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Topic: Chamber of Deputies of Mexico

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In the News (Wed 20 Jun 18)

 Learn more about Mexico in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In the lower Chamber of Deputies, 300 of the total 500 deputies are directly elected to represent single-member districts, and the remaining 200 are selected by a modified form of proportional representation from five electoral regions.
Mexico borders two major bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean (with the Sea of Cortes in between the mainland and the Baja California peninsula) to the west and on the east the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea that lead to the Atlantic Ocean.
Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world and the second most populous country in Latin America after Portuguese-speaking Brazil.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /m/me/mexico.html   (1109 words)

 Chamber of Deputies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Chamber of Deputies is the name given to the lower house of the bicameral legislatures of the following states:
MexicoChamber of Deputies of Mexico (Cámara de Diputados)
Historically, the "Chamber of Deputies" (French: Chambre des députés) was the lower house of parliament in the French Third Republic; the name is still informally used for the Assemblée nationale under the current Fifth Republic.
www.sterlingheights.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Chamber_of_Deputies   (267 words)

 Congress of Mexico - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Mexican Congress is bicameral – that is, it is composed of two chambers.
The upper chamber is the Senate (Cámara de Senadores or Senado).
The lower house is the Chamber of Deputies (Cámara de Diputados).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Congress_of_Mexico   (106 words)

 A2Z Languages - Mexico Country Guide - Government & Politics
Mexico is a federal republic of 31 states and one federal district, with the states further divided into 2394 municipios (municipalities).
The legislatures and governors of Mexico's states are elected by their citizens, as are the ayuntamientos (town councils), which run the municipios, and their mayors (alcaldes).
The PRI, unprecedentedly, lost overall control of the Chamber of Deputies, and the Mexico City mayoralty went to Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, of the Partido de la Revolucion Democratica (PRD, Party of the Democratic Revolution), who had lost the 1988 presidential election to Salinas.
www.a2zlanguages.com /Mexico/mex_politics.htm   (694 words)

 Chamber of Deputies Did You Mean Chamber of Deputies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Historically, the "Chamber of Deputies" (fr:Chambre des députés) was the lower house of parliament in the French Third Republic; the name is still informally used for the Assemblée nationale under the current Fifth Republic.
Members of these parliamentary chambers are generally referred to as "deputies", with the sense of "congressperson", "member of parliament".
The term "deputy" may be extended to refer to any member of a parliamentary body; this usage is particularly common among those parliaments or legislative chambers in French- and Spanish-speaking countries that style themselves National Assemblies.
www.did-you-mean.com /Chamber_of_Deputies.html   (210 words)

 Encyclopedia: Chamber of Deputies of Mexico   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Congress of Mexico (formally: el Congreso de la Unión or Congress of the Union) is the legislative branch of the Mexican government.
The Green Ecological Party of Mexico (Spanish: Partido Verde Ecologista de México, known by the abbreviation PVEM) is one of the six political parties to enjoy representation in the Mexican Congress.
The Senate (Spanish: Cámara de Senadores or Senado) is the upper house of Mexicos bicameral Congress.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Chamber-of-Deputies-of-Mexico   (640 words)

 The role of the research services in the modernization of the Mexican Congress - 66th IFLA Council and General ...
Since Mexico's President has been, in fact, also the leader of the majority party in control of Mexico's Congress, he has had the last word when it comes to nominations to political positions, the course of legislative practice and the destiny of congressional institutions.
It was evident that the Chamber's regulatory framework had become totally inadequate for the political pluralism present in the legislative body.
The strengthening of the Chamber of Deputies throughout the modernization project which culminated in the legal reform of its Organic Law and the Career Service Statute is an important advance in Mexico's legislative strengthening process.
www.ifla.org /IV/ifla66/papers/100-98-e.htm   (2614 words)

 Global Exchange - Printer Friendly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
MEXICO CITY -- Mexico's Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday passed a resolution criticizing President Vicente Fox for breaking protocol by mentioning the poor and destitute during his swearing-in speech.
The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Ricardo Garcia, proposed the statement criticizing Fox.
Garcia is a member of Fox's PAN but is viewed as belonging to a traditionalist wing that is not particularly close to the president.
www.globalexchange.org /countries/mexico/news/reuters120600.html.pf   (249 words)

 Mexican politicians want state-to-state immigration treaties
Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) members of the Chamber of Deputies in Mexico are bandying about a variant immigration initiative that may involve more than meets the eye.
The Chamber of Deputies, Mexico’s lower house in Congress, is composed of 500 members who represent six political parties.
On that basis, and considering constitutional mandates in both Mexico and the U.S., it begs the question is the PRI migration proposal as altruistic as it sounds, or might it be a political stratagem to discredit Fox and damage the PAN during the run-up to 2006?
www.mexidata.info /id326.html   (621 words)

 Chapter V - Mexico
The Commission is aware of the amendment of Article 102 of the Constitution of Mexico, by virtue of which the current Chair of the CNDH was appointed in November 1999 by the Senate, in place of the previous system, according to which he was directly appointed by President of the Republic.
As mentioned, the CNDH plays an important role in Mexico in spite of the limitations imposed on it by the fact that its recommendations are not binding and may even be rejected by the official who receives them.
It is also a matter of concern that the acts of torture, enforced disappearances, and extrajudicial executions which have taken place have not been investigated; that the persons responsible for these acts have not been brought to justice, and that the victims or their families have not received compensation.
www.cidh.org /annualrep/99eng/Chapter5b.htm   (7393 words)

 NDI - National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
Mexico's political landscape has changed dramatically in the aftermath of the landmark 2000 elections.
In response, all political parties in Mexico have been undergoing internal reform processes and attempting to clarify their platforms, strengthen their membership bases, and redefine their role in Mexico's new political environment.
The 1997 congressional elections resulted in the first loss of a PRI majority in the Chamber of Deputies in 70 years.
www.ndi.org /worldwide/lac/mexico/mexico_pf.asp   (739 words)

 OLY-Mexico-Pensions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexico's Chamber of Deputies has approved without opposition to give lifetime pensions to Olympic and Paralympic medallists.
Congresswoman Alejandra Mendez said the measure would "take a fundamental step in favour of promoting and stimulating Mexican sport and our youth" while aiding athletes as they age and their contributions are forgotten.
Mexico has participated in the Olympics since 1924, but the country - with a population of 100 million - has been disappointed in recent Games.
www.cp.org /premium/Online/Member/ogames/050223/o022301A.html   (165 words)

 Mexico: Centro Internacional de Investigaciones para el Desarrollo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The project in Mexico supported capacity building activities in relation to the health sector and developed a methodology for the inclusion of gender in public health sector programming and budgeting.
The initiative also sought to mobilize interest from the Chamber of Deputies on gender responsive budgeting and was successful in improving transparency and accountability around the health budget.
As a result of the continuous mobilization of NGOs with specific focus on the Chamber of Deputies, the Equity and Gender Commission of the Chamber have earmarked approximately 13 billion pesos in 2003 and 2004 (circa 0.80% total budget) towards programmes that promote gender equality.
www.idrc.ca /es/ev-66692-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html   (1892 words)

 Jalisco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Jalisco is one of the 31 states of the United Mexican States (Mexico).
Most of Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest freshwater lake, lies within the boundaries of Jalisco.
Jalisco is known for being the birthplace of Mariachi music and Tequila.
www.hackettstown.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Jalisco   (210 words)

 ipedia.com: Chamber of Deputies of Mexico Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Chamber of Deputies is the lower house of Mexico 's bicameral legislature, the Congress of the Union.
The structure and responsibilities of both chambers of Congress are defined in Articles 50 to...
Chamber of Deputies of Mexico Article - ipedia.com
www.ipedia.com /chamber_of_deputies_of_mexico.html   (221 words)

 Human Rights Watch: Americas : Mexico
The court ruled against the United States in a case brought by Mexico concerning the U.S. failure to inform 54 Mexicans arrested on capital charges of their right to talk to their consular officials.
Mexico should redouble its efforts to arrest former officials charged with committing past abuses, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to President Vicente Fox today.
President: We were encouraged to learn of the recent arrest and indictment of the former director of the Federal Security Directorate, Miguel Nazar Haro, to face charges brought by the Special Prosecutor for Social and Political Movements of the Past.
www.hrw.org /americas/mexico.php   (1026 words)

 Mexican senators wary of bill allowing migrants in U.S. to vote | The San Diego Union-Tribune
MEXICO CITY – A bill that would allow millions of Mexican migrants in the United States to cast ballots in Mexico's 2006 presidential election has hit some roadblocks.
On Tuesday, Mexico's Chamber of Deputies overwhelmingly passed the measure, causing jubilation among Mexican and Mexican-American activists who had been lobbying for more than a decade for the right of migrants to vote in the United States and other countries.
But an array of powerful senators, who need to ratify the bill, have expressed concern over the proposed law, raising the possibility that it might not be ready for the 2006 election or that it could face substantial changes.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20050225/news_1n25mexvote.html   (535 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
At the event, Ricardo Garcia stressed that the Mexican Chamber of Deputies is seeking cooperation, comprehension and true commitment from the international community in order to promote respect for human rights and national sovereignty.
Ricardo Garcia also stated that because of its great plurality and diversity, the Mexican Chamber of Deputies can and should be an important base for the presidential institutions and also for its future relations with Cuba.
Deputy Tourism Minister, Sim Mony, said the plan will restore the area as it was when it was under the control of the Khmer Rouge, which includes 36 houses belonging to the leadership, a military base and other buildings.
www.blythe.org /nytransfer-subs/2001-Caribbean-Vol-1/RHC_Weekend-17-18_February_2001   (2881 words)

 Mexico: Fox’s Labor Reform Proposal Would Deal Serious Blow to Workers’ Rights (Human Rights Watch, 9-2-2005)
We write to express our concern that the proposed labor law reform, known as the Abascal Project, under consideration in the Labor and Social Welfare Commission of the Chamber of Deputies would be a serious setback for workers’ human rights in Mexico.
In Mexico, trade union elections to supplant pre-existing unions are often open ballot elections.
Mexico has recognized this problem, and in its May 18, 2000, joint declaration with the United States under the NAALC, the government agreed to “promote the use of.
hrw.org /english/docs/2005/02/09/mexico10156.htm   (1638 words)

 Pacific News Service > News > Election of Gay Legislator Marks Major Shift in Land of Machismo
MEXICO CITY -- The head of "The Closet of Sister Juana" is about to take her seat in Mexico's Chamber of Deputies -- a clear sign of change in the land of "machismo."
Mexico has a proportional voting system -- each party holds a number of seats in the legislature proportional to the percentage of the popular vote it receives.
The tendency in Mexico is to see men who take the active role with male partners as regaining their manhood, while those who take the passive role are not.
news.pacificnews.org /news/view_article.html?article_id=1ef6700ae4bb7515b0cf13996eb3ebb5   (926 words)

China is satisfied with the development of bilateral ties and appreciates Mexico's adherence to the one-China policy, the vice president said, adding that Mexico has become one of China's most important political and trading partners in Latin America.
Mexico highly values its ties with China and is keen to further strengthen this relationship of cooperation, the president said.
Fox reiterated Mexico's adherence to the one-China policy and the principles of peaceful reunification and "one country, two systems." Mexico understands China in its pursuit of new legislation against "Taiwan independence," he said.
english.eastday.com /eastday/englishedition/nation/userobject1ai824456.html   (617 words)

 Tlaxcala Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Tlaxcala is bordered to the west by the Mexico (state)state of México, to the northwest by Hidalgo, and to the north, east, and south by Puebla.
The state governor from 1998 to 2003 was Alfonso Abraham Sánchez Anaya of the Partido de la Revolución DemocráticaPRD, representing an alliance between the PRD and the Green Ecological Party of Mexico (PVEM) and Labour Party (Mexico)Labour Party (PT).
The assistance of the Tlaxcaltecas was of instrumental importance to Hernán Cortés in his conquest of Mexico in the early 16th century.
www.echostatic.com /Tlaxcala.html   (283 words)

This, they found in Mexico City during the transition to an untested young president, Ernesto Zedillo, from an experienced man, Carlos Salinas, who had begun his presidency in 1988-89 by fighting off a comparable peso devaluation.
Those of us who are friends of Mexico were caught sleeping late last year, having been persuaded that President Zedillo's campaign pledge to maintain the peso's value was as good as gold, and that Miguel Mancera would be able to fight off the great Black Whale.
If it is going to be used to support Mexico's refinancing of its national debt, by buying up dollar-guaranteed tesebonos, it will be as useless as the $40 billion loan-guarantee plan first proposed by the Clinton administration and rejected by the 104th Congress.
www.polyconomics.com /searchbase/g2-10-95.htm   (2319 words)

 SourceMex - Economic News & Analysis on Mexico; May 7, 1997
Legislation approved by the Chamber of Deputies in 1995 changed the Mexican Constitution to remove the "strategic" designation from Mexico's satellite system, which allowed President Ernesto Zedillo's administration to proceed with the privatization plans (see SourceMex, 05/03/95).
Mexico, which signed the convention in 1987, is obligated to investigate all complaints about torture or mistreatment of individuals.
According to Joublanc, Mexico has enacted legislative and judicial changes which are designed to "promote a culture of protecting human rights." Alejandro Gonzalez Poblete, a member of the committee, said part of the problem is that the government-affiliated CNDH lacks the proper authority to take action on any instance of human rights violation.
ssdc.ucsd.edu /news/smex/h97/smex.19970507.html   (2919 words)

 SingaporeMoms - Parenting Encyclopedia - Chihuahua   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Chihuahua is the name of both a state of Mexico and that state's capital city.
The state of Chihuahua is the largest of the 31 states of Mexico and is located in the northwestern part of the country.
Chihuahua is bounded on the north mostly by the Río Bravo del Norte (Rio Grande) and Texas, and to some extent by the state line of New Mexico.
www.singaporemoms.com /parenting/Chihuahua_(state)   (352 words)

 Mexican Labor News & Analysis Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Labor and social movements responded rapidly, beginning a sit in at the chamber of Deputies on December 1st, and calling for major mobilizations in Mexico City and around the country.
The Mexico City mayor argues that the attempt to remove his immunity and indict him is entirely politically motivated and would deny Mexicans the right to a genuine alternative in the 2006 election.
Adding insult to injury, that seminar was moved from Mexico City, where the workers lived and the FAT has its offices, to Monterrey, the hometown of the head of Mexico's national labor board.
www.ueinternational.org /Mexico_info/mlna_articles.php?id=83   (10693 words)

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