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 List of masts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Observation decks or restaurants are not present, and most masts function as a very large antenna for broadcasting organizations.
Masts commonly have the name of the broadcasting designation that uses them, or sometimes of a nearby city or town.
Towers and buildings with masts on them (that are a hybrid) are in their own list. /wiki/List_of_masts

 Clear Channel Broadcasting Tower Rosinton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Clear Channel Broadcasting Tower Rosinton is a guyed mast for TV transmission at Rosinton, Alabama, USA at 30°37'36" N and 87°38'50" W. Clear Channel Broadcasting Tower Rosinton was built in 1981 and is 520.3 metres high.
You are still welcome to make a donation or purchase Wikimedia merchandise.
This page was last modified 19:15, 21 April 2005. /wiki/Clear_Channel_Broadcasting_Tower_Rosinton

 Clear Channel Broadcasting Tower Buda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Clear Channel Broadcasting Tower Buda is a 374.6 metre high guyed mast at Buda, Texas, USA (Geographical coordinates: 30°02′43″ N 97°52′51″ W).
It was built in 1991 and serves the Clear Channel Communications affiliates in the Austin media market about 25 km to the north.
This mast or transmitter tower article is a stub. /wiki/Clear_Channel_Broadcasting_Tower_Buda

 List of masts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Masts commonly have the name of the broadcasting designation that uses them, or sometimes of a nearby city or town.
Towers and buildings with masts on them (that are a hybrid) are in their own list.
There is often crossover in term usage as some skyscraper use the tower term, some towers use the mast term, and ironically 'skyscraper' has some word heritage from references to high sailboat masts. /wiki/List_of_masts

 List of masts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There is often crossover in term usage as some skyscraper use the tower term, some towers use the mast term, and ironically 'skyscraper' has some word heritage from references to high sailboat masts.
Self-supporting masts are covered as towers under the List of towers, and the borderline cases are mentioned separately (hybrid designs, under water, etc.) elsewhere on this page.
While commonly used on sailing ships as support for sails, radio masts and towers are also used for telecommunication equipment such as radio antennas, also known as aerials in the UK. /wiki/List_of_masts

 Broadcasting News-July 1999
An outfit called "Starcom" (is that the same as St. Cloud Broadcasting, or is it a different organization?) is applying for translators on 91.7 in Alexandria, 90.5 in Bemidji, and 91.3 in Worthington.
Pheasant Country Broadcasting's KNBZ/97.7 (Redfield) is on the air.
The first four were made at the request of Mountain West Broadcasting, and the last at the request of 21st Century Radio Ventures, Inc. The allotments are effective September 7, 1999. /broadcast/archive/news0799.html

 List of the world's tallest structures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most of the tallest structures are television broadcasting masts, followed by a mix of the taller tower-type structure (like the CN Tower) and the taller high rise buildings (like the Sears Tower).
Scattered among these are other structures including oil platforms, electrical towers, bridge towers, etc. List is organized by absolute height since it includes many different classes of structures.
A minimum height limit of 300 m is used for practical purposes to keep the list to a reasonable length. /wiki/List_of_the_world's_tallest_structures

 Clear Creek County, Colorado - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Clear Creek County, Colorado
Clear Creek County, Colorado is not available in the Hutchinson encyclopedia.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office (Georgetown, Colorado, USA) /Clear+Creek+County%2c+Colorado

 World's tallest structures
The tallest tower built of wood is currently the transmission tower of the transmitter Gliwice in Poland at 118 meters.
The Ostankino Tower and the CN Tower are excluded from these categories because they are not "habitable buildings", which are defined as frame structures made with floors and walls throughout.
Built in 1934 and demolished in 1945, the tallest tower ever built of wood was the 190 metre high radio tower of the transmitter Mühlacker in Germany. /en/World%27s_tallest_structures.htm News Archives - July & August 2002
Channel 12's GM, Don Richards, was faced with an Oprah Winfrey who was either retiring or cutting back on her schedule (as it turned out, Winfrey will produce her show through 2006, but with fewer new episodes), WWBT decided to go ahead with its plan to add the newscast.
Clear Channels' "SportsTalk 980" WTEM Washington is starting up a new show on Friday nights which it hopes to take into syndication later this year.
If you thought Clear Channel was bad about voice-tracking, you won't hear ANY jocks on 'Star 94.1' or 'Oldies 92-9' for that matter later in the evenings, through the overnights or weekends - just songs and sweepers. /archives02d.htm

 Issue 4
The next milestone was when I checked the channels at 10.15 BST on the morning of May 31st and found that each one was carrying a different musical programme, they were completely free from cross modulation or any other form-of breakthrough.
At 21.00 BST that night Norman Barrington stated that they were now combining channels, which meant that the English test programme that Norman was presenting on 389 metres would now be broadcast on 259 metres as well.
By the end of March it was clear that a huge demonstration was to be expected on the 18th of April, and that many representatives of record companies, as well as many artists, would come along too to give their support. /guernseybranch/html/monitor4.htm

 DCRTV News Archive - January 2001 to June 2001
A Channel 5 news crew member is seeking $50 million in damages for injuries he suffered in May 2000 when, in preparing to relay a news feed back to the station, he received a severe shock after a mast in a WTTG news van touched an overhead power line in Alexandria.
Clear Channel stressed that Bonneville was not allowed to say "Wango Tango" on the air and demanded that Z104 stop giving away the tickets and pull ads for the giveaway.
The planned 756-foot tower, which was to be used by some area TV stations for their digital broadcasts, was only partly built when area residents bitterly complained that the structure did not meet DC's zoning laws. /~dcrtv/mediaw2i.html

 CapitalGold - Albany NY [[[SOUNDBOARD]]]
The station was broadcasting on Channel 25 prior to recent DTV sign-ons.
Clear Channel Albany has recently shuffled the schedule on talker WGY.
Congratulations to Clear Channel - Hudson Valley and the folks at WRWD (107.3) for raising over $500,000 to benefit St. Judes Research Hospital. /soundboard.html

 Clear Channel Broadcasting Tower Boykin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Clear Channel Broadcasting Tower Boykin is a 487.8 metre high guy-wired aerial mast for the transmission of FM radio and television programs in Boykin, Georgia, USA (Geographical coordinates: 31°9'12.7" N and 84°32'38.3" W).
Clear Channel Broadcasting Tower Boykin was built in 1997.
This page was last modified 21:55, 18 April 2005. /wiki/Clear_Channel_Broadcasting_Tower_Boykin

 Quarterly Report of Archival Accessions, April 1 - June 30, 2004
Various CBS news broadcasters announce the broadcasting of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1952 "on this station." The broadcasters are Bill Shadel, Douglas Edwards, Larry LeSueur, Robert Trout, Edward R. Murrow, Bill Downs, and Lowell Thomas.
Broadcast live from the WRVA Theater in Richmond, the Master of Ceremonies of the show is George Passage, and the announcer is Carl Stutz.
Recording of the broadcast of the concession speech of Richard C. Poage, Republican candidate for the Third Congressional district in Virginia in 1948. /whatwehave/archacc/newaccessionsApr-Jun2004.htm

 Wikipedia:Requested pictures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I think the description of Bukkake is clear enough; a picture would be more pornographic than explanatory.
A picture of one would be nice, in case the description isn't clear.
Note:A great source is HABS [13]; all the images are PD, and it has lots of government building pictures. /wiki/Wikipedia:Requested_images

 DCRTV Mailbag - October 12 to October 18, 2001
Well the Eastern Shore Clear Channel stations have been automating overnights and voicetracking weekends on their Scott Systems (which is better) now for about three or four years, this was before CC owned them and right before Cumulus bought the conglomerate of stations that CC now owns.
Clear Channel, with its eight stations, has the public responsibility (I know, that's such a "liberal" thing to say) to have at least one full-fledged news department to provide news to its stations - and crisis coverage, when needed.
Well sorry to hear about Clear Channel Radio and I use to be a big listener to 97.1, 100.3, 101.1 and a few others but now all i have on my dials are 107.3 or 105.9, and a few others Istill on 98.7 on it though as well as 93.3. /mail/mb0110c.html

 Broadcasting News-June 2004
The DTV station on channel 25 would use 134kW from a tower west of Devils Lake.
However, it's not clear whether the application is for a facility change or simply a backup: the application says "main" facility, but the FCC has the application marked under the "auxiliary" category.
The station is currently class C3, using 25kW at 100m from a tower near Blue Earth; the new facility would be class C2, using 50kW at 150m from a tower near Northrop (north of Fairmont). /broadcast/archive/news0604.html

 List of masts -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
Masts commonly have the name of the broadcasting designation that uses them, or sometimes of a nearby city or town.
Two shorter towers may be a better option the one taller one, for example, or a higher tower might not be useful if the signal is blocked by terrain nor if all the listeners are in a concentrated area and a higher tower cannot pay for itself.
Towers and buildings with masts on them (that are a hybrid) are in their own list. /encyclopedia/L/Li/List_of_masts.htm

 Atlanta Area FM Radio Stations
Clear Channel Communications, Covington, KY. In late 2002, began promoting itself as "Light FM." For over 30 years, the station's calls were WPCH ("Peach").
In the early '70s, the transmitter was moved to the channel 17 tower on West Peachtree Street with the studios in a building near the tower.
In the aftermath of that broadcast, the then executive director was forced to retire and a new director was appointed before the legislators would approve funding for the new $30 million studios. /users/mleach/radio/fm.html - STAR TREK PIONEER- An dystopian 22nd century :)
Caesar Hans path of hearing was disrupted by a discharge of a plasma rifle echoeing through the vents, a split-second later, the floor beneath him lifted and he felt himself lift off the warm surface of the metal.
Caesar Hans was inturrupted by the changing sight of the bulkheads as the solid metal walls folded in themselves like paper, and all around a creeking sound could be heard which gave the commander a sense of claustrophobia within these familiar bulkheads.
Caesar Hans through his head around and stared where his Captain was working "Captain!, that console is about to de-" suddenly Caesar was thrown back, and a yellow ball of fire, replaced his line of sight of Captain Nigel Redford and unknowing crewman. /forums/archive/index.php/t-49735.html

I was both in a deep, restful meditative state and aware of the warm breeze on my face, the tapping of a distant loose wooden gate jostled by the wind, and the occasional pickup truck that passed by on the dirt road.
I write this as we are heading south from Eugene, Or., to Santa Barbara, early in the trip and already 90 minutes late.
Everyone's heading there for the rodeo." The same crowd will be back in Sheridan on the 9th, for the Miss Wyoming contest at the old Wyo Theatre on Main Street. /Diary.htm

 Century 2
The Channel Tunnel has been described by one security expert as “a security nightmare – a prime terrorist target.” Its creators pin their hopes on the new Sycoscan X-ray system, which can scan a container turck in two to five minutes.
A death is broadcast on television (antenna … from the branch – ie from a tower or aerial).
For the next few days the world news broadcast images of Osho in leg and waist irons trying to raise his manacled hands pressed together in a namasté blessing to followers, reporters and jailers alike, serene and undisturbed by the harsh treatment. /journal2/nostradamus/cent2.html

 September 11 [Definition]
CBS was one of the three commercial television networks that dominated broadcasting in the United States before the rise of cable television.
January 7 - The Leaning Tower of Pisa is closed to the public due to safety concerns.
Raised in Weimar Germany, he became a notable lens maker in the 1840's when he created high quality lenses that were "wide open", or in other words, had a very large aperture range that allowed for very clear images. /September_11

 Glenn Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report
The IBA, meanwhile, is broadcasting an extended English-language news program on Channel 33 - a station that is accessible in most parts of the country only to cable or satellite TV subscribers.
TALLEST BROADCSTING TOWER IN STATE NEAR COMPLETION WEATHERFORD (AP) --- The tallest broadcasting tower in Oklahoma is nearing completion north of Alfalfa in Caddo County.
The chief of the "Magarat autonomous province" declared by the Maoists, Santosh Buda Magar, said the FM radio operated in the special region was the most powerful but because it is not operational they are having a problem with their news broadcasts. /dxr/dxld4092.htm

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