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 Charles Willard Moore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Charles Moore's true legacy is as teacher, collaborator, and writer.
Moore graduated from the University of Michigan in 1947 and took his PhD from Princeton in 1957.
Moore's somewhat Dionysian personality and his dedication to innovation, collaboration, debate and direct experience was sharp contrast to Rudolph's authoritarian approach. /wiki/Charles_Willard_Moore

 Charles Willard Moore
Charles Willard Moore was born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, on October 31, 1925.
At UCLA, Moore’s leadership as program chair brought many interesting faculty to the school and was central to the formation and success of the Urban Innovations Group, a practice wing in the school that created new opportunities for students and faculty to become actively engaged in real projects.
Charles and his collaborators received many design awards and his works have been published in every major architectural magazine, in most anthologies of contemporary architecture, and in a dozen monographs devoted to his work. /faculty/council/1999-2000/memorials/Moore/moore.html

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - Charles Moore
Moore, Charles (1925-1994), American architect, a pioneer of the postmodern style in architecture (American Art and Architecture).
Search for Magazine Articles on " Charles Moore "
MSN Encarta - Search Results - Charles Moore /Charles_Moore.html

 Family History - Charles MOORE (1892-1915)
Charles Moore was born in Donyatt in Somerset in 1892, the third child and eldest son of William and Bessie Moore.
Charles is courting a girl called Nellie Record who lives in Rampisham around 7 miles away.
Charles survived the initial landing and attack between the 6th and 9th of August. /family/charlesmoore.html

 Council Members - Charles M. Moore
Moore is the current Executive Director of the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy, a privately funded organization which strives to raise the level and awareness of corporate giving.
Moore was Director of Turner Corporation (1990 to 1999) and President of the Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletics of America (1996 to 1999).
Moore served as Public Sector Director of the United States Olympic Committee and Chairman of that organization's Audit Committee. /aboutpcpfs/members/moore/moore.html

 Charles G. Moore Indicted
The indictment charges that between 1995 and 1997, Moore, the owner of the gallery Charles G. Moore Americana, located at 32 East 57th Street in Manhattan, accepted antiques, artwork, and artifacts on consignment and undertook efforts, in exchange for an agreed-upon commission, to sell the works on their owners' behalf, generally through "silent" mail auctions.
The case of Charles G. Moore, the 44-year-old auctioneer who once ran the now-defunct New York absentee auction gallery bearing his name, has taken yet another twist.
According to the indictment, Moore's victims were numerous and included one who consigned to him artifacts once belonging to or associated with George Washington; a Canadian Buddhist church, which consigned to him its extensive collection of Tibetan art; and individual collectors of 19th-century ink bottles, 18th-century furniture, and antique medical instruments. /buzz/buzz091.htm

 Charles Moore, 1st Marquess of Drogheda
Charles Moore, 1st Marquess of Drogheda, KP, PC ( June 29, 1730- December 22, 1822) was a British military officer, who attained the rank of field marshal. /articles/Charles_Moore,_1st_Marquess_of_Drogheda

 Yale Office of Public Affairs - Yale School of Architecture Pays Homage to Former Dean Charles Moore
Former Architecture Dean Charles Moore (right) with Kent Bloomer, currently an adjunct professor at the school.
"Moore was at Yale at a time when post-war America began for the first time to face the vast poverty in the inner cities and Appalachia," Stern said.
The third part of the exhibition features four buildings designed by Moore's office while he was at Yale: the Faculty Club at the University of California, Santa Barbara; Kresge College, University of California, Santa Cruz; the Church Street South housing complex in New Haven; and his own New Haven residence. /opa/news/architecture/moore.html

 Charles B. Moore b. 1863 d. 1911
Charles B. Moore was married and had a daughter before he married Iva Mullan.
Charles Moore, residing three miles east of Bushnell died Monday morning at 11:40 a.m.
Moore spent all of her life in this county except for the past three years when she resided in Galesburg. /moore.html

 KODAK: Powerful Days in Black and White - About Charles Moore
After a long night of violence and death during riots at the University of Mississippi, photographer Charles Moore is surrounded by empty tear gas canisters.
The accompanying photos, and many more, appear in Powerful Days, The Civil Rights Photography of Charles Moore (New York: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1991).
KODAK: Powerful Days in Black and White - About Charles Moore /US/en/corp/features/moore/aboutCharlesMoore.shtml

 Great Performances: Free To Dance - Biographies - Charles Moore
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Charles Moore had early training in both music and dance.
Though Moore never went to Africa, reconstructions of his dances such as "Bundao," "Maiden's Stick Dance," "Spear Dance," and "African Congo" were highly respected, and they inspired similar dances in most repertories of African dance companies in America.
In 1959 Moore began teaching Dunham's technique at the Clark Center in New York City, then continued at the New Dance Group, Harlem Youth Activities, and Hunter and Brooklyn colleges of the City College of New York; he also taught in Jamaica and Europe. /wnet/freetodance/biographies/cmoore.html

 The Evolution of Forth
Moore immediately gave notice, then wrote an angry poem and a book on Forth [Moore, 1970b] that was never published.
Moore found the Forth-based 1130 environment for programming the 2250 superior to the Fortran environment in which the 1130 software was developed, so he extended it into an 1130 compiler.
Moore's programming career began in the late 1950's at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory with programs to compute ephemerides, orbital elements, satellite station positions, etc. [Moore, 1958], [Veis, 1960]. /resources/evolution/evolve_1.html

 UCSB Faculty Club - History and Architecture
From the first, the one figure that seemed most likely to fulfill their desires was the Berkeley architect Charles W. Moore, together with his associate William Turnbull, Jr.
In June, 1968, the soaring structure was completed, marked by the high shed-roofed towers and dramatic use of light and space then emerging as the signatures of Charles Moore, whom an architectural authority writing in Smithsonian describes as the Frank Lloyd Wright of our time.
Charles Moore buildings are never taken for granted. /historyarchitect.html -- America's Conservative Political Newsletter and Testimonials
Barbara Bush pulled on Charles Moore when he was a young candidate for a Texas political office and her husband was a candidate for the U.S. Senate.
Read how Charles Moore was able to help in putting the Pro Life Plank into the 1980 Republican Platform.
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 Encyclopedia: Charles Moore (journalist)
Charles Moore (born October 31, 1956) is a former editor of the Daily Telegraph (1995-2003).
Updated 120 days 23 hours 15 minutes ago. /encyclopedia/Charles-Moore-(journalist)

 Charles Moore
Charles Moore was a founding member of our Singapore office in 1997, and also managed our Asia Pacific Healthcare Practice between 1997 and 2003.
Charles is one of 10 global partners voted onto our Partnership Council in 2003.
A graduate of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Charles' five years of commissioned service was focused around training, assessment and leadership development. /Experience/Consultants/ConsultantDetail.aspx?ConsultantCode=10797

 Charles W. Moore ( -1993)
Charles Willard Moore, renowned architect, writer of numerous articles and books, and teacher, was born in Benton Harbor, Michigan in 1925.
In addition, the staff at the Architecture and Planning Library and General Libraries is cataloging and making available to the university community over 5,000 architectural monographs, exhibition catalogs, and works of fiction that formed the architect's personal library, housed at the Charles Moore House in Austin, Texas.
The unprocessed Charles Moore Collection, housed at the Alexander Architectural Archive at The University of Texas at Austin, consists of photographic materials, slides, drawings, models, and freestanding columns. /apl/blakeschoice/moore.html

 Math vs. Moore & Debunking Hypocrisy 01 - Rudiak
This is evident in both Moore's table for Flight #5: and in his time-altitude plot: If you examine Moore's plot, you can even see that he has it labeled "2 lifting balloons released," and you'll see a sharp "kink" in the ascent plot as the balloons' rise rate drops in half.
How Moore secretly altered his assumptions to shorten the ascent trajectory Moore stated that he was assuming Flight #4 used their best equipment, was configured similarly, and worked as well or better than the successful Flight #5 the next day.
Moore stated he was assuming "Flight #4 used our best equipment" and was configured like and "performed as well as or better than" the successful Flight #5 the next day. /ufo/updates/2003/jul/m30-003.shtml

Charles Moore left California for Connecticut in 1965 to head the School of Architecture at Yale University and to open the New Haven office of MLTW/Moore, Turnbull.
The firm, Charles W. Moore Architect was established in Austin shortly after his arrival, and later became the partnership Moore/Andersson Architects.
The office then became Charles W. Moore Associates which later became Moore Grover Harper and finally Centerbrook Architects. /Charles-Moore.html

 Charles W Moore (1841 - 1893) Biography, Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Charles Willson Peale (Hannah Moore) 1816 Oil on canvas
Moore combined two of his enduring fascinations, the human figure and the landscape perfectly illustrating his comments that ‘knees and breasts are mountains’.
Kelly Moore is a Self Taught Artist who has no formal training or education in art. His Original, Expressive work has been  referred to as Outsider Art, Art Brut, Raw Art and Vi... /masters/m/moore-charles_w.html

 Charles Moore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Charles Page Thomas Moore (1831 - 1904) was a founder of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and later was a justice on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.
Charles Moore] Early Resident of Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Charles H. Moore (also known as Chuck Moore) is the inventor of the Forth programming language /wiki/Charles_Moore   (139 words)

 Charles Moore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Charles Willard Moore ( 1925 - 1993) was an architect.
Charles Page Thomas Moore ( 1831 - 1904) was a founder of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and later was a justice on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.
Charles H. Moore (also known as Chuck Moore) is the inventor of the Forth programming language /wiki/Charles_Moore   (139 words)

 The PowerBook Zone--Your Mobile Technology News Source
Charles Moore has his latest Road Warrior column up, discussing everything in the realm of laptop screens, with particular attention on the rumored widescreen iBooks.
First up, the prolific Charles W. Moore has a new column asking when the iBook and Mac mini will be able to support Core Image in Tiger.
Charles W. Moore has done it again, posting a very thorough guide to every model and revision of the aluminum PowerBook G4s.   (139 words)

 Charles Moore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Charles H. Moore (also known as Chuck Moore) is the inventor of the Forth programming language
Charles Moore, 1st Marquess of Drogheda 1730- 1822
This page was last modified 01:08, 30 Aug 2004. /wiki/Charles_Moore   (139 words)

 Charles Mitchell: Yes, I Gave Michael Moore Money
Charles Mitchell is president of the Bucknell University Conservatives Club, executive editor of its magazine, The Counterweight, and vice chairman of the newly-formed Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania.
Moore’s biggest mistake is that he does with George W. Bush what Jimmy Carter (and most liberals) did with Ronald Reagan: disdain his intelligence, dismiss him as a lightweight, and generally not take him seriously.
Moore thinks Bush is stupid (although he does seem to be just smart enough to trick the whole country into going to war, twice) and that his policies are ridiculous - just like Carter thought Reagan was merely a lame-brained actor. /columnists/GuestColumns/Mitchell20040731.shtml   (139 words)

The Luke Charles Moore Invitational Moot Court Competition (“LCMI”) is hosted each spring by the Charles Hamilton Houston National Moot Court Team of Howard University School of Law.
LCMI is held in the memory of the Honorable Luke Charles Moore, a man who dedicated his life to championing the rights of the underprivileged in America.
The Honorable Luke Charles Moore was born in Collinsville, IL, in 1924 and spent his childhood in the segregated South. /student-org/mootcourt/LukeCharlesMooreBio.htm   (139 words)

 Auctioneer Charles Moore Sought by Consignors & Bidders
Auctioneer Charles Moore Sought by Consignors & Bidders
In a fax dated July 31, 1997, Moore wrote to unpaid consignor Dr. Roger Rose, "Please don't be upset with me. Certain legal matters have taken much of my time this week...I know our past dealiings were slightly stressfull [sic], but you know that I do fulfill my obligations.
Moore cashed the checks but there has been no sign of the goods yet. /buzz/buzz038.htm   (139 words)

 Charles Moore
One of the greatest 400 hurdlers of all-time, Charles Moore never lost a 400 hurdles race and was an innovator of the event.
Active in amateur athletics, Moore is currently a a private sector member of the U.S. Olympic Committee Board of Directors.
Now the athletic director at Cornell University, Moore was one of Cornell's greatest athletes. /athletes/hof/moore_charles.asp   (139 words)

 Charles Moore - Great Buildings Online
Moore was a teacher during much of his career, at the University of California at Berkeley, at Yale, and at the University of California Los Angeles.
Moore designed several buildings during this period that illustrate his dissidence with the moralistic position that much of modern architecture assumes.
Moore believed that architecture must elicit responses from all the senses, not only the visual. /architects/Charles_Moore.html   (139 words)

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