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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

  Chancel - LoveToKnow 1911
In churches of the type that grew to its perfection in the middle ages the chancels are clearly differentiated from the nave by structural features: by the raising of the floor level, by the presence of a "chancel arch," and by a chancel or rood screen (see Rood).
In parish churches the screen was set, partly to differentiate the space occupied by the clergy from that reserved for the laity, partly to support the representation of the crucifixion known as the Rood.
In the Church of England, the duty of repairing the chancel falls upon the parson by custom, while the repair of the body of the church falls on the parishioners.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Chancel   (587 words)

 The Chancel
Before restoration, the chancel was constructed of rough knapped flint work similar to that on the nave, with North and South external corner buttresses as well as intermediate buttresses between the lancet windows.
Interior photographs show that the chancel was originally divided from the nave by a segmental arch lower than the present one, which would indicate that it had been rebuilt at some point after the chancel was constructed.
To complete the rebuilding of the chancel, a new floor was constructed of plain and decorative acoustic tiles and during this work it was said a bottle was found containing documents relating to the church’s restoration after the storm in 1639.
www.farnborough-kent-parish.org.uk /chancel.htm   (670 words)

 chancel - HighBeam Encyclopedia
CHANCEL [chancel] primarily that part of the church close to the altar and used by the officiating clergy.
The chancel rail was moved forward, and the entire space became known as the choir, although it is also termed the chancel; there is no strict differentiation in the usage.
In the Middle Ages the chancel rail was replaced by lofty choir screens (see rood), especially in English cathedrals and in monastic churches.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-chancel.html   (334 words)

The chancel includes the sanctuary and an area for clergy and choir.
In Gibson's design, the chancel was deepened by 13 feet, and terminated, not in lancet windows, but in as single large window with stone tracery work.
In 1960, the the chancel area was renovated, the organ console moved, and the choir seating area enlarged.
ah.phpwebhosting.com /~ah/a/pearl/128/chancel   (398 words)

 Church Architecture Glossary
In churches with a historic floor plan, the chancel is the front part of the church from which the service is conducted, as distinct from the nave, where the congregation sits.
In churches with a lecture-hall floor plan, the term sanctuary is often used to mean both chancel and nave because the two are not architecturally distinct.
The result was a space between the chancel and the nave that extends beyond the side walls, giving the church a cruciform floorplan—meaning that it is cross-shaped when viewed from the air.
www.kencollins.com /glossary/architecture.htm   (1721 words)

 A Tour of All Saints Church, Westbere, Canterbury
In All Saints, Westbere, the chancel arches are supported by stone corbels (a name given for projections from the wall) with fine carvings of a man crouched on top of a lion and a woman.
The chancel is the name given to the part of the church used by the clergy and sometimes the choir.
The aumbry is on the north wall of the chancel.
freespace.virgin.net /r.cornish/westbere   (1046 words)

 The Chancel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Chancel appears almost to be an extension to the nave, and one bay (now containing the present electric organ), passes through into the Lady Chapel.
The outlines of other windows in the chancel are clearly marked out in the stonework, and it may well be that this particular bay - the north chancel arch - was created from an earlier window.
The oak chancel screen was dedicated in 1907and given to the memory of William and Janet Sang, parent of Hilda Mary Hodges, wife of the Reverend Wilfred Hodges, Rector from 1904 - 1921.
st.mary.users.btopenworld.com /chancel.htm   (319 words)

 Chancel International, Dubai: Relief Material, Emergency Supplies, Humanitarian Aid Supplier
Chancel International has held the Long Term Agreement with a leading UN Agency for more than eight years (from the time Long Term Agreements were first started).
Chancel International has based itself in the freeport in Dubai where it has its office and warehouse within the Jebel Ali Free Zone.
Chancel also has a joint venture agreement with a local food manufacturer to provide commodities such as oil, wheat, wheatflour, sugar and lentils.
www.africa-business.com /profiles/chancel.html   (583 words)

The church [plate 26a] consists of chancel, with priest's door, nave, and north aisle separated from nave by five arches on granite monoliths with carved capitals.
The church [plates 30a and 30b] is cruciform, consisting of chancel, with priest's door, nave, north and south transepts, south porch, and central tower with six bells.
The church [plate 35a] consists of chancel, nave, north and south aisles, north and south transepts, south porch with groined stone roof, the keystone having carving representing angels censing the figure of the Blessed Virgin, and west tower with six bells.
www.wissensdrang.com /stabb025.htm   (4753 words)

 Historic Churches Preservation Trust - Recent Grants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Chancel rebuilt 16th century in Gothic style by Nevill family, holders of Manor since 1435 and created Lords of Abergavenny in 1784, who also refitted chancel in c1828.
The pews in the Chancel, paneling in the North & South Aisles, the ceilings in the Nave and Aisle are all 15C.
The consolidation and repointing of the Chancel gable copings and buttresses and the relaying of the rainwater drains.
www.historicchurches.org.uk /recent_grants.cfm   (13881 words)

The Chancel is served by a lofty Norman arch, with a span of 26 feet.
The organ is contained in an organ chamber on the south side of the Chancel.
The Chancel’s most striking feature is, of course, the illuminated reredos, which is positioned on the east wall immediately above the Communion Table.
www.stcuthbertssaltcoats.com /chancel.html   (768 words)

The chancel is part of the choir near the altar of a church, where the deacons or sub-deacons stand to assist the officiating priest.
In St. Clement's the chancel screen of the presbyterium coincided with the chord of the apse, and the altar also stood upon this line; the approaches had therefore to be constructed on either side of the altar.
In cathedrals and conventual churches, where space is required to accomodate the canons or the religious, a portion of the church between the sanctuary and the nave is taken for the purpose; it is not, however, called the chancel, but the choir.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03572b.htm   (362 words)

 Pews, Church Pew Information, Church Chairs, Church Furniture
Chancel furnishings are the center piece of the church sanctuary and must be both beautiful and functional.
Selection of the correct chancel furniture for your place of worship is not a simple decision, but we can help you find the right set at the right price.
Chancel furniture is available with options such as lights and adjustable heights.
www.suburbanchurchfurniture.com   (688 words)

 Chancel Repairs
For a detailed explanation of the history of the liability for chancel repairs, we can do no better than refer you, with the consent of the author, to the transcript of an excellent talk given by Derek Wellman, Registrar of the Diocese of Lincoln, to members of the Ecclesiastical Law Association on 8 April 2000.
Otherwise the result of not registering will be that the right to recover the cost of chancel repairs will be lost in the event of the transfer of the land after the ten year period to a purchaser without notice of the liability.
However, the liability for chancel repairs has always been what lawyers call “an overriding interest”, which means that it has not been necessary to protect such a right or interest by registration.
www.peterboroughdiocesanregistry.co.uk /chancels.html   (651 words)

 Lancing & Sompting on the Web - St Mary's - Sompting Parish Church
To the left, there is a doorway to the sacristy - a strong room between this chancel and the chancel of the main church to contain valuable.
Looking toward the chancel from the tower, there is a real impression of length, attenuated by the height of the church, the narrowness of the nave, and the lack of arch between the nave and the chancel.
Returning the the chancel, on the north wall there is the carved tomb of Richard Burré, a member of the London Guild Companies, who died in 1527.
www.bn15.co.uk /history/stmary.html   (974 words)

 Malone College : Chancel Players Drama Ministry
The Malone College Chancel Players is a group of four students who perform faith-based drama in schools and churches as well as for various community organizations.
Chancel Players is under the artistic direction of Deanna Dallas ddallas@malone.edu, who has a passion for the arts.
Don't miss Chancels in the annual Something-Palooza, a student acting showcase, on February 6, 2007 at 9 p.m.
www.malone.edu /5613   (304 words)

 Chancel Repertory Theatre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Thus, winged by fervent prayers, a distinct calling, and a passion for the arts, Chancel Repertory Theatre took flight in June of 1986.
Chancel Rep firmly believes that its every activity, whether it be a 20 minute skit or a 2 hour play, is only a segment of a bigger story, a play whose Director, and Playwright and Composer is God.
Chancel Rep holds its breath in earnest expectation of what God will continue to unveil as He sovereignly and diligently works out His purpose through this ministry.
www.chancelrep.com /about.htm   (293 words)

 Ash and Chrysanthemum: Nobilis Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
It created a Chancel that the Excrucians very much wish to destroy, and guards it well against the fury of their attacks.
The still-human residents of its Chancel die in droves whenever the Excrucians launch a major attack, but Domitian is never short of martyrs...
The chancel is a dark and blasted landscape, dominated by a single fortress-city, its obsidian walls constantly under repair.
www.chancel.org /submissions/Domitian.htm   (1115 words)

 Church - Chancel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The east window of the chancel, consisting of three cinquefoil lights with intersecting tracery, is early 14th century; the 19th century stained glass, presented by Rector Ellis and his family, depicts Faith, Hope and Charity.
Of the two windows in the chancel north wall, the westernmost is 12th century, albeit heavily restored.
In the south wall there is a 14th century piscina and, between the two windows a low priest's door, the external arch of which has stops of grotesque beasts.
www.langham.org.uk /Our_Church/ChurchChancel.htm   (134 words)

 NPC | Music Ministries
The Chancel Choir is the church's principal choral ensemble, leading the congregation each week in worship.
Chancel Choir is primarily made up of volunteers with a core of eight professionally-trained section leaders.
Members are drawn from the ranks of the Chancel Choir and includes others who love to sing but are unable to join in the regular choral schedule the rest of the year.
www.natpresch.org /music.php   (1878 words)

The church consists of chancel, nave, north and south aisles, separated from the nave by four fluted columns with carved capitals, south porch with groined roof, the bosses having shields of arms, holy water stoup, parvise (the door and staircase remaining), and west tower with five bells.
The church [plate 165a] consists of chancel, with priest's door, north aisle, south transept, south porch, and tower on the north side of the nave.
The church [plate 168] consists of chancel, with priest's door, nave, north aisle, separated from nave by arches, the pillars having carved capitals, south porch, and west tower with six bells, five cast in 1783 by William Evans of Chepstow [Monmouthshire, Wales], the sixth added in 1908.
www.wissensdrang.com /stabb157.htm   (4627 words)

 Pierre Chancel
Pierre Chancel was born on May 24, 1920 in Paris in the 20th district, where his parents owned a coffee shop.
Seen well to Panhard and LP, Pierre Chancel, thanks to the race, would develop or adapt various techniques like the hydraulic correction of the play to the valves, the cylinder head with double camshaft at the head, the engine with detachable cylinder head, etc...
In Rouen, in 1958, the VM5 of Pierre Chancel caught fire and this one was seriously burned with the drivers.
www.panhard-levassor.de /sport/pilotes/chancel-e.htm   (587 words)

Our liturgical (or "church" or "chancel") operas are short pieces designed to replace the sermon in the worship service.
Action takes place in the "chancel" -- that is, the elevated area approaching the altar, between the choir stalls in most churches.
The chancel operas are based on Bible stories from Holy Scripture (Old Testament) and the New Testament.
www.chancelopera.com /aCHAN2.html   (513 words)

- The side aisle of a chancel in a large church; it usually passes around the
- The railing or barrier in place of a chancel screen by which the chancel is separated from the nave.
A screen in Byzantine churches separating the sanctuary from the nave and pierced by three doors, originally a lattice of columns joined by a decorated parapet and coping.
ah.bfn.org /a/DCTNRY/c/chancel.html   (172 words)

 William Shakespeare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shakespeare is buried in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon.
He was granted the honour of burial in the chancel not on account of his fame as a playwright but for purchasing a share of the tithe of the church for £440 (a considerable sum of money at the time).
A monument placed by his family on the wall nearest his grave features a bust of him posed in the act of writing.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/William_Shakespeare   (4297 words)

 Church Pews, Church Chairs, Church Furniture
Chancel furniture is the center piece of the church sanctuary and must be both beautiful and functional.
Chancel furniture is sold with options such as lights and adjustable heights.
We are sellers of all types of chancel furniture, pulpit chairs, chancel chairs, choir chairs, communion tables, flower stands, pulpits, custom rails, and other church furnishings.
www.clcweb.net /ODHA_Reports/Church_Pews/church_pews.html   (4056 words)

 Chancel repair searches   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Chancel repair searches reveal whether a homeowner is liable to contribute towards repairs at the local parish church.
They record the fact a liability exists and specifies the apportionment between the plots of land subject to it.
Chancel repair liability in Wales rests with the Church in virtually all cases.
www.jordans.co.uk /jordans3.nsf/Main/Personal+Chancel+Repair+Searches   (232 words)

 The Studios of Potente, Inc.
Chancel and nave renovation, accessibility for persons with disabilities, millwork, painting, and lighting.
Chancel and nave renovation, handicap accessibility, millwork, painting, and lighting.
Chancel renovation, millwork, furniture, pews and chairs, painting with gold-leaf decoration, lighting, seating, and access for persons with disabilities.
www.potentestudios.com /default.asp?id=52   (385 words)

 Sturry Church - A Photographic Tour of St Nicholas Church, Sturry, Canterbury
The original church was built in the standard Norman pattern of nave (the centre part of the church), chancel (the eastern part of the church with the altar) and west tower.
The chancel roof was built about 1300 or later; it is of paired rafters and collars with one single tall strut for extra support.
The Victorians made many changes to the inside of the chancel; a reredos (an ornamental screen on the wall behind the altar) was put up, and many of the walls were painted.
freespace.virgin.net /r.cornish   (1585 words)

 Chancel Choir
The Chancel Choir, led by Dr. Glenn DeLange and accompanied by organist/pianist Lisa Edwards, rehearses on Thursday nights from 7:30 p.m.
The Chancel Choir has participated in two concert tours during the past ten years, one to Great Britain in 1995, and more recently, to Ireland in 1999.
The SMCC Chancel Choir welcomes participation from all levels of singers into their unique fellowship in song.
www.smccpby.com /chancel_choir.htm   (163 words)

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