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Topic: Chang and Eng Bunker

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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

Chang and Eng had for a long time been very greatly dissatisfied with the conduct of Captain Coffin who as they alleged received very large sums as the proceeds of the exhibitions and always refused to pay over anything to them saying he was to pay all over to their mother.
Chang and Eng prosecuted their farming operation with great energy and industry; but not with quite so much success as they wished for so that they occasionally bought and sold property with a view to profit; and it was very well they did because their constantly increasing family called for greater outlay every year.
Eng's oldest daughter, Miss Kate M. Bunker, a young lady of brilliant and well cultivated mind had been for some time growing more and more delicate in health; and it was greatly feared by her family and acquaintances that she was beginning to fall a prey to a fatal malady.
engandchang.twinstuff.com /graves_manuscript.htm   (12845 words)

 Wikinfo | Chang and Eng Bunker
Chang Bunker and Eng Bunker (May 11, 1811 - January 17, 1874), born in Siam (now Thailand), to their parents Ti-eye and Nok, were the twin brothers whose condition and birthplace became the basis for the term Siamese twins, a synonym for "congenitally joined twins".
The Bunkers settled on a plantation, bought slaves, and adopted the name "Bunker" and were accepted as respected members of the community.
Chang and Adelaide (Yates) Bunker, went on to have 10 children: Eng and Sallie (Yates) Bunker had 11.
www.internet-encyclopedia.org /wiki.phtml?title=Chang_and_Eng_Bunker   (349 words)

 Blue Ridge Country: A Hyphenated Life -- Siamese Twins in NC Mountains
The rich and varied lives of Chang and Eng Bunker are depicted in the 1860 Currier and Ives lithograph.
Chang, who was on the twins' own left, was an inch shorter than his brother, but he made up for it in temper.
Chang was the first to fall in love, and he chose Addie, who was a year younger than her 18-year-old sister.
blueridgecountry.com /newtwins/twins.html   (3283 words)

 The Human Marvels
Eng won her over and Chang had to be content with her sister Adelaide.
Chang actually controlled the legs, thus the mobility for both twins was limited.
Concerning Chang and Eng Bunker, I find it remarkable that two men joined by a mere band of chest tissue would have such an extensive physical co-dependency, that one brother -- as you mentioned in your narrative about them -- would be dominant in the legs, compared to his twin.
www.thehumanmarvels.com /2006/02/siamese-twins-chang-and-eng-bunker.html   (857 words)

 North Carolina Collection-Eng & Chang
Born in Siam (now Thailand) in 1811, Eng and Chang Bunker were connected at the chest by a five-inch-wide band of flesh.
Eng and Chang died in January, 1874, at the age of 63.
An autopsy indicated that Chang died of a blood clot in the brain; and at the time Eng's demise was attributed, understandably, to shock.
www.lib.unc.edu /ncc/gallery/twins.html   (340 words)

 The Dispatch - Serving the Lexington, NC - News
Chang Bunker and Eng Bunker (May 11, 1811–January 17, 1874) were the twin brothers whose condition and birthplace became the basis for the term Siamese twins.
The fused liver of the Bunker brothers is currently preserved and on display at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The best-selling and multiple award-winning 2000 novel, Chang and Eng, by Darin Strauss, was based on the life of the famous Bunker twins.
www.the-dispatch.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Chang_and_Eng_Bunker   (602 words)

 Penguin Reading Guides | Chang and Eng | Darin Strauss   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
This much is known: Conjoined twins attached at the chest, Chang and Eng Bunker were born in poverty in Siam, were taken abroad and displayed as a human curiosity by an unscrupulous promoter, and with the help of P.T. Barnum, gained control of their professional lives as entertainers.
Where I have changed or discarded or enhanced or invented the ins and outs of Chang and Eng's life, it is only to make the narrative fit the constraints of fiction.
Chang and Eng were given no say in the decision that resulted in two of them leaving Siam.
us.penguingroup.com /static/rguides/us/chang_and_eng.html   (1925 words)

Chang and Eng Bunker - The Siamese Twins
In 1874 Chang, the stronger and more stubborn of the twins and a heavy drinker, contracted pneumonia, which was worsened by the carriage trip in the rain between the two farms.
Eng awoke to find his brother dead, and he called for his wife and children to attend to him.
phreeque.tripod.com /chang_eng.html   (470 words)

 uksearch.com : Society: History: By Time Period: Nineteenth Century: People: Bunker, Chang and Eng
Chris Lawson: Chang and Eng - Science fiction author did research on these original Siamese Twins in connection with a story he was writing, and passes along the two discoveries that most struck him.
Eng and Chang Bunker Memorial Bridge Dedication Ceremony - Speech delivered at the dedication of two bridges in Surry County, North Carolina.
Eng and Chang, the Siamese Twins - Short biography, with particular emphasis on their life after settling in Wilkes County, North Carolina.
www.uksearch.com /scripts/dir.aspx?cat=Top%2fSociety%2fHistory%2fBy_Time_Period%2fNineteenth_Century%2fPeople%2fBunker%2c_Chang_and_Eng   (330 words)

 March, 2002 -  Book of the Month   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
In telling Chang and Eng's story, Strauss chooses the point of view of Eng Bunker, the right twin, nearly two inches taller at their death.
Eng's narration of his story begins with the death of his morally corrupt brother, an event which Eng knows will soon lead to his own death.
Eng is an advocate is living a life free of alcohol, while Chang is an alcoholic.
www.apomm.com /archives/books/Chang_and_Eng.htm   (561 words)

 CNN.com - Books - Bound by flesh, divided by conflict - October 20, 2000
Upon seeing the "double monster," the king changed his mind and kept the identical duo in his court as curiosities, whom he alternately indulged with education and wealth and exploited as freak-show attractions.
Chang and Eng traveled the world as a circus act (including a stint for P.T. Barnum) and achieved a level of celebrity that warranted visits with the czar of Russia and Britain's Queen Victoria.
Beyond Strauss' agile treatment of the complexities of intimacy and independence, "Chang and Eng" is an ambitious undertaking for another reason: The story is told through the eyes of Eng, the shy alter ego of boisterous Chang.
archives.cnn.com /2000/books/news/10/20/chang.and.eng   (1445 words)

 Siamese Twins
Chang and Eng Bunker born in Siam (modern-day Thailand)
Eng was 5 feet 2 inches tall and Chang was an inch shorter when they became adult.
Eng also died 3 hours later because he was shocked by the death of his brother.
www.angelfire.com /zine2/jungchiu/Siamese.html   (602 words)

 Bunker, Chang and Eng   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Chang and Eng - An advertising poster, and the title page of a pamphlet about the brothers.
Eng and Chang Bunker, the Siamese Twins - The story of the most famous pair of conjoined twins, illustrated with photos from their boyhood to old age.
Eng and Chang: The "Original" Siamese Twins - European watercolor of the twins, done in 1835 or 1836, and a brief biography.
www.alguer.it /directory/index.php?browse=/Society/History/By_Time_Period/Nineteenth_Century/People/Bunker,_Chang_and_Eng   (279 words)

 Chang and Eng - The Siamese Twins
Chang and Eng, born in 1811 in Melange, Siam, gave a new phrase to the English Language.
At the age of 16, Chang and Eng were presented to King Rama III of Siam.
The wives lived apart, only Eng and Chang shared three days with Sallie and her children and then three days with Adelaide and her children.
www.wilkesnc.org /history/twins   (758 words)

 Idaho Mountain Express: The fascinating life of Chang and Eng
Chang and Eng Bunker, the conjoined brothers for whom the term "Siamese twins" was coined, come to life in a fascinating, new historical novel, "Chang and Eng: A Novel," by David Strauss.
Chang and Eng have been the subject of countless newspaper articles, a handful of books, a poem by Mark Twain and a play.
Chang died of a blood clot in his brain but the cause of Eng’s death remains a mystery.
www.mtexpress.com /2000/05-31-00/5-13chang.htm   (702 words)

 Old Wilkes Inc. - Siamese Twins
Chang and Eng, born in 1811 in Melange, Siam, gave a new phase to the English language.
Chang and Eng moved across the floor with the ease and grace of a couple skillfully waltzing.
In 1839 Chang and Eng became American citizens and acquired their new name of Bunker.
www.wilkesboro.com /OldWilkesInc/engchang.htm   (768 words)

 Eng and Chang Bunker Memorial Bridge Dedication Ceremony   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
I consider it a great privilege to join the Bunker Family and the proud citizens of Surry County to help dedicate the twin bridges over Stewart’s Creek for Mt. Airy’s favorite sons, Eng and Chang Bunker.
The crowds were amazed with Eng and Chang’s remarkable strength and dexterity—and their amazing chess skills.
Like Eng and Chang, the bridges will be close to the heart of this community.
www.ncdot.org /public/speeches/engandchangbunkerceremony07-01.html   (677 words)

 Chang and Eng, the Siamese Twins   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Eng and Chang were born in Siam on May 11, 1811 to a Chinese father and half-Chinese, half-Malay mother.
In April, 1843, Chang was married to Adelaide Yates and Eng to Sarah Ann Yates, two of nine daughters of local farmer and part-time clergyman, David Yates in a double wedding.
In January, 1874, Chang Bunker died after a severe case of bronchitis, possibly from a cerebral clot.
goofy313g.free.fr /calisota_online/exist/twins.html   (400 words)

 Amazon.com: Chang and Eng: A Novel: Books: Darin Strauss   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Narrated by Eng, one of a pair of conjoined twins, Chang and Eng is a daring novel that constantly threatens to lose its balance.
Like the (literally) inseparable protagonists of Darin Strauss's debut, Chang and Eng Bunker were born in the early 1800s in a rainy village on the shores of the Mekong Delta.
This fictionalized version of their story is narrated by the stronger, more circumspect twin, Eng, who must continually urge Chang to restrain his tears, his burning sexual desires, and his fear of the King of Siam (who has promised to "kill the double-child, the bad omen").
www.amazon.com /Chang-Eng-Novel-Darin-Strauss/dp/0525945121   (2506 words)

 AT&T Worldnet Service - Directory
A letter to the editor by Chang and Eng Bunker, defending their good name.
Eng and Chang, the Siamese Twins - http://www.wilkesnc.org/history/twins/
Eng and Chang Bunker, the Siamese Twins - http://www.cojoweb.com/siamese%20twins.html
www.att.net /cgi-bin/webdrill?catkey=gwd/Top/Society/History/By_Time_Period/Nineteenth_Century/People/Bunker,_Chang_and_Eng   (321 words)

 The Austin Chronicle Books: Summer Reading
Chang and Eng is more fiction than fact, as good novels always are, and is told with a yearning urgency from Eng's memory.
Eng is a stoic, a voracious reader of Shakespeare who aches for separation from his brother; Chang is a boyish showman with bad English who grins and chuckles his way through their burlesque performances.
And those cut apart made their wayward rounds, a gang of halves in a tipsy dance," Eng tells us, and his waking reality is no less frightening, no less affecting, when conveyed by this brave and generous newcomer.
www.austinchronicle.com /gyrobase/Issue/story?oid=oid:81915   (591 words)

 Prodigies by James G. Mundie - The Bathers
As babies, the twins escaped a death sentence imposed upon them by King Rama II, who believed their birth was an ill omen.
The twins became naturalized American citizens, adopted the surname Bunker, married a pair of sisters, and proceeded to father twenty-one children between them.
; and the plaster death cast of Chang and Eng housed at the Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.
www.missioncreep.com /mundie/images/image1.htm   (354 words)

 nabeepchen » Chang and Eng
Of course, they will need extensive rehab and physical therapy (each girl only has one leg), and subsequent surgeries as they grow, and of course, due to their convoluted organ system, they may have a rocky road ahead.
But at any rate, I thought that it was suitable to mention the most famous duo of all, Chang and Eng Bunker.
And we have no idea what was inside their body, although, judging from the outer appearance, they seemed to be joined at the sternum by a thin piece of cartilage.
www.nabeepchen.com /archives/2006/08/16/chang-and-eng   (399 words)

 Chang and Eng Bunker Biography (Medical Curiosity/Twins) — Infoplease.com
Chang and Eng were conjoined twins from Siam (hence the term "Siamese twins"), joined near the breastbone by a five-inch ligament.
Eng and his wife had eleven children, and Chang and his wife had ten.
Chang and Eng Bunker: Written for the Brookline Thursday Club by Gorham Dana
www.infoplease.com /biography/var/changandengbunker.html   (159 words)

 TWINSTUFF.COM--Chang and Eng: A Novel
Author Darin Strauss has taken on the formidable challenge of putting words into the mouth of one of the most famous conjoined twins in history and the result is the impressive, new novel Chang and Eng: a Novel' (Dutton, June, 2000).
Strauss tells us that he was able to interview several sets of twins as well as surviving members of the Bunker Family (he'll be attending a Bunker Family Reunion later this summer) in researching his novel, but unfortunately wasn't able to interview any conjoined twins.
But some twins may find the relationship between Eng and Chang in the novel to be disturbing.
www.twinstuff.com /changeng.htm   (716 words)

 Reading Group Guide | CHANG AND ENG by Darin Strauss
The product of three years of intensive research, Darin Straus has limned Chang and Eng as the story of the two told by Eng on his deathbed as he remembers his life, his conjoined twin lifeless beside him.
Grand in scope, vivid in detail, and sublimely moving, Chang and Eng is a story that reveals the longing and humanity of two very different men who exited this world as they entered it—bonded together by common flesh.
For Strauss is able to do in writing for these famous Siamese twins what nobody could do for them in their lifetime — he separates them.
www.readinggroupguides.com /guides/chang_and_eng.asp   (1209 words)

 Chang and Eng Bunker Papers Inventory (#3761)
After extensive tours in North America and Europe, they settled in Wilkes County (later Surry County), N.C., were naturalized, and received the surname Bunker by act of the legislature.
Correspondence, bills, and receipts, including slave bills of sale, of Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker relating to their North Carolina property, planting interests, family matters, and arrangements for exhibition tours.
Worth Daniels's correspondence, 1961-1965: Correspondence in connection with preparation of article on Chang and Eng Bunker, includes correspondence with Jonathan Daniels, Joffre Bunker, librarians, curators, and others.
www.lib.unc.edu /mss/inv/htm/03761.html   (752 words)

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