Trade Agreement with America despite Al Asala bloc and Al Menbar Al Islami Bloc demand to keep it on hold until the release of the six Bahraini detainees in Guantanamo Bay.
www.menafn.com /qn_news_story_s.asp?storyid=99000   (305 words)

 CNN.com - World - Election Watch
Paraguay's legislature consists of the Chamber of Senators (Cámara de Senadores) and the Chamber of Deputies (Cámara de Diputados).
Members of the Chamber of Senators are elected by a single multi-member national constituency through the closed list system of proportional representation for five-year terms.
Members of the Chamber of Deputies are elected by 18 multi-member departmental constituencies through the closed list system of proportional representation for five-year terms.
cnnstudentnews.cnn.com /WORLD/election.watch/americas/paraguay.html   (214 words)

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