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Topic: Chamber of Deputies of Romania

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In the News (Sat 23 Jun 18)

  Interesting information on Romania
Romania, also called Roumania, borders with Hungary in its western side, with Ukraine and Moldova in the northeast, and with Bulgaria and Servia in the south.
From the point of view of politics, is interesting to know that Romania is a Democratic Republic, with a legislative branch that counts with two chambers: the Chamber of Deputies and the Chamber of the Senate.
Romania's territory has shown some increasing in the last years due to the fact that it seems to be gaining space against the sea towards the area of Danube Delta.
www.eurotomic.com /romania.php   (357 words)

  Romania - MSN Encarta
The constitution declares Romania to be a parliamentary republic and provides for competing political parties, a separation of powers between branches of government, a market economy, and respect for human rights.
In each of Romania’s 41 counties and in the special municipality of Bucharest there is a county court and several lower courts, or courts of first instance.
The procurator-general is the highest judicial official in Romania, and is responsible to the National Assembly, which appoints him or her for a four-year term.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761559516_7/Romania.html   (648 words)

 Romania HISTORY
In 1940, Romania ceded Bessarabia and northern Bukovina to the USSR, northern Transylvania to Hungary, and southern Dobruja to Bulgaria.
In 1968, Romania denounced the Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia, and the USSR-Romania treaty of friendship and cooperation expired; a new accord was not signed until 1970.
Further examples of Romania's independent foreign policy in the 1970s were the gradual improvement of relations with China, numerous bilateral agreements with the nations of Western Europe, and President Ceausescu's state visit in December 1973 to Washington, where he signed a joint declaration on economic, industrial, and technical cooperation with the United States.
www.nationsencyclopedia.com /Europe/Romania-HISTORY.html   (2648 words)

 Constitution of Romania - Helplinelaw
The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate are elected for a term of office of four years, which may be prolonged by an organic law, in a case of war or catastrophe.
Deputies and Senators shall enter on the exercise of their office on the same day the Chamber they are a member of has legally met, on condition that their election is validated.
The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate may, in a joint session, carry a resolution upon the impeachment of the President of Romania for high treason, by the vote of at least two thirds of the number of Deputies and Senators.
www.helplinelaw.com /law/romania/constitution/constitution03.php   (5235 words)

 Romania at Caribbean Topfunwebsites   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Union of Tranylvania with Romania was ratified in the Treaty of Trianon in 1920.
After repudiating their 'Contract With Romania' platform which would have required the CDR to resign en masse after 200 days from a mixed coalition government (some members had signed on to the contract program while others had not), the major CDR parties were electorally eviscerated in 2000, and the Social Democrats returned to power.
Romania now has one of the most liberal taxation systems in Europe, and this, along with increased foreign investment, is expected to boost economic growth in the coming years, as well as lower corruption and bring to light the grey economy.
www.topfunwebsites.com /guyana/romania.html   (1958 words)

 ethnic minorities and the Romanian diaspora in Romania's electoral system
The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate are elected in constituencies, by universal, equal, direct, secret, and freely expressed suffrage, on the basis of a list system and independent candidatures, according to the principle of proportional representation.
Thus, for the election of the Chamber of Deputies the representation norm is of one Deputy to 70,000 inhabitants, and for the election of the Senate, of one Senator to 160,000 inhabitants.
The number of Deputies and Senators to be elected in each constituency is determined on the basis of the representation norm, by relating the number of inhabitants in each constituency to the representation norm.
users.skynet.be /suffrage-universel/romi.htm   (1095 words)

 Romanian Law
Romania's 1991 constitution proclaims Romania a democracy and market economy, in which human dignity, civic rights and freedoms, the unhindered development of human personality, justice, and political pluralism are supreme and guaranteed values.
The two-chamber Parliament, consisting of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, is the law-making authority.
Three judges are appointed by the Chamber of Deputies, three by the Senate, and three by the president of Romania.
jurist.law.pitt.edu /world/romania.htm   (425 words)

 Romania Deputies OK Sodomy Reform
Under continuing pressure from Europe, Romania’s Chamber of Deputies has once again made a move to decriminalize consensual homosexual acts — but once again has done so in a way that leaves the door open for abuses, human rights groups say.
Romania’s politicians have been struggling for years between the economic lure of European participation and the pull of powerful religious and nationalist sentiments.
But while the deputies’ earliest debates on the topic of homosexuality ended in near-riots, the current proposal passed by 180 - 14 with 40 abstentions.
www.sodomylaws.org /world/romania/ronews10.htm   (461 words)

 Chamber of Deputies of Romania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Chamber of Deputies (Romanian: Camera Deputaţilor) is the lower house in Romania's bicameral parliament.
The current president of the Chamber of Deputies is Bogdan Olteanu from the National Liberal Party, who was elected on March 20, 2006, after the former president, Adrian Năstase, was forced by his own party (the Social Democratic Party, PSD) to step down amidst allegations of corruption.
Elections to the Chamber of Deputies were held on November 26, 2000, in which the Social Democratic Party of Romania (PSD) won plurality.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chamber_of_Deputies_of_Romania   (395 words)

 Title I General Principles
Romania is a democratic and social State governed by the rule of law, in which human dignity, the citizens' rights and freedoms, the free development of human personality, justice, and political pluralism represent supreme values and shall be guaranteed.
Romania is the common and indivisible homeland of all its citizens, without any discrimination on account of race, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion, sex, opinion, political adherence, property, or social origin.
Candidates must have attained, by or on the election day, the age of at least twenty-three, to be elected to the Chamber of Deputies or local administration, and at least thirty-five, to be elected to the Senate or to the office of President of Romania.
www.cmseducation.org /wconsts/romania.html   (9997 words)

If the Chamber informed in the matter does not take a decision on the ordinance within a maximum period of 30 days after it has been tabled, this one is considered as adopted and is sent to the other chamber which shall also decide through an emergency procedure.
The NATO membership of Romania depends on the adoption of a bill by the House of Deputies and the Senate, during a joint session, with a 2/3 majority of parliamentarians.
If there is disagreement between the two chambers and the conciliation procedure fails, a joint session of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate takes a decision through a vote which must obtain at least a three-quarters majority of deputies and senators.
www.senat.fr /senatsdumonde/english/romania.html   (1412 words)

 RADOR: News from Romania, 00-11-28
With regard to the Democratic Magyar Union of Romania, the leadership of PDSR estimates that this political party represents a partner of negociations and things could develop toward a future parliamentary bilateral support.
The Social Democracy Party of Romania is ready to cooperate with other political parties and coalitions as well as with unions of parties and they are now working on it.
Romania needs very much to continue good links with the European Union as well as the strategic partnership with the United States if we wish to go forward on the path of democracy, liberty and economic reconstruction" end of quote.
www.hri.org /news/balkans/rador/2000/00-11-28.rador.html   (1057 words)

In 2000, Minister Pascu was elected to the Chamber of Deputies from Satul Mare and appointed Minister of Defense.
Romania’s geographic location ensures the connection of the European landmass to Turkey and the Levant, establishing a strategic junction between the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.
Romania has participated in all NATO political and military initiatives in South East Europe, and has coordinated a large number of projects in the area of security, diplomacy and internal affairs within the Stability Pact.
www.roembus.org /english/journal/armata/romanian_digest_06-02.htm   (2047 words)

 The EFTA Secretariat: EFTA Parliamentary Committee: Meetings with Romanian and Bulgarian Parliamentarians   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The meeting in Bucharest was attended by representatives of both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies in Romania, as well as Parliamentarians from Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, whereas in Sofia the EFTA Parliamentarians met with their counterparts from the Narodno Sobranie (national assembly).
Romania, Bulgaria and the EFTA countries enjoy strong political and economic ties and the free trade agreements between both Romania and EFTA and Bulgaria and EFTA have been in force since 1993.
Mr Dorian Dorel, Vice-Chairperson of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, introduced the preparations and actions undertaken in Romania to accede to the EU, and assessed Romania's role in the new EU.
secretariat.efta.int /Web/News/parl160904?portal_skin=text   (374 words)

 Resolution   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Romania, being a strategic partner of the United States of America and member of the Partnership for Peace, shall join NATO, the NATO member States and their partners and allies as a de facto NATO member in fighting against international terrorism by all means, including military means.
Romania shall co-ordinate her actions with the United States of America and NATO and with their partners and allies in order to put at their disposal available forces and means in keeping with the proposed actions.
This resolution was passed by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate in their joint session on September 19, 2001, while observing the provisions of Art.
www.unesco.org /delegates/romania/resolution-en.htm   (273 words)

 Ion Duca
Ion Duca (1879-December 30, 1933) was prime minister of Romania from November 14 to December 30, 1933, when he was assassinated for his efforts to suppress the fascist Iron Guard[?] movement.
Born in Bucharest, he entered Romania's Chamber of Deputies for the National Liberal Party in 1907 and served in the cabinet from 1914.
Appointed foreign minister in 1922, he was an avid supporter of the Little Entente[?], formed between Romania, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia to fend off Hungarian expansionist claims (Hungary claimed Transylvania, which Romania had incorporated after World War I and prevent the Hapsburg dynasty from returning to power in Central Europe.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/io/Ion_Duca.html   (174 words)

 European Countries - Romania
Romania, in southeast Europe, is mountainous in the north while the main feature in the south is the vast Danube valley.
The Romanian parliament consists of two chambers, the Senat (Senate), which has 140 members, and the Camera Deputaţilor (Chamber of Deputies), which has 345 members.
The members of both chambers are chosen in elections held every four years.
europa.eu /abc/european_countries/eu_members/romania/index_en.htm   (349 words)

Crouch is the U.S. Ambassador to Romania where he has worked to expand democracy in the region, increase cooperation between the United States and Romania in the global war on terror, and foster Romania’s incorporation into Western security institutions including NATO and the European Union.
The Romanian Chamber of Deputies voted to approve the proposed adoption law that essential ceases all international adoptions (the only exception is adoption by a child’s grandparents).
On February 10, during discussions with the Embassy of Romania we were told that the law would be sent to the Parliament from the Cabinet sometime in February and that the Parliament is slated to pass the law in May. Afterwards, a six month implementation period would commence.
www.jcics.org /Romania.htm   (4404 words)

 News from December 5
The Committee for Labour and Social Protection of the Chamber of Deputies voted that pensions should equal 64% of the MP wages.
She said Romania wanted to get the re-confirmation of the January 1, 2007 as the moment for our country's joining the EU, a clear timetable for the joining negotiations and additional financial assistence.
Official visit to Romania of the delegation of the Parliamentary Friendship Group Hungary-Romania, from the National Assembly of Hungary - at 9:30, the delegation meet the Speaker of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, Valer Dorneanu.
www.ici.ro /romania/en/stiri/arh2002/e_dec05.html   (732 words)

 Amnesty International Report 2002 - Europe - ROMANIA
In November the European Commission in its 2001 report on Romania's progress towards accession to the European Union made extensive recommendations to the government, including further reform of the Penal Code, particularly of the provisions relating to freedom of expression, and increasing the accountability of police officers.
Fourteen conscientious objectors, who were convicted in 2000 and given suspended sentences, appealed to the Prosecutor General of Romania to file on their behalf an extraordinary appeal to annul their convictions.
Romania: Alleged ill-treatment of a 15-year-old girl by a police officer (AI Index: EUR 39/009/2001)
web.amnesty.org /web/ar2002.nsf/eur/romania!Open   (1613 words)

The two Chambers have different numbers of members: the Chamber of Deputies is composed of 332 deputies, and the Senate, of 137 senators.
The activity of the General Secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies is designed to help the functions and duties of the Chamber of Deputies to be carried out; it is run by the secretary general of the Chamber of Deputies.
The General Secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies shall provide the organisational and material conditions, and the specialized assistance for the preparing and progress of the parliamentary activity at its headquarters and in the constituencies.
www.cdep.ro /pls/dic/site.page?id=103&idl=2   (298 words)

 Profile of Romania
Romania, with a population of 22.5 million and a land of 237,499 sq.
Romania’s GDP was $38.2 billion and its annual GDP growth rate was 4.5% in 1998.
Geographically, Romania is divided into three regions: the South, East, and Northwest (Transylvania) plus the capital city of Bucharest on the South.
www.realtor.org /intlprof.nsf/All/Romania?OpenDocument   (1081 words)

 CEELI - Romania Significant Legal Developments - February 2006
The Chamber of Deputies approved yesterday the decree which transforms the former National Anticorruption Prosecutors' Office into the National Anticorruption Department (NAD), under the jurisdiction of the General Prosecutors' Office.
Minister of Justice Monica Macovei will be heard tomorrow by the Chamber of Deputies' Commission for Investigating Abuses, Corruption and Petitions for her alleged involvement in her parents' house court case, as well as in the criminal case involving a prominent businessman in the oil industry, Dinu Patriciu.
Prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Department (NAD) are pressing charges of bribery against Adrian Nastase, former PM and current president of the Chamber of Deputies, in a case related to the acquisition of a building in downtown Bucharest.
www.abanet.org /ceeli/countries/romania/feb2006.html   (3463 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Romania was among the first Partner countries to contribute a substantial contingent of forces to that mission.
I am confident that Romania's membership of the UN Security Council, and in particular its chairmanship in July, will lead to a further strengthening of cooperation between the UN and NATO.
Romania, as a member of NATO and a future member of the EU, has of course an important stake in this co-operation.
www.nato.int /romania/speechsg1305.htm   (1354 words)

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