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Topic: Chief Executive Officer

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  Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
The highest ranking executive in a company whose main responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and the corporate operations.
The CEO will often have a position on the board, and in some cases is even the chair.
However, in larger companies, the CEO will often deal with only the higher-level strategy of the company and directing its overall growth, with most other tasks deligated to managers and departments.
www.investopedia.com /terms/c/ceo.asp   (327 words)

  ACS :: Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer
John R. Seffrin, PhD, has been Chief Executive Officer of the American Cancer Society for the past decade.
Prior to being named the American Cancer Society's top staff executive in 1992, Dr. Seffrin was Professor of Health Education and Chairman of the Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University.
In addition to serving as the Society's CEO, he currently serves as the President of the International Union Against Cancer and Chair of the Board of Independent Sector.
www.cancer.org /docroot/AA/content/AA_1_5_Our_CEO_-_Dr_Seffrins_Biography.asp   (456 words)

  Chief executive officer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A chief executive officer (CEO), or chief executive, is the highest-ranking corporate officer or executive officer of a corporation, or agency.
The term "Chief Executive" is also sometimes used to refer to the politician who is the active ruler of a nation, in circumstances where the titles are not clear.
For example, in Israel the Prime Minister of Israel is the nation's chief executive, while the President of Israel is not.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chief_executive_officer   (581 words)

 Executive officer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While Executive officer literally refers to a person responsible for the performance of duties involved in running an organization, the exact meaning of the role is highly variable, depending on the organization.
In smaller ships of the Royal Navy (such as submarines and frigates), the Executive Officer also holds the position of Lieutenant and is usually referred to as such.
In government, "executive officer" may be anyone with decision-making responsibility in the executive branch of the government.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Executive_Officer   (311 words)

 Chief Executive Officer Jobs : DiversityWorking.com : Executive and Management Career Channel : Executive and ...
The chief executive officer of a corporation retains overall accountability; however, a chief operating officer may be delegated several responsibilities, including the authority to oversee executives who direct the activities of various departments and implement the organization’s policies on a day-to-day basis.
Most chief executives are elected by their constituents, but many managers are hired by a local government executive, council, or commission, to whom they are directly responsible.
Chief executive officers often become members of the board of directors of one or more firms, typically as a director of their own firm and often as chair of its board of directors.
www.diversityworking.com /career/Executive_and_Management/Top_Executives/Chief_Executive_Officer.html   (3571 words)

 Chief executive officer - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A chief executive officer (CEO) or chief executive is the highest-ranking corporate officer or executive officer of a corporation, company, or agency.
In the United States the CEO may also be the chairman of the board or the company president in small businesses, but these roles are often separated in larger organizations, to prevent the company from becoming dominated by a single personality, and to prevent a conflict of interest against the owners (the shareholders).
In the European Union there is a stipulation that the chief executive and the chairman of the board be separate functions.
www.voyager.in /Chief_Executive   (275 words)

 Top executives
In a large corporation, the chief executive officer meets frequently with subordinate executives to ensure that operations are conducted in accordance with these policies.
Chief executives also oversee budgets and ensure that resources are used properly and that programs are carried out as planned.
Chief executive officers carry out a number of other important functions, such as meeting with staff and board members to determine the level of support for proposed programs.
stats.bls.gov /oco/ocos012.htm   (2162 words)

 Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
They are the result of guidance from outside executive coaches that cover not just how to meet the discrete requirements of the job, but how to build and maintain networks, as well as influence senior management or external authorities.
According to the survey of 378 Michigan-based executives, the average participant spend about 45 percent of his or her time on core job responsibilities and 55% in other areas: in project-based teams, enhancing individual career skills, developing innovative ideas or processes and working to support the overall company.
Even the most driven executive will have trouble delivering financial results if no one is following his or her lead, says DDI, reporting on a global survey of 4,559 leaders and 944 HR professionals.
coachingtip.blogs.com /coaching_tip/chief_executive_officer_ceo   (7584 words)

 Chief Executive Officer
He or she is primarily responsible to carry out the strategic plans and policies as established by the board of directors.
A CEO job description typically involves overseeing highly related and complex activities and issues such as the Corporate Mission, the Corporate Purpose, the company's future Scenario Planning and Corporate Vision, the creation and implementation of the Corporate Strategy, and the Corporate Reputation.
The CEO reports directly to the Chairman and Board of Directors (one-tier) or to the Supervisory Board (two-tier).
www.12manage.com /description_chief_executive_officer.html   (414 words)

 LEADER: Meet Kathy Cloninger: Chief Executive Officer
Kathy is from Nashville, Tennessee, where she served for a decade as council chief executive officer.
As she assumes her new role at Girl Scouts, Kathy brings the strength of her success as chief executive officer at the Girl Scout Council of Cumberland Valley (Nashville) as well as her experience as a leader in the not-for-profit arena.
Right before she was named CEO, Kathy and her staff at Cumberland Valley successfully completed a $3.5 million capital campaign, a remarkable achievement considering that the council's annual giving campaign was approximately 15 percent of its annual income.
www.girlscouts.org /for_adults/leader_magazine/2003_winter/kathy_cloninger.asp   (1102 words)

 Chief Executive Officer
The Chief Executive Officer will be appointed by the Board, except for the inception CEO as specified in the Founding Bylaws.
The CEO is a non-voting member of the board, carries substantial influence over policy-making, is viewed as a full partner with the board and has a relatively free hand at managing to achieve objectives established by the Board.
The senior management of the organization (the CEO and Executive Group) is the link between the board and the rest of the organization, and is responsible for implementing Board decisions.
epf.ecoport.org /ceo.html   (552 words)

 Chief executive officer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the European Union there are two separate boards, one executive board for the day-to-day business and one supervisory board for control purposes (elected by the shareholders).
In Pakistan General Pervaiz Musharraf held the title of Chief Executive before becoming the President.
Moreover, the CEO must have a great command of the language of the country where the company is based for the purpose of giving speeches and communicating clearly.
www.knowledgehunter.info /wiki/Chief_executive_officer   (439 words)

 City of Burnside - Chief Executive Officer - Adelaide, South Australia
The Local Government Act requires Councils to appoint a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is the senior member of the staff and is responsible for seeing that the policies of the Council are implemented.
The staff, through the CEO, provide input into the decision-making process of the elected members by providing advice and information based on their specialist skills and knowledge.
The CEO also has a responsibility to act as an adviser to the elected members and to ensure that the Council acts within the law.
www.burnside.sa.gov.au /site/page.cfm?u=849   (162 words)

 Chief Executive Officer Paul Salnikow
Chief Executive Officer Paul Salnikow: Paul Salnikow is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Executive Centre.
Also known as TEC, The Executive Centre is an international company specialising in serviced offices, conference facilities and hiring out staff for all manner of office related tasks and assignments.
The Executive Centre is a worldwide leading serviced office company providing worldclass services to businesses around the world.
www.executivecentre.com /exeen/chief_executive_officer_paul_salnikow.html   (853 words)

 Symbian appoints Chief Executive Officer
David is a seasoned executive with a solid understanding of the opportunities in our industry.
He joined Psion as Chief Executive in February 1999 after five years with Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, where he was Chief Operating Officer from 1996-1999.
David Levin, aged 40, joined Psion as Chief Executive in February 1999 after five years with Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, most recently as Chief Operating Officer and previously as President, Institutional Investor Inc. based in New York.
www.symbian.com /news/pr/2002/pr20022926.html   (528 words)

 Chief executive officer - tScholars.com
Regardless, in virtually all cases where the CEO and president are not the same person, the CEO is of the higher rank.
Thus, the chief executive and the chairman of the board will always be different people.
The Chief Executive Leadership Institute at the Yale School of Management
www.tscholars.com /encyclopedia/Chief_executive_officer   (464 words)

 Executive Jobs - Chief Executive Officer
Reporting to this CEO today are 4 direct reports and indirectly an organization of 470 people, 120 of whom are based domestically while the other 350 are in China.
More specifically, the CEO is expected to craft a strategy that will allow the company to continue to grow profitably in an intensely competitive mass merchant commodity marketplace.
Executives Click HERE to view additional Chief Executive Officer Jobs, career tools, and career opportunities.
www.ritesite.com /18205.cfm   (270 words)

 Executive Jobs California - Chief Executive Officer   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for leading the next significant era for the Foundation; one that includes continued growth as well as heightened visibility for the Foundation.
The CEO interacts with philanthropically-minded individuals, families and organizations, professional advisors which includes lawyers, accountants and financial advisors, grant recipients, and the community leaders in our region.
The Chief Executive Officer oversees a staff of eight employees.
www.ritesite.com /15708.cfm   (385 words)

 Chief Executive Officer - Senior Executive Officer Competency
Selection procedures for Chief Executive Officer positions are managed by the Public Sector Standards Commissioner.
Upon the promulgation of the Senior Executive Officer generic competencies, the Public Sector Standards Commissioner has agreed to adopt the generic competencies for Chief Executive Officers for recruitment and selection purposes.
For the position of Chief Executive Officer of an agency, the generic competencies set out below will be applied within the overall context of the particular functions and objectives of each agency.
www.dpc.wa.gov.au /psmd/pubs/exec/train/recruit.html   (932 words)

 Kosan's Chief Executive Officer Resigns
Robert Johnson Appointed Acting CEO HAYWARD, Calif., Feb. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Kosan Biosciences Incorporated (Nasdaq: KOSN) announced today that Daniel V. Santi, M.D., Ph.D., has resigned as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company.
Robert G. Johnson, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., Kosan's current Executive Vice President, Development and Chief Medical Officer, will serve as acting CEO on an interim basis until a permanent CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors.
Therefore, it is an appropriate time for a new CEO to lead Kosan in its next phase of growth." "Dan has done a terrific job in transitioning Kosan from an early stage polyketide technology company to one with a diverse development pipeline," said Peter Davis, lead independent director of Kosan's Board of Directors.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/02-14-2006/0004282281&EDATE=   (656 words)

 Basic Overview of Role of Chief Executive
The chief executive officer is the most important role in the management of an organization.
In an organization that has a board of directors, the "chief executive officer" is (usually) the singular organizational position that is primarily responsible to carry out the strategic plans and policies as established by the board of directors.
However, there are certain basic areas of knowledge and skills which provide the foundation from which chief executive officers can add knowledge and skills customized to the particular nature of their organization, its industry (service, manufacturing, wholesale, etc.) and the current environment (political, social, economic and technological).
www.managementhelp.org /chf_exec/chf_exec.htm   (1329 words)

 Jane Friedman Resigns as President and Chief Executive Officer of HarperCollins Publishers Worldwide | Nachrichten |
Jane Friedman, President and Chief Executive Officer of HarperCollins Publishers Worldwide, today announced she is stepping down after 10 years at the helm of one of the world’s largest English-language publishers.
"I am extremely pleased to be succeeded by Brian Murray, an incredibly talented individual and executive, and a true lover of books, who is the perfect person to lead our team to continued success in the future.
Previously, she was Executive Vice President of Random House, Inc., Executive Vice President of the Knopf Publishing Group, Publisher of Vintage Books and Founder and President of Random House Audio Publishing.
www.finanzen.net /nachricht/Jane_Friedman_Resigns_as_President_and_Chief_Executive_Officer_of_HarperCollins_Publishers_Worldwide_736798   (843 words)

 M. Cass Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer, American Heart Association, Inc.
Cass Wheeler has been chief executive officer of the American Heart Association since October 1997.  He began his career with the association in 1973, at the Texas Affiliate in Austin.
Under Wheeler’s leadership as CEO, the American Heart Association merged its 56 individual state and metropolitan affiliates into 12 regional affiliates and adopted a single corporate structure.  The organization also approved a far-reaching health-impact goal calling for the reduction of coronary heart disease, stroke and risk by 25 percent by 2010.
He assumed the position of senior vice president for field operations in 1996, followed by his advancement to CEO in 1997.
www.americanheart.org /presenter.jhtml?identifier=3001978   (599 words)

 Chief Executive Officer Biography - Special Libraries Association
The Honorable Janice R. Lachance is the 13th chief executive of the Special Libraries Association.
From an executive management perspective, one of Janice’s seminal achievements at OPM was to change its culture from a “command and control” agency to the human resources management consultant of choice for the many Cabinet-level and independent agencies that comprise the federal government’s Executive branch.
Nonetheless, after a stint at advising other executives she decided she was most interested in finding a new executive leadership position where she could be a part of a team making a positive difference in an organization and in the work lives of professionals.
www.sla.org /content/SLA/governance/bodsection/edcorner/edbio.cfm   (1482 words)

 Bruce Zipf, President and Chief Executive Officer of NRT
Bruce Zipf was named president and chief executive officer for NRT in 2005.
Prior to assuming his current role, Zipf held the role of president and chief operating officer, where he was responsible for the business operations of NRT’s local operating companies, concentrating on the organization’s day-to-day responsibilities.
He also previously served as executive vice president and chief administrative officer for NRT, and headed a region that spanned from Boston to Atlanta.
www.nrtinc.com /execs/zipf.html   (281 words)

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