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Topic: Chicken hypnotism

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 more info on chickens - chiken - chichen
Chickens serve as one of the most common meats in the world, and are frequently prepared as food in a large number of ways.
A chicken is tethered by the leg and kept present at the ceremony for the duration to ensure that any evil spirits present during the ceremony go into the chicken and not the family members present.
The chickens were cared for by the pullarius, who opened their cage and fed them pulses or a special kind of soft cake when an augury was needed.
www.scipeeps.com /Cas-to-Chr/chickens.php   (3674 words)

 Chicken hypnotism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A chicken can be hypnotized, or put into a trance by holding its head down against the ground, and continuously drawing a line along the ground with a stick or a finger, starting at its beak and extending straight outward in front of the chicken.
If the chicken is hypnotized in this manner, it will remain immobile for somewhere between 15 seconds and 30 minutes, continuing to stare at the line.
The chicken's feet are exposed, which allows easy application of medication for foot mites, etc. To wake up the chicken, clap your hands or give the chicken a gentle shove.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chicken_hypnotism   (455 words)

 Hypnosis Summary
As with hypnotic hypermnesia, any accurate memory produced during age regression is likely to be blended with a great deal of false recall, and the ultimate test is whether the procedure reliably enhances memory.
When both groups were hypnotized the group who was informed of the arm rigidity actually had arm rigidity during the session.A second study used by Spanos involved evaluating the analgesia effect in hypnotic and non-hypnotic individuals.
It is rarely used for the more complex or controversial uses of hypnotism, which require the hypnotist to monitor the hypnotized person's reactions and responses and respond accordingly.
www.bookrags.com /Hypnosis   (8712 words)

hypnotism is a means of bringing on an artificial state of sleep to the participant...more accurately described as a state of reduced consciousness while one is a awake.
In a hypnotic state one can be convinced that they are going to be murdered and kill the other person in self- defense.
Those who are hypnotized do not usually remember any of their acts while in that state, and often the after affects are tiredness and feeling drained.
www.letusreason.org /Nam3.htm   (1741 words)

 Chicken infoTurkish.com Herşey Hakkında Türkçe Bilgi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Because of the risk of flight, chickens raised in the open air generally have one of their wings clipped by the breeder "” the tips of the longest feathers on one of the wings are cut, resulting in unbalanced flight which the bird cannot sustain for more than a few meters.
Chicken eggs vary in color depending on the hen, typically ranging from bright white to shades of brown and even blue or green (Auracana varieties).
Male chickens, known as cocks (in most countries), cockerels (if younger than one year) or roosters (primarily in the US and Canada), are common symbols of masculinity, and their natural inclination to fight has been exploited in staged cockfights, sometimes with a metal spike added to or replacing the natural spurs.
www.infoturkish.com /Turkey/Chicken.html   (12225 words)

 Chicken Summary
According to ancient Chinese texts, the chicken or common fowl came to China around 1400 BCE; it is one of the first domesticated animals mentioned in writing.
Chickens were probably not seen in Greece until around 600 BCE; nowadays, the animals are common around the world.
The town of Denizli in Republic of Turkey is symbolized by a cock.
www.bookrags.com /Chicken   (4635 words)

 Chicken - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Because of flight risk, chickens raised in open-air pens generally have one of their wings clipped by the breeder — the tips of the longest feathers on one of the wings are cut, resulting in unbalanced flight which the bird cannot sustain for more than a few meters (more on wing clipping).
Chickens generally live five to eleven years depending on the breed [2]; chickens raised for meat are slaughtered prior to sexual maturity (six weeks), and thus many of the aggressive behaviors seen in adult chickens (fighting, cannibalism) are seldom seen in meat-type chickens.
The Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) independent party ZANU party used a chicken as a symbol, since a majority of Rhodesian citizens (mostly native African fl) were analphabetic due to lack of school funding for the poor, so they use symbol or mascot to identify their political party.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chicken   (6078 words)

 Three Ways to Hypnotize a Chicken
Every September, we start getting a lot of callers and e-mailers asking, "So just how do you hypnotize a chicken?" Although we have yet to understand why someone would want to hypnotize a chicken, we thought it was high time we gave the complete instructions to those who may be so inclined.
To hypnotize the bird, use one finger of the free hand, moving the finger back and forth in front of the bird's beak from its tip (without touching it) to a point that is about four inches from the beak.
Noting that domestic birds are more difficult to hypnotize than wild ones, she suggests that one reason may be that wild birds are using a survival skill when they submit to hypnosis.
www.mindpowernews.com /HypnotizeChicken.htm   (615 words)

 [No title]
The chicken was mesmerised and became "the least active living being in Cornwall for a good two hours" (according to Willie Williams).
The chastened chicken barely moved as the others were dealt with.
Perfecting the art of chicken hypnotism was in line with Fairnie's interest in the power of speakers and audience manipulation, as dealt with in the classic Writz track 'Muscle Culture'.
membres.lycos.fr /fairnie/chickens.htm   (461 words)

 Archinect : Schoolblog : Woodbury University (Jason King)
It began to fly (chickens fly?) from 3/4 walltop to desk to 3/4 walltop to desk; crushing 1/4 scale models in its ravaging wake.
As we were all wondering how to get the chicken out of studio, studiomate Ruben walks over grabs the chicken puts its head under its wing and kind of spun it three times and put it to sleep.
And then did with it what should naturally be done with a sleeping chicken; put it under someones desk in 3rd year studio.
www.archinect.com /schoolblog/blog.php?id=C3_183_39   (2451 words)

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