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Topic: Charles Parker

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Isaac Charles Parker (1838–1896) - Encyclopedia of Arkansas
Isaac Charles Parker served as federal judge for the Federal Court of the Western District of Arkansas in Fort Smith (Sebastian County).
Born on October 15, 1838, in Barnesville, Ohio, Isaac Parker was the youngest son of Joseph and Jane Parker.
Parker’s court was supposed to hold four terms each year—in February, May, August, and November—but the caseload for the court was so large that the four terms ran together.
encyclopediaofarkansas.net /encyclopedia/entry-detail.aspx?search=1&entryID=1732   (1250 words)

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 48th OVVI - Sgt. Maj. Charles Parker
Job Parker suffered from "lung fever" late in the war and December 5, 1865, he died at home in Highland County "of Lung disease caused by Exposure in the late War." Charles Parker's Disability Discharge states that he is unfit for duty because of "Chronic pneumonia and chronic bronchitis of a tubercular diathesis".
Charles Parker was from Ross County, east of Highland County.
Charles Parker was not with the regiment after April 11, 1862 and was "by error reported as discharged on the Morning Reports, and dropped from Muster Roll of April 30, 62, without proper authority..".
www.48ovvi.org /oh48cparker.html   (567 words)

Charles Parker was one of the city's leading furniture dealers, and his large new residence was considered among Charlotte's finest homes when it was photographed in 1905 by the Gravure Illustration Company of Chicago for their handsome volume Art Work of Charlotte, North Carolina.
Indeed, Charles W. Parker's efforts had been rewarded with a measure of personal prosperity for himself and his wife, the former Louise Anthony, who was a Virginia native and the daughter of John and Abigail Everett Anthony of that state.
Charles Parker was a devoted family man, and was known for his congeniality and gentleness.
www.cmhpf.org /surveys&rparker.htm   (2690 words)

Charles Parker started his gun company with his younger brother, but Parker was certainly not new to the manufacturing business.
Although the grade of the early Parkers were not marked either in the catalogs or on the guns, the type of barrel steel was the main determining factor.
Parker lamps, clocks and coffee mills were sold throughout the world But, as far as firearms production was concerned, it was decided to produce shotguns only.
www.ogca.com /parker_gun_by_ron_kirby.htm   (1374 words)

 Charlie Parker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Parker is commonly considered one of the greatest jazz musicians, ranked with such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Miles Davis.
Parker also became an icon for the Beat generation, and was a pivotal figure in the evolving conception of the jazz musician as an uncompromising artist and intellectual, rather than just a popular entertainer.
Parker's harmonic ideas were revolutionary, introducing a new tonal vocabulary employing 9ths, 11ths and 13ths of chords, rapidly implied passing chords, and new variants of altered chords and chord substitutions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Charlie_Parker   (3007 words)

 Frontier Law - Isaac Charles Parker
Parker was only 36 in 1875, but he had behind him a long and varied career.
Parker was an imposing figure - a straightbacked six-footer who weighed about 200 pounds, and whose severely handsome face was dignified by a tawny mustache and a thick goatee.
Parker rose from a frontier Missouri lawyer to become a congressional representative, and when Reconstructionist-era politics denied him continued progress, he sought the judicial appointment for which he is most well known.
www.jcs-group.com /oldwest/law/iparker.html   (1929 words)

 "Charles Parker and The Radio Ballads"
Parker’s belief in the power of human speech was set against his concern ‘we are moving under the dominance of the machine into a type of society where life is inhuman, where no one ever does anything that really expresses his personality’.
Charles Parker (1919-1980) was a documentary radio producer for BBC Birmingham from 1949-1972.
Parker’s underlying attitudes were undoubtedly framed, sometimes uneasily, by his belief in Christianity and the influence of activists such as Ewan MacColl, engaged in more strident left wing protest art.
www.search.connectinghistories.org.uk /engine/resource/default.asp?theme=&originator=/engine/theme/default.asp&page=&records=&direction=&pointer=2&text=0&resource=935   (1137 words)

 The Jazzine - Biographies: Charlie Parker
Parker was born on August 29,1920 in Kansas City, Kansas, just about the same time jazz was being invented by a new generation of African American musicians.
He was born to Charles Parker Sr., a singer and dancer on the fl vaudeville circuit, and Addie Parker, a housewife.
Parker’s family life wasn’t going nearly as well as his musical career was; in 1939, he and Rebecca divorced.
www.jazzine.com /jazzstuff/biographies/charlie_parker.phtml   (1707 words)

 The Charles Parker Company - The Lampworks
Charles Parker was born on January 9, 1809, in Cheshire, Connecticut.
Parker was the president; his son Charles E. Parker, vice-president; his son Dexter Wright Parker, treasurer; and his son-in-law, William H. Lyon, secretary.
Parker is probably best known for their firearms, namely the Parker Brother's Shotguns, which were, and are still famous worldwide.
www.thelampworks.com /lw_companies_parker.htm   (940 words)

 The Charles Parker Archive
The Charles Parker Archive is deposited in the Archives and Heritage Service on the Sixth Floor of the Central Library.
Charles made programmes with blind people, Irish labourers, workers in China in 1972, Asian teenagers, protesters against the Vietnam War and other minorities traditionally denied a voice on the air on in historical records.
Charles Parker came to believe passionately in the value of the testimony of working people and the creative importance of 'the oral tradition' and its relationship to folk music.
www.birmingham.gov.uk /charlesparkerarchive   (211 words)

 CMBM: Charles Parker, DO
Charles Parker, DO Charles E. Parker, D.O., is a Child and Adult psychiatrist and board certified in Adult and Forensic psychiatry.
Parker's diverse background includes psychoanalysis (completed Adult Psychoanalytic Training with the Philadelphia Association for Psychoanalysis in 1978); training in personal coaching; certification as a Radiation Safety Officer by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; - and the use of neuroimaging for precise clinical guidelines to choose specific medical interventions with a wide variety of brain conditions.
Parker is a member of the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the Medical Society of Virginia, Institute for Functional Medicine and the medical staff of Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital.
www.cmbm.org /mind_body_medicine_ABOUT/faculty_bios/Charles_Parker_DO.php   (455 words)

 Bournemouth University | The Media School | Charles Parker Day
In its first year the Centre established an annual radio features conference based on the work of the producer, Charles Parker, who was born in Bournemouth.
The Charles Parker Day Conference is now an event established in the national radio conference calendar.
Parker was born in Bournemouth on 5 April 1919 and went on to become a Senior Features Producer for the BBC in the Midlands.
media.bournemouth.ac.uk /research/cbhr_parkerday.html   (387 words)

 Mack Charles Parker
Mack Charles Parker, a resident of Poplarville, Mississippi, was jailed for allegedly raping a white woman.
Parker from his jail cell, beat him, took him to Louisiana and then shot him.
Although Parker's abductors were well known and some admitted their complicity to FBI agents, the judge in the case, Sebe Dale — a white supremacist and member of the White Citizens' Council — encouraged the grand jury to return no indictments against the killers.
www.usm.edu /crdp/html/cd/parker.htm   (89 words)

 AMW.com | Charles Parker - Fugitive
Parker allegedly would take her to secluded places to fondle her and when she would struggle he would punish her with chores.
While Parker dropped off her mother and sister, Sarah put on all the clothes she could find and hid in the back of a closet, hoping to escape him.
But cops say Parker was even more enraged when he couldn't find her and this time he raped her to the point of causing internal injury.
www.amw.com /fugitives/case.cfm?id=38059   (627 words)

 USATODAY.com - Government: Town-hall marriage of Prince Charles, Parker Bowles would be legal
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles plan to marry in a civil ceremony at the town hall in Windsor outside of London.
The heir to the throne and Parker Bowles are due to marry April 8 at the town hall in Windsor, west of London.
Parker Bowles, 57, also is divorced, and her ex-husband is still alive.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2005-02-20-royal-wedding_x.htm   (401 words)

 Parker, Schlichter & Associates, PC - Dr. Charles Parker
Charles E. Parker, D.O., (partner in Parker, Schlichter and Associates, PC), is a Child and Adult psychiatrist and board certified in Adult and Forensic psychiatry.
Dr Parker’s philosophy starts with a consistent practice of teamwork with everyone from the family in the office to a growing team of national and international providers with whom he regularly consults.
Dr. Parker is a member of the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the Medical Society of Virginia, Institute for Functional Medicine and the medical staff of Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital.
www.parkerschlichterandassociates.com /drparker.htm   (626 words)

 Parker U » About Parker U
Parker is the adorable little boy whose smile is the perfect cure for a cloudy day.
Parker is on an adventure, one that is dangerous and very frightening.
Parker was welcomed into the arms of his loving Lord Jesus on November 17, 2007.
parkeru.org   (169 words)

 Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The Charles Parker & Janiece Walker Ancestral Home Page
Coat of Arms of Charles Parker - Reasons for choices Shield, Ordinary & Charges The shield with a bend division is based on the fact that my father Charles Thomas Parker served with the 1st Cavalry Division in Korea.
The division patch is the same as the shield chosen except for the fact that the bend travels in the opposite direction.
The name Parker has its roots buried in a close relationship to the land and that which lives on it.
familytreemaker.genealogy.com /users/p/a/r/Charles-E-Parker/index.html   (1080 words)

 Bird Lives - Childhood
Charles Parker Senior was the eldest of Ella’s children and in 1910 was 24 years old and working as a hotel waiter.
Charles Parker died in 1940 stabbed in a fight with a woman who, according to Addie, died herself a year later from alcoholism.
The Parker’s were not wealthy and Freeman Ave was an unpaved street in the predominantly fl suburb of North West of Kansas City, Kansas.
www.birdlives.co.uk /content/view/4/6   (4453 words)

 The Lynching of Mack Charles Parker
Very similar are the accounts given of the heads of Wilson and Parker banging against the steps as they were dragged by mobs from the jails where they had spent their last days and nights alive.
The Parker lynching occurred much closer to home almost four years after Till was killed, and the impact that it had on me at age fifteen was much greater than that of the first lynching of which I had been made aware.
The night of April 24, 1959, is also the date Mack Charles Parker was taken from the Pearl River County jail in Poplarville and lynched.
www.angelfire.com /wi/Carver/mcppms.html   (1365 words)

 Charles Allen Parker - Class of '47
Parker was born in Opelika, Ala., February 27, 1931, the son of Kathryn Tomblin Parker of Columbus and the late Curtis A. Parker.
Parker was past president of the Georgia Principal's Association and a member of the Retired Professors of Columbus State University.
Parker was a member of Edgewood Baptist Church of Columbus.
www.baker.hs.org /47/parker-charles.html   (365 words)

 Big RED & Shiny: An Art Journal
On a fresh framed partition sheathed with ash plywood Charles Parker Boggs has laid up caricatures, a psycho-tableau, down the center of the gallery.
Charles Parker Boggs is from Harlan, Kentucky and now resides in Hazard.
This show is either a keen observation of his own psyche or of the psychogeography that generates these strange tales.
www.bigredandshiny.com /cgi-bin/retrieve.pl?issue=issue19§ion=review&article=DORAN_CHARLES_PARKER_BOGGS_251127   (875 words)

 Bird Lives - Thinking About Charlie Parker
Born in 1920 in Wyandotte County, Kansas, the saxophonist Charlie ‘Yardbird’ or ‘Bird’ Parker emerged onto the jazz scene at the end of the Second World while Big Band or ‘Swing’ was at the peak of its popularity.
Charlie Parker revolutionised the musical establishment, combining complex melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic forms, whilst displaying a completely mastery of the saxophone.
Although Parker’s innovations have become part of the jazz lexicon and popular music, by the end of the 1940s he remained relatively unknown outside jazz circles.
birdlives.co.uk /content/view/1/2   (276 words)

 Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard - Charles Communications Associates
When Fess Parker was cast in the Walt Disney Studio's role of Davy Crockett in the mid-1950's, it caused an international sensation and changed his life forever.
Ashley Parker likes to joke that she was written off the back label in the summer of 1989 when she returned to work in Washington D.C. Upon returning to California however, Ashley helped to run the office, poured in the tasting room and represented the winery at consumer and trade events all over the state.
The presence of Fess and Marcy as the founding visionaries of the Fess Parker Winery is an enduring and important one.
www.charlescomm.com /clients/fess_parker.html   (1045 words)

 Charles Parker Band - Baltimore's most versatile cover band - BOOK THE BAND
The CHARLES PARKER BAND has been officially diagnosed with a severe case of multiple personality disorder.
Next the CHARLES PARKER BAND puts on the flowered shirts and any beach attire we have lying around that day, activate our "Wonder Twin Powers," and become the Beach Bumz.
For booking information on Charles Parker Band or to book or hire this band for your college event, private party, corporate function or concert, REQUEST INFO HERE.
www.samhillbands.com /bands/charles_parker_band/index.shtml   (227 words)

 Bournemouth University | Institute for Media & Communication Research | Charles Parker Day
Connecting Histories is a project to make the archive stories and sources relating to the hidden histories of Birmingham’s diverse communities more widely known.
In so doing, it uses material from the Charles Parker Archive as a social, cultural and political resource.
Since its inception Charles Parker Day has celebrated the spirit of the Radio Ballads by promoting the future of the radio feature.
www.bournemouth.ac.uk /imcr/cbhr_parkerday.html   (725 words)

 Charles Parker Band - Baltimore's most versatile cover band - BOOK THE BAND   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The CHARLES PARKER BAND has been officially diagnosed with a severe case of multiple personality disorder.
Next the CHARLES PARKER BAND puts on the flowered shirts and any beach attire we have lying around that day, activate our "Wonder Twin Powers," and become the Beach Bumz.
Last, but definitely not least, The CHARLES PARKER BAND has That 80s Band covering the music from 80s-- New Wave, Pop and Hair Metal.Complete with costumes and hairdos.(Ever think you'd see a Flock of Seagulls wig again??) It's Back!!!
samhillbands.com /bands/charles_parker_band/index.shtml   (229 words)

 Charles Parker Conference Days
The first Charles Parker Day was held in 2004 in Bournemouth (his birthplace) on his birthday, 5 April, and included the launch of the first Charles Parker prize.
The fifth Parker Day was held on 4 April 2008 at the Miramar Hotel in Bournemouth, organised by the Centre for Broadcasting History Research.
The second Parker Day was celebrated in Birmingham, where much of his work was carried out, in conjunction with the University of Central England Department of Media and Communication and as part of Banner Theatre's 30th anniversary celebrations from 8-9 April.
www.cpatrust.org.uk /days.html   (495 words)

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