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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

 Chaplain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A chaplain is typically a member of the clergy serving a group of people who are not organized as a mission or church; lay chaplains are also found in some settings such as universities.
The Chaplain's Medal for Heroism is a special military decoration of the United States of America which honors military chaplains who have been killed in the line of duty, although it has to date only been awarded to four chaplains (all of whom died in the same incident in 1943).
Chaplains also can be attached to emergency services agencies (see the International Chaplains Association or International Conference of Police Chaplainsor the Federation of Fire Chaplains), educational institutions like universities and colleges, scout troops, ships, places like hospitals, prisons or nightclubs, and on occasion private companies and corporations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chaplain   (1791 words)

The support of parochial chaplains is to be derived from the parish funds, unless they possess a benefice in the church having the annexed obligation of assisting the parish priest.
If the position of the domestic chaplain be really of the nature of a benefice, it follows the rules already given for beneficed chaplains; otherwise the incumbent is considered as an auxiliary chaplain of the parish or diocese where he resides.
Chaplains of public institutions, such as colleges, hospitals, prisons, etc., receive their power from the intention of the bishop when appointing them or from the laws of the foundation if there be one.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03579b.htm   (2459 words)

 Chaplain Watters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Chaplain Watters distinguished himself during an assault in the vicinity of Dak To.
Chaplain Watters was moving with one of the companies when it engaged a heavily armed enemy battalion.
Chaplain Watters' unyielding perseverance and selfless devotion to his comrades was in keeping with the highest traditions of the U.S. Army.
www.cwv.org /watters/watters.htm   (767 words)

 Ten-Four Ministries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Chaplain Tony is a member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains, Southern California Chaplains' Association, and the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.
Since Chaplain Tony's position as a reserve deputy and chaplain are unpaid, he raises 100% of his family's financial support through churches and supportive individuals, in order to enable him to devote all of his attention to ministering to the needs of the law enforcement community.
Chaplain Tony is available to speak at your church, men's retreats and fellowships, and peace officer or couples' conferences.
www.tenfourministries.org /about.cfm   (547 words)

 CHAPLAIN - Online Information article about CHAPLAIN
In the U.S. navy the chaplains are 24 in number, of whom 13 rank as lieutenants, 7 as commanders, 4 as captains.
Moreover, chaplains must be approved by the ordinary of the locality.
superior of all commissioned Roman Catholic chaplains in the British army and navy, and he is empowered to negotiate with the civil authorities concerning appointments.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /CAU_CHA/CHAPLAIN.html   (1858 words)

 Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly . PROFILE . Iraq Military Chaplain . October 22, 2004 | PBS
They want a sense that God has not abandoned them, that God is in their midst, and that's really what a chaplain is there to do, is to be a presence to them in those times.
Chaplain ANGOTTI: I think that what people are hearing, and our president has said, there was a miscalculation in some of what has transpired.
Chaplain ANGOTTI: The main miscalculation was the emergence of an insurgency, and apparently nobody thought that was going to happen.
www.pbs.org /wnet/religionandethics/week808/profile.html   (978 words)

 SGAUS National Chaplain Staff College
PURPOSE: The purpose of the National Chaplain Staff College (NCSC) is to provide the chaplain and chaplain assistant with an annual 40-hour Continuing Education Chaplain and Chaplain Assistant training program consisting of specific subject materials closely related to the duties and responsibilities required of a chaplain and/or the chaplain assistant.
MISSION: The mission of the National Chaplain Staff College is to present relevant materials of study, discussion and classroom participation for the chaplain and chaplain assistant.
Chaplains are representatives of God; therefore, the chaplain and the chaplain assistant must be exposed to the best training and continuing education opportunities one could receive.
www.sgaus.org /chapl.htm   (556 words)

 Chief Chaplain Donald J Gibson is the Founder and President of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries
Chaplain Fellowship Ministries offers all the credentials needed that affirms to an employer or volunteer agency that a chaplain, minister, priest or pastoral counselor or Certified Faith based counselor has met the basic requirements to provide ministry in a specialized setting, and that the individual is a member in good standing of an endorsement ministry.
Chaplain Gibson is a Reconized Religious Practitioner- and does complies with Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Title 22, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 681, subtitle A, 681.2 definitions, (15), (A), (B), (C).
Chaplain Gibson is a member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and is listed in their National Registry.
www.chaplain-ministries.com /gibson.html   (1149 words)

 Chaplain of the House of Representatives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
To serve as Chaplain for the U.S. House of Representatives is truly an honor and a privilege.
Pray for the Chaplain also that I may be always rooted in prayer and a good instrument for accomplishing God’s holy will here.
First interviewed on March 13, 2000 Coughlin was sworn in as the fifty-sixth Chaplain for the 106th Congress on March 23, 2000.
chaplain.house.gov   (552 words)

 Alabama Department of Public Safety
The Department of Public Safety chaplains program, originally established in the early 1960's and coordinated by Capt. John G. Henderson, was re-established Oct.
All chaplains are invited to participate in post, troop or unit meetings, as well as all departmental social functions.
Chaplains are available to assist troopers in delivering death messages and to assist in departmental funerals and in providing confidential counseling of departmental members and their immediate families as requested.
www.dps.state.al.us /public/administrative/chaplain.asp   (186 words)

 Christian Chaplains
The Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) is an interfaith, professional, pastoral care association of providers of pastoral care endorsed by faith groups to serve persons in physical, mental, spiritual or mental need in diverse settings.
The National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC) is a professional association for certified chaplains and clinical pastoral educators who participate in the healing mission of Jesus Christ.
Chaplains from a variety of children’s health care facilities and organizations are members of the Network.
christianchaplain.com   (988 words)

 Training for Eternity
The Chaplain at the CSH is a good guy and I knew he'd be in need of help so I woke my assistant, SGT Crawford, and we rushed to the hospital.
She looked up at me and said, "Chaplain, am I going to be alright?" I said that she was despite the fact that I could see she had a long road to recovery ahead of her.
Chaplain: Of comfort so often to some, especially in 'white-knuckle faith' circumstances is, as you may well know, Psalm 29.11...
chaplain.blogspot.com /2004/12/mascal.html   (9390 words)

 District 14 Chaplain's Biography
As a Chaplain Candidate Program Officer, she was assigned to a Volunteer Training Unit at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, CA and led a weekly Chapel Service from August 1995 to May 1997.
From 1998-2000, Chaplain Malana served as the Command Chaplain aboard USS GETTYSBURG (CG-64) and deployed for “Operation Desert Fox.” She was the first female Chaplain assigned to an Aegis Cruiser.
In addition to serving her unit, Chaplain Malana was also the Coordinating Chaplain of Camp Hansen, ministering to the largest population of Marines and Sailors of any Marine Corps installation on Okinawa, Japan.
www.uscg.mil /d14/staff/chap.htm   (320 words)

 Chaplain Aide
The responsibilities are to encourage spiritual awareness and growth in the lives of troop members and to assist the chaplain.
Presentation of a religious emblem is the responsibility of the local religious institution in which it is earned, though it is appropriate for the troop to recognize boys who have received religious emblems at courts of honor.
When composing these prayers, the chaplain and chaplain aide should be sensitive to the various theological and religious positions embraced by the faiths represented in the group.
www.nlas.org /chapaide.htm   (476 words)

 Chaplain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Chaplain’s job, as a primary representative of the Detachment, is to provide comfort and service to members and families in time of need.
It is appropriate for the Chaplain to send a sympathy card on behalf of the Detachment, and where feasible to provide flowers for the funeral or a plant to the surviving family members.
The Chaplain fulfills a role of assisting and supporting a family in any way possible, and should be able to call on Detachment members for assistance when necessary.
www.tennesseemarinesmcl-mcla.org /chaplin.htm   (1286 words)

 GoArmy.com > Army Chaplain Corps > Overview
This is an orientation course where new Chaplains and candidates learn the fundamental military tasks and common skills necessary for all Soldiers as well as how to effectively perform religious support duties in a military environment.
The Army Chaplaincy is broader than a typical civilian ministry because Chaplains have the unique opportunity to connect Soldiers and family members to God on a daily basis.
Meet some of the Chaplains who are providing for the spiritual needs of America’s sons and daughters.
www.goarmy.com /chaplain/index.jsp   (391 words)

 Our History - National Chaplain Center
On August 25, the VA revised the Qualification Standard for Chaplains to specify that Chaplains must be at least 24 years of age.
- In August, the Veterans Administration Chaplain School was established at the VA hospital, Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri, under the direction of Chaplain Roy F. Reynolds.  The first Chaplain trainees arrived in November.  On September 30, a new VA Qualification Standard was issued for Chaplains deleting the minimum age requirement of 24.
Upon completion of training, new Chaplains then received a permanent assignment to a VA field station.  On August 9, Roger O.Bratten (Presbyterian Church USA) was appointed Director, Chaplain Service.
www.chaplain.med.va.gov /chaplain/page.cfm?pg=1   (1193 words)

 Home - Chaplaincy - Tufts University
The University Chaplain provides interfaith services and programs and serves as an umbrella for all religious life on all campuses.
The University Chaplain works cooperatively with the Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Muslim Associate Chaplains and administers Goddard Chapel as a university facility.
The University Chaplain also reaches beyond traditional religious groups to concerns in all aspects of university endeavor and in relations with surrounding communities.
www.tufts.edu /chaplaincy   (146 words)

 Chaplain J.B. Smith   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Chaplain along with Chairman to Strengthen ties with sponsors then share in their sphere of influence the work in Dickson County to match Dollar for Dollar with Inmate Welfare Fund for basic day to day operations.
Chaplain Work with Circuit Court Judge Robert Burch, District Attorney Dan Alsobrooks and Public Defender Jake Lockhart to allow those sentenced to the newly established Drug Court to have access to Life Learning Program Classes and possibly share and mentoring them in I Pod.
Smith is an Ordained Minister, and is serving as the Chaplain of Dickson County, a preacher, counselor, teacher, and writer.
www.dicksoncounty.net /chaplain.htm   (2862 words)

 Redding Police Department-Chaplain Unit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Police Chaplain is appointed by the Chief of Police to be an aid to the Redding Police Officers and the Redding community, to provide spiritual guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis.
The Police Chaplain is aware of the fact that the Police Officer's job is an extremely difficult one, being constantly in the presence of danger and under constant pressure and tension.
The Chaplain rides frequently with the officers on patrol and is on call at all times to assist in those cases where his/her counsel and advice might be helpful.
reddingpolice.org /rpdchaplain.html   (687 words)

 Islamic chaplain is charged as spy - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Capt. James J. Yee, a 1990 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., was arrested earlier this month by the FBI in Jacksonville, Fla., as he arrived on a military charter flight from Guantanamo, according to a law-enforcement source.
Capt. Yee, 35, was a command chaplain for I Corps at Fort Lewis, Wash. The Army dispatched him to Cuba to attend to the spiritual needs of a growing number of captured al Qaeda and members of the Taliban, a hard-line Islamic group ousted from power in Afghanistan.
After the September 11 attacks, Capt. Yee, one of 17 Muslim chaplains, was the subject of a number of press articles on Islam.
www.washtimes.com /national/20030919-105619-9614r.htm   (610 words)

The College Chaplain is responsible for the administration of the Chaplain’s Office and for the day-to-day operations of the Campus Ministries organization.
The Chaplain must be a gifted communicator and an able catalyst for enriching the spiritual and religious life at Keuka College.
The Chaplain reports to and is supervised by the Dean of Students, and is a member of the Student Affairs Staff.
www.keuka.edu /administration/personnel/Employment/Chaplain.htm   (270 words)

 U.S. Senate: Reference Home > Senate Organization > Black
Commissioned as a Navy Chaplain in 1976, Chaplain Black’s first duty station was the Fleet Religious Support Activity in Norfolk, Virginia.
Chaplain Black is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and an alumnus of Oakwood College, Andrews University, North Carolina Central University, Eastern Baptist Seminary, Salve Regina University, and United States International University.
Chaplain Barry C. Black is married to the former Brenda Pearsall of St. Petersburg, Florida.
www.senate.gov /reference/common/person/barry_black.htm   (356 words)

 Ocean Shores Police Department - Chaplain
The Ocean Shores Police Department has partnered with a local chaplain to assist us in our day to day operation.
Chaplain Bob Hoem works with us concerning several issues in the community.
Chaplain Hoem is a great asset to our operation and organization.
www.osgov.com /police/chaplain.html   (139 words)

 Valley Medical Center | Other Services | Chaplain
The chaplain assists in contacting the patient's own pastor, faith community, or spiritual support.
The chaplain provides patients and families with skilled counsel during what may be a difficult time.
The chaplain is available weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm.
www.valleymed.org /services/other/chaplain.asp   (152 words)

 Episcopal Church, USA-Chaplain Chaplain QuikNotes
Led by David Henritzy, Director for Healthcare Ministries, a team of trainers made up of ECUSA chaplains and others are equipping Episcopal churches in NY, NJ and CN to care for their communities who have felt much of the brunt of the Trade Center deaths and trauma.
The four chaplains assisting David Henritzy are VA Chaplains Michael Carr, Babs Meairs, Michael Stewart, and Navy Chaplain Francis Zanger.
Chaplain (Captain) Magness, who happens to be our current senior-most ECUSA Navy chaplain, was in the Pentagon attending a meeting when the plane hit.
www.ecusa-chaplain.org /quiknotes.html   (6568 words)

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