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 Georgia Magazine: OBITUARIES
She was a member of the Chi Omega sorority, member and past president of the Heritage Garden Club and the Junior League of Athens, and volunteer for the Meals-On-Wheels for the Council on Aging.
A member of Chi Omega sorority, she was a member of the First United Methodist Church and was active in both the church and the community.
A member of the Chi Omega sorority, she was a former elementary school teacher for Worth County and a member of First Baptist Church. /gm/artman/publish/0503obits.html

 WWF Byte This! Report with Ric Flair: 12/7
They took a look at the poll, and 67% of the fans have voted for the Chi-Town Rumble in 1989.
He joined in late 1991, assumed the WWF Title from the Royal Rumble in 1992.
The one that wins, the classic clip will be played at the end of the show. /news/articles/100776523389827.html

 Ring of Honor Discussion Forum - Timeless matches/Dated matches
A timeless match is a match that was amazing to watch when it took place and will always be amazing to watch no matter what year it is. A dated match is one that was incredible to watch then but doesn't carry that same excitement now.
The story of the winner becoming champion really added to the drama of the match as all 30 men were vying for the title.
The match itself was flawless in execution and they really delivered in all aspects of the match and the result was Owen Hart's skyrocket to the top tier of the company. /messageboard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=6811

 The Wrestling Theme Round
In 1989, they fought some of the greatest matches ever, at Clash of the Champions, Chi-Town Rumble, and Wrestle War.
Given a town, name the only person currently in one of the big three leagues that is announced as being from that town for ten points each.
Released by THQ in 1998, it is Rumble Pak compatible and features four WCW wrestlers on the cover. /group/CollegeBowl/archive/trashionals99/pro_wrestle.html

 Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat Feud: Part 2
Then at the Royal Rumble, Flair turned the battle royal into the best Royal Rumble battle royal the WWF had had and has had since.
The WWF Title was vacant at the time because of controversial matches between Hogan and the Undertaker, so the winner of the Royal Rumble would be the WWF Champion.
Everything now is focused more on the issue the two guys have, and why they hate each other's guts. /review/review018.html

As for Chi-Town Rumble, I have a master copy recorded in SLP from the original PPV broadcast in1989.
I could do that also on dvd-r if you're interested.
I could put it on dvd-r for you. /Forum/post?forumid=119845&messageid=1110528130

 The Junk Yard Dog
They redid the finals in a cage, and Dog won when Olympia pinned himself with a sleeper (a finish done most recently at Chi-Town Rumble '89 with Rick Steiner and Mike Rotunda).
When JYD's leaving town stip expired after 90 days, he returned and Lee "disappeared".
By mid-1983, Dog was working a long-term program with Butch Reed, who had turned heel after initially starting in the territory as a babyface. /articles/jyd.html

 Rowdy's - A Chi-Town Rumble in Cleveland
Rowdy's - A Chi-Town Rumble in Cleveland
The 2002 Horizon League men's basketball championship and an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament will be decided Tuesday night as No. 5 Loyola tangles with cross-town rival No. 6 Illinois Chicago at 7 p.m. /0303/12finals.html

 OO Forums - powered by XMB
The Flair Rumble, the Ricky/Flair match from Chi-town Rumble, the Flair/Funk match from Bash'89.
The Rumble is over an hour, the big Steamer matches are all around an hour, the matches with Sting and Vader are probably at least 30 minutes long.
Then, the second DVD being a long list of great matches. /OOForums/viewthread.php?tid=5436

 Ric Flair Profile
Steamboat and Flair entered a feud, seemly due to their class of lifestyles clashing, Flair the flamboyant Playboy and Steamboat, the traditional family man, there life styles may have clashed, but the quality of their wrestling ability was second to none.
At 1992 Royal Rumble, Ric Flair won his first ever WWF World Championship, when he won the vacant title by winning the 30-Man Royal Rumble.
Flair entered the Rumble as number 2, the final 4 men were Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan and Sid Justice. /101/printpage.php?id=338

 Pro Wrestling Insider - Pro Wrestling News Inside & Out
- The NWA held their "Chi-Town Rumble" Pay-per-view in Chicago, Illinois at the UIC Pavilion.
- The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane) and Jim Cornette defeated Randy Rose, Jack Victory (subbing for Dennis Condrey) and Paul E. Dangerously in a "loser leaves town match".
The show was headlined by the first of the three classic Ricky Steamboat-Ric Flair matches from 1989, which some consider to be the greatest series of matches of all time. /ViewArticle.asp?id=664&p=1 pop culture
As footage from their Chi-Town Rumble match is shown, Flair says that it would normally take them 15-20 minutes just to get things really rolling in their matches.
While many believe that their latter two matches (Clash 6 and WrestleWar) were the better of the three, a lot of people believe that Chi-Town Rumble is the best and its omission is the only downside of the Steamboat chapter….especially since Ricky Steamboat won the NWA Title from Ric Flair that night in Chicago.
The only true gripe that I have with this chapter is the fact that it’s missing their first encounter at the Chi-Town Rumble where Steamboat won the NWA Title from Flair to begin with. /artman/publish/article_1332.shtml - World Heavyweight Championship Title History
Chicago, IL; Starrcade ’87; This was a steel cage match; Flair won after sending Garvin face-first into the steel fence; This took place the same day as the WWF’s first Survivor Series.
In the end, Batista was able to overcome Triple H by ending his 10th reign with a Batista Bomb.
Triple H was able to get the pinfall after a big Pedigree with help from Batista to start his 10th reign as World Champion. /info/wcwworldtitle.shtml

Yep, it’s official: there’s a new booker in town and this is Flair going "Take THAT, Splotch-Man!!". /chitownrumble1989review.htm

 WWE: Subscriptions > Match Jukebox > Ric Flair
This was also a Loser Leaves Town Match, so the stakes were at an all-time high.
From his classic rivalry with Sting, to his battles against the nWo, to his WWE Championship match against Randy Savage, to his time with Evolution, it's all on Match Jukebox.
The Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair rivalry is remembered as one of the most technically sound rivalries in sports-entertainment history. /subscriptions/jukebox/ricflair

 rose rumble
Husband: Thomas RUMBLE Born: at: Married: at: Died: BEF.
rumble - a servant's seat (or luggage compartment) in the...
The 1st Annual "Rose City Rumble" MLK Holiday Classic will be hosted today by Pasadena Marshall and all... /roses9/rose-rumble.php

I recited in the Ghetto some of his poems in many meetings and small performances organized in order to collect some money for starving inhabitants of our houses, streets and for refugees expelled from their small towns, whose number was rising tragically every day.
Some part of his poetry he, Szlengel, hid in a double tabletop, which after nearly 20 years was found by a Pole in Jozefow (a small town near Warszawa) who was chopping this table probably for winter fuel...
by his pocket held him a little chi /szlengel/szlengel.htm

 Obsessed With Wrestling
Chi-town Rumble 1989: Jim Cornette's Midnight Express defeated Dangerously's Midnight Express (Jack Victory & Rose)..
Royal Rumble 1994: Yokozuna (w/Jim Cornette & Fuji) successfully defended the WWF title against the Undertaker in a casket match..
Clash of the Champions IX: Jim Cornette's Midnight Express defeated the Dynamic Dudes (Shane Douglas and Johnny Ace).. /profiles/j/jim-cornette.html

 The Sting Watch -- Sting's History
His stardom was blossoming, and he would go on to defeat Butch Reed at the Chi-Town Rumble at the UIC Pavillion in Chicago, IL on Feb. 20th.
On March 31st, he would go on to victory against Mike Rotundo in Atlanta, and in doing so he would win the NWA TV title. /corvus91370/history.html

 Dead End Society Forums - Best Wrestling Match Of All Time
The Chi-Town Rumble when Steamboat wins the title, and the two out of three falls rematch both preceded the one I mentioned
Shawn Michaels vs the Undertake - Hell in a Cell /forums/printthread.php?t=1017

 Wrestle City USA Home Page
MaeYoung won the "Miss Royal Rumble Contest." Also in the contest were: B.B., Ivory, Jacquelyn, Miss Kitty, Luna, and Terri Runnels.
Yokozuna won a "royal rumble" (66:35) which included: Bob Backlund, The Berzerker, Carlos Colon, Ted DiBiase, Damien Demento, Earthquake, Fatu, Ric Flair, Owen Hart, Mr.
Hulk Hogan won a "royal rumble" (65:17) which included: Dino Bravo, The Bushwhackers, Demolition Crush & Smash, Shane Douglas, Jim Duggan, Earthquake, Haku, The Hart Foundation, Mr. /jadimmick

 The History of WCW, Part I
Fans are treated to several great matches between the two over the next four months with Steamboat winning the title at the February Chi-Town Rumble, a classic best two out of three falls match at an April Clash of Champions show, and Flair regaining the title in May at the WrestleWar pay per view.
The show ends with Flair being attacked by Terry Funk, who was one of the ringside judges.
A feud is born between Flair and Steamboat. /features/histor01.htm

 Pro Wrestling Insider - Pro Wrestling News Inside & Out
WCW Chi-Town Rumble, 2/20/89: Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair 
Of course, we will have full coverage of No Way Out beginning tomorrow night at 8 p.m. /ViewArticle.asp?id=8410&p=1

 Misc. Pay Per Views
The Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane) & Jim Cornette beat Randy Rose, Jack Victory, & Paul E Dangerously (15:51) in a "loser leaves town" match when Lane pinned Rose.
Mike Awesome won a "royal rumble." Also in the match were: Bryan Adams, Bryan Clark, Disco Inferno, Fit Finlay, Mark Jindrak, Billy Kidman, Konnan, Kwee Wee, Ernest Miller, Rey Misterio Jr., Sean O'Hare, General Rection, Mike Sanders, Elix Skipper, Norman Smiley, Lance Storm, and Alex Wright.
General Rection beat WCW U.S. Champ Lance Storm via DQ. /supercards/usa/wcw/miscppv.html

 Hot Boxing News!
Mesi, along with father and co-manager Jack Mesi, denied any notion the undefeated Town of Tonawanda heavyweight suffered bleeding in his brain during his March 13 bout with Vassiliy Jirov in Las Vegas.
(APR 24) Michael Sprott, the journeyman fighter who surprised Danny Williams to win the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles earlier this year, sets out his first defence tonight, in his home town of Reading.
WESTMORLAND — The Rumble in the Desert novice boxing exhibition sponsored by the Westmorland Police Activities League and Boxing Against Drugs boxing club will be at 5 p.m. /newsapril2004.htm

 NWA/WCW Tapes
-Chi-Town Rumble 89 (Flair vs. Steamboat, Luger vs. Windham) /wcwtapes

 The Oratory 2k5: Leaving Its Mark
Given Steamboat’s victory over the champion, the logical step was for the two to compete in a title match, which was promptly set for the Chi-Town Rumble in February.
Sure enough, by the end of the match, not only had Steamboat avenged Flair with a fantastic performance (especially considering how long he’d been out of wrestling for!), but he had managed to pin the heavyweight champion of the world.
In the run up to the match, the rivalry cemented its potential to go down as one of the best ever by introducing a great storyline to back the splendid in ring action. /index.php?archive=690

 Obsessed With Wrestling
February 20, 1989 - NWA Chi-Town Rumble: Teddy Long runs in for the 3 count to award Ricky Steamboat the NWA World title..
Teddy Long filled in for a referee who no showed to an NWA card, and eventually became a full-time referee..
Teddy Long suddenly became a lot more involved in other matches making controversial decisions which often favored the heels.. /profiles/t/teddy-long.html

 Ring of Honor Discussion Forum - Greatest Finishes Of All Time
Look no further then Flair/Steamboat at the Chi-Town Rumble.
I kind of like hearing Jarrett pulling out a cello since the guitar was banned at the last ppv.
As far as ROH goes it's Aries/Joe hands down. /MessageBoard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=7570&whichpage=2

 Moviefone: Chi-Town Rumble '89 Movie
The end came at Chi-Town Rumble '89 in Chicago when the two teams met in a...
CHI-TOWN RUMBLE '89 reviews from the nation's top critics and audiences.
You can enable both via your browser's preference settings. /movie/main.adp?mid=1005968

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