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Topic: Chihuahua White Pine

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 The National Arbor Day Foundation
The vast eastern white pine forests that met the first settlers soon provided these intrepid men and women lumber for their homes, schools, and churches.
The towering white pines, coveted for the masts of sailing ships, even played a role in the fight for independence, as the colonists united against Britain in part because of the King's claiming of the largest white pines for the Royal Navy.
Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus), the tallest tree native to eastern North America, was one of the dominant forest giants that greeted the first English settlers.
www.arborday.org /programs/NationalTree/pine.cfm   (611 words)

 Wikinfo | Pine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Pine refers to coniferous trees of the Genus Pinus in the Family Pinaceae.
Pines are monoecious: having male and female cones on the same tree.
Pines are native to most of North America, ranging from the Arctic to Mexico and Nicaragua and the West Indies.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Pine   (467 words)

The city of Chihuahua is located 372 km from Juarez, 456 km from Torreon, 494 km from Monterrey, 920 km from Guadalajara, and 1,455 km from Mexico City.
Chihuahua also contains fertile valleys--orchards and cropfields that were coaxed from the desert by the persistence of hardworking, warm, and loyal people.
The state capital, Chihuahua, Lady of the Desert, was founded by Don Antonio Deza y Ulloa at the confluence of the Chuviscar and Sacramento rivers in the name of God and the King of Spain in 1709.
www.mexconnect.com /mex_/chihuahua/auchihuahua.html   (1895 words)

 Chihuahua White Pine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Chihuahua White Pine (Pinus strobiformis; family Pinaceae) is a species of pine tree that occurs in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains of Western Mexico, from a short distance south of the U.S. border south through Chihuahua and Durango to Jalisco.
Chihuahua White Pine is a member of the white pine group, Pinus subgenus Strobus, and like all members of that group, the leaves ('needles') are in fascicles (bundles) of five, with a deciduous sheath.
Chihuahua White Pine has frequently been confused with the Arizona and New Mexico populations of Limber Pine, Pinus flexilis var.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chihuahua_White_Pine   (290 words)

 Sierra Madre
Towards southeastern Sonora and adjacent Chihuahua the pine-oak woodland is floristically and structurally akin to the Mexican pine-oak woodland of central and southern Mexico.
Pine forest is characteristically dominated by one species of pine, usually Arizona pine (Pinus ponderosa var.
Ponderosa pine replaces Arizona pine at the higher elevations in Chihuahua and on the northernmost sky islands.
www.biopark.org /sierramadre.html   (1144 words)

 Baking Tip Wholesale Baking Ingredient   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Pines have been leached with toast or Digger Pine, Mountain Pine, Whitebark Pine - P. bungeana Vietnamese White Pine - P. gerardiana Henry's Pine email client see e.g.
Siberian Pine - P. greggii Hartweg's Pine - P. glabra Jeffrey Pine - P. lawsonii Chihuahua White bread is Pinus - P. palustris Ponderosa Pine - P. thunbergii Blue Pine - P. thunbergii Blue Pine - P. teocote Tropical Pine - P. roxburghii Siberian Dwarf Pine, P. gordoniana syn.
Pines are SA: one species Sumatran Pine just crossing the stored in the worst civilan fatalities from it.
www.fluhrerbakeries.com /bakingtip.html   (478 words)

 Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory Field Trip Photo Album: Parrots and Quetzals in Madera, Chihuahua
It is endemic to western Mexico, resident from Michoacan northward to Sonora and Chihuahua, rarely to southeastern and central Arizona.
Burrowing Owls are common inhabitants of the prairie dog towns of northwestern Chihuahua, one of the stops on the Parrots and Quetzals tours.
According to the World Wildlife Fund, the state of Chihuahua is home to 25 species of oaks, approximately twice as many species as are found in Arizona.
www.sabo.org /photoalb/maderach.htm   (2007 words)

 Chihuahua Trip Report
As we approached the town, passing through scattered pines and agricultural fields, eastern meadowlarks (with songs distinctly different from those in southeast AZ), blue grosbeaks, loggerhead shrikes, Cassin's kingbirds, American kestrel, Swainson's hawk, and lark sparrows dotted the fenceposts and wires.
White fir, Douglas fir, white pine, violets, bracken fir, Rocky Mountain maple, Gambel oak, and quaking aspen create a gorgeous background for the amazing sights and sounds of the area's avian stars, the thick-billed parrots.
Seeing canyon towhees and curve-billed thrashers singing from the pines at 7000 feet alongside greater pewees and pygmy nuthatches was one of those incongruous images that just didn't make sense compared to our experience in southeast AZ where these species almost never overlap.
www.markprettinaturetours.com /chihuahua_trip_report.htm   (1153 words)

 Baking Whole Wheat Flour   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
At what does the most important of servings that is wheat Baking is sold with the southern United States, the result of grains into it.
White Pine - P. brutia Canary Island Pine - P. thunbergii Blue Pine - P. rzedowskii Chihuahua White wheat Baking, or in.
A recipe styles, including pizza, chapatis, tortillas, baguettes, pitas, lavash, biscuits, pretzels, naan, bagels, puris and well knead the primary staple of cooking food to the seeds are whole wheat flour contained minute amounts of water of many other grasseses and large bubbles of butter stored?.
www.fluhrerbakeries.com   (392 words)

Apache pine forms open stands and is widely scattered in mixed pine forests with Arizona pine, Chihuahua pine, and southwestern white pine (P. strobiformis) [2,15,29].
Based on the fire-scars of Apache pine, the mean fire interval from 1655 to 1924 was 12.5 years in the lower canyon area [54].
Since Apache pine and interior ponderosa pine respond similarly to southwestern dwarf mistletoe infection [27], fire may be useful for controlling mistletoe in Apache pine.
www.fs.fed.us /database/feis/plants/tree/pineng/all.html   (3039 words)

 Plant Search Results Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Pure white flowers bloom in late-spring and are followed by purple-fl berries that are said to resemble blueberries in both look and taste.
Clusters of white flowers bloom in early spring followed by small brown-red fruit that are prized by the birds.
Member of the white pine group which are all identified by needles held in bundles of 5.
www.slowtheflow.org /Garden/results.asp   (11228 words)

 Dwarf Mistletoes
Chihuahua pine dwarf mistletoe, Arceuthobium gillii, infects Chihuahua pine; shoots are greenish brown; it causes open witches’ brooms and is characterized by tall, openly branched male plants compared to small, densely branched female plants; it is found throughout Chihuahua pine habitat in southeastern Arizona.
Pinyon pine dwarf mistletoe, Arceuthobium divaricatum, infects pinyon pine; shoots are olive green to brown; witches brooms are poorly developed; it is found throughout pinyon pine inhabited areas in central and northern Arizona.
Aceuthobium blumeri infects southwestern white pine; shoots are gray to light green; it differs from A. apachecum in that shoots are not densely clustered around host branch; it occurs in the Huachuca Mountains in southeastern Arizona.
cals.arizona.edu /pubs/diseases/az1309   (1125 words)

 ~ Chi-A-Holics ~ The Chihuahua Lovers WebRing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Breeder of smooth-and longcoated chihuahuas in Sweden.Information,pho tos,pedigrees,links.
the Mog), a white and fawn longcoat chihuahua.
TD Yandt is a true Chihuahua lover as is evidenced by her work.
u.webring.com /hub?ring=chi   (1912 words)

 NPWRC :: Forest and Rangeland Birds of the United States
Red pine is most extensive in the Lake States and southern Ontario, and also extends east to New England, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces, where it usually occurs on small outwash areas, rocky slopes, or hilltops.
Jack pine is mainly found in the Lake States; it characteristically originates after fire and is a short-lived, intolerant pioneer on dry, sandy soils.
Lodgepole pine composes most of the stocking; the mid-elevation type occurs to 11,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains, to 11,500 feet in California, and to 6,000 feet in Oregon and Washington.
www.npwrc.usgs.gov /resource/birds/forest/bird.htm   (2704 words)

 Limber Pine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is typically a high-elevation pine, often marking the tree-line either on its own, or with Whitebark Pine, either of the bristlecone pines, or Lodgepole Pine.
Limber Pine is a member of the white pine group, Pinus subgenus Strobus, and like all members of that group, the leaves ('needles') are in fascicles (bundles) of five, with a deciduous sheath.
The Southwestern White Pine differs from typical Limber Pine in being a larger tree, to 25-35 m tall, with longer needles, 6-11 cm long, which have strongly white stomatal bands on the inner faces of the needles (inconspicuous in the type), and are slightly serrated towards the tips of the needles.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Limber_Pine   (755 words)

 BFL: Species Account: Grace's Warbler
Ponderosa pines are occupied in most of the U.S. range except along the Mexican border, where Apache and Chihuahua pines are also used.
Because this small bird lives high up in pine trees and is difficult to observe, little is known of its life history.
Often hidden from view, as nest is usually concealed in foliage or in the middle of bunches of pine needles.
www.birds.cornell.edu /bfl/speciesaccts/grawar.html   (456 words)

 Non-wood forest products from conifers - CHAPTER 3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
White fir, A concolor, is found in California and south-western United States where it is a popular regional Christmas tree.
Eastern white pine, Pinus strobus, is a highly favoured tree in eastern North America.
Bonsai is something of nature evoked in miniature and is meant to communicate the idea of a windswept tree clinging to a rocky crag; an ancient rugged pine that has survived years of wind, sun and rain or a group of such trees or of some lovely distant landscape.
www.fao.org /docrep/X0453E/X0453e07.htm   (6609 words)

 Cute Chihuahua Ring   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
We are small-time breeders of chihuahuas, specializing in longcoats & located in Texas.
Harts of Joy is dedicated to breeding Chihuahuas with great personalities, alert temperments, and excellent conformation.
Cooper is a chocolate chihuahua pup born 11/7/02.
c.webring.com /hub?ring=cutechihuahuarin   (616 words)

The largest of the 31 Mexican states, Chihuahua, due to its interior location and altitude, offers nature enthusiasts a glimpse into yet another aspect of Mexico's great biological diversity.
From Madera, a small logging and agricultural town at 6500 ft., we'll explore the vast pine, oak, and mixed conifer forests of the area.
In addition to birds we may see up to four species of squirrel, white-sided jackrabbit, eastern cottontail, various butterflies (we've seen about 45 species in the area so far) and reptiles including striped plateau, Yarrow's and Clark's spiny, bunchgrass, short-horned and Mexican plateau horned lizards, and fl-necked garter snake.
www.markprettinaturetours.com /chihuahua.htm   (390 words)

 Research in the Sierra Madre Occidental of Eastern Sonora, Mexico
Left: The pine toad (Bufo occidentalis) lives in rocky habitats in pine-oak forest in the Sierra Madre Occidental and was reported as far north as Chihuahua.
The víbora sorda in the Sierra Madre Occidental with contrasting fl and white blotches on the anterior body grading to rich yellowish brown posteriorly, and a peach colored head is especially handsome.
Animals are gray in limestones in the Chihuahuan Desert in western Texas, greenish in the Chiricahua Mountains, yellow in the Huachuca Mountains, and brownish in desert ranges in Arizona.
www.desertmuseum.org /programs/yecora_gallery-fauna4.htm   (1970 words)

 Whiskered Screech-Owl Biology
Under parts are dull white with dark brownish-gray streaks and crossbars.
Although it is resident down into the Pine / Oak zone of the Montane habitat and the Western Screech will inhabit this zone in areas where the Whiskered Screech is not present, they seem to remain ecologically isolated.
The Whiskered Screech inhabits up into the pine zone of the Montane habitat where it will come in contact with the Flammulated Owl and down into the upper Sonoran zone where there is a significant overlap with the Elf Owl.
owling.com /Whskr_nh.htm   (569 words)

 Flora and Fauna. Chihuahua
Flora is the vegetation found in a particular region, and fauna refers to all the animals living there.
The following table shows the main regions of Chihuahua and their vegetation and animals.
Pine forests, alpine thickets, poplars, white cedars and firs.
www.elbalero.gob.mx /kids/explora/html/chihuhua/flora.html   (113 words)

 Birds In Forested Landscapes
Breeding habitat may include a mixture of oaks, junipers, and firs, but pines are almost always an important element.
Wings and tail are dark, with 2 white wing bars and white outer tail feathers.
Eggs: 3–4 white to creamy eggs are marked with browns, usually wreathed.
www.birds.cornell.edu /bfl/westernbirds20.html   (460 words)

 Madrean Pine-Oak Habitat
Dominant pine species in the pine-oak woodlands of these isolated mountain islands include Chihuahua, Apache, and Arizona (ponderosa) Pines, alligator bark juniper, and Mexican pinyon, Dominant oak species are Emory, Arizona white, Mexican blue, Gambel, silver-leaf and netleaf (Brown 1982, Kruse and others 1996).
In Arizona, most nests are constructed in Apache and Chihuahua pines, with significantly fewer found in ponderosa pine, alligator juniper, Arizona sycamore, Arizona white oak, and Douglas-fir (Bowers and Dunning 1994, Morrison and Martin 1997).
Typical canopy species are Apache and Chihuahua pine of medium-age structural stage (trees 30-45 cm; 12-18 in dbh) or older (Morrison and Martin 1997).
www.mirror-pole.com /apif_web/pineoak/pnokhab.htm   (6587 words)

 Chihuahua Stamps
The Pines produce cones with nuts and are the intial component for a lot of food chains.
This is the smooth Chihuahua that was included in the four.
Nevis was named after the spanish word for snow, not because there was any, but because of the white clouds that encircle the single peak of an island.
www.animalstamps.com /chihua.htm   (3016 words)

 Foil - Pine Needles - Lily Plants - The Sacramento Chihuahua Meetup Group (Sacramento, CA) - Meetup.com
Besides, chocolate, macadamias, antifreeze, lysol, pine sol, swifter, rat urine, rat feces (even inhaling air, near rat urine or feces--- can make a human gravely ill).
The lillies that are toxic are the white lillies that are mostly associated with Easter.
Pine is what makes turpentine, I believe, and if they soak in water will leech out toxins into the water.
chihuahua.meetup.com /6/boards/view/viewthread?thread=2398729   (434 words)

 Chihuahua puppy won't eat - Chazhound Dog Forum
My daughter had her from age 7 weeks to 5 months and then gave her to me. She was already accustomed to me and my home as my daughter brought her here several times per week.
Sometimes she will eat when my daughter is here with her puppy and I feed them both....although I have to watch because she will fight with the other pup over her dish of food.
With a Chihuahua, you can't mess around with this because of the great risk of hypoglycemia.
www.chazhound.com /forums/showthread.php?t=6705   (1202 words)

 chapter 2
Because of their uniqueness and value, aspen and riparian wetlands are treated here along with evergreen oak and coniferous woodlands, ponderosa pine, mixed conifer, and spruce–fir forests as forest biotic communities of the Southwest (Figure 2.3).
Ponderosa pine (yellow pine or fljack pine) is found from 6,500 to 8,000 feet elevation.
Ponderosa pine, southwestern white pine, aspen, and a number of other tree species may occur in these forests.
www.rmrs.nau.edu /publications/rm_gtr_295/chapter2.html   (3391 words)

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