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  Chancellor James Moeser - The University of North Carolina
The Office of the Chancellor - The University of North Carolina
Under the leadership of Dr. James Moeser, its ninth chancellor, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill embraces an ambitious vision for the future — to be America’s leading public university.
The chancellor has managed growth in faculty research funding, adoption of an academic plan, enhancements to undergraduate education and extensive globalization efforts.
www.unc.edu /chan   (837 words)

 Chancellor of the College of William and Mary | Chancellor
In 1729 the Statutes of the College transferred the governance of the institution in Virginia and similar provisions, as in the charter, defined the chancellor, nominally the temporal and spiritual head of the College, whose advice must be sought on all major issues of policy.
Actually, the most useful role of the chancellor to the small college in the Colony of Virginia was serving as a link with the Crown, with the British government and with the Church of England.
The next chancellor was another Virginian, Hugh Blair Grigsby of Norfolk, a historian, member of the Board of Visitors and president of the Virginia Historical Society.
www.wm.edu /chancellor/duties.php   (1341 words)

  New Catholic Dictionary: chancellor   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the recent German Empire, the chancellor was president of the federal council and so, under the emperor, was charged with the direction of imperial affairs.
In England, the lord high chancellor is the keeper of the state seal; as the highest law officer he is the speaker of the House of Lords, a member of the cabinet, and appoints all the judges and justices of the peace, and, among other duties, supervises the interests of minors and lunatics.
Catholics are excluded from the office of lord chancellor in England, on the grounds that this dignitary is the patron of many Church of England livings, but, however, it may be held by Jews and freethinkers.
www.catholic-forum.com /saints/ncd01859.htm   (210 words)

 Philip the Chancellor (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Philip the Chancellor was an influential figure in a number of different circles in the first half of the thirteenth century.
The position of chancellor at the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris was one of some importance, although it was the lowest ranking office in the administrative hierarchy of the chapter.
Moreover, the chancellor had the right to revoke the license should a master prove unworthy or incompetent, as well as the responsibility for maintaining order and discipline among the scholars within his jurisdiction.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/philip-chancellor   (4963 words)

 Chang-Lin Tien: 1935-2002
Berkeley — Chang-Lin Tien, who, as chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, from 1990-97 was an outspoken supporter of equal opportunity in higher education and who preserved the campus's preeminence despite a prolonged state budget crisis, died Tuesday, Oct. 29 at Kaiser Permanente hospital in Redwood City.
As chancellor, Tien was beloved as a champion of students.
Timeline: Milestones of Tien's tenure as UC Berkeley chancellor.
www.berkeley.edu /news/media/releases/2002/10/tien.html   (2777 words)

  CNN - Journalist John Chancellor dies at 68 - July 13, 1996
Chancellor, who was treated for stomach cancer two years ago, died at his home.
Chancellor later called the experience "awful." "I found myself introducing musical acts at 7:45 in the morning, and that was just too much for me. I wanted to get back to work," he told CNN's Larry King Live in July 1993.
Chancellor returned to his old employer after two years in government, moving onto the "NBC Nightly News." Through the Watergate years and beyond, he moved more and more into talking about the news.
www.cnn.com /US/9607/13/chancellor   (601 words)

  Chancellor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Malaysia, the Chancellor postition is given to Datuk by universities to represent the universities in the political arena.
Formerly, the Lord Chancellor was the sole judge in the Court of Chancery.
Chancellor of the Exchequer, the minister with overall responsibility for the Exchequer or Treasury.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chancellor   (1734 words)

 Chancellor of Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Due to his administrative tasks the head of the chapel of the imperial palace was called Chancellor, the Archbishop of Mainz was German Chancellor until the end of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 while the Archbishop of Cologne was Chancellor of Italy and the Archbishop of Trier of Burgundy.
The chancellor's authority emanates from the provisions of the Basic Law and from his or her status as leader of the party (or coalition of parties) holding a majority of seats in the Bundestag (federal parliament).
This was the case with Chancellor Gerhard Schröder from 1999 until he resigned the chairmanship of the SPD in 2004.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chancellor_of_Germany   (1330 words)

 CHANCELLOR - LoveToKnow Article on CHANCELLOR   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The chancellor was originally, and long continued to be, an ecclesiastic, who combined the functions of the most dignified of the royal chaplains, the kings secretary in secular matters, and keeper of the royal seal.
The chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster is the representative of the crown in the management of its lands and the control of its courts in the duchy of Lancaster, the property Chancellor of which is scattered over several counties.
The chancellor was, as he remains, the head of the university; he had the general superintendence of its studies and of its discipline, could make and unmake laws, try and punish offences, appoint to professorial chairs and admit students to the various degrees (see Du Cange, s.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /C/CH/CHANCELLOR.htm   (5203 words)

 Chancellor of the Exchequer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Chancellor is third oldest major state office in English and United Kingdom history, one which originally carried responsibility for the Exchequer, the medieval English institution for the collection of royal revenues.
The office should not be confused with those of the Lord High Chancellor or the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, both Cabinet posts, the Chancellor of the High Court, a senior judge, or the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, a defunct judicial office.
One of the Chancellor's key roles involves the framing of the annual "Budget", which is summarised in a speech to the House of Commons.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chancellor_of_the_Exchequer   (1772 words)

 Lord Chancellor - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Lord Chancellor   (Site not responding. Last check: )
From early times the chancellor was usually an ecclesiastic, head chaplain and confessor to the king and keeper of the king's conscience.
In a judicial capacity the Lord Chancellor is head of the judiciary, may preside over the House of Lords when it is sitting as a final court of appeal, and over the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (see Privy Council).
The Lord Chancellor also recommends the appointment of High Court and circuit judges, and appoints and removes recorders, stipendiary magistrates, and justices of the peace in England and Wales, and is responsible for the review of law reform and the revision of statute law, principally through the Law Commission, which he appoints.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Lord+Chancellor   (983 words)

 2001 WNBA Playoffs: Telconference: Van Chancellor - 010815
Chancellor: I think they are tired and I think that's going to be one advantage in the way this series is going to go.
Chancellor: This is the most asinine answer you have ever heard since you've been writing but I have no idea.
Chancellor: I think Coquese Washington has the greatest rotation, the best-looking practice shot I have ever seen.
www.wnba.com /playoffs2001/teleconference_chancellor.html   (670 words)

 NewsHour Online: John Chancellor - In memorian
JOHN CHANCELLOR: It was a sort of primitive caveman television that we were putting out at that time.
TOM BROKAW: In 1957, Correspondent Chancellor was at the center of the battle to integrate the schools in Little Rock, Arkansas.
JOHN CHANCELLOR: The German Communists can be expected to build an administrative wall, a kind of bureaucratic barricade against this flow of refugees.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/remember/john_chancellor.html   (1703 words)

Chancellor also changed its description of the Vestex fees, but failed to record as expenses the $1.1 million in fees it now claimed that it supposedly paid to Vestex during 1999 in connection with the MRB acquisition closing.
Chancellor reported in its income statement total 1998 revenues of $10,708,000 rather than $29,639,000 (a 64% reduction from the figure it had previously reported) and net income of $524,000 rather than $850,000 (a 38% reduction).
Chancellor falsely stated that Vestex could earn up to $3.25 million for its MRB consulting services, that Vestex had already earned $1.1 million in fees, and that the remaining fees were contingent fees dependent on the profitability of the merged company.
www.sec.gov /litigation/complaints/comp18104.htm   (8030 words)

 Discoverers Web: Willoughby & Chancellor
Chancellor was not less optimistic, finding a good market for his English wool, and receiving furs and other goods in teturn.
Chancellor drowned, but Nepeja managed to reach the coast, where he was taken hostage by the Scots for a few months before being able to travel on to London.
Chancellor was succeeded as main trader of the Muscovy Company by Anthony Jenkinson, who made two important voyages himself - one trying to reach Cathay overland from Moscow, reaching Bukhara, the other trying to start trade through Russia with Persia.
www.win.tue.nl /~engels/discovery/wilchan.html   (676 words)

 Supreme Chancellor - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Supreme Chancellor, simply known as Chancellor, was the title of the Head of State and Government as well as Senate President and Senate Chair of the Galactic Republic.
The Chancellor was elected by and from the senators and representatives of the Galactic Senate and could serve two four-year terms.
Chancellor Finis Valorum was seen during the Blockade of Naboo and presided over the dispute between Naboo and the Trade Federation.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Supreme_Chancellor   (701 words)

 Web Chancellor - Web Chancellor at a Glance
Web Chancellor contains powerful publication software that enables users to easily put their publications on line as well as provide virtually instant subscriber accounts to individuals, pretty much at the click of a button (View a live website where this feature is currently being used).
Web Chancellor allows you to save as many independent CSS configurations as you like, and has the ability to easily add images and colors, list bullets, backgrounds, hover images, and to fine tune borders, padding, margins, and more.
Web Chancellor's "short cut" method of doing that would be to simply add [url,target=new,page=58]click here[/url] (produces -> click here) into any page, which automatically assigns the standard class and rewrites the URL to whatever has been assigned for that page, including adding necessary javascript code, where applicable.
www.webchancellor.com   (2948 words)

 Photo Gallery | LSU Chancellor's Office
The event is an opportunity for the chancellor to re-assert the University's commitment to a military presence at LSU and express support for ongoing efforts to strengthen the Corps of Cadets.
Chancellor Sean O'Keefe and members of Leadership LSU Class of 2007 at an end-of-the-year dinner at the Chancellor's Residence April 30, 2007.
LSU Chancellor Sean O'Keefe was one of eight Louisiana public figures inducted into the Louisiana Political Hall of Fame during a special ceremony Jan. 27 at the Louisiana Political Museum in Winnfield.
www.lsu.edu /chancellor/photos.htm   (1533 words)

 LACCD - About Us - Meet the Chancellor
To address the crisis of “disconnected youth”—young Angelenos 16-24 who are both out of school and out of work—he has initiated discussions with local business leaders, city agencies, the Chamber of Commerce, and the LAUSD aimed at the creation of a county-wide system of education “portals” designed to guide the “disconnected” back into productive activity.
Under Chancellor Young's leadership, the LACCD has embarked on one of the largest "green" building projects in the nation.
Working with Chancellor Peter Landsberger, he was actively involved in all aspects of implementing the $2.2 billion bond program.
www.laccd.edu /about_us/chancellor.htm   (727 words)

 Chancellor Chess
Chancellor Chess: the text of the book and some of the problems from the book.
Chancellors have the combined moves of knight and rook.
Also, the setup is changed: white has his chancellor on g1; between the bishop and knight, and fl has the setup mirrored: his queen is on f8, and his chancellor is on c8.
www.chessvariants.com /large.dir/chancellor.html   (513 words)

 UCSC Chancellor - Denice Denton: Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Denice Denton was appointed by the UC Regents as the ninth chancellor of the University of California, Santa Cruz.
Beginning in 1996, Chancellor Denton was Dean of the College of Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington (UW), the first woman to hold such a position at an NRC-designated Research One university.
Chancellor Denton is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Board of Directors of Joint Venture Silicon Valley.
chancellor.ucsc.edu /biography.asp   (443 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Palpatine
Chancellor Valorum was voted out of office, and Palpatine was soon nominated to succeed him.
The Confederacy fleet hammered Coruscant's defenses, and absconded with the captive Chancellor.
In the inner recesses of the Chancellor's private office, the Jedi confronted the Chancellor.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/palpatine   (2211 words)

 Chancellor, Richard on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When, largely under the inspiration of Sebastian Cabot, a group of men in England undertook to finance a search for the Northeast Passage to Asia, Chancellor was chosen as second in command under Sir Hugh Willoughby.
"Chancellor's proposed vehicle congestion taxation scheme can work," says CEO of UK vehicle telematics provider; "Satellite-based telematics tracking technology is ready and able to do the job," says Richard Horsman, CEO of CybIT plc.
Gordon Brown (Chancellor of the Exchequer, UK) and Heiner Flassbeck (Sec'y of State for Finance, Germany).
www.encyclopedia.com /html/C/ChancellR1.asp   (983 words)

 Vanderbilt University: Office of the Chancellor
As chancellor, I preside over a university community bursting at the seams with intellectual pursuits, scholarly research, informed and creative teaching, and service to our community.
Whether attending a varsity sporting event, hosting our annual Cupid's Costume Ball, introducing a speaker as part of the Chancellor's Lecture Series, or participating in a classroom discussion with a group of students and their professor, I insist on being an involved part of the daily course of life at Vanderbilt.
The Office of Chancellor often serves as the front door to the university, and my entire staff prides itself on the important role we play in helping make connections for people at - and beyond - Vanderbilt.
www.vanderbilt.edu /chancellor   (321 words)

 Office of the Chancellor: Biography
James L. Oblinger is the 13th chancellor at NC State University, North Carolina’s flagship university for science, engineering and technology.
The chancellor stresses scholarship for the 21st century, a culture of innovation, and an inclusive and diverse campus community.
Chancellor Oblinger is a tenured professor in the Department of Food Science; he is an expert in the microbiology of red meats and poultry, decontamination techniques and food-borne pathogens.
chancellor.ncsu.edu /biography.html   (621 words)

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