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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

Chemists may also do some of their research in a factory or outdoors.
Chemists and materials scientists are employed in all parts of the United States.
Employment of chemists and materials scientists is expected to grow more slowly than the average for all occupations through 2014.
www.bls.gov /k12/science01.htm   (793 words)

  Chemist's Code of Conduct   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Chemists should ensure that their scientific contributions, and those of the collaborators, are thorough, accurate, and a unbiased in design, implementation, and presentation.
Chemists should remain current with developments in their field, share ideas and information, keep accurate and complete laboratory records, maintain integrity in all conduct and publications, and give due credit to the contributions of others.
Chemists, as employers, should treat subordinates with respect for their professionalism and concern for their well-being, and provide them with a safe, congenial working environment, fair compensation, and proper acknowledgment of their scientific contributions.
www.chemistry.org /portal/a/c/s/1/acsdisplay.html?DOC=membership\conduct.html   (427 words)

 Chemists and materials scientists
Chemists who hold a Ph.D. and have previous industrial experience may be particularly attractive to employers because such people are more likely to understand the complex regulations that apply to the pharmaceutical industry.
Chemists and materials scientists are employed in all parts of the country, but they are mainly concentrated in large industrial areas.
Chemists also will be needed to develop and improve the technologies and processes used to produce chemicals for all purposes, and to monitor and measure air and water pollutants to ensure compliance with local, State, and Federal environmental regulations.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos049.htm   (2756 words)

 Online Etymology Dictionary
chemist and bacteriologist, who invented the process of heating food, milk, wine, etc., to kill most of the micro-organisms in it; distinguished from sterilization, which involves killing all of them.
Chemist (1562) was originally "alchemist;" in scientific sense 1626; in Britain, the preferred term for "dealer in medicinal drugs," first recorded in this sense 1802.
chemist Sir Humphry Davy (1778-1829) from fluorspar ("calcium fluoride," modern fluorite), the name of the mineral where it was first found, from L. fluor, originally meaning "a flowing, flow" (see fluent).
www.etymonline.com /index.php?search=chemist   (1162 words)

A chemist's specialty would depend on his style of working, but the desire to search for the ability to manipulate matter and make more useful materials is common to all chemists.
Chemists work closely with other experts, including chemical engineers, who plan the production and development of discoveries made by chemists; sales forces, who explain their products; and academic chemists, who share information at cutting-edge levels.
Chemists are challenged, excited and satisfied with the profession in which the majority spend their entire careers.
www.princetonreview.com /cte/profiles/dayInLife.asp?careerID=34   (493 words)

 The Disgruntled Chemist
Michigan beat Minnesota yesterday without Chad Henne or Mike Hart, meaning they were starting a freshman quarterback and a second-string running back.
If you like other malty beers (like barleywines, for example), you should definitely give this one a shot if you can find it at your local purveyors of booze.
It looks like it's not getting any closer to here, which is good, although they're barely reporting on it at all because, after all, there are rich people's houses burning in Malibu.
thedisgruntled.blogspot.com   (2671 words)

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