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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Charter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Charters were issued in medieval times by Royal decree, perhaps giving a particular town the right to hold a weekly market, or to levy a toll on a road or bridge.
A charter is a legally binding document incorporating an organization or institution and specifying its purpose, remit or bylaws.
A charter colony is a type of colony that was established by a group of settlers that received a charter.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Charter   (587 words)

 Questions and Answers - Massachusetts Charter Schools   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Charter school regulations state "school districts shall provide transportation to charter school children on the same basis as it is provided to regular public school children in the district.
In applying for a regional charter, applicants should specify all of the school districts, including regional districts that comprise the geographic region to be served as well as the cities/towns within the region, and a rationale for the proposed region.
Charter schools may create eligibility thresholds for enrollment that are consistent with their areas of focus or grade levels, but a school's methods for determining eligibility for enrollment - including meetings, interviews, and recommendations - cannot be designed, intended, or used to discriminate on the basis of a child's knowledge or skills.
www.doe.mass.edu /charter/qanda.html   (3258 words)

The charter shall be liberally construed to the end that the city may have all powers necessary or convenient for the conduct of its municipal affairs, including all powers that cities may assume pursuant to state laws and to the municipal home rule provisions of the state constitution.
The councilmen in office at the time this charter is adopted shall continue in office, each until the end of his term of office as fixed by the charter of the city in effect at the time this charter is adopted.
When not governed by ordinances or this charter, all proceedings in the municipal court for the violation of a city ordinance shall be governed by the applicable general laws of the state governing justices of the peace and justice courts.
www.ci.sandy.or.us /municipal_code/Sandy_Charter/sandy_charter.html   (2773 words)

 NEA: Charter Schools
Charter schools should be subject to the same public sector labor relations statutes as traditional public schools, and charter school employees should have the same collective bargaining rights as their counterparts in traditional public schools.
However, because charter schools promise to improve student achievement as a condition of relief from some of the rules and regulations that apply to traditional public schools, it is appropriate to evaluate their effectiveness.
Charter schools that were part of the local school district had significantly higher scores than charter schools that served as their own district.
www.nea.org /charter   (974 words)

 City of Spokane - City Charter
An elected office shall be declared vacant, pursuant to Section 8(a) of this Charter, should the official cease to maintain residency in the city, and primary residency within his or her district, in the case of council members.
Except as otherwise provided by this Charter, the city officers, assistants and employees shall receive such salary or compensation as the city council shall fix by ordinance and the same shall be payable at such times as the city council shall determine.
All official and city matters which by this Charter, or by order of the mayor or city council, are or may be required to be published shall be published in the Official Gazette, unless other publication is required by the laws of the State of Washington or the United States.
www.spokanecity.org /services/documents/charter   (10195 words)

 CER Frequently Asked Questions: Charter Schools   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Charter schools are independent public schools, designed and operated by educators, parents, community leaders, educational entrepreneurs and others.
And charters, bound only by the high standards they have set for themselves, inspire the rest of the system to work harder and be more responsive to the needs of the children.
Charter schools receive a portion of the state and district operating funds generally based on student enrollment counts.
www.edreform.com /school_reform_faq/charter_schools.htm   (2151 words)

 Charter of the OAS
In accordance with the provisions of this Charter, any party to a dispute in which none of the peaceful procedures provided for in the Charter is under way may resort to the Permanent Council to obtain its good offices.
None of the provisions of this Charter shall be construed as impairing the rights and obligations of the Member States under the Charter of the United Nations.
The present Charter shall remain open for signature by the American States and shall be ratified in accordance with their respective constitutional procedures.
www.oas.org /juridico/english/charter.html   (8117 words)

 Booking a Charter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The principal difference between chartered and scheduled flights is that with charters you deal directly not with airlines but with entities known as wholesale tour operators.
Charter flights are notoriously late, often by hours and not infrequently by days.
Unless the charter offers truly dramatic advantages in terms of cost and convenience-and from some destinations on some charters this may well be the case-the greater security, comfort, and flexibility offered by a scheduled service is usually worth the extra money.
www.websciences.org /dvhpub/charter.htm   (1611 words)

 Canadian charter of rights and freedoms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.
This Charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canadians.
A reference in this Charter to a Province or to the legislative assembly or legislature of a province shall be deemed to include a reference to the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories, or to the appropriate legislative authority thereof, as the case may be.
laws.justice.gc.ca /en/charter   (2190 words)

 USCCB - (OCYP) - Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People
Diocesan/eparchial policy is to provide that for even a single act of sexual abuse of a minor*—whenever it occurred—which is admitted or established after an appropriate process in accord with canon law, the offending priest or deacon is to be permanently removed from ministry and, if warranted, dismissed from the clerical state.
In keeping with the stated purpose of this Charter, an offending priest or deacon is to be offered therapeutic professional assistance both for the purpose of prevention and also for his own healing and well-being.
Closely connected to prayer and acts of reparation is the call to holiness of life and the care of the diocesan/eparchial bishop to ensure that he and his priests avail themselves of the proven ways of avoiding sin and growing in holiness of life.
www.usccb.org /ocyp/charter.shtml   (4363 words)

 Duval County Public Schools
Charter schools are publicly funded, nonsectarian schools that operate under a contract (charter) with the Duval County School Board.
Charter schools are funded like other public schools in Florida, receiving funds based on the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) students enrolled.
In addition, charter schools are eligible to receive fixed capital outlay funding based on their enrollment and number of student stations.
www.educationcentral.org /schools/schchart.asp   (514 words)

 American Red Cross Museum
The charter granted full legal standing to the organization and protected its right to use the red cross emblem while setting fines and punishment for misuse of the emblem and for false representation of the organization.
The charter required the Red Cross to submit an annual report "of its proceedings for the preceding year, including a full, complete, and itemized report of receipts and expenditures of whatever kind" to the Secretary of War for audit by the War Department and subsequent submission to Congress.
The charter remains, however, the organic document of the Red Cross and, as such, formally recognizes the close association of the organization with the American people and their government.
www.redcross.org /museum/history/charter.asp   (2317 words)

 Charter Schools Program   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Grants are available, on a competitive basis, to SEAs in states that have charter school laws; SEAs in turn make subgrants to developers of charter schools who have applied for a charter.
Charter schools provide enhanced parental choice and are exempt from many statutory and regulatory requirements.
Grantees receive up to 3 years of assistance, of which the charter school may use not more than 18 months for planning and program design and not more than 2 years for the initial implementation of a charter school.
www.ed.gov /programs/charter/index.html   (402 words)

 Charter School - General Information - Resources (CA Dept of Education)
A charter school is usually created or organized by a group of teachers, parents and community leaders or a community-based organization, and it is usually sponsored by an existing local public school board or county board of education.
Specific goals and operating procedures for the charter school are detailed in an agreement (or "charter") between the sponsoring board and charter organizers.
The law also requires that a public charter school be nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations and prohibits the conversion of a private school to a charter school.
www.cde.ca.gov /sp/cs/re/csabout.asp   (440 words)

 Charter airline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the context of mass tourism, charter flights have acquired the more specific meaning of a flight whose sole function is to transport holidaymakers to tourist destinations.
Although charter airlines typically carry passengers who have booked individually or as small groups to beach resorts, historic towns, or cities where a cruise ship is awaiting them, sometimes an aircraft will be chartered by a single group such as members of a company, a sports team, or the military.
The economics of charter flights demand that the flights should operate on the basis of near 100% seat occupancy, and the standard of seating and service may be lower than on scheduled airlines (though this is by no means always the case).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Charter_airline   (582 words)

 Blue Star Jets - Private Jet Charter Flights and Charter Jet Services with no Fractional Ownership costs
Luxury private charter jets in all sizes are available at only 4 hour's notice, along with helicopters, turboprops and jumbo jets.
With access to operators of the largest networks of luxury charter jets, we arrange access to the ideal private aircraft for any given flight to any destination in the world on a moment's notice.
Charter Flights are available in the entire US and all other countries permitting take-offs and landings by US carriers.
www.bluestarjets.com /?wcw=google   (966 words)

 Charter of Fundamental Rights: Home Page
This Charter is the end-result of a special procedure, which is without precedent in the history of the European Union and may be summarised as follows:
The European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights sets out in a single text, for the first time in the European Union's history, the whole range of civil, political, economic and social rights of European citizens and all persons resident in the EU.
The Nice European Council (see Annex I to the Presidency conclusions) decided to consider the question of the Charter's legal status during the general debate on the future of the European Union, which was initiated on 1 January 2001.
www.europarl.europa.eu /charter/default_en.htm   (595 words)

 Charter Friends National Network   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
From 1996 to March of 2004, the Charter Friends National Network (CFNN) was an active network of state-level charter support organizations and leaders that operated as a project of the Center for Policy Studies in partnership with Hamline University in St. Paul, MN.
Over time, and with growth in the charter movement nationally, it became evident there was a need for a more formal organization through which state and national supporters of charter schools could advance and defend this important innovation.
Thus, the emergence of what is now known as the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools--a DC-based non-profit organization headed by a board of directors chaired by Johnathan Williams, co-founder and director of the Accelerated Charter School of Los Angeles.
www.charterfriends.org   (288 words)

 Metro: Charter (text)
Elected officers’ compensation, as established by this charter, shall be the elected officers’ full and exclusive compensation for their duties as Metro officers or for any duties or responsibilities resulting from their position.
For the purpose of Section 33 of this charter, the seven (7) councilors in office in January 2001 shall be deemed to be serving in the districts from which they were elected until January 2003.
Upon the effective date of a Council reapportionment under Section 32 of this charter, a Councilor is subject to recall by the voters of the district to which the Councilor is assigned and not by the voters of the district of that Councilor existing before the reapportionment.
www.metro-region.org /article.cfm?ArticleID=629   (4837 words)

 HTML Working Group Charter
This charter is written in accordance with section 3.2.3 of the W3C Process.
The charter commenced in June 2000 and was originally supposed to expire in December 2001.
The Working Group Charter shall be publicly accessible on the W3C Web site, along with descriptions of the goals and current status of the Working Group's proposals, plus guidelines, tutorials and other promotional materials.  A public mailing list and archive shall be provided to encourage open discussion of the Working Group's proposals.
www.w3.org /MarkUp/2000/Charter   (2315 words)

 AirJet Charter: CHARTER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Our private jet aircraft charter services provide corporate, executive and independent travelers with speed, reliability, privacy and flexibility not found in any other mode of transportation.
Maine Aviation operates a fleet of charter aircraft based in several locations to serve a broad range of charter needs.
The company's on-demand aircraft charter offers a variety of aircraft, from large luxury jets to light jets and turboprops for the shorter trips.
www.maineaviation.com /charter.html   (217 words)

To further promote local initiative, the 1995 revision of the Texas Education Code established a new type of public school, known as a charter school.
Charter schools are subject to fewer state laws than other public schools with the idea of ensuring fiscal and academic accountability without undue regulation of instructional methods or pedagogical innovation.
Like school districts, charter schools are monitored and accredited under the statewide testing and accountability system.
www.tea.state.tx.us /charter   (111 words)

 Complaints management, Customer Feedback Complaint Handling Feedback Management Software, Charter UK
With Charter Continuum installed, you can maximise your customer service staff productivity, provide comprehensive case reporting and documentation, manage outstanding workloads, deliver best practice, ensure consistency of customer interaction, improve customer satisfaction ratings and produce powerful management information reports on every part of your business’s performance.
Charter customers since 2001, Hawaiian Airlines (HA) have upgraded to the latest version of Continuum....
Charter UK is conducting a survey into the state of complaints and feedback management in the UK.
www.charter-uk.com   (398 words)

 Charter files suit against RIAA | CNET News.com
Charter Communications has filed a lawsuit in an effort to bar the Recording Industry Association of America from obtaining the identities of its cable customers that have allegedly traded songs illegally online.
The move makes Charter the first cable company to fight the RIAA in a courtroom over its campaign to target peer-to-peer song swappers with lawsuits.
She added that Charter sent letters late last week to the 150 customers whose identities were sought, in an effort to notify them that they are targets of the RIAA and that Charter is making legal objections to the RIAA's requests.
news.com.com /2100-1027_3-5087304.html   (603 words)

 YachtWorld.com Charters
For charterers, charter boat owners, and charter boat buyers: Dozens of in-depth, unbiased downloadable articles, exclusive guidance and tips and charter cruising logs.
A charter broker is essentially a travel agency for boat charters; their services are free.
Charter companies typically manage fleets of bareboat charters located at their own docks.
yachtworld.com /charters   (162 words)

 Charter Plastics
Introducing XL HDPE Pipe from Charter Plastics, a new choice for large diameter polyethylene pipe.
Charter Plastics’ polyethylene pipe, available in a wide variety of sizes and specifications, meets or exceeds the industry’s highest standards for quality and durability.
As part of our commitment to be your partner, Charter Plastics has built a broad portfolio of pipe products and related fittings and fusion equipment to meet your requirements.
www.charterplastics.com   (158 words)

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