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Topic: Channel Tunnel Rail Link

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Channel Tunnel Rail Link - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) is a project to construct a 67 mile (108 km) high-speed rail line from London to the English end of the Channel Tunnel.
The twin tunnels bored under London were driven from Stratford westwards towards St Pancras and eastwards towards Dagenham and from Dagenham westwards to connect with the tunnel from Stratford.
The CTRL building works are causing considerable disruption, but bringing in their wake much redevelopment of the run-down area of post-industrial and ex-railway land close to King's Cross and St Pancras.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Channel_Tunnel_Rail_Link   (1204 words)

 Channel Tunnel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Channel Tunnel (French: le tunnel sous la Manche) is a 50 km-long (31 miles) rail tunnel beneath the English Channel at the Straits of Dover, connecting Folkestone, Kent in England to Coquelles near Calais in northern France.
The planned route of the tunnel took it from Calais to Folkestone (a route rather longer than the shortest possible crossing) and the tunnel follows a single chalk stratum, which meant the tunnel was deeper than the previous attempt.
The tunnel is operated by Eurotunnel (Eurotunnel plc in England, and Eurotunnel SA in France).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Channel_Tunnel   (2727 words)

The next stage of this rail project, the fast rail link between the Channel Tunnel and London, the CTRL (Channel Tunnel Rail Link), is currently under construction.
The Channel Tunnel is regarded by many people as one of the most remarkable construction achievements ever; indeed some might say as one of the wonders of the world.
The northern rail tunnel broke through on the 22nd May 1991 and the southern tunnel on the 28th June 1991.
www.geologyshop.co.uk /chtunfacts.htm   (1896 words)

 Channel Tunnel Rail Link
A new high-speed railway between the Channel Tunnel and St. Pancras, with intermediate stations at Ashford and Ebbsfleet in Kent, and Stratford in East London.
Rail Link Engineering have stated that the event at Lavender Street should be considered as a very rare event.
The CTRL Act received Royal Assent in December 1996 (its general powers last for 10 years) and powers for the proposed intermediate station at Stratford and the associated twin-track connection to the West Coast Main Line were granted in March 2001.
www.islington.gov.uk /Environment/Planning/MajorSchemes/Railway/454.asp   (878 words)

 Channel Tunnel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Channel Tunnel, (or Chunnel, or le tunnel sous la Manche) is a rail tunnel beneath the English Channel at the Straits of Dover, connecting Cheriton in Kent, England and Sangatte in northern France.
A link between Britain and France had been proposed on many occasions, but it was not until the 19th century that people came to believe that the necessary engineering ability was present.
The tunnel was officially opened by the Queen and French President Francois Mitterrand during a ceremony on May 6, 1994.
usapedia.com /c/channel-tunnel.html   (555 words)

 The Channel Tunnel Rail Link: Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The CTRL is the first major new railway to be constructed in the UK for over a century and the first high-speed railway.
The 109km track of the CTRL will stretch from St. Pancras, central London to the Channel Tunnel complex at Cheriton in Kent, connecting Britain directly with Europe's expanding high-speed rail network and significantly reducing journey times for passengers, with the potential for freight use if demand requires.
West of Ashford the CTRL follows the M20 motorway to a point north of Maidstone, where it passes beneath the North Downs in a 3km tunnel adjacent to the M2 motorway south of Rochester and follows the motorway across the River Medway at Strood.
www.dft.gov.uk /stellent/groups/dft_railways/documents/page/dft_railways_035479.hcsp   (832 words)

 Humbul full record view for -- Channel Tunnel Rail Link section 1
The Phase 1 archive of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), representing the route of the link from Fawkham Junction (Gravesham) to Folkestone, is a major new research archive for the archaeology of Kent.
The construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link has provided a unique opportunity to investigate thousands of years of change and development across the landscape and the archaeological programme of works associated with CTRL is probably the largest ever undertaken in the UK.
The Link is the first new railway to be built in Britain for over a century and runs for 109km (68 miles) between St Pancras station in London and the Channel Tunnel.
www.humbul.ac.uk /output/full2.php?id=13571   (450 words)

 [No title]
(4) No directions under section 19(1) of that Act (which enables the Rail Regulator to direct installation owners to enter into contracts for the use of their installations) may be given to a rail link undertaker in relation to a network installation comprised in the rail link.
(2) The functions of the Rail Regulator, so far as relating to monopoly situations which exist or may exist in relation to the supply of railway services, shall not be exercisable by him in relation to the supply by a rail link undertaker of railway services, so far as relating to the rail link.
Channel Tunnel Rail Link Act 1996 Channel Tunnel Rail Link Act 1996 1996 Chapter 61 - continued Miscellaneous and general $$T CHANNEL TUNNEL RAIL LINK ACT 1996 - SECT 34 Holder of functions of nominated undertaker.
bar.austlii.edu.au /~andrew/test/ctrla1996229.txt   (5665 words)

Rail Link Engineering are the CTRL designers and project managers and are a consortium of LCRÕs Engineering shareholders, Bechtel, Arup, Halcrow and Systra.
The tunnel lining has been designed by RLE and is a 7.15m, 1.5m long 350mm thick steel fibre reinforced concrete ring to achieve a 120 year design life.
Following the fire in the Channel Tunnel the project decided to improve the performance of the tunnel segments exposed to severe fires, and has undertaken fire tests to prove the design of the lining under load subjected to a hydrocarbon fire.
www.ita-aites.org /cms/315.html   (2063 words)

 Channel Tunnel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Two centuries ago, the idea of a road tunnel was suggested to Napoleon during a brief peace between France and England in 1802.
Crossing the stormy channel in the small ferries of the day was the part of the journey that most travellers dreaded.
All trains are electric, and the twin tunnel While the vehicle shuttle competes head-on with the ferries, Eurostar trains regard their main competitor as the airlines.
www.theotherside.co.uk /tm-heritage/background/tunnel.htm   (2049 words)

 Railway Technology - Channel Tunnel Rail Link Extension Project
CTRL is basically a French-style LGV high-speed line linking London with the Channel Tunnel portal at Dollands Moor near Folkestone.
This need to tunnel under the built-up areas of London has meant that 25% of the route is in tunnel, a total of 16 miles.
The entire route of the rail link from London Waterloo to the mouth of the Channel Tunnel near Folkestone is 69 miles (108km) long.
www.railway-technology.com /projects/chunnel   (1603 words)

 Bechtel Corporation—Projects—Project Profiles—Channel Tunnel Rail Link   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The CTRL will connect London with the Channel Tunnel, enabling Eurostar trains to whisk passengers between London and Paris (or Brussels) in just two hours and 15 minutes at speeds up to 300 kilometers per hour.
Construction of the first section, from the Eurotunnel terminal at the Channel Tunnel entrance to the north Kent connection to London’s Waterloo Station, began in 1998 and opened to the public in late 2003.
A million new trees are being planted to preserve the landscape, and such animals as dormice, bats, and badgers are being coaxed into suitable habitats away from the new line.
www.bechtel.com /ppCTRL.htm   (325 words)

 Channel Tunnel Rail Link
The Channel Tunnel Rail Link is the first major new railway to be constructed in the UK for over a century and the first high-speed railway.
An introduction to the project to construct a high speed rail line from the Channel Tunnel to the centre of London.
The development of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link releases potential for regeneration along its route, in particular the areas around the international stations at St Pancras, Stratford, Ebbsfleet and Ashford.
www.dft.gov.uk /stellent/groups/dft_railways/documents/divisionhomepage/611093.hcsp   (325 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Will the Channel Tunnel Rail Link restore our faith in the railways?
As for the Channel Tunnel itself, when it eventually opened (late and with a reduced service) in June 1994, its cost had risen to £10bn from the original £6bn, after endless contractor and financial troubles.
The great advantage with CTRL", argues Ian Jack, author of The Crash that Stopped Britain, an anatomy of the errors of rail privatisation that culminated in the fatal derailing of a London to Leeds express on October 17 2000, "is that it's an entirely new railway.
In terms of construction and maintenance, CTRL is "on to a winner", says Gordon Pettit, former general manager of British Rail's Southern Region and an adviser on early stages of the Channel Tunnel line.
www.guardian.co.uk /transport/Story/0,2763,1493487,00.html   (2975 words)

 The UK's Largest RTK GPS Network Established for the Channel Tunnel Rail Link
The CTRL is the UK's first high-speed train line from London St Pancras to the Channel Tunnel.
Chris Kelly, data manager for Rail Link Engineering said, "For RLE, the critical requirements are for a managed network of GPS base stations which cover the whole route.
Rail Link Engineering (RLE) is designing and managing the construction of the CTRL for URS and URN.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=105&STORY=/www/story/07-16-1999/0000982790   (733 words)

 Radio System for Channel Tunnel Rail Link
When the Channel Tunnel opened for business, it created a whole new industry for both the rail operators and all other support companies associated with the newly created routes.
The Channel Tunnel has proved to be popular with both private and business customers, and with the high speed rail link well on the way to completion, Eurostar (the train operator) are predicting the demand for rail services will increase dramatically.
The first section of the new rail link runs between the terminal at Folkstone to a junction near Gravesend in Kent.
www.zetron.com /data/site/templates/ZetronTemplate.asp?_resolutionfile=templatespath|ZetronTemplate.asp&area_0=pages/Menus/NewsNewsletter&area_1=pages/News/Newsletter/2004/Nov-Dec/7425   (855 words)

These special systems are housed in five shafts that link the tunnels to the surface for the London tunnels, St Pancras to Stratford and Stratford to Dagenham, and to portal buildings on each side of the Thames.
The £5.2bn Channel Tunnel Rail Link is the first high-speed railway and the first railway to be built in Britain for over a century.
Section 1 of the CTRL, the 46 miles between the Channel Tunnel and Fawkham Junction in north Kent was completed on budget and on time for Union Railways (South) Ltd in September 2003.
www.ainsmag.co.uk /ha166/3569ha1a.htm   (623 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | In praise of... the Channel tunnel rail link
The history of Britain's Channel tunnel rail link has been slow and tortuous.
Eventually money was found for the easier first stage of the link from the tunnel towards London but only after the government had showered the project with public subsidies.
But if the Channel tunnel link once showed what was wrong with Britain, today the replanned link shows what is right.
www.guardian.co.uk /leaders/story/0,,1721112,00.html   (250 words)

 BBC - Kent News - Channel Tunnel Rail Link
The trains are just one of the benefits that were promised when the Government sold the CTRL to Kent and the country.
Section one of the link reached a milestone with the client Union Railways formally accepting the railway as ready for commercial services on the 22nd August 2003, when they officially took over the 46 miles of track from Rail Link Engineering.
When it is complete in 2007, the £5.2billion link will halve journey times from central London to the Channel Tunnel.
www.bbc.co.uk /kent/news/features/ctrl.shtml   (281 words)

 GOMACO World 33.1 - At Work 24/7 On The Channel Tunnel Rail Link Project
Contract 220 is part of the massive Channel Tunnel Rail Link Project that connects the center of London to the Channel Tunnel and Europe.
The two new tunnels are being built by the Nishimatsu-Cementation Skanska Joint Venture for project manager Rail Link Engineering (led by Bechtel) and client Union Railways.
Four of the tunnels and the bulk of the equipment, batching plant, and tunnel openings are in the Stratford Box, an area that will one day be the new Stratford Station for the high-speed passenger rail line that will travel through Contract 220’s two new tunnels.
www.gomaco.com /Resources/worldstories/world33_1/davidson.html   (2142 words)

 Bechtel Briefs—Online Features—Channel Tunnel Rail Link
About 100 reporters, rail representatives, and dignitaries were aboard the 320-meter-train when the speed record was set, (although a rule against alcohol on test runs forced postponement of champagne-popping till the end).
"This is a testament to the excellence in civil engineering that has been a hallmark of the construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link," said a beaming Paul Charles, the company's communications director.
A massive undertaking that began in 1998, the CTRL traverses farmland, cities, and residential areas in a densely populated area of southern England.
www.bechtel.com /Briefs/Online_Features/CTRL.htm   (420 words)

 BBC NEWS | England | High-speed Channel link opens
Officials from rail firms on both sides of the Channel were among the crowd of about 100 VIPs he addressed at the London station.
The £3.3bn second half of the link will run from north Kent to St Pancras, and is due to be completed in time for passenger services to start in 2007.
When the 68-mile link is completed and runs all the way from London to the coast, the London-Paris time will be two hours 15 minutes and London-Brussels two hours.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/england/3112250.stm   (630 words)

 The Channel Tunnel Rail Link
The Channel Tunnel rail link will be a high speed line, and the first major new railway in the UK for over one hundred years.
However instead of widening the rail transport corridor it was decided that it would be better to widen the road transport corridor, the motorway M20 as was done in France.
Railtrack (rail infrastructure maintainers and builders in the UK) have suggested an option for half the price, which would mean not building any of the expensive tunnels through London to St Pancras and sticking with the Waterloo terminal.
www.o-keating.com /hsr/ctrl.htm   (790 words)

 CAD User Online Article Archive
CTRL is being designed and project managed by the Rail Link Engineering (RLE) consortium comprising Bechtel, Arup, Halcrow and Systra.
Once the alignment for the CTRL is fixed by the trackwork team it is cascaded down to the civil, structural and environmental engineers.
Mr Price, who advised CTRL consortium members Ove Arup on the choice of technology, says they adopted Intergraph software for the CTRL project because it is flexible and works directly on top of the MicroStation CAD package, removing the need to import and translate data.
www.caduser.com /reviews/reviews.asp?a_id=93   (1053 words)

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