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Topic: Chewbacca

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Chewbacca - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Chewbacca was born on Kashyyyk circa 200 BBY, the son of Attichitcuk.
Chewbacca and Han were later hired by Ramiz, a moisture farmer on Aduba-3, to protect his village from a band of local thugs known as the Cloud-Riders led by Serji-X Arrogantus.
Chewbacca regaled the tale, and the group came to the conclusion that the "Crimson Forever" stone was indeed one of those Chewie and Han had encountered—when the two stones were separated, they were extremely lethal.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Chewbacca   (9318 words)

  Chewbacca defense - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term Chewbacca defense is used to refer to any legal strategy or propaganda strategy that seeks to overwhelm its audience or jury with nonsensical arguments, as a way of confusing the audience and drowning out legitimate opposing arguments.
The term Chewbacca Defense was first used in the South Park episode "Chef Aid", which premiered on October 7, 1998 as the fourteenth episode of the second season.
Cochran's use of this defense (which is ironic, since he represents the plaintiff) is so successful that the jury finds Chef guilty of "harassing a major record label" and sets his punishment as either a two million dollar fine to be paid within twenty-four hours or, failing that, four years in prison.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chewbacca_Defense   (1222 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Chewbacca
An immense, fur covered warrior of great strength and loyalty, Chewbacca the Wookiee was a well-known figure in both the underworld and in the Rebel Alliance.
Chewbacca is a veteran of the Clone Wars, the galaxy-wide conflict that pitted the clone armies of the Republic against the droid forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
For a time, Chewbacca was a slave, toiling away for the betterment of the Empire until an impudent Imperial cadet named Han Solo freed him.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/chewbacca   (567 words)

 Chewbaccas hjemmeside
Chewbacca fortæller her alt, hvad han ved om dette væsen, som mest af alt er en fisk.
Oplev Chewbaccas egen popstars konkurrence - nu med laks
Chewbacca har spist 693 oste på det sidste.
chewbaccasiden.dk   (137 words)

Saving Chewbacca's life resulted in a "life debt" from the Wookiee, and Chewbacca became first the protector and then the best friend of the Corellian.
Chewbacca also helped put a quick end to the return of slavers to Kashyyyk, aided in a truce with Imperials at Bakura, and took part in many rescue missions after his friends had gotten into trouble.
When Chewbacca found out that his honor brother, Han Solo, had been taken hostage by the Yevetha, he disobeyed Princess Leia's orders to go to Coruscant and instead headed directly for the Koornacht Cluster, where Han was being held.
www.petermayhew.com /chewie.html   (1495 words)

 Chewbacca Roars into the German Capital | Current Affairs | Deutsche Welle | 22.09.2004
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…someone thought it would be a good idea to dress a really tall man up as a walking carpet and send him around the world to promote the release of a much-anticipated DVD box set.
Obviously missing the delights of his local cantina, Chewbacca added some vocals and smooth dance moves to the show before heading to the famous Brandenburg Gate for a photo opportunity beneath the symbol of German unity.
Chewbacca then took to a Velo Taxi, a mode of transport unlikely to carry him into hyperspace, for a tour of the park on Ebertstrasse.
www.dw-world.de /dw/article/0,2144,1335586,00.html   (498 words)

 Touch of Class - World Class Rottweilers and Rottweiler Breeding
Chewbacca obtained his Schutzhund I and II within four weeks of eachother both pronounced in courage and hardness.
Chewbacca receives his Schutzhund I title and is awarded a "pronounced in courage" rating by DVG Judge Tom Rose.
Chewbacca Vom Mayhaus, BH was Hummer maker, AM General's 1997 National Hummer Rally Mascot.
www.yatteau.com /chewy.htm   (450 words)

 cbs11tv.com - Chewbacca Impersonator Arrested For Battery
(AP) LOS ANGELES A man dressed as Chewbacca was arrested after police said the street performer head-butted a tour guide operator in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
The tour guide, Brian Sapir, told the Los Angeles Times that he asked the Chewbacca impersonator to stop harassing two young Japanese tourists when the actor exploded in anger.
Chewbacca, Han Solo's hairy sidekick from the Star Wars movies.
cbs11tv.com /watercooler/watercooler_story_034113400.html   (323 words)

 Star Wars Battle of Carkoon Chewbacca Figure- Product Detail
The mighty Chewbacca has been “captured” and taken to Jabba’s Palace.
Jabba orders Chewbacca and his friends to be executed, but Luke Skywalker has other plans.
Chewbacca helps his friends defeat Jabba and saves Han and Lando Calrissian from their doom, proving that he is a fearless Wookiee warrior!
www.hasbro.com /default.cfm?page=browse&product_id=17040   (255 words)

 ytmnd - you're the man now dog!
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