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Topic: Change 90

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Change 90
Cambio '90 (Change 90) was a Peruvian political party which only entered the political spectrum in early 1990, but by June 1991 was the most powerful political force in the nation.
Cambio's success hinged largely on the success of its candidate for the presidency, Alberto Fujimori, an agricultural engineer and rector of the National Agrarian University[?] (Universidad Nacional Agrario) in Lima's La Molina District[?] from 1984 to 1989.
The latter became disenchanted with Fujimori because small businesses were threatened by the dramatic price rises and opening to foreign competition that the "Fujishock" program entailed.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ch/Change_90.html   (341 words)

 Annex 401 - Rules of Origin
3921.11-3921.13 A change to subheading 3921.11 through 3921.13 from any other heading, provided there is a regional value content of not less than: (a) 60 percent where the transaction value method is used, or (b) 50 percent where the net cost method is used.
3923.10-3923.21 A change to subheading 3923.10 through 3923.21 from any other heading, provided there is a regional value content of not less than: (a) 60 percent where the transaction value method is used, or (b) 50 percent where the net cost method is used.
39.24-39.26 A change to heading 39.24 through 39.26 from any other heading, including another heading within that group, provided there is a regional value content of not less than: (a) 60 percent where the transaction value method is used, or (b) 50 percent where the net cost method is used.
www.sice.oas.org /trade/nafta/anx401a2.asp   (932 words)

 Climate Change
In Climate Change 90 it was stated (page 353) that some scientists "formed a minority opinion which could not be reconciled with the larger consensus." That "minority opinion" was not permitted to be expressed in the 1990 report.
The changes in atmospheric methane and nitrous oxide concentrations are similarly overestimated by the IPCC.
Changes over the past century, before recent increases in greenhouse gases, could have been largely due to natural variability factors such as volcanic eruptions or changes in solar radiation or ocean circulation.
www.libertymatters.org /cc-heartlndstdy.htm   (6200 words)

 Climate change: some basics
Given some perturbation like a change in greenhouse gas or aerosol levels, radiative forcing is estimated with tropospheric and surface temperatures (the response of which takes decades) _kept fixed_ at their unperturbed values [IPCC 94, p 169-71].
To further complicate matters, cloud properties may change with a changing climate, and human-made aerosols may confound the effect of greenhouse gas forcing on clouds.
Rapid changes in atmospheric circulation, of ocean currents, in ecosystem functioning, or in the West Antarctic ice sheet's behavior may not be likely, yet such risks can, at present, neither be excluded nor quantified.
www.faqs.org /faqs/sci/climate-change/basics   (7932 words)

 19 CFR PART 102   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
A change to subheading 3001.10 from any other subheading, except from subheading 0206.10 through 0208.90 or 0305.20, heading 0504 or 0510, or subheading 0511.99 if the change from these provisions is not to a powder classified in subheading 3001.10.
A change to subheading 3004.90 from any other subheading, except from subheading 3003.90, and provided that the domestic content of the therapeutic or prophylactic component is no less than 40 percent by weight of the total therapeutic or prophylactic content.
A change to heading 4412 from any other heading; or A change to surface-covered plywood of heading 4412 from any other plywood that is not surface-covered or is surface-covered only with a clear or transparent material which does not obscure the grain, texture, or markings of the face ply.
www.washingtonwatchdog.org /documents/cfr/title19/part102.html   (10365 words)

 Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Residence Card   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
In addition to the new I-90 application, applicants are encouraged to send a copy of the I-797 "Notice of Action" and/or the e-Filing Confirmation Receipt notice issued for their previously filed I-90 application.
If you are applying to replace a card because of a name change, you must bring the original court order or a certified copy of a court order or marriage certificate reflecting the new name to your in-person appearance at the ASC.
To replace a card because of a change in any other biographic data, you must bring copies of documentation to prove that the new data is correct.
uscis.gov /graphics/formsfee/forms/i-90.htm   (1188 words)

 Optimizing and Validating an Approach for Identifying Glaucomatous Change in Optic Nerve Topography -- Tan and ...
Change in sectors 210° to 240° and 240° to 270° (long arrows) has exceeded stricter limits of variability than in sectors 180° to 210° and 270 to 300° (short arrows) within the same time frame, indicating a higher rate of change in the former sectors.
Change at sectors 90° to 120° and 240° to 270° is repeatable, exceeding both the 95% and 99% limits of variability (long arrows).
Change in the nasal rim was not uncommon; 81.5%
www.iovs.org /cgi/content/full/45/5/1396   (5002 words)

 [No title]
change 4/93 AJ25 L - L 5 2 J 4000 3500 Astrojet Israel Aircraft new 11/89
change 11/98 CRJ L - L 5 2 J 5000 6000 Regional Jet Canadair Bombardier new 04/94 - mirror of CL65 CRJ1 L - L 5 2 J 5000 6000 RJ-100 Regional Jet Canadair Bombardier change 11/99
change 11/98 DC8H H - L 5 4 J 3500 3500 DC-8-30/40/50/60/70 McDonnell-Douglas change 11/89 DC8Q H - L 5 4 J 4000 4000 DC-8 Stage 3 McDonnell-Douglas new 11/98 DC8S H - L 5 4 J 5500 5500 DC-8-30/40/50/60/70 McDonnell-Douglas new 11/89
www.fly.faa.gov /ASDI/asdidocs/aircraft_types.txt   (3802 words)

 Article 90 - Part 5-10 - Colorado Corporations and Associations Act - Business Law Section - Colorado Bar Association
However, if the report does effect a change of registered agent or registered agent address, pursuant to ' 7‑90‑702(1)(b), or a change of principal office address pursuant to ' 7‑90‑705(1)(b), the identity of the individual filing the change should be captured, as would ordinarily be the case under ' 7‑90‑301(6).
[H.B. Reason for change: This subsection (2) was added in 2000 for the purpose of giving the Secretary of State a backup address to which to mail additional annual report forms and thereby minimize the possibility of inadvertent administrative dissolution for failure to file those reports.
With the contemplated option of automatic email notification upon changes to an entity's record in the office of the Secretary of State, the need for such action is reduced.
www.cobar.org /group/display.cfm?GenID=3672   (2549 words)

 Why/When did DR change from 90 days Tourist Cards to 15 for tourist? - DR1 Forums
I noticed that the tourist card use to say good for 90 days, but some now says good for 15 days.
Basically, to stay up to 90 days you would pay an additional RD$150, or an extra US$5 at today's rate at the airport upon departure.
Probably the new government changed the fees in October and that is why October is mentioned.
www.dr1.com /forums/showthread.php?p=259320   (615 words)

 BNT Change Scores   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
A reliable change index for the Boston Naming Test has been computed from 90 epilepsy patients who were administered the test twice over an average interval of 8 months.
Reliable Change Index adjusted for practice and rounded to nearest integer: -4 < diff > +8
The formula below is based upon regression analysis and yields the likelihood of change expressed in z-score units.
www.neuro.mcg.edu /np/assessment/BNT.htm   (140 words)

 Sea Change Corporation - Profile
Sea Change Corporation, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, is a private high-tech company focusing on Internet related software and services.
In 1996, Sea Change developed a distributed authentication technology to facilitate Internet roaming for mobile users and founded iPass, whose mission was to build a global network based on this technology.
In April of 2000, Sea Change divested of both its internetworking equipment division and its network and security management division.
www.seachange.com /profile.html   (475 words)

 Coastal Fact Sheet - Wisconsin Population Change: 1990 to 1998
Population in Wisconsin coastal counties increased by a total of 73,123 residents between 1990 and 1998.
Inland counties increased at a rate of 9.0%, significantly faster than the rate for coastal counties.
The 1998 estimates are preliminary and are subject to change until October 10, 1998.
coastal.lic.wisc.edu /wipop98.htm   (268 words)

 IOP: Organizational Climate Change - Research-based emotional intelligence training for performance improvement
Rather than working on symptoms, we help you measure and then address the root causes of underperformance in an effective organizational change process.
Our research in many kinds of organizations has demonstrated that the relationship between individual and organization can be improved with fairly simple training and systems.
A focused group of managers and directors engage in a series of trainings and data tracking to begin a shift toward an improved climate.
www.eqperformance.com /change.php   (403 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Use e for edit and by changing the numbers you can get any colour available 00=red (but then you act like the barbarians and there are a couple of other twists) 01=white, 02=green, 03=blue 04=yellow, 05=light blue, 06=pink and 07=grey.
Then you go back and click on the settler again and hit R, M or I while it's blinking, and you keep doing that until the improvement is built (you can tell it's done when, when you click the unit, the icon in the box no longer has a letter on top of it).
Changes will not take place immediately, you need to buy a ship with a different cabin so that your new bitmaps are loaded.
www.daa.com.au /~tim/cheats/cheatlam.txt   (4547 words)

 Get Your Partner To Change
You know you can’t make another person change his or her behavior.
I am only taking 5 people into the program, because working with them to change their relationship is going to be a lot of work for me.
You can keep your partner and change how he or she treats you.
www.whatittakes.com /getchange   (395 words)

 BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. - New KPT/Unilock ASM 90, powerful Quick Change Clamping Chuck
The ASM 90 is also well suited in a setup where each chuck positions or stabilizes a portion of a large part," says Gerard Vacio, BIG Kaiser's Product Manager, Workholding Systems.
In multiple chuck applications, the spacing and total number of chucks determines the rigidity of the quick change clamping system.
The spring-based mechanical clamping system of the ASM 90 supports an air boost system to increase clamping force by up to 30% over spring retention alone.
www.bigkaiser.com /news/prasm90.htm   (778 words)

 The Seattle Times: Eastside News: I-90 bridge change challenged
A group of Mercer Island residents has started a petition to overturn the City Council's recent approval of a controversial regional agreement to change the operation of the Interstate 90 bridge.
The group, called Save MI SOV, is trying to collect 3,000 signatures by Sept. 1.
King County approved it, but is going to revote because of slight changes made since that first vote.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/eastsidenews/2002011640_i90petition21e.html   (556 words)

 Album Header 40%, change to 90%? | Gallery
I would like to change the area above the albums that shows the album title, from being 40% width to 90%width.
additional note: major theme changes are coming soon, so you might wait a bit before making any big customization...
It's a change I've made to my albumBody and will be making to my singleBody as well.
gallery.menalto.com /node/32502   (358 words)

 Bible Readings for the Home - Chapter 90 - Change of the Sabbath
But the practice of most Christians is different; they keep the first day of the week instead, many of them believing that Christ changed the Sabbath.
"And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time." Daniel 7:25.
- "They [the Catholics] allege the Sabbath changed into Sunday, the Lord's Day, contrary to the Decalogue, as it appears; neither is there any example more boasted of than the changing of the Sabbath day.
www.preparingforeternity.com /br/br90.htm   (1074 words)

 New Heat Sink (XP-90)....no change in temperature? - Total Battlefield 2 Forums
Maybe the stock fan was just as efficient or the case isn't exhausting the hot ambient air well.
You'd see a change immediately if the processor fan was insufficient.
But you should see a change of between 3 to 5*C after the AS has properly set in.
www.totalbf2.com /forums/showthread.php?t=29610   (747 words)

 DR1 Forums - Why/When did DR change from 90 days Tourist Cards to 15 for tourist?
For the handful that stay more than 15 days (since packages are 7 or 14) the 16-90 day (vs. the old days of 90 days) RD$64 "tax" is probably more to collect than they earn.
A smarter operation would have jacked up the rate on all of them to say $12 or $15 and earned $2 to $5 from 100% of visitors vs. RD$64 from 1% and more than that from.0000000000005% of them.
If you enlarge the image, on the back (right), under #2; you can clearly see the 15 day limit.
www.dr1.com /forums/printthread.php?t=36955&pp=40   (740 words)

 anyone know how to change hl2 refresh rate - Halflife2.net
Some say that increasing your field of vision to 90 (fov 90 in console) might reduce sickness.
so setting it to 90 wont change anything.
90 isnt the standard, 90 is for vehicles and about 75 for normal movement, they changed it to give the level archetecture more depth.
www.halflife2.net /forums/showthread.php?t=57912   (297 words)

 US Survey Says 90% Change Behavior After HIV Infection   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
(Reuters) - A survey of young people in the United States infected with the AIDS virus found that 90 percent of them took steps to change their sexual behaviour after being diagnosed, federal health experts said on Thursday.
The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the study is the latest to show the value of diagnosis and counselling after someone is found to be infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
Of 180 people aged 13 to 24 who were diagnosed with HIV infection in Alabama, New Jersey and Tennessee in 1997 and 1998, 90 percent said they had changed their sexual behaviour after learning of their infection, the CDC said.
www.rense.com /general2/behave.htm   (281 words)

 I49 South: It's Time to Begin "Requirements to change U.S. 90 to an Interstate Highway"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Requirements to Convert U.S. Requirements to change U.S. 90 to an Interstate Highway
The mileage of any highway designated as part of the Interstate System under this section shall not be charged against the limitation established by the first sentence of section 103(e) of this title.
The mileage of any highway designated as part of the Interstate System under this subsection shall not be charged against the limitation established by the first sentence of section 103(e)(1) of this title.
www.i49south.com /change.htm   (317 words)

 Chapter 90 — Residential Landlord and Tenant
90.459       Change of locks at request of tenant who is victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking
      Note: 90.148 was added to and made a part of ORS chapter 90 by legislative action but was not added to any smaller series therein.
A landlord may not require that a tenant display a nonremovable tag, sticker or other device on a motor vehicle that might reveal or indicate to the public the premises where the tenant resides.
www.leg.state.or.us /ors/090.html   (9279 words)

 Wave of crashes prompts change to I-90 | wkyc.com
Wave of crashes prompts change to I-90
POSTED: Saturday, April 30, 2005 5:24:38 PM UPDATED: Sunday, May 01, 2005 9:24:41 AM ROCKY RIVER -- A rash of recent accidents in the construction zone along I-90 is prompting ODOT to make some changes.
The work is being done in both the eastbound and westbound lanes from Rocky River to Lakewood.
www.wkyc.com /news/news_fullstory.asp?id=34154   (168 words)

 90 days prior to retirement , Benefits, Human Resources, Northwestern University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
90 days prior to retirement, Benefits, Human Resources, Northwestern University
90 days prior to your retirement date, you should...
This is the time to take action to implement decisions you have reached about benefit plan coverage during retirement.
www.northwestern.edu /hr/benefits/lifechange/retireguide/90days.html   (799 words)

 Population Estimates 1990s Geographic Change Notes: New York
All legal boundaries of governmental units are as reported through the Census Bureau’s 1998 Boundary and Annexation Survey, unless otherwise noted.
FIPS change, from 13035 to 13041, effective 1/2/90
FIPS change, from 54523 to 54526, effective 1/2/90
www.census.gov /popest/archives/1990s/boundary_changes/36.html   (362 words)

 Reporting from 90 Degree Software
90 Degree Software lets you start with the end in mind, and build reports with people-friendly search and change functionality.
You select reporting components that are easy to create, reuse and share throughout your organization.
Finally, your business data has value throughout the enterprise by encouraging wide-adoption, sooner, without more IT overhead.
www.90degreesoftware.com   (104 words)

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