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Topic: Changhua County

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  Welcome to Changhua
Changhua is well known for its fertile soil and it is called "Granary of Taiwan".
Also, the scenic views of mountain and historical architecture make Changhua County an attractive resort.
Most important of all, Changhua is well known for its local foods.
tourism.chcg.gov.tw /english/index.htm   (165 words)

Thus, Quemoy is included as one of the 45 counties and Matsu as one of the 334 townships.
Quemoy County is nominally controlled by Quanzhou prefecture-level city, but it is administered in its entirety by the Republic of China on Taiwan.
The PRC-administered Lianjiang County, under the jurisdiction of Fuzhou prefecture-level city, nominally includes the Matsu Islands, but Matsu is in reality controlled by the Republic of China on Taiwan, which administers Matsu as Lienchiang County (same name Romanized differently).
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/f/fu/fujian.html   (3136 words)

 Taipei - tScholars.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
It is not part of but surrounded entirely by Taipei County, which is administered as part of Taiwan Province.
Taipei City is located in the Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan and is bordered on the south by the Sindian River (Hsintien), and the Danshuei (Tamsui) on the west.
From 1875 (during the Qing Dynasty) until the beginning of Japanese rule in 1895, Taipei was part of Danshuei County (淡水縣) of Taipei Prefecture (台北府).
www.tscholars.com /encyclopedia/Taipei   (1426 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Ketagalan
Trobiawan The Babuza (貓霧族; Pinyin: Māowùzú) are a Taiwanese aboriginal people, living primarily in Changhua County and around the western part of Taiwans Central Basin.
The Hoanya (洪雅族; Pinyin Hóngyǎ) are a Taiwanese aboriginal people who live primarily in Changhua county, Chiayi city, Nantou county, and near Tainan city.
Members of the Ketagalan tribe, however, appear diffusely settled, their largest settlement being at San Diao Jiao near Gongliao in Taipei County, where they are known for their anti-nuclear stance.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Ketagalan   (1067 words)

 Changhua's giant Buddha gets facelift   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The statue was damaged by the strong earthquake of September 21, 1999 and by the ravages of time.
The Changhua County Government has organized a "Giant Buddha Cultural Festival" August 8-15 to celebrate the unveiling of the 22-meter tall area landmark, which is located on Baguashan, just outside of Changhua City.
Towering above the plains of Changhua, the figure is accompanied in its park by a shrine for worshipers to hold religious ceremonies and two eight-floor towers giving visitors a bird's-eye view of Changhua City.
www.taiwanheadlines.gov.tw /20040804/20040804s4.html   (483 words)

 Lord Buddha News
A giant statue of Buddha in Changhua County will be unveiled on Sunday after years of repairs.
Housed in exhibition halls inside the Buddha building, one will feature a collection of postcards of the giant Buddha, as well as sculptures and other souvenirs gathered since the landmark was built in 1961.
But thanks to a NT$12.5 million (US$368,000) injection of funds from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the Changhua County Government has given the giant Buddha a complete makeover that it hopes will restore the religious icon's original luster.
www.buddhadhammasangha.com /News/Buddha/LordBuddha5.htm   (484 words)

 Taichung County Government, Taiwan R.O.C.
Taichung County is located at the central part of Taiwan, with the Central Mountains in the east and adjacent to Hualien County.
Taichung County faces Taiwan Strait in the west, Changhua County and Nantou County in the south, Miaoli County in the north.
As to the contour, the County consists of coastal plains in the west, highlands in the west, Taichung Basin & Hills, and mountainous areas.
www.taichung.gov.tw /english/07topics_website/topics_website.asp   (716 words)

 Taiwan Ho!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
On the lighter side is news of another music concert being put on this weekend and a beer festival in Changhua County, all rounded off with a slab of sports news including an Olympic preview.
Changhua County is trying to revitalise its tourism with the Big Buddha Culture Festival, celebrating the renovations of the well-known landmark Sakyamuni Buddha statue on Pakua Mountain.
The County Government is also planning a Beer Festival at Changhua's Baseball Stadium on the 14th of this month.
www.taiwanho.com /print.php?sid=200   (605 words)

 [No title]
The president attended a closed-door conference yesterday afternoon with hundreds of DPP members from the party's local headquarters in Changhua County in central Taiwan.
Observers were quick to note yesterday how Chen's tone in his remarks to the party faithful differed from that adopted when he has addressed business leaders in recent weeks, when he emphasized the government's preparations and enthusiasm for direct links.
Meanwhile, Chen yesterday also delivered a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony of the 2004 Flower Exhibition in Changhua County where he sought to reassure farmers that the government would help them deal with the challenges resulting from Taiwan's accession to the WTO.
www.taiwansecurity.org /TT/2003/TT-022703.htm   (523 words)

 The History - ATAYAL - The worldwide voice of the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan
Because he is afraid of being punished for his crimes, Chief Pan Xianwen of the "Alishi tribe" in Changhua county leads more than 1,000 tribesmen to Komalan and seizes land from the Chinese.
In August Taiwan is divided into one prefecture, four counties, and three departments: The land to the south of Sandiao creek (the former Komalan area) is detached from Tamsui department and a new "Komalan department" is established with a seat of government at Wuwei (modern Ilan).
Fighting erupts between Min and Hakka settlers in Changhua county (north of Huwei creek) and spreads to several dozen villages.
www.atayal.org /History7.asp   (894 words)

  Located in Changhua County, Lugang is one of Taiwan's most historic and cultural-endowed towns.
The Matsu Temple in Lugang is one of county's most famous temples.
In addition to the great number of worshippers, the temple is also well known for its grand scale and hoary age.
twcam.www.gov.tw /webcam/english/history/main.jsp?view_id=111&belong_id=10&who=view   (228 words)

 between Changhua and Nantou Counties. Changhua County has a b...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
CLICK : http://home.kimo.com.tw/iaa_taiwan/index.htm ------------------------------------------------------- Contact : school code #D3007 locate in Yuan-Lin town, ChungHua area, Changhua County is situated in the mid-western part of Taiwan Island.
The Dadu Stream in its north bestrides the boundary between Changhua and Taichung Counties.
Changhua County has a beautiful scenery; it well-known scenic locations are Bagua Mountains, Wang-gong fishing port, Tianwei Highway Garden, the Baiguo Mountains, Gushan Temple, Cing-shuei Rock, Tiger Rock, and Taiwanese Folk Custom Village.
www.gogotaiwan.com /_SouthEngjobs/00000479.htm   (141 words)

 Chinese Seal/Chinese chop
Among all the stones, Shoushan stones, which come from the northern outskirts of Shoushan County, Fuzhou City, are the most famous.
It is said that the emperors of the Qing Dynasty used to put a piece of Tianhuang on the table for wealth and good luck when they held a ceremony to worship heaven.
Another less precious stone is called Chicken Blood stone, which comes from Changhua County in Zhejiang Province.
www.beijingtrip.com /feature/chop.htm   (590 words)

CHANGHUA COUNTY in Taiwan (through a job agency)
www.nabble.com /(job)-JOY-LANGUAGE-CENTRE-in-CHANGHUA-COUNTY-in-TAIWAN-t3349918.html   (301 words)

 921 Earthquake Special Report   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
In those places where damage was minor, such as Miaoli County, Changhua County, and Taichung City, students should go back to school today, the official said.
Three schools in Nantou and Taichung counties, the worst-hit areas, have begun building temporary classrooms and may take 20 days to complete the official said.
Of the 182 primary and high schools in Nantou County, only 67 will be reopened today, while 115 others are waiting for their temporary classrooms to be completed.
www.yam.com /921e/recon100403.html   (376 words)

 [No title]
Conventional wisdom is that whoever captures the central constituencies of Taichung, Changhua and Nantou, with a combined voting population of 3.1 million, will be the next president.
Although it won Taichung back in city and county elections in the same year, it then lost Changhua and Nantou.
The trouble was that for the return leg, the flights had to stop at Taiwan's main international airport in Taoyuan, about an hour's drive from Taichung.
www.taiwansecurity.org /ST/2004/ST-180304.htm   (914 words)

 SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On Yuanlin
Their upcoming gigs are Oct 1 in Yuanlin, Changhua county, Oct 3 in Taipei's National Concert Hall, Oct 5 in Taichung, Oct 6 in Chungli, Taoyuan county, Oct 7 in Kaohsiung and Oct 8 in Hsinchu.
Police were alerted to the ring shipping stolen cars to China after intercepting a car with false plates on a section of the Chungshan Freeway between Yuanlin and Changhua counties in December.
Formosa Petrochemical also has what it calls several "six-star" gas stations in Yuanlin Township in Changhua County, at which it built wooden pavilions at a cost of between NT$3 million and NT$7 million next to the stations, in an effort to attract customers in the highly competitive fuel market.
news.surfwax.com /worldcities/files/Yuanlin_Taiwan.html   (444 words)

 CEC head feels the political pressure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Huang was born in 1935 in Changhua County.
He received a law degree from National Soochow University, followed by a doctorate from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut.
From 1981 to 1989 he was the commissioner of Changhua County.
www.taiwanheadlines.gov.tw /20040412/20040412s1.html   (580 words)

 Changhua   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The hall is situated at 2 Jungshan Rd., Section I, Lane.
Close to the Jungshan Hall in Changhua, is the old Hungmao Well.
This is the last remaining well built over 300 years ago by Dutch colonialists in central Taiwan.
taiwan.wcn.com.tw /en/changhua/c4.shtml   (119 words)

 WSFDA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The state attorney general's office is investigating a cemetery and its owner in Luzerne County.
Two elementary pupils and one conscript were injured in Changhua yesterday when close to 1,000 residents, including around 200 pupils, staged a protest against plans to build a crematory at Huatan hsiang in Changhua County.
Austin Police are now investigating a case of a most unusual theft from the Texas State Cemetery in East Austin.
www.wsfda.org /displayindustrynews.cfm?industrytopicnbr=218   (234 words)

 921 Earthquake Special Report   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Several village and neighborhood chiefs in Changhua County's Yuanlin Township have submitted their resignations after residents hoping to receive cheap government home loans to remodel their undamaged buildings, pressured them to complete the necessary paperwork.
Some residents even hired gangsters to threaten the village heads, who were forced to carry weapons for their own protection.
The Cabinet's Central Office said it has sent 600 experts to conduct the appraisal of damaged buildings, and that village heads are not authorized to make any decisions relating to the process.
www.yam.com /921e/recon101501.html   (331 words)

 Information Division, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office, Toronto
President Chen Shui-bian attends the Boy Scouts Assembly at Shetou Rural Township, Changhua County.
President Chen Shui-bian inspects the Airborne and Special Operations Command of the Army General Headquarters in Pingtung County.
President Chen Shui-bian at the ferry crossing in Tamsui, Taipei County.
www.rocinfo.org /president.html   (263 words)

 Leader Hotel Lu-Kang - Changhua, Taiwan
Changhua Hostels > Hotels & Guesthouses > Leader Hotel Lu-Kang
We boast all the facilities you need to make your stay comfortable and memorable with the most professional service imaginable.
Our excellent leisure facilities in the hotel, along with sightseeing opportunities in Changhua and Lukang, create a brand new travel and leisure experience for all guests.
www.hostelz.com /display.php/29687+Leader+Hotel+Lu-Kang   (400 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Republic of China   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
However, to better reflect the realities of Taiwan, the two largest municipalities of Taiwan, Taipei and Kaohsiung were elevated as central municipalities, the same level as province under direct national oversight, and more recently, the functions of the Taiwan and Fukien provincial governments have been largely redistributed between the national government and county governments.
Taiwan Province (all): the Taiwanese main island, except the two municipalities, plus Penghu county (Pescadores Islands)
Islands of Fukien Province controlled by the ROC highlighted in red
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Republic_of_China   (4654 words)

Chang Hua County Government held “2007 International Bikes Activity in Non-vehicle and Sunny Chang Hua” in the morning on September at Tien-wei Road G
The first Elevated Railway Construction in central Taiwan - The Elevated Railway at Yuan-lin in Chang Hua County To celebrate construction starting on September 1 and welcome the county people come to Yuan-lin Railroad Station to enjoy having sweet red dumplings
Magistrate Cho accepted the special interview by TTV “Celebrity” to talk about progressively constructing ”2468” County’s construction blueprint and the tourism alliance in central Taiwan
www.chcg.gov.tw /english/index.asp   (320 words)

 Taiwan Yearbook 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
No. 34, Jhongci Rd., Shalu, Taichung County 43302.
No. 112, Shanjiao Rd., Dacun, Changhua County 51591.
State 97; Mem., TPA 73-77; Magis., Taoyuan County 77-79; Dir., Formosa Mag.
www.gio.gov.tw /taiwan-website/5-gp/yearbook/p446.html   (3984 words)

 TiT Festivals:Heaven Scent Incense and Chinese Society
Coils of incense, which can burn for up to one month, are often seen burning in temples.
Visitors to Taiwan can watch incense being made by hand during daily displays at the Taiwan Folk Village, in Changhua in central Taiwan.
For more information, please contact the Taiwan Folk Village, 30 Sanfu Rd., Wanya Village, Huatan Hsiang, Changhua County, tel: (04) 787-0088, fax: (04) 786-0815.
www.sinica.edu.tw /tit/festivals/0497_Incense.html   (1050 words)

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