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Topic: Charles Cameron

  CAMERON, Simon
CAMERON, GEN. SIMON, son of Charles Cameron and Martha Pfoutz, was born March 8, 1799, at Maytown, Lancaster county, Pa. On the paternal side he is descended from the clan Cameron, of Scotland, who shared their fortunes with the unfortunate Charles Edward, whose star of hope sunk on the field of Culloden.
Charles Cameron and Martha Pfoutz had a large family, yet a remarkable one, and the history of our country gives but few instances of the successful career of an entire family, among whom the subject of this sketch is the most prominent.
Cameron, declaring his election to the Senate as having been outside the party organization, but this treatment he found to his cost was not conducive to his own peace of mind, sent for General Cameron, made a, truce with him, and there was never any more trouble.
maley.net /transcription/Sketches/cameron_simon.htm   (2846 words)

 Cameron's biography
Cameron's view is clearly stated in a letter to Sir John Herschel, to whom she writes, "My aspirations are to ennoble Photography and to secure for it the character and uses of High Art by combining the real and ideal sacrificing nothing of Truth by all possible devotion to Poetry and beauty" (Johnson 364).
Cameron's illustrations are culled from the segments entitled "Gareth and Lynette", "Geraint and Enid", "Merlin and Vivien", "Lancelot and Elaine", "The Holy Grail", "Guinevere", and "The Passing of Arthur".
Cameron reveals Guinevere as a soul struggling to maintain her vows and innocence, and the harmony of Camelot, where the dominance of the male is unquestioned.
www.lib.rochester.edu /camelot/auth/cameron.htm   (3617 words)

 Masters of Photography: Julia Margaret Cameron
Cameron was from a family of celebrated beauties, and was considered an ugly duckling among her sisters.
Cameron was always keen to take pictures, and though her photography is not unconventional it shows a certain spontaneity which was not common in the work of other photographers of the time.
Cameron was often friends with these Victorian celebrities, and tried to capture their personalities in her photos.
www.masters-of-photography.com /C/cameron/cameron_articles1.html   (798 words)

 Cameron Gallery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Charles Cameron used Pudost stone mined in the Saint Petersburg suburbs, in the village of Pudost, to create the first floor of the Cameron Gallery, as well as the Cold Baths, Pandus and Hanging Garden.
A contract for the construction of the Cameron Gallery was concluded with the stonemason M. Kesa, who took it upon himself to execute the gallery in precise accordance with the sketches and designs of Charles Cameron.
According to a decree of Empress Catherine II, Charles Cameron was forced to build two new staircases in addition to the wide steps leading to the landing before the entrance to the first floor.
eng.tzar.ru /catherine_park/regular/cameron_ensemble/cameron_gallery   (1095 words)

 Cameron, Charles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Cameron was considered a free architect and had no rank, although he received a pension from the imperial court.
Due to the intrigue initiated by Yury Velten, Cameron's attempts to become an academician of the Academy of the Arts were not successful.
Charles Cameron was a bold representative of Classicism in the history of Russian architecture, a master at interior design and a brilliant draughtsman.
eng.tzar.ru /history/architect/cameron   (167 words)

 Prince Charles - Cameron of Clunes
Charles expressed a wish to go to Rannoch, or Badenoch, where Lochiel and Cluny were; but upon Clunes informing him that he could not pass without great danger, as all the ferries were strictly guarded, he gave up his design, and, early next morning, sent a messenger to Lochiel, desiring his attendance.
The joy of Charles and of young Cameron, at the narrow escape which the friends of the one and the father of the other had made, may be easily conceived.
In the meantime it was agreed that Dr Cameron should visit Lochaber to procure intelligence, and that Lochgarry should go to the east end of Loch Lochy, and remain upon the isthmus between the lakes, to watch the motions of the troops.
www.electricscotland.com /History/charles/96.htm   (1130 words)

 SFMOMA | Exhibitions | Julia Margaret Cameron's Women   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Cameron's sophisticated use of lighting, selective focus and literary allusion resulted in a powerful portrayal of Victorian womanhood that is examined closely for the first time in this exhibition.
She walks in beauty, 1874, a photograph of Julia Jackson, Cameron's niece and the mother of Virginia Woolf, is a striking example of Victorian feminine idealism.
Cameron remarked that the soft-focus effects of her works were achieved by accident, but she recognized the artistic value of her error and incorporated it into her work.
www.sfmoma.org /exhibitions/exhib_detail/99_exhib_julia_cameron.html   (980 words)

 The Architectural Ensemble of Charles Cameron   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The architectural ensemble of Charles Cameron includes a number of buildings with a range of uses united by one common artistic theme: the Cameron Gallery, the Cold Baths with the Agate Rooms, the Hanging and Flower Gardens, and the Pandus.
The famed expert on antiquity, Charles Clerisso suggested building an "ancient house" based on the composition of the thermae of Diocletian which in their dimensions were to surpass the Large (Catherine) Palace itself, and thus was not considered.
Her whim was fulfilled by Charles Cameron, who had been invited to Tzarskoje Selo from Scotland.
eng.tzar.ru /catherine_park/regular/cameron_ensemble   (549 words)

 Charles A. Cameron - Issaquah Marshals and Chiefs
Charles Alexander Cameron was born Aug 25, 1866.
Charles Cameron left office at the end of his term in 1902 and moved to Lewis County sometime thereafter.
Cameron is now a guard of state convicts at a rock quarry in Lewis Co. where about 50 convicts are employed in producing material for highways".
issaquahhistory.org /police/cameron.htm   (142 words)

 Charles Cameron Architect - Part Two
Cameron worked not only for the Empress; she also found him a post with her son and heir, the Grand Duke Paul, and his Consort, the Grand Duchess Marie Feodorovna (an intimate friend of the unfortunate Marie Antoinette), who were both great admirers of his work.
Cameron wanted decoration similar to that at Tsarskoe, with arabesques and vivid colours, but Marie and Paul were in favour of something "simpler and noble." As a result of this circumstance, it is sometimes difficult to trace exactly which part is Cameron's and which Brenna's (e.g., the Hall of War and the Hall of Peace).
Cameron also completed the first floor and a few rooms on the second, before he was superseded by Brenna.
www.alexanderpalace.org /cameron/two.html   (3196 words)

 Office of Alumni Relations - Faculty Hall of Fame - Cameron University
She found Cameron's family of faculty and students to be closely knit and made enduring friendships.
At Cameron she taught varied English courses and a general humanities course and was department chairman.
She was Cameron's Teacher of the Year in 1967 and received Central State's Distinguished Former Student Award that year.
www.cameron.edu /alumni/awardbios/hines.html   (498 words)

 Further memories of Sir Charles Cameron
Lady Cameron had a pronounced squint, and I was never sure whether she was looking at me or not.
Charles Kean and his wife, who before her marriage was Ellen Tree, and a well-known actress.
As Charles Kean was born in Waterford, we might regard him as a countryman.
www.chapters.eiretek.org /books/cameron/cameron2.htm   (6135 words)

 Donald Cameron
Still, however, Charles felt that without the co-operation of Lochiel it was useless to advance, and he therefore sent Macdonald the younger, of Scothouse, requesting a personal interview with the Cameron at Borodale.
Charles, the younger, who succeeded to the family claims of his brother, obtained leases from the British Crown of parts of the family estate upon very easy terms, and received a commission in the 71st Highlanders, to which regiment he added a company of clansmen of his own raising.
Nothing, it is said, could exceed the enthusiasm with which the arrival of Charles Cameron was welcomed by the citizens of Glasgow, for it was their conviction that it was his father who had prevented their city from being plundered by the rebel army in 1745.
www.electricscotland.com /History/other/cameron_donald.htm   (2149 words)

 Charles Cameron Architect - Foreward by Bob Atchison
Catherine the Second, in whose reign Cameron worked in Russia, came to Russia a child bride for the Romanov heir remained there throughout her life -eventually eliminating her husband and reigning alone.
In this desire she was fortunate in securing the services of the Scott, Charles Cameron (1740-1812), who was able to translate Catherine's ideas into reality.
George Lukomski was in an exceptional situation to describe the monuments and their history, for he had known them first-hand as the first curator of the Alexander Palace in 1918, taking his job immediately after the exile of the Romanovs to Tobolsk.
www.alexanderpalace.org /cameron/foreward.html   (1099 words)

 Speakers Biography
Charles Freeland has been deputy secretary general of the Basel Committee since 1989, and acts as the principal secretary of the main committee and coordinator of its publications, also representing the Basel Committee on several external working groups.
Charles Freeland was educated at Eton College before obtaining an MA in economics from the University of St Andrews.
Charles Goodhart, CBE, FBA is the Norman Sosnow professor of banking and finance at the London School of Economics.
www.centralbanking.co.uk /conferences/speakers_bio.htm   (13164 words)

 Virgil King Cameron, Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy
Cameron was listed as missing in action for eight years, and later reclassified as killed in action.
In honor of Cameron's sacrifice, a Purple Heart is displayed on a wall of the Cameron home, accompanied by a plaque with a bronze eagle soaring over his medals, a saber and miniature United States flags.
Cameron's best friend at McAllen High School, Vinson McLeod, said he has been haunted for 33 years by the fact that he missed a chance to see his friend alive again by just one day.
www.arlingtoncemetery.net /vkcameron.htm   (2074 words)

 Cameron Charles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Charles and D. Allstot, "A Calibrated Phase/Frequency Detector for Reference Spur Reduction in Charge-Pump PLLs," accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II, Nov. 2005.
Charles and R. Harrison, "A floating gate common mode feedback circuit for low noise amplifiers," IEEE Southwest Symposium on Mixed Signal Design, Las Vegas, USA, Feb. 2003, pp.
Charles, "A Calibrated Phase and Amplitude Control System for Phased-Array Transmitters," Seminar at the University of California, San Diego, March 24, 2006.
students.washington.edu /ccharles   (366 words)

 Donnelly, Charles Francis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Young Charles received his elementary education in private schools and at the Presbyterian Academy at St. John.
In 1848 Hugh Donnelly [Charles Francis Donnelly's father], having recovered his health, removed with his family to Providence, Rhode Island, where other relatives were prosperously settled.
Here Charles Francis continued his classical studies, and having decided to follow the profession of law, went to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1856 and entered the law offices of the Hon.
www.wvu.edu /~lawfac/jelkins/lp-2001/donnelly_charles.html   (953 words)

 The Political Graveyard: Index to Politicians: Cameron   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Son of Simon Cameron; nephew by marriage of
Cameron, Scott — of Linton, Emmons County, N.Dak. Democrat.
Cameron, Simon (1799-1889) — also known as "The Czar of Pennsylvania" — of Pennsylvania.
politicalgraveyard.com /bio/cameron.html   (629 words)

 Cameron DNA Project - Results
John Cameron (1813-1880) may be the son of Kenneth Cameron and Margaret M(a)cLeod, both of Urquhart Parish, though that is not proven beyond a doubt.
Her parents names are John Cameron (1817-1892) and Hectorina McLeod (1823-1878), John was born on the Island of Iona and Hectorina was from Sutherland.
Charles' trail ends in Ontario but three of his sons moved to the USA and probably ended up in St. Louis, Missouri.
www.clan-cameron.org /dna/results.html   (3162 words)

 Charle Cameron & Associates
Charles Cameron has a number of recommended partners.
Not all brokers are able to provide the quality of service that matches the exceptional standards demanded of those working within the City`s best organisations.
We believe Charles Cameron & Associates is the first independent mortgage adviser committed to setting and meeting such standards.
www.ccameron.co.uk   (277 words)

 Charles Hay Cameron (Getty Museum)
Alfred, Lord Tennyson once described Charles Hay Cameron as "a philosopher with his beard dipped in moonlight." As Cameron sits in an armchair facing his wife's camera, his white hair is drenched in brilliant natural light.
This portrait by Julia Margaret Cameron is a rare study of her husband, and one of the first she made after taking up photography.
Cameron attended Eton College and served a distinguished law career in British colonial India.
www.getty.edu /art/gettyguide/artObjectDetails?artobj=65166   (174 words)

 City of Lake Charles
City of Lake Charles 29th Annual Men's City Golf Championship to be Held at Mallard Cove
Cameron State Bank has signed-on as this year's sponsor of the annual event.
The entry fee is $115.00 and entry forms can be picked up at all area Cameron State Bank locations and at Mallard Cove Golf Course.
www.cityoflakecharles.com /news/newsview.asp?nw=1355   (210 words)

Posh Cameron, 39, said the Conservatives were too old, too white and spent too much time whinging about modern Britain.
Cameron polled 134,446 votes, humiliating his rival, "council estate boy and proud of it" David Davis, who got just 64,398.
Mr Cameron spent seven years at Carlton TV, as head of corporate communications for the firm's boss Michael Green.
www.mirror.co.uk /news/tm_objectid=16455127&method=full&siteid=94762&headline=lord-charles-cameron-takes-charge-of-the-tories-name_page.html   (498 words)

 Modeling the Executive Veto
Cameron (2000) considers a two-period model that is almost identical to Primo’s, except a veto over-ride player is randomly selected each period (Cameron 2000 pp.
Cameron (2000) explores the comparative statics of this version of the SVB model in detail.
Not surprisingly, many of the model’s empirical predictions are identical to the simple one-shot model, for example, increased differences between proposer and receiver lead to increased veto rates.
www.unc.edu /polisci/aprg/aprg/charles_cameron.htm   (5312 words)

 Charles Cameron (architect) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Charles Cameron (1743-1812) was a Scottish architect who introduced the Adam style into Russian architecture.
Little is known about his early life in Europe, except for the fact that he studied in Italy and France.
In that village, he designed the so-called Cameron Gallery with the Agate Rooms, the Hanging Gardens, and the Cold Baths.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Charles_Cameron_(architect)   (172 words)

 CD Baby: CHARLES (ORGANAIRE) CAMERON: I Will Never Stop Loving You
Charles Cameron was soon show casing Jamaica’ talents n the nineteen-fifties.
Charles played on thousands of recordings for artists such as Derrick Morgan, Prince Buster, Eric Monty Morris, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Toots and the Maytals, Delroy Wilson, Stranger Cole and Phillis Dillon, just to name a few.
Although Charles Cameron has more than ten singles released to his credit, he now set to release his first complete recording album, with all original material.
cdbaby.com /cd/organaire   (871 words)

 Cameron Family Genealogy Forum
Alexander Cameron born June 30 1812 in Nova Scotia.
Camerons of Truro Nova Scotia - Kathryn Elliott 2/01/06
Re: Cameron of Lochiel - Malcolm Cunning 2/23/06
genforum.genealogy.com /cameron   (863 words)

 HipBone: Charles Cameron
Charles Cameron is an Oxford MA, professional freelance writer, poet, teacher and game designer.
Charles' classes remind me of the course I took at UCSB with Margaret Mead, and my graduate seminar with Paul Tillich.
Several days ago, I attended a seminar at which several of the sessions were led by a gentleman named Charles Cameron.
home.earthlink.net /~hipbone/ChasCBio.html   (1023 words)

 Clan Cameron Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Mémoire d'un Ecossais," by Donald Cameron (The Gentle Lochiel) XIX Chief of Clan Cameron
Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel, XVII Chief of Clan Cameron, in his famous fight with an English Officer at the Battle of Achdalieu, circa 1654 (from Celtic Monthly)
Colonel Sir Donald Hamish Cameron of Lochiel, K.T., XXVI Chief of Clan Cameron, at Loch Broom, Nova Scotia
www.clan-cameron.org /archives.html   (4388 words)

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