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Topic: Chewing gum

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  chewing gum recycle
Chewing gum is a combination of a water-insoluble phase, known as gum base, and a water-soluble phase of sweeteners, flavoring and sometimes food coloring.
Chewing gum is the only expanding segment of the worldwide confectionary market; global chewing gum sales were expected to reach £10bn by the end of 2006.
Chewing gum is a growing problem in the local environment because it is not biodegradable and it is notoriously difficult to clean up.
www.chewinggumbin.com /chewing_gum_recycle.html   (1538 words)

 Great Moments in Science - Chewing Gum
Chewing gum came to modern America via the Mexican General, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, who was responsible for the massacre at the Alamo, in San Antonio, in Texas.
One of the nice side effects of chewing gum is that you increase the production of saliva, which is usually good for oral hygiene and your breath.
First is the gum base (the chewy bit which today is usually a mix of natural and synthetic gums).
www.abc.net.au /science/k2/moments/s1366318.htm   (690 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Seven Years to Digest Gum
Chewing gum is quickly worked into an unchanging mass in the mouth that, unlike foodstuffs, barely gets smaller no matter how hard or how long we chew it.
About 15% to 30% of chewing gum is gum base, a natural or synthetic indigestible rubbery substance that makes the treat resilient to hours of jawing.
Chewing the resin of trees is an ancient habit, so in that sense, our gum chewing habit has probably always been with us.
www.snopes.com /oldwives/chewgum.asp   (668 words)

  Bad Breath | Chewing Gum | Therabreath.com
Gum chewing (although it wasn't even close to gum as we know it) has it origins back in ancient Greece.
The Grecians chewed mastic gum (pronounced mas-tee-ka), which is the resin obtained from the bark of the mastic tree, a shrublike tree found mainly in Greece and Turkey.
Over the mid 1800's, spruce gum was gradually replaced by paraffin wax gum to which sweeteners were added, however the one drawback of paraffin wax gum was that it required heat and moisture from the mouth in order to render it suitable for chewing.
www.therabreath.com /art_chewinggum.asp   (1505 words)

  The Story Of Gum
Paraffin gum unfortunately required the heat and moisture of the mouth to render it suitable for chewing, and was therefore replaced as a base of all "regular" gums by other substances.
Also softeners, which further retain moisture in the gum to insure a flexible, resilient chew; finally, either natural or artificial flavoring, whichever is desired, and to whatever taste, is added to the gum base in the huge mixing vats, as the giant blades slowly turn.
From the extruders, the gum passes to a series of giant rollers which make up the "sheet-rolling machine." There, the gum is flattened into thinner and thinner sheets, the final thickness determined by the type of gum it is to be.
www.fordgum.com /story.html   (1478 words)

 Behind Chewing Gum | Bubble Gum Facts | History | Crisis | Tree | Rubber   (Site not responding. Last check: )
While a lot of natural resources are hard to come by for gum, the Wrigley Company still uses softener in the base which comes from pine trees found in some parts of the United States.
Gum base is mostly plastic and rubber but it also might have latex which is a natural ingredient.
So what you should have learned is that the reason gum doesn't dissolve in your mouth is because you are chewing on a wad of rubber and/or latex with a bit of flavoring.
www.kidzworld.com /article/1057-go-figure-bursting-the-bubble-on-chewing-gum   (446 words)

  American Indian Contributions to the World Chewing Gum   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Spruce gum was being sold by the lump in eastern United States by the early 1800s, making it the first commercial chewing gum.
Chicle, the original basis for modern chewing gum, is the milky latex of the tropical SAPODILLA tree (Manilkara zapota van Royen) that is native to northern Brazil, Mesoamerica, and parts of Mexico.
Although at first the gum was unflavored, it worked better than chewing paraffin which had become a popular substitute for the pine sap Indians had taught the early colonists to chew.
www.kporterfield.com /aicttw/excerpts/gum.html   (487 words)

 A Brief History of Chewing Gum
Although the history of chewing gum is somewhat cloudy, there is evidence that the early Greeks chewed on a substance made from a resin of the Mastic Tree indigenous to Turkey.
Early chewing gums were a challenge as they were hard to chew and the flavor, if any, lasted a very short time.
Chewing Gum became an important part of American culture and is often associated with being the catalyst behind the vending business.
www.candyfavorites.com /shop/catalog-gum-history.php   (1338 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - Chewing Gum
Furthermore, settlers in New England discovered that the natives were chewing a gum-like resin that formed on spruce trees when the bark was cut, and lumps of spruce gum were sold in the eastern USA during the early 1800s, making it the first commercial chewing gum in the country.
Chewing a nicotine gum produces a steady level of nicotine in the body, which reduces the craving to smoke; and alleviates the withdrawal symptoms of irritability, restlessness and hunger.
The reason for this is that chewing gum is essentially a flavoured, synthetic rubber; that is, it is made up of polymers, which are very long molecules.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A172342   (1827 words)

 Chewing gum, origin of chewing gum, information on chewing gum   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Chewing gum causes you to swallow more often opening the tube and.
Chewing gum causes you to open and close your mouth and to move your jaw around chewing gum..
Bubblegum is a type of chewing gum that is especially designed for blowing chewing gum.Bubble gum tends to be less viscous than standard chewing gum in order to.
www.ourcasseroles.com /chewing-gum.html   (327 words)

 How is chewing gum made?
Preparation of the gum base at the factory, by far the lengthiest step, requires that the raw gum materials be melted down in sterilized in a steam cooker, and then pumped to a high-powered centrifuge to rid the gum base of undesirable dirt and bark.
Chewing gum actually helps to clean the teeth, and to moisturize the mouth, by stimulating saliva production, which helps to neutralize tooth-decay-forming acids left behind after eating fermented food.
The muscular action of chewing gum also helps to curb a person's appetite for a snack or for a cigarette, to concentrate, to stay alert, to ease tension, and to relax one's nerves and muscles.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /language_tips/2005-03/28/content_531227.htm   (542 words)

 Yoghurt bacteria chewing gum to prevent dentals aches and pains
Even though the development of such a chewing gum has won appreciation from dental experts, most caution that it is not a replacement for brushing teeth regularly.
Chewing gums that prevent caries are not a new concept.
An artificial sweetener xylitol, present in many chewing gums, is believed to hinder bacteria from binding to the teeth enamel.
www.earthtimes.org /articles/show/8262.html   (669 words)

 The Straight Dope: The amazing history of chewing gum
New England tribesmen chewed on a gum-like substance taken from the pulp of the spruce tree to keep their whistles wet on long hikes through the woods.
The visionary Semple laid claim to the idea that a functional chewing gum could be made from rubber, combined with unnamed "other articles." Semple apparently never discovered what the other articles were, because there is no record of his product ever entering the marketplace.
Gum chewing, like hula hoops and the Beatles, swept the country, and was soon being condemned as evil by politicians, clergymen, and women's groups.
www.straightdope.com /classics/a1_345.html   (589 words)

 No. 963: Chewing Gum
But chewing gum was déclassé from the start.
Admiral Byrd chewed gum at the South Pole to calm his nerves.
Chewing gum appears to fight depression by releasing serotonins.
www.uh.edu /engines/epi963.htm   (496 words)

 Boing Boing: Chewing gum changes your BO
Chewing gum changes your BO This Fuwarinka chewing gum from Japan changes your body chemistry so that you exude a pleasant aroma after chewing it.
Chewing gum just to freshen your breath is a thing of the past.
Approximately an hour after chewing the gum, the special aroma component is emitted from your skin through the use of the new substances geraniol and linalool.
www.boingboing.net /2007/03/14/chewing_gum_changes_.html   (261 words)

 [No title]
When you chew, your brain sends a signal to your stomach to start producing digestive elements, like acid and digestive enzymes, in preparation for what it believes to be food coming down that needs digestive attention.
This chewing dysfunction does not even address the problem with the sweeteners and chemicals used in gum, which typically have their own adverse consequences.
Chewing it occasionally will not likely result in any serious problems, but a steady diet of gum chewing is in no way, shape or form going to improve your health, and can only worsen it.
www.mercola.com /track.aspx?returnUrl=/2006/apr/13/the_questionable_science_of_gum_chewing.htm   (548 words)

 food : chewing gum - I Used To Believe
My 5 year old cousin thinks you can die if you chew too much gum for to long, so she chews half a peice for about 15 seconds, spits it on the ground.
Chews the other half for 15 more seconds, spits that out than asks me for more, when i say no, she asks my other cousin, then my aunt....
My mom didn't want me to choke on bubblegum when i was younger, so she always used to tell me that if i ate bubblegum while riding in the car, or talked with it in my mouth, it would automatically roll down my throat and would choke.
www.iusedtobelieve.com /food/chewing_gum   (857 words)

 BUPA health information - Stop smoking - Nicotine gum
One piece of nicotine gum is chewed slowly for approximately 30 minutes whenever you have the urge to smoke a cigarette.
The gum should be chewed slowly until the taste becomes strong, at this point you should stop chewing and rest the gum against the inside of your cheek.
Nicotine gum is safe for most people who are trying to stop smoking and is available to smokers aged 18 years and over.
www.bupa.co.uk /health_information/asp/healthy_living/lifestyle/smoking/giving_up/nicotine_gum.asp   (783 words)

 Chewing Gum   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Gum is type of candy that is chewed yet not swallowed.
Gum base is the primary ingredient, it is insoluble and does not dissolve when chewed, it is what makes the gum chewy.
The gum that they chewed was called mastiche because it was made from resin found in the bark of the mastic tree.
stephan.grandpre.net /chewinggum.html   (379 words)

 Chewing Gum
Chewing gum after meals helps to stimulate the production of saliva and overall salivary flow.
Chewing gum that contains high levels of xylitol fights cavities and dental decay by creating an unwelcome environment for bacteria.
Xylitol is one of bacteria's natural enemies-in a xylitol-rich environment, bacteria lose their ability to stick to teeth and are therefore unable to colonize and turn into plaque.
www.xlear.com /spry/articles/chewing-gum.aspx   (364 words)

 NIGHT OWL MK. II -- Philosophy/Chewing Gum
This is not because they have anything against gum chewing, per se, but derives from a concern for all the nasty wads that chewers leave on sidewalks and park benches in a city that goes all out to protect its cleanliness.
It used to be that you rarely saw an adult chew gum unless he was quitting smoking.
I suspect that gum chewing has a calming effect on people who are experiencing stress.
www.bakkster.com /chewgum.htm   (433 words)

 chewing gum :mayan kids
Zapote or chicozapote are the common names of the tree from which chicle, the chewing gum resin, is extracted.
American soldiers started to chew gum to relieve tension, it caught on, and gum soon grew to be an international phenomenon.
Later, cheaper, artificial gum changed that, and soon only a few companies were using real chicle in their gum.
www.mayankids.com /mmkplaces/mayangum.htm   (393 words)

 Chewing Gum
Chewing gum manufacturers managed to secure an exemption from the labeling requirements for foods because it is impractical to list 25 ingredients on a package as small as the one that gum comes in.
The kosher consumer cannot tell what ingredients go into the gum from the wrapper, and therefore the only reliable rule is to avoid gums that are not known to be kosher.
Crown gum Manilkara zapotilla Gilly and Manikara chicle Gilly.
www.kosherquest.org /bookhtml/CHEWING_GUM.htm   (759 words)

 Gum scum | Samizdata.net
If the chewing gum miscreants don't drop their chewing gum on the floor, they stick it on a strategically chosen spot in an advert.
Other gum scum (I like that — that's my heading for this) scatter their chewing gum as part of a more general pattern of nastiness and parasitism and not-so-petty aggressions.
Presumably what the Singaporeans also feel, in addition to simply not liking gum dropped everywhere, is that if it's chewing gum droppings today, it may be bricks through windows tomorrow and robbing old ladies for small or not so small change the next day.
www.samizdata.net /blog/archives/002516.html   (1413 words)

 CNN.com - Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Viagra gum, double your pleasure? - Jun. 17, 2003
This would be a chewing gum you actually chew about a half-hour before sex.
Chew it about two minutes, and it should give you some of the same effects of the little blue pill that's become so popular.
Sometimes, if people chew the gum too fast, or they don't chew it long enough, you may not get enough of the medication in there.
www.cnn.com /2003/HEALTH/06/17/otsc.gupta   (480 words)

 Chewing Gum Bezoars of the Gastrointestinal Tract -- Milov et al. 102 (2): e22 -- Pediatrics
Chewing Gum Bezoars of the Gastrointestinal Tract -- Milov et al.
Gum chewing also may induce mechanical injury to teeth (Table 2), extrusion of dental repairs (fillings, crowns, bridges,
In summary, chewing gum should not be swallowed and not given to children who cannot understand this point.
pediatrics.aappublications.org /cgi/content/full/102/2/e22   (1074 words)

 ESRC Society Today - RES-143-25-0007 - Chewing Gum: Transnational Histories of Consumption and Production
Chicle, the primary ingredient of natural chewing gum, is still produced on a small scale in the Yucatan peninsular of Mexico, but it has an illustrious history.
After 1950 chicle-based gum was largely replaced by synthetic alternatives, and most of the forest workers who tapped the resin were thrown into other activities.
Natural gum is superior in quality to synthetic gums but difficult for consumers to obtain.
www.esrc.ac.uk /ESRCInfoCentre/Plain_English_Summaries/environment/equity/index15.aspx?ComponentId=15338&SourcePageId=11634   (782 words)

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