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 Charing Cross tube station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
One of the entrances to Charing Cross tube station from Trafalgar Square.
For all the time Charing Cross was known as "Charing Cross (Strand)", Embankment had used the name "Charing Cross (Embankment)".
Charing Cross London Underground station serves both the Northern and Bakerloo lines and provides an interchange with the National Rail network at Charing Cross station. /wiki/Charing_Cross_tube_station

 Strand tube station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The second station was a stop on the Northern Line which became Charing Cross tube station, when it reopened after merging with Trafalgar Square station on the Bakerloo Line and the new terminus of the Jubilee Line on May 1, 1979.
Aldwych tube station was closed in 1994 but the surface building can still be prominently seen.
The first was on the Piccadilly Line and was renamed Aldwych station in 1917 to allow a new station to be built with that name. /wiki/Strand_tube_station

 Temple tube station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is the nearest tube station for King's College London and the London School of Economics.
Temple is a London Underground station in the City of Westminster, on the Victoria Embankment.
'Temple' is the only name to be shared by a station of the Paris Métro and a station of the London Underground. /wiki/Temple_tube_station

 Piccadilly Circus tube station -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
Piccadilly Circus tube station is the (Click link for more info and facts about London Underground) London Underground station located directly beneath (Click link for more info and facts about Piccadilly Circus) Piccadilly Circus itself, with entrances at every corner.
It is one of the few stations which have no associated buildings above ground, the station being fully underground, although some have the booking hall there ((Click link for more info and facts about Leicester Square) Leicester Square and (Click link for more info and facts about Holborn) Holborn being two examples).
As originally built it had, like other stations, a surface booking hall. /encyclopedia/P/Pi/Piccadilly_Circus_tube_station.htm

 Strand, London - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Strand tube station was merged into the new Charing Cross tube station when the Jubilee Line was built (along with the Trafalgar Square tube station on the Bakerloo Line).
There are two tube stations: Charing Cross and Aldwych which is disused.
Throughout the Middle Ages this area remained a link of development and activity between the commercial centre to the east and the political to the west. /project/wikipedia/index.php/The_Strand

The worst recent incident was a fire at King's Cross station on November 18, 1987, caused by a smouldering cigarette stub falling onto a wooden-tread escalator panel.
The Tube is owned by London Transport (LT), a government agency which is part of Transport for London (TfL), who also schedule and let contracts for the famous red double-decker buses.
The closed Down Street station was used by Winston Churchill until the Cabinet War Rooms were built, after which it was used by the Emergency Railway Committee. /encyclopedia/l/lo/london_underground.html

 Charing Cross Station
Near major disaster struck Charing Cross on the 5 December 1905, when the roof collapsed but luckily it took some time to collapse so the station was evacuated and an incoming train stopped.
Charing Cross is also served by the Bakerloo and Northern underground lines.
Charing Cross is one of London main Train Terminus. /trains/station/18

 wiki/Embankment tube station Definition / wiki/Embankment tube station Research
Embankment tube station is a London UndergroundThe London Underground is a public transport network, composed of electrified railways (that is, a metro system) that run underground in tunnels in central London and above ground in the city's suburbs.
The station has two entrances, one on the Victoria EmbankmentThe Victoria Embankment, previously the Thames Embankment is a road and walkway along the north bank of the River Thames in London in the cities of Westminster and London....
It is the nearest tube station for King's College London and the London School of Economics. /wiki/Embankment_tube_station

 London - LearnThis.Info Enclyclopedia
The coordinates of the centre of London (traditionally Charing Cross, near Trafalgar Square) are approximately 51°30' N, 0°8' W. History
Special train stations built at Gatwick, Luton and Stansted help to offset their physical remoteness from the capital and thus spread scheduled airline services in a safe and manageable way across the region.
Battersea Power Station and the Millennium Dome are two architecturally interesting buildings which currently stand empty, as no permanent use has been decided for them. /l/lo/london.html

 Tube trains and Tube stations
Charing Cross tube station: Northern line train approaching.
Euston (Northern) tube station: looking northwards into northbound tube tunnel.
This (N-B) platform is almost one continuous curve - it was a single platform 1914-1926 when trains terminated via the Charing Cross loop. /trains/london/tubes.html

 Travelcard Zone 1 . Charing Cross railway station . Liverpool Street station . Tottenham Court Road tube station
Tottenham Court Road is a station on the London Underground, serving as an interchange between the Central Line and the Charing Cross branch of the Northern Line.
The boundary of zone 1 roughly corresponds to the route of the Underground s Circle Line and thus stations within the zone cover the West End, the Holborn district, Kensington, Paddington and the City of London.
On the Central line it is between Oxford Circus tube station Oxford Circus... /Travelcard_Zone_1

 Charing Cross tube station - Wikipedia
Wähle „Charing Cross tube station suchen“ um nach Charing Cross tube station zu suchen.
Ein Wörterbucheintrag zu Charing Cross tube station hat seinen Platz im Wiktionary (Wiktionary). /wiki/Charing_Cross_tube_station

 Institute of Railway Studies: what the papers said
As a matter of fact, girl clerks will be experimentally engaged at the Charing Cross Tube Station, and the adoption of the plan on a more extensive scale will be dependent on the results obtained here.
The girl workers are given a practical insight into the work of other departments by means of station and goods yard visits, andc., to show how their duties link up with outside work, and with all these facilities one can understand that they have proved themselves to be very intelligent and adaptable employees.
A portion of a goods train became detached a few miles out of Millom, and when the first portion reached the crossing the woman, an elderly widow named Raynes, let it through and, thinking it complete, [p.459>] turned the gates across the metals to allow the passage of a horse and cart. /inst/irs/irshome/papers/013-010902.htm

 Charing Cross tube station.html - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
We don't have an article called "Charing Cross tube station.html"
Wait a few minutes, or check the deletion log. /wiki/Charing_Cross_tube_station.html

 Histories of Things 'Escalators'
One escalator was well worth a visit was at Charing Cross Tube Station, one of the longest in London.
The escalator is a feature of most shopping centres, airports and train stations - and in the past has allowed many a weary traveller to rest their aching feet.
For years it combined the thrills and spills of a runaway rollercoaster accompanied by the deafening screeches and wails of the conveyer belt which sound oddly reminiscent of the sound track to "Psycho". /Histories/escalators.html

 Charing Cross Tube Station on Almondnet
Charing Cross underground station, like scores of stations on the system, is a long, cylindrical tube dug out of the...
Below is a list of restaurants near to Charing Cross tube station.
Charing Cross guide with a list of nearby things to do, restaurants, bars and clubs and hotels. /musicwales/charing_cross_tube_station.html

 London Underground Tube Station Maps
Kings Cross isometric (72k), plan (76k) and model of deep level tubes (102k, scanned by Hans Van Oost)
Finsbury Park tube platforms and tunnels after 1960s reconstruction for the Victoria Line(29k)
Canada Water: this station is still under construction, but there is a 3D diagram (71k) on the JLE website /Athens/Acropolis/7069/stations.html

 Victoria Embankment . Hungerford Bridge . Waterloo Bridge
London Underground stations along Victoria Embankment are Westminster tube station Westminster, Embankment tube station Embankment, Charing Cross tube station Charing Cross, Temple tube station Temple and Blackfriars station Blackfriars.
crossing the River Thames in London between Blackfriars Bridge and Hungerford Bridge.
The photo was taken prior to the construction of the Golden Jubilee Bridges. /Victoria_Embankment

 rodcorp: October 2004
The original cross was replaced, then demolished (the stone being re-used used to make paving along Whitehall, round the corner), and in 1863 a rather ornate version (not strictly a replica) was put up in front of Charing Cross railway station, a couple of hundred yards away.
Transport: Charing Cross station is the centre of London for Black Taxis.
On the site now occupied by the statue of King Charles was erected the original Queen Eleanor's Cross, a replica of whch stands in front of Charing Cross station. /rodcorp/2004/10/index.html

 Places to Visit
Tower Hill is the tube station, and it is on the Circle and District lines.
Barely two blocks from the Barbican tube station is the Barbican Centre, home of the London Symphony Orchestra.
It is accessible from Green Park tube station on the Victoria Line, or Hyde Park tube station on the Piccadilly Line. /places.htm

 How to get to ATL's London office
Charing Cross tube station is on the Northern and Bakerloo lines.
Embankment tube station is on the Northern, Bakerloo, Circle and District lines.
There are a large number of buses which go to Trafalgar Square and/or Charing Cross. /atl_en/contacts/offices/london/directions.asp

Charing Cross tube station (which is actually below Trafalgar Square), but
Heaven is situated underneath Charing Cross railway station, in a sort of subway.
Heaven is only a few steps away from the tube station. /uk/engine.asp?render=travelguide&parse=places

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on London at
At the Tube station of the same name, be seen in Covent Garden, a hip place, many buskers bring their music or novelty acts to the shoppers at the covered market and high class shops.
The British Museum near the Tottenham Court Road Tube station is home to the Elgin Marbles, statues that the Greeks have wanted back in their country since the 1930's.
Stroll through St James' Park (St James Tube Station) to Buckingham Palace, the Palace is dull from the outside, the guards wearing those big fuzzy hats are the most interesting sight. /trvl-review-7F46-12FF55E6-3806BA85-bd4

 Aldwych tube station - Art History Online Reference and Guide
The station was originally intended to be the southern terminus of the Great Northern and Strand Railway, running from Finsbury Park in the north, under Kings Cross station, and eventually to a point near The Strand.
Aldwych tube station should not be confused with the Aldwych tramway station which was a stop on the Kingsway tramway subway.
The station was opened as Strand station on November 30, 1907, and was only ever served by a shuttle service to Holborn, except for a single late-night service which ran through to Finsbury Park for the benefit of theatre-goers. /art_history/Aldwich_tube_station

 The Royal Commonwealth Society
Charing Cross tube station is also within a three minute walk (Bakerloo and Northern lines).
The nearest car park is the City of Westminster car park in Spring Gardens, SW1, off the West side of Trafalgar Square, or park on the South Bank and take the short walk across the Hungerford Bridge over the Thames.
The Commonwealth Club is a two minute walk from Embankment tube station (District, Circle, Northern and Bakerloo lines). /club.jsp?defaultView=true&subSection=location

 Fodor's Travel Guides Forums Messages
For Heathrow, get the Bakerloo line tube from Charing Cross tube station (a separate station from the railway station, with entrances actually in the square) north either to Piccadilly Circus (where you change for the Piccadilly line tube) or to Paddington for the much faster but much pricier Heathrow Express train.
Charing Cross station is 50 yards from Traf Sq.
Get off, stay on the platform and there are trains every 5 mins or so to Charing Cross from the other side. /forums/pgMessages.jsp?fid=2&tid=34633339&numresponses=4&start=0

 Runu & Co. Estates - Letting and Rental Agents London NW1 - Selection of property
We are proud to offer this excellent Newsagents located within Charing Cross underground station that has been operating for a number of years now.
A spacious studio apartment located across the road from Warren Street tube station and the amenities of Tottenham Court Road.
We are proud to present this excellent office or A1 retail premises located on a busy street and within walking distance of Archway tube station. /agent.aspx?agentid=4282&opt=list

 Thistle Charing Cross Hotel - Discount London Hotel Reservations
The Thistle Charing Cross Hotel, London is situated between the Strand and Thames Embankment adjacent to Charing Cross station.
Thistle Charing Cross Hotel - London - England
Thistle Charing Cross Hotel - Discount London Hotel Reservations /thistle-charing-cross-hotel-london-1241.htm

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