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Topic: Chief of Staff

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Chief of Staff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The chief aide to the commander of larger military formations and units.
These officers together may be called the Chiefs of Staff Committee or Joint Chiefs of Staff.
The White House Chief of Staff, the highest-ranking member of the Executive Office of the President of the United States.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chief_of_Staff   (288 words)

 DOS: Chief of Staff
Andrew Sislo was appointed Chief of Staff to Secretary Pedro A. Cort├ęs on January 26, 2004.
As Chief of Staff, Andy serves as the top advisor to the Secretary and manages the day-to-day activities of the Department of State.
As Chief Counsel he served as the primary legal advisor to the Secretary of the Commonwealth and served as the General Counsel’s legal representative to the Department.
www.dos.state.pa.us /dos/cwp/view.asp?a=1120&q=442305   (495 words)

 unit1-vocab_chief_of_staff   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Heading this team is the chief of staff, who is responsible to the commander for the proper functioning of the staff.
The chief of staff makes decisions only in the absence of the commander and facilitates the coordination of unit activities.
Care must be taken, in cases of direct access of staff officers to the commander, to keep the chief of staff or the XO informed.
www.pfpconsortium.org /ESSO/Unit1/unit1-12Chief_of_Staff.html   (200 words)

 White House Chief of Staff   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The duties of the Chief of Staff can vary greatly from administration to administration, but generally the Chief of Staff is responsible for overseeing the actions of other members of White House staff, managing the president's timetable, and controlling outsiders' access to the president.
Informally, the Chief of Staff is often one of the President's closest political advisors, and a close friend.
By contrast, Andrew Card, the Chief of Staff within the administration of George W. Bush is not regarded as a very powerful figure, in large part because Bush appears to deal directly with his Cabinet secretaries.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/W/White-House-Chief-of-Staff.htm   (408 words)

 More on Chief Staff Executives’ Roles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Staff’s role is to "enable all of the elected leaders to exercise that leadership."
In fact, I would also argue that the staff has an obligation as strong as the elected leadership to act in the interests of the institution not merely the interests of the staff.
So, in addition to executing the responsibilities delegated to the staff, the chief staff executive can, and I believe must, vigorously exercise his or her role as advisor to the leadership on any matter of policy in which they perceive themselves to be competent.
www.ernstthal.com /id697.htm   (383 words)

 Governor: John Estey - Chief of Staff
On January 21, 2003, John H. Estey was appointed Chief of Staff to Edward G. Rendell, the 45th Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
As Chief of Staff, Estey serves as the top advisor to the Governor and manages the day-to-day activities of the executive branch of state government, including 18 cabinet agencies and the Governor’s Office.
From 1997-1999, Estey served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Rendell while he was Mayor of Philadelphia.
www.governor.state.pa.us /governor/cwp/view.asp?a=1110&q=437965   (246 words)

 Chief of Staff for the Warner Administration, Bill Leighty   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
William (Bill) H. Leighty is the senior member of the Governor’s Cabinet and manages all staff in the Governor's Office.
He has played an integral role in increasing the efficiency and speed of operations in state government during Governor Warner’s term, and by serving as chief legislative liaison to the Governor, he has had a major role in many of the Governor’s key pieces of legislation.
Prior to his service as Governor Warner’s Chief of Staff, Bill served in such roles as Director of the Virginia Retirement System, Deputy Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and Deputy Secretary of Transportation.
www.chiefstaff.governor.virginia.gov /bio.cfm   (428 words)

 New Chief of Staff. -- November 8, 1996
Oftentimes, you have chiefs of staff who want to be figures on their own, such as Donald Regan under Reagan and John Sununu perhaps under George Bush, people who in some cases would not take the blame away from the President.
If it is well known and widely understood that the chief of staff has the confidence and the trust and the ear of the President, then it’s much harder for anybody to make end runs around the White House chief of staff.
One of the most important responsibilities that the chief of staff has is to balance protecting the President against unnecessary and irrelevant, immaterial, unnecessary information, while, on the other hand, making sure that he gets the information and the points of view and the perspectives that he needs in a very free-flowing way.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/white_house/bowles_11-8.html   (1090 words)

 Israel’s army chief of staff to step down -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Israel's army chief of staff Moshe Yaalon was forced by Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz to step down after the government decided not to extend his mandate as is customary in the military, army sources said.
There is no precedent to a chief of staff who wants to remain a fourth year, who doesn't get it," one top army official told the Maariv daily.
Moreover, the chief of staff is another one of a series of key figures who are being replaced on the eve of disengagement (including Dichter)," it added.
www.aljazeera.com /me.asp?service_ID=7046   (818 words)

 The Chief of Staff's Double War   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The General Staff compound, Israel's nerve center at times of war, began operating on Monday, after orders to that effect were given by the Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Shaul Mofaz.
As during war, round-the-clock assessments of the situation on the ground are being made in the compound.
Senior officers, both in the General Staff and the Northern Command, are currently furious with their former commander, Ehud Barak.
www.gamla.org.il /english/article/2000/may/s3.htm   (571 words)

 Chief of Staff's Office
As Chief of Staff, Ware was responsible for the overall operation of the mayor's office, supervisor of the department heads, and in charge of the city's 40,000 employees.
Ware was often criticized as Chief of Staff for failing to move quickly.
Gaines was appointed Chicago Commissioner of Housing in September 1983 where she remained until joining the Chief of Staff's Office in July 1985.
www.chipublib.org /001hwlc/hwac/chiefofstaff.html   (875 words)

 Chief of Staff   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Chief of Staff is responsible to the Commanding General for all activities of the general and special staffs, for which he provides coordination and supervision.
The Chief of Staff has the additional duty of Combat Center Commander in absence of the Commanding General.
The office of the Chief of Staff consists of the office of the Staff Secretary and the Protocol Section.
www.29palms.usmc.mil /base/cos/chief3.htm   (124 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The office of Mayor Dick Murphy is composed of the following departments: Office of Chief of Staff, Press Office, Policy Office, Protocol Office, Economic Development and Binational Office, Scheduling Office, Community Affairs Office.
Handles all scheduling requests and administrative duties for the office of the Chief of Staff.
Paola Avila Ruderman - Deputy Chief of Staff
genesis.sannet.gov /infospc/templates/mayor/staff.jsp   (865 words)

 VA GLA Chief of Staff
Dean C. Norman was appointed Chief of Staff for the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System in November 1998.
Norman has been on the medical staff at West Los Angeles VA Medical Center and a member of UCLA faculty since July, 1983, when he joined the staff of Geriatric Research Education and Clinic Center (GRECC) as Assistant Clinical Director and UCLA Assistant Professor of Medicine.
Preceding his Chief of Staff appointment, Dr. Norman served in the following "Acting" appointments: Acting Chief of Staff (November 1992 to June 1993) and Acting Associate Chief of Staff for Geriatrics and Extended Care (April 1992 – November 1992).
www.gla.med.va.gov /pages/normansub.htm   (353 words)

 Thomas' chief of staff resigns
WASHINGTON -- Wyoming Sen. Craig Thomas' chief of staff is leaving to take a job as president and chief executive officer for an organization that aims to increase the role of private companies in the public sector.
Jahn's last day as chief of staff for the Republican senator will be March 19.
Thomas' current legislative director, Shawn Whitman, will be promoted to chief of staff and Bryn Stewart, who currently handles tax issues for Thomas, will be promoted to legislative director.
www.casperstartribune.net /articles/2004/03/09/news/casper/40329f36bdea1e7787256e5200047922.txt   (586 words)

The regular term of service for the IDF Chief of Staff is three years; however, it is customary almost the rule, that this is extended by another year.
While the Defense Minister is the boss, the Chief of Staff is expected to present a professional military opinion without regard for political considerations.
Defense Minister Mofaz was the former Chief of Staff and as a matter of fact, he was accused of insubordination while serving as Israel's top soldier.
www.isracast.com /Transcripts/160205a_trans.htm   (668 words)

 COS BIOGRAPHY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Relinquishing command, Captain Jezierski was assigned to the Force Structure, Resources and Assessment Directorate (J-8), Joint Staff, Washington, D.C., as the Sea Superiority Planner and Sea/Air/Space Superiority Assessment Division Chief.
He then returned to Commander, Amphibious Group THREE staff as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (N3/5).
The ATF conducted enabling operations critical to the conduct of the war on terrorism - including the longest range amphibious assault in Naval history, establishing the first conventional ground forces in Afghanistan - a distance in excess of 350 miles.
www.cpg3.navy.mil /PAGES/cos.html   (506 words)

 Hamilton County Mayor Chief of Staff   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Chief of Staff oversees and coordinates all areas of county general government, coordinates specific initiatives and is a point of contact for the County Commission and other elected officials.
This position exists to perform assignments given by the Chief of Staff in a proficient manner.
The Communications Manager works under the direct supervision of the Chief of Staff to serve as a media liaison, coordinate public relations, and facilitate internal communications.
www.hamiltontn.gov /Mayor/chief_of_staff.htm   (146 words)

 Chief's Staff   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Chief Support Staff Section is composed of the Chief and his assistants.
Chief's Secretary: Provides staff support and is Secretary to the Fire and Police Commission.
Diversity Officer: This is a new position on the Chief's Staff that will work with coordinating resources and training for Department Personnel in areas of Cultural Awareness and Diversity.
www.sbpd.com /support/chiefsupportstaff.htm   (141 words)

 Chief of Staff for the Warner Administration   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The senior member of the Governor's Cabinet, the Chief of Staff serves as statewide deputy to the Governor for planning and budget issues, as well as personnel.
The Chief of Staff also acts for the Governor in his absence on all matters of import and manages the activities and employees in the Governor's Office.
For much more detailed information on the Chief of Staff's duties and responsibilities, go to the Duties and Powers page.
www.chiefstaff.governor.virginia.gov   (202 words)

 Rove Is Promoted To Deputy Staff Chief (washingtonpost.com)
Rove, the political mastermind behind two presidential elections, yesterday was named White House deputy chief of staff in charge of coordinating domestic policy, economic policy, national security and homeland security.
Deputy press secretary Claire Buchan will leave the White House on Friday to become chief of staff to incoming Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez; she will be replaced by Dana Perino, communications director at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.
In taking on the job of deputy chief of staff, Rove will keep his first-term title of senior adviser but now will fall directly under Card and be responsible for managing a complicated and often bureaucratic policy process.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/articles/A9308-2005Feb8.html   (987 words)

 CNN.com - New Army chief of staff sworn in - Aug. 1, 2003
CNN.com - New Army chief of staff sworn in - Aug. 1, 2003
Pete Schoomaker was sworn in Friday as the 35th Army chief of staff, the Pentagon said in a statement.
As chief of staff, Schoomaker's basic mission is to ensure Army forces are properly trained and equipped.
www.cnn.com /2003/US/08/01/army.chief   (475 words)

 Chief Clerk Staff   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Chief Clerk of the Wisconsin Senate is a non-partisan officer elected by the full Senate every two years.
Besides his ceremonial duties as outlined in the Senate Rules, the Chief Clerk serves as the chief operating officer for the Senate, supervising the personnel, purchasing, accounting, and general business functions of the Senate.
The Assistant Chief Clerk acts in the absence of the Chief Clerk pursuant to Senate Rules.
www.legis.state.wi.us /senate/scc/newpage2.htm   (226 words)

 ICE Acting Chief of Staff, Gary J. Lang
ICE Acting Chief of Staff, Gary J. Lang
Gary J. Lang is currently the Acting Chief of Staff for the Assistant Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
ICE is the largest investigative arm of DHS, tasked with preventing terrorist attacks within the United States and closing vulnerabilities that can be exploited to harm our homeland.
www.ice.gov /graphics/about/leadership/cosbio.htm   (451 words)

 SHAPE Biographies: Chief of Staff
Assistant Branch Chief (Military Leadership and Civic Education) in the Armed Forces Staff, Federal Ministry of Defence, Bonn.
Branch Chief (Military Policy) in the Armed Forces Staff, Federal Ministry of Defence, Bonn.
Assistant Chief of Staff Armed Forces Staff Politico-Military Affairs and Operations, Federal Ministry of Defence Bonn.
www.nato.int /shape/bios/cos/schuwirth.htm   (167 words)

 UMHS News - Chief of Staff
ANN ARBOR, MI - Today, the University of Michigan Board of Regents is expected to officially approve the appointment of Darrell A. Campbell Jr., M.D., professor surgery at the University of Michigan Medical School, as the new Chief of Staff for the U-M Hospitals and Health Centers.
As Chief of Staff, Campbell will be responsible for the overall quality of care delivered at the U-M Health System, with a special interest in patient safety.
Afterward, he became Chief of the Section of General Surgery in the U-M Department of Surgery.
www.med.umich.edu /opm/newspage/2002/chiefofstaff.htm   (427 words)

 Chief of Staff Bio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
He is a graduate of the Infantry Officer Basic and Advanced courses, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, and the U.S. Army War College.
After his selection and subsequent completion of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, he was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), Fort Drum, New York, where he served as the S-3 (Operations) and later Executive Officer for the 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry.
Shortly after Brigade command, he was assigned to the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. where he served as Chief, Joint Operations Division, J-3, on the Joint Staff.
www.centcom.mil /Aboutus/bios/csbio.htm   (455 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Chief of Staff : Lyndon Johnson and His Presidency   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Watson served as chief of staff to President Lyndon Johnson, which would have given him unique access to, and insight into, a controversial president.
Since the staff included Kennedy holdovers hoping for a restoration of power in the form of Robert Kennedy, Watson was kept busy forcing out a few of them and now settles some scores in public.
Marvin Watson's Chief of Staff is quite simply one of the best two or three nonfiction books I've read this millennium.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0312285043?v=glance   (1412 words)

 Air Force Link - GENERAL JOHN P. JUMPER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
John P. Jumper is Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. As Chief, he serves as the senior uniformed Air Force officer responsible for the organization, training and equipage of more than 700,000 active-duty, Guard, Reserve and civilian forces serving in the United States and overseas.
As a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the general and other service chiefs function as military advisers to the Secretary of Defense, National Security Council and the President.
He has also served at the Pentagon as Deputy Chief of Staff for Air and Space Operations, as the Senior Military Assistant to two secretaries of defense, and as Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff for Roles and Missions.
www.af.mil /bios/bio.asp?bioID=5986   (676 words)

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