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Topic: Che Guevara

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Che Guevara hero file
Guevara becomes Castro's chief lieutenant and distinguishes himself as a resourceful and ruthless tactician capable of ordering the execution of traitors and waverers but also deeply concerned for the welfare of his troops.
Guevara begins to travel widely and frequently, meeting with guerrilla and revolutionary groups and their supporters around the world and arranging the formation of the Organisation of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (the 'Tricontinental Conference').
On 8 October Guevara is wounded in the foot and captured near Vallegrande, in the mountains of central Bolivia.
www.moreorless.au.com /heroes/guevara.html   (4002 words)

 Che Guevara In Bolivia
Che also earned the same respect from his fellow students who characterized him as a "...brilliant leader and exceptional commander."7 Although the key to post World War II revolutionary movements is the marriage of techniques with ideology, evidence indicates that Fidel Castro did not indoctrinate his trainees with specific communist doctrine at this time.
Che's introduction to the rigors of mili- tary intervention first occurred aboard the Granma when he suffered severe asthma attacks; these were to regularly surface during per- iods of stress for the remainder of his life.
Che apparently was confident that he could unify the two factions once his insurgency gained popularity.22 Che's confidence was not deterred by the fact that Bolivian leftist groups had a history of failure whenever they attempted to promote armed revolt.23 Che's contempt for the Bolivian army was based upon its past performance and current appearance.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/library/report/1985/SDR.htm   (18854 words)

 TIME 100: Che Guevara
By the time Ernesto Guevara, known to us as Che, was murdered in the jungles of Bolivia in October 1967, he was already a legend to my generation, not only in Latin America but also around the world.
Che the moral guru proclaiming that a New Man, no ego and all ferocious love for the other, had to be forcibly created out of the ruins of the old one.
Che the romantic mysteriously leaving the revolution to continue, sick though he might be with asthma, the struggle against oppression and tyranny.
www.time.com /time/time100/heroes/profile/guevara01.html   (364 words)

 Che Guevara
Guevara rose to the rank of major and led one of the forces that invaded central Cuba in the late 1958.
Guevara was shot in a schoolhouse in La Higuera on October 9, 1967, by Warrant Officer Mario Terán of the Bolivian Rangers at the request of Colonel Zenteno.
Guevara's last words were according to some sources: "Shoot, coward you are only going to kill a man." In order to make a positive fingerprint comparison with records in Argentina, Guevara's hand were sawed off and put into a flask of formaldehyde.
www.kirjasto.sci.fi /guevar.htm   (2188 words)

 Death of Che Guevara
CIA, The Fall of Che Guevara and the Changing Face of the Cuban Revolution, October 18, 1965: This intelligence memorandum, written by a young CIA analyst, Brian Latell, presents an assessment that Guevara's preeminence as a leader of the Cuban revolution has waned, and his internal and international policies have been abandoned.
Che's last words, which are addressed to Terán, are "I know you've come to kill me. Shoot, you are only going to kill a man." Terán shoots Che in the arms and legs and then in Che's thorax, filling his lungs with blood.
Che’s body is flown to Vallegrande by helicopter and later fingerprinted and embalmed.
www.gwu.edu /~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB5   (5144 words)

 Should we love Che Guevara? - By Paul Berman - Slate Magazine
Che was an enemy of freedom, and yet he has been erected into a symbol of freedom.
Che was a medical student in those days, and Granado a biochemist, and in real life, as in the movie, the two men spent a few weeks toiling as volunteers in a Peruvian leper colony.
Che is a hero to many because he resisted a truly ugly system, remained true to his ideals, and conveniently died before the Revolution's slow, pathetic demise became apparent to nearly everyone.
www.slate.com /id/2107100   (2415 words)

 Che guevara : Le mythe Che Guevara - l'homme Che Guevara - Che Guevara, l'Argentin de Cuba
De guerillero engagé, le «Che» devient alors une véritable légende vivante, symbole de tous les mouvements révolutionnaires qui caractérisent les années 60.
Témoin des injustices de son temps, Ernesto Che Guevara fut aussi un remarquable photographe, tour à tour correspondant de guerre et historien sans concession.
Pour autant la «Che» mania s’inscrit tout simplement dans le besoin inaliénable des jeunes générations à se trouver un héros, un héros d’autant plus anti-conventionnel que la recherche de convictions est confrontée à un monde organisé autour des notions de compétition et de consumérisme.
www.che-guevara-cuba.com   (1153 words)

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