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Topic: Chapters

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  NCOA Chapters
NCOA's nearly 100 chapters are the foundation of the Association.
Chapter efforts in NCOA's national voter registration program have been responsible for the registration of hundreds of thousands of military personnel, veterans and their families.
Chapters are required to submit reports (minutes, Treasurer’s Reports, by-laws and trustee Oaths of Office and Codes of Ethics) on a regular basis.
www.ncoausa.org /chapters/Chapters2.htm   (253 words)

 Chapters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chapters also tried to make its stores as pleasant as possible adding couches, Starbucks coffee shops, and elegant decorating and did not discourage the reading of books inside the store.
Chapters did not keep the box book store market to itself, however, with the opening of Indigo.
In 2001 Indigo launched a hostile takeover and bought Chapters, but kept both the Chapters and Indigo brands; subsequently a number of Chapters locations were closed if they were in close proximity to Indigo.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chapters   (510 words)

 PBK - Chapters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The number of chapters has grown continuously since the beginning of the Society in 1776 with the most recent chapters being granted at the 40th Council in 2003.
Phi Beta Kappa chapters are granted to the Phi Beta Kappa members of the faculty and administration of the sheltering institution.
Applications for new chapters are accepted on a triennial basis following a lengthy process of documentation by the Phi Beta Kappa members of the applying institution's faculty and administrative staff.
www.pbk.org /affiliate/chapter.htm   (338 words)

 Society for Neuroscience | Chapters
Chapters also serve as an important resource to their community by taking a leading role in the annual Brain Awareness Campaign.
Chapters are also able to nominate one of their members for the Graduate Student Travel Award Program, which provides funding for outstanding graduate students to participate in the SfN annual meeting.
Chapters are also encouraged to nominate one of their members for an SfN Chapters Postdoctoral Trainee Travel Award, which provides travel support for postdoctoral trainees who would like to attend the annual meeting.
web.sfn.org /content/Programs/Chapters2/ChapterInformation.htm   (334 words)

 PMI Chapters Overview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
As a PMI member, you are invited to join a chapter in your area.
Chapter membership puts you in contact with a local "network of expertise" and ongoing opportunities for face-to-face contact with peers from a wide variety of organizations and industries.
Chapters advance the mission and objectives of PMI by promoting professional standards and practices.
www.pmi.org /chapterinfo   (188 words)

 Greater Arkansas River Nature Association - colorado conservation and education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A chapter may represent a geographical area or program interest and be formed upon approval of the associations Board of Directors.
Each Chapter may conduct the business of its members and develop projects for membership participation so long as this does not violate the objectives, purposes and policies of the associations Board of Directors.
Chapters will adhere to the guidelines and by-laws developed by the Board of Directors to ensure continuity of programs and projects.
www.garna.com /chapters.htm   (299 words)

 Technorati Tag: chapters
Chapter 324 6/24/06 Kasey still felt a bit tired and sick at his stomach but he felt worlds better than he had the past two days.
Chapter 322 6/23/06 The more Cara tried to work the more her mind drifted to Jamie.
Chapter 321 6/23/06 Jamie was taking the crew out for dinner to celebrate two birthdays that week and Kassady was going along.
www.technorati.com /tag/chapters   (490 words)

 APWA Chapters
To contact a chapter in your state or province please visit the Regional Chapter Contacts to view a map of chapters in each region and a list of those individuals serving as chapter leaders.
Chapters offer members the opportunity to attend educational programs, equipment shows and the chance to network with their colleagues and peers in a professional setting.
The chapter is the point at which most direct member contact takes place and chapters are in the best position to deliver substantive services to its members.
www.apwa.net /Chapters   (446 words)

 ACM SIGGRAPH Professional and Student Chapters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Within their local areas, chapters continue the work of ACM SIGGRAPH on a year-round basis via their meetings and other activities.Each ACM SIGGRAPH Professional and Student Chapter consists of individuals involved in education, research and development, the arts, industry and entertainment.
Additionally, a chapter is part of a larger family of organized computer graphics practitioners and enthusiasts.
The chapters are represented on the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee by the ACM SIGGRAPH Director for Chapters.
chapters.siggraph.org   (196 words)

 CUUPS Chapters
To be recognized as a CUUPS chapter, a group must be in sympathy with the CUUPS Statement of Purpose and the UUA Principles and Purposes.
A prospective CUUPS chapter must include at least 3 individuals who are active voting members of CUUPS Continental and members of a UUA member society or the Church of the Larger Fellowship.
All new and existing chapters shall provide a contact person for publication, who shall at all times be both an active member of CUUPS and a member of a UU society or CLF.
www.cuups.org /content/chapters/chapter.html   (640 words)

 Moon Society: Moon Society Local Chapters
Chapters are local organizations assembled by members of the Moon Society for community outreach, project coordination, and social functions.
Colaborating NSS Chapters are separate, affiliated organizations which support the goals and creeds of the Moon Society, and are registered with the National Space Society.
International Chapters are separate, affiliated organizations which support the goals and creeds of the Moon Society, and are registered with their parent governments.
www.moonsociety.org /chapters   (191 words)

Chapter resources are important to your career growth, industry knowledge and networking.
Chapter committees and leadership positions allow members to contribute in areas such as program and event planning, marketing, Web development and member recruitment.
Chapter involvement is a source of pride, accomplishment and honor.
www.ifma.org /membership/chapters.cfm   (293 words)

 IGDA - Chapters
Chapters evolve over time, from initially forming (Start Up), to ongoing (Active), to winding down (Regrouping).
Regrouping chapters were once Active, but are currently reorganizing and refocusing their efforts to get the chapter back on its feet.
Chapter coordinators can log in to the chapter admin area to manage various aspects of their chapter.
www.igda.org /chapters   (294 words)

 NASW Chapters
Each chapter has a board of directors that develops unique programs to better serve its members and to facilitate participation by its members.
Chapter programs are tailored to the special needs and interests of its members and are consistent with national policies.
Through your chapter you can volunteer for committees and task forces, write articles for your chapter's newsletter, help plan chapter events, serve on the chapter board, become a regional representative, and run for other offices.
www.socialworkers.org /chapters   (303 words)

Many chapters and sections offer websites as a resource for their members.
In addition, if action is needed to promote or stop a particular bill, an alert is sent through the network asking APA members to contact their federal or state legislators.
These grants will be awarded to assist chapters with the development and delivery of live continuing education programs.
www.planning.org /chapters   (465 words)

 FPA Chapters
FPA is home to a nationwide network of 100 chapters that form the backbone of our association and attract the best in the financial planning community.
Getting involved with your local FPA chapter is the best way to meet and work with some of the most knowledgeable financial planning professionals in your area.
In addition, we have a special section for chapter officers to learn about leadership training and access resources to run an effective and efficient chapter.
www.fpanet.org /member/chapters/index.cfm   (181 words)

 IEEE Education Society: Chapters
Typically chapter meetings are of a technical nature; but, many chapters also host additional events such as workshops and educational seminars that also tend to be technical in-nature.
The chapters exist for a number of different reasons; thus the Chapters Committee and the Education Society does not set standards for chapters (note: aside from basic IEEE requirements for the number of meetings per year, election of officers, and, other management requirements).
The Chapters Committee attempts to constantly interact with all the chapters to gauge their needs and attempt to anticipate what resources the Education Society can provide to assist/support the chapters to be effective.
www.ewh.ieee.org /soc/es/chapters.html   (1682 words)

 Society of Manufacturing Engineers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Through regularly scheduled meetings and activities, SME chapters serve as local forums for networking and contact building, information sharing and problem solving.
Chapters organize and sponsor plant tours, conferences, guest speakers special events, and other exciting activities.
More than 200 senior chapters represent small regional areas, while student chapters are centered in another 200 educational institutions worldwide.
www.sme.org /cgi-bin/chaptershtml.pl?/html/chap_region.htm&&&SME&   (197 words)

Chapters Digital Television is an advance in interactive digital television, telephone and broadband provider offering a groundbreaking video on-demand (VOD) programming service combined with a unique community broadcasting package.
We are focused on supplying full access to the most popular cable and satellite channels and dedicated to partner with business, community organisations and advertisers who desire to reach niche populations.
Through Chapters exceptional combination of straightforward, easy-to-use technologies, specialist and independent programming and innovative marketing we help communities touch their audience.
www.chapterstv.com   (313 words)

 ALA | Chapters
The association's 42 chapters promote excellence in academic libraries through programming and professional development opportunities that fit local needs, as well as through advocacy efforts and networking connections.
The mission of ACRL Chapters Council is to serve as a conduit for information and communication between National ACRL and its Chapters, and to promote membership of ACRL National.
Report for the Chapter Relations Task Force outlining the background of ACRL Chapters, issues and concerns they face, and methods for creating a more mutually beneficial relationship.
www.ala.org /ala/acrl/aboutacrl/acrlchapters/chapters.htm   (320 words)

 All About ISOC: Chapters
ISOC chapters enable you to become more personally involved in the future of the Internet and how that will affect your area.
A chapter brings more focus to local and regional issues and offers the ability to generate stronger input on global issues to the ISOC Secretariat.
Chapters also provide a way of networking more closely with other Internet oriented people in a local/regional area.
www.isoc.org /isoc/chapters   (225 words)

 IEEE Society Chapter Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Society Chapters are your local link to the valuable resources available from the IEEE and the 39 IEEE Technical Societies.
Chapter activities may include guest speakers, workshops and seminars as well as social functions.
Chapters provide Society members with valuable opportunities to network at a local level enabling their personal and professional growth.
www.ieee.org /organizations/tab/ciaindex.html   (182 words)

The purpose of these chapters is to provide a local forum for your personal and professional development; provide an opportunity to develop your leadership, managerial, public speaking and group decision-making skills; provide a local networking arena; and to provide a focus for legislative attention to local, state, and national human resource management issues.
Membership in an SHRM local chapter is separate and apart from membership in the national SHRM organization.
Each of the regions has a council composed of the state council directors in each of the five domestic regions and the chapter presidents in each of the island nation regions.
www.shrm.org /chapters   (278 words)

The Three chapters (trîa kephálaia) were propositions anathematizing: (1) the person and writings of Theodore of Mopsuestia; (2) certain writings of Theodoret of Cyrus; (3) the letter of Ibas to Maris.
At the end of 543 or the beginning of 544 an edict was issued in the name of the Emperor Justinian in which the Three Chapters were anathematized.
With regard to the merits of the controversy, theological errors and, in the case of Theodore, very serious ones, were to be found in the incriminated writings (Theodore was practically a Nestorian before Nestorius); the mistakes of Theodoret and Ibas were chiefly but not wholly due to a misunderstanding of St. Cyril's language.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/14707b.htm   (1594 words)

 OES Chapters
Chapters are an integral part of the Society and allow OES members an opportunity to meet for scientific and educational purposes as well as have an opportunity to meet and network with fellow engineers in the Oceanic field.
Chapters are a part of the local IEEE Section and work with the section also to promote the aims of IEEE.
A Chapter can be organized with a minimum of 12 OES members.
www.oceanicengineering.org /main.cfm?r1=8.00&ID=2&level=1&r2=0.00   (101 words)

 American Society of Business Publication Editors Chapters
Chapter meetings are the main venue for serving the most important purpose of the society: To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.
However, members who live near one of our chapters are automatically considered to be a member of that chapter.
Chapters also help the profession in other ways the chapters' members choose — for instance, by setting up scholarship or mentoring programs or offering job referrals.
www.asbpe.org /chapters/chapters.htm   (157 words)

 Local House Rabbit Society Chapters
A chapter is tax-exempt corporation with similar purposes, philosophy and policies as House Rabbit Society, licensed by HRS to use its name and materials.
All House Rabbit Societies must apply to be a chapter, must agree with the HRS Philosophy, must follow HRS standards of care, and must sign a Chapter Pledge with us in order to receive their annual license.
Local chapters are not supported financially by the national House Rabbit Society, so we encourage you to support your local chapter directly.
www.rabbit.org /chapters   (304 words)

 PRSA Chapters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Through its network of 114 chapters, PRSA membership gives you the opportunity to be a part of your local public relations community.
Chapters of PRSA offer professional development programs that facilitate education and networking, awards programs that recognize outstanding achievements, and business building opportunities that strengthen the role of the profession.
To date, 89% of the Society's members belong to the PRSA chapter in their home or office community.
www.prsa.org /_Chapters/main   (343 words)

 IWA Chapters: International Webmasters Association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
It is IWA's global network of official chapters that provides for the true internationalization of our Association and the Web profession.
Chapters strive to maximize the use of WWW technology to conduct meetings, develop professional contacts, present online workshops and courses, and make available Webmastering and community resources.
Chapter guidelines and procedures are set forth by the International Webmasters Association.
iwanet.org /chapters   (166 words)

 The Society For American Baseball Research
SABR has 53 active regional chapters located throughout the USA and around the globe.
Chapters are grouped by geographic area, and sorted by the regional name.
Contact any of the individuals listed for more information, or to find out when and where the chapter's next meetings or events are being held.
www.sabr.org /sabr.cfm?a=reg&m=9   (85 words)

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