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Topic: Cheeseburger

In the News (Sun 22 Jul 18)

  Cheeseburger Brown: Death By Cheeseburger
The story of the cheeseburger begins under the chapped ass of some fierce thirteenth century Mongol warrior, riding hard across Eurasia on the back of his foaming steed.
While it has been said that calorie-loaded cheeseburgers can be a part of a healthy diet, in combination with a sedantry lifestyle they can be deadly.
Cheeseburgers are beautiful (even if they do happen to ramp up aggression in some individuals now and again, or wang up the Earth's chakras).
cheeseburgerbrown.com /articles/Death_By_Cheeseburger.html   (1114 words)

  Cheeseburger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first cheeseburger was prepared sometime between 1924 and 1926 by a young chef named Lionel Sternberger in Pasadena, California (though the cheeseburger's invention might also be attributed in part to a passing vagrant who allegedly suggested that Sternberger add cheese to one of his burgers).
A cheeseburger can be served with many other toppings such as tomato, lettuce, onions, bacon, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, or whatever is desired.
A juicy lucy cheeseburger is a type of cheeseburger developed and popularized in Minneapolis, Minnesota where the cheese is placed inside the raw meat, and then cooked until the cheese melts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cheeseburger   (206 words)

 Trade group develops beef-based snack food called cheeseburger fries
According to Dr. Tony Mata, the technical coordinator of the association's research and development branch, the final shape of cheeseburger fries was almost an accident.
He likened the coating process to walking a tight rope, since the moisture of the meat and cheese must be carefully controlled for the breading to adhere.
When Advance Food Co. began producing cheeseburger fries at the beginning of the year under license from the cattlemen's association, the company limited distribution to the central states but the fries are now available across the country.
www.azcentral.com /home/takeout/articles/0924fries24.html   (1065 words)

 Press: Jane's Addiction: Eastside Cheeseburger Challenge   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The cheeseburger is delivered in a Styrofoam box in a brown paper bag, along with a napkin and a paper menu.
Cheeseburger #2 was from Max's Beefy Burgers, close to the intersection of Northern Lights and Boniface.
Cheeseburger #3 was from Hamburger Haven on Muldoon, halfway between DeBarr and the Glenn Highway.
www.anchoragepress.com /archives/document65ea.html   (722 words)

The Secret Mathematic is an original novel told in an indefinite number of chapters, posted serially by me, your intermodal host, Cheeseburger Brown.
The fact of the matter is that, while writing is renowned as a career for its rewards in fabulous riches and acclaim, I do have a day job.
I Am a Cheeseburger delivers a fresh slice of original storytelling each week.
cheeseburgerbrown.blogspot.com   (11854 words)

 USATODAY.com - Cheeseburger couplings match 2 favorites   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It's being stuffed into egg rolls and plopped atop salads at Bennigan's; layered on pizzas at Uno Chicago Grill; and — for the strong of stomach — crammed between Krispy Kreme doughnut halves at one stadium.
Five kinds of $6.99 Cheeseburger Tacos are sold at Tin Star, a Dallas chain that has copyrighted the name, founder Rich Hicks says.
These deep-fried cheeseburger sticks, sold as appetizers in bars, restaurants and supermarkets, were created by Advance Food.
www.usatoday.com /money/industries/food/2006-06-23-cheeseburger-usat_x.htm   (412 words)

 SPIN.com: Cheeseburger
Cheeseburger get a kick out of committing their metropolitan, hedonistic pursuits to record, and the attitude of those exploits finds a home on the band's latest EP, Gang's All Here.
A MySpace profile -- which lists Cheeseburger's age as 101 -- a paragraph-long press release, and a visually stimulating website serve as the solitary bites of knowledge about our most favorite band to be named after an American culinary specialty.
Cheeseburger is -- perhaps deliberately, but certainly effectively -- shrouded in mystery (and sheathed in wax paper).
www.spin.com /features/band_of_the_day/2005/07/050721_cheeseburger   (330 words)

 National Cheeseburger Day
Lionel Sternberger would be spinning in his grave.
Sternberger or the Rite Spot to burger lovers in Denver or Louisville, Ky. Current and former restaurateurs in those two cities claim it was their little spot that placed the cheeseburger on the map in the early 1930s.
And for the record, the Louis Ballast cheeseburger included sweet relish, a secret sauce, shredded lettuce and a toasted bun.
www.culturefreak.com /tale.html   (1315 words)

 Excite - Search: cheeseburger history
cheeseburger is a hamburger with cheese in addition to the meat.
cheeseburger is more than just the sum of is parts.
Cheeseburger Who was the first person to flip a burger...
msxml.excite.com /info.xcite/search/web/cheeseburger%2Bhistory   (328 words)

The wait at Sal and Carvao was a walk in the park compared to Cheeseburger in Paradise.
It is certain that CIP is working with a menu pointed directly at the stomach of eaters (of all ages) searching for reasonably priced flavor-jazzed food served in a casual setting.
To wit: the cheeseburger pizza, a hearty pie that is piled high with ground beef, pickles, onions, cheddar and Jack cheeses.
www.suntimes.com /output/bruno/wkp-news-cheese12f.html   (826 words)

Essentially, the cheeseburger is made out of paper mache and
A real cheeseburger had to be cooked and dimensioned for accuracy.
Chicken wire was stapled to an octagon shaped wood frame.
members.cox.net /cope65/giant_cheeseburger.htm   (182 words)

 Brainboost - How many grams of fat are in a cheeseburger?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alternatively, I found a Double Cheeseburger at Culvers is a light 288 calories with 32 grams of fat.
Meal C - Cheeseburger - 294 calories - 115 grams serving - 12 grams fat - Medium French Fries - 354 calories - 111 grams serving - 17 grams fat - Large Coke - 317 calories - 730 grams serving - 0 grams fat - Total 965 calories 18 grams fat.
To save money, they might buy meals from the dollar menu, which recently included a double cheeseburger (460 calories, 11 grams fat), medium fries (380 calories, 20 grams fat), and a hot fudge sundae (330 calories, 9 grams fat).
www.brainboost.com /search.asp?Q=How+many+grams+of+fat+are+in+a+cheeseburger%3F   (350 words)

 USATODAY.com - Cheeseburger couplings match 2 favorites   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Five kinds of $6.99 Cheeseburger Tacos are sold at Tin Star, a Dallas chain that has copyrighted the name, founder Rich Hicks says.
These deep-fried cheeseburger sticks, sold as appetizers in bars, restaurants and supermarkets, were created by Advance Food.
A cheeseburger that uses Krisky Kreme doughnut halves in place of a bun is being offered at Gateway Grizzlies games in Illinois.
usatoday.com /money/industries/food/2006-06-23-cheeseburger-usat_x.htm   (412 words)

 The True Cost of a Cheeseburger
The materials were background for an investigation of the life cycle of the cheeseburger.
The point of the exercise about the true cost of a cheeseburger is to get people thinking about the decisions they make and to begin to incorporate environmental factors into those decisions.
A few students have decided to forego cheeseburgers as a result of the exercise for ethical as well as environmental reasons.
www.elements.nb.ca /theme/ecologicalfootprint/ray/cote.htm   (824 words)

 Cheeseburger fries find their way onto menus across America - Sep. 23, 2003
Cheeseburgers marry french fries in what the beef industry hopes will be the next snack sensation.
But cheeseburger fries, like many other finger-food snacks, are high in fat and calories.
Some schools also have unveiled their own version of cheeseburger fries, and although the calories have been reduced the fat content has been increased to a total of 6 grams per fry.
money.cnn.com /2003/09/23/news/funny/beef_fries/index.htm   (494 words)

 Search: cheeseburger history - MetaCrawler
Bob's BBQ and Grill of Pattaya, Thailand has smashed the current record for producing the world's biggest cheeseburger.
Cheeseburger was invented in Denver, Colorado, the Hamburger in New Haven, Connecticut.
Cheeseburger in Caseville began in 1999 when 5000 people came out for the event.
www.metacrawler.com /info.metac/search/web/cheeseburger%2Bhistory   (257 words)

 Cheese Burger or Hamburger?
I don't think I've ever tried a cheeseburger with provalone, but that must be the epitomy of awesomeness.
Cheeseburgers always, but if I have to hamburgers they all just taste so good.
Cheeseburger with ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles, bacon and raw onions are the best.
forums.livingwithstyle.com /t26883-cheese-burger-or-hamburger.html   (725 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Cheeseburger in Paradise at Epinions.com
Cheeseburger in Paradise (the restaurant) was the brainchild of Laren Gartner & Edna Bayliff, two successful framers from Southern California who used to hawk their wares at the Orange County Fair Swap Meet.
It was on one such vacation, after eating the daily fish special day after day, that they craved a big juicy cheeseburger; hence, the idea was born.
Cheeseburger in Paradise shamelessly hawks her merchandise (T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, coffee mugs) under "You're Your Paradise to Go" on the menu.
www.epinions.com /content_150623063684   (957 words)

 Ink 19 :: Cheeseburger   (Site not responding. Last check: )
That is exactly what the band Cheeseburger is. Before I even listened to this EP, there were two very obvious warnings that told me "these guys suck."
I'm sure that they were just joking, but it sure as hell doesn't sound like it.
The cover art is a cheeseburger coming out of someone's butt.
www.ink19.com /issues/june2004/musicReviews/musicC/cheeseburger.html   (254 words)

 The Official Lewis Grizzard Website - Cheeseburger - Hold The Mushrooms
I figure no matter how bad or strange the rest of the food is, there are not a lot of ways you can louse up a cheeseburger.
The cheeseburger, I noticed, was hidden under some sort of bread that is not Official Cheeseburger Bread.
Official Cheeseburger Bread (OCB) are those buns you can buy at the grocery store that are brown on the outside and white on the inside.
www.lewisgrizzard.com /columns/archive/CheeseburgerHoldTheMushrooms.html   (509 words)

 Biggest Cheeseburger in directory.co.uk
With this big Cheeseburger pillow, whether you are watching TV or taking a rest, it will provide you...
There's also a cafe where I plan to eat the biggest cheeseburger they have, maybe two." He camped in the next grove of pines, 200 yards uphill.
And if its a cheeseburger you're after, then prepared to be knocked for six by the biggest cheeseburger you've seen yet.
www.directory.co.uk /Biggest_Cheeseburger.htm   (240 words)

 Cheeseburger Island   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The door to his office is opened briefly by a co-worker and a wisp of a cheeseburger passing in the hallway floats invitingly through the opened door and seductively over to our friend's nostrils.
He's thinking about a cheeseburger now, but the urge is not out of control.
In the Fox TV metaphor, it would be considered a bad idea to visit a secluded island while 500 cheeseburgers prance on the beach in their own barely-concealing wax wrappers.
www.aish.com /societyWork/society/Cheeseburger_Island.asp   (1084 words)

 Cheeseburger in Paradise
The chili cheeseburger with the bun flattened on an industrial toaster is killer.
Their cheeseburger was recently reviewed favorably in a restaurant critic's column in the Sun-Sentinel Newspaper.
Being on Lake Michigan and partaking of an establishment burger is truly "A Cheeseburger in Paradise"..
www.fdu.com /cburger.htm   (8550 words)

 Cheeseburger Traffic
cheeseburger traffic for free from as many automated sources as...
rage when she was denied mayonnaise on her cheeseburger was convicted Wednesday of felony assault for running...
Cheeseburger Traffic may not be targetted, but it comes...
www.internetmarketingtrainer.com /2/cheeseburger-traffic.html   (655 words)

 Ulaanbaatar's Cheeseburgers Rated - or - The Best Cheeseburger in Mongolia
Baagi and I were sitting around one day, sipping a coffee at the Coffee Corner in the Grandkhaan Irish Pub where they seem to have managed to overcome the altitude problem and serve a hot cappuccino with a suitably thick (but not too thick) milk froth on the top.
We had not had one so we felt now that it was time to apply a more scientific approach, sample each cheeseburger and rate it.
Baggy took in a Cheeseburger the other day from Dave's Place and noted that the quality there was just as good, if not a shade better than before.
cheeseburger.coldie.net   (963 words)

 MySpace.com - cheeseburger - BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - Big Beat - www.myspace.com/cheeseburger
AC/DC and the Stooges are apt comparisons, but somehow these references feel a bit pedestrian, because beyond all the throwback riffing, this record still manages to feel modern, which is a real feat.
Of all the tunes "Derby Day" by Cheeseburger stood out to me. It's my favorite of the 663 batch.
listening to cheeseburger is one of the most cathartic things one can do.
www.myspace.com /cheeseburger   (753 words)

 Give Me a Cheeseburger, Fries & a Diet Coke
That cheeseburger and fries might not be the healthiest thing on the planet, but it's going to be even more unhealthier if 'The Real Thing' gets added to the meal.
Opt for the smaller cheeseburger - the one that generally doesn't arrive with a garden inside.
Many times, the smaller cheeseburger will contain half the calories as compared to the larger burger.
www.dietbites.com /article0214.html   (527 words)

 Pamela Hathaway - Blog   (Site not responding. Last check: )
You might think any cheeseburger would be good, sitting on the terrace overlooking the beach on a gorgeous day while the kids are at school.
But even well-done, this was the most unbelievable melt-in-your-mouth cheeseburger experience.
I declined a doggie bag, because I knew it would never be as good cold, and for some reason I was not considering my poor dog’s feelings.
pamelahathaway.com /blog/2005/12/06/the-greatest-cheeseburger-of-my-life   (455 words)

 Cheeseburger in Paradise, Puerto Vallarta - Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Reviews - IgoUgo
Traditional juicy cheeseburgers are the specialty at this casual, American restaurant.
Cheeseburger in Paradise completely lives up to it’s name.
We both ordered the Cheeseburger in Paradise special, which comes with a delicious 100% American beef, hamburger and a side of fries.
www.igougo.com /planning/journalEntryDining.asp?type=4&entryID=9779   (480 words)

 LookSmart - Directory search for "cheeseburger history"   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The cheeseburger was invented in Denver in the 1930's.
He dubbed his invention the cheeseburger and applied for a patent.
So instead of a cheeseburger with extra mayo, you might substitute a hamburger with mustard, salsa, and extra lettuce.
www.looksmart.com /r_search?l&pin=011121x2de76f8e168debe7bd1&key=cheeseburger+history&skip=15&se=0,0,0,300&search=us302562   (545 words)

 Information for Cheeseburger at the Oasis
I will say that I kind of remember thinking we were lucky to be seated in her section because some of the other servers didn't seem to be as great.
I had the double cheeseburger with bacon and classic margarita for lunch and it was hot, juicy, and delicious.
This is NOT your classic fast food slider, it's a REAL cheeseburger, the way it was meant to be.
www.ratelasvegas.com /restaurants/ratings/l1791.html   (1176 words)

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