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Topic: Child prodigy

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  Prodigy School - Indonesia
The standard definition of a prodigy is a child who by age 10 displays a mastery of a field usually undertaken only by adults.
A prodigy child is a child who reaches an adult level of ability with a skill usually mastered by adults.
Many child prodigies go on to have successful lives, if their parents are involved in their lives at every level.
www.prodigy-school.com   (3555 words)

  ScienceDaily: Child prodigy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A child prodigy is someone who is a master of one or more skills or arts at an early age.
Child prodigy -- A child prodigy is someone who is a master of one or more skills or arts at an early age.
Child -- The Convention on the Rights of the Child defines a child as "every human being below the age of 18 years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier".
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/Child_prodigy   (1501 words)

  Phenomenology Online: The Child Prodigy
The princess is insensitive to the child as one with needs, and as a spokesman for the collective mind she suggests that the child prodigy is enjoyed for the freedom which he provides to the audience.
To treat the prodigy as a phenomenon is to define the child by his possession of some remarkable talent, power or ability; and given this perception of the child, his responsibility is to always be "on." The child must be continually oriented to maintaining the appearance of himself as one with a remarkable talent.
Insofar as the prodigy achieves an integrated grasp of her self, she achieves a sense of how prodigality itself is oriented to and used by the community to enact its representations of the particular, exceptional and phenomenal.
www.phenomenologyonline.com /articles/allen.html   (7344 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Most researchers recognize that prodigious talent tends to arise as a result of the innate talent of the child, the environment that the individual resides in, the energetic and emotional investment that the child ventures, and the personal characteristics of the individual.
Prodigies, regardless of their portrayal, are people, and as such are generally confined by much the same constraints on learning and emotional issues that most people deal with.
One early literary example of a child prodigy with a tragic fate is found in The Hampdenshire Wonder, but again the portrayal is rather colored, describing not an accurate account but a fictionalized idealization.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Child_prodigy   (2973 words)

 BrainConnection.com - Child Prodigies - Page 3
Also, it is difficult to know if prodigies are born with superior motor skills, or if they develop them with the intense practice that follows their keen interest in music, drawing, or athletics.
This is in contrast to musical prodigies like the violinist Mi Dori or athletic prodigies like figure skater Tara Lipinski, both of whom were able to compete successfully with adults in their fields at the tender age of thirteen.
Mozart was a child prodigy; Beethoven was not.
www.brainconnection.com /topics/?main=fa/child-prodigies3   (891 words)

 SoundClick artist: ChildProdigy86 - Child Prodigy is an 18 year old emcees who spits specifically for the lost and ...
Child Prodigy is an 19 year old emcees who spits specifically for the lost and hurt.
Prodigy means a person with exceptional talents or powers or an act or event so extraordinary or rare as to inspire wonder.
However, as a child I was influenced by a lot of oldies like Motown or music from that era.
www.soundclick.com /bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=289428   (338 words)

 Prodigy: Excerpts from The NPR Classical Music Companion
A prodigy is a person whose talents or achievements — in music or in any other area — are so extraordinary as to seem miraculous.
Musical families, a musical environment, early and excellent training, hours of practice — all certainly contribute, but a child of six or seven or even ten years of age has simply not lived long enough for prodigious achievement to be the result of hard work and positive influences.
The rarity of child prodigy composers should probably not be surprising, since the process of creation is even more mysterious than that of interpretation and performance, or of physical accomplishment, precocious or otherwise.
www.kennedy-center.org /nso/classicalmusiccompanion/prodigy.html   (499 words)

 How Is A Child Prodigy Made? Valentine Cawley’s Blog Reveals The Secrets of Baby Genius   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Cawleys, an Irish/Malay family, based in Singapore, are discovering that child prodigy need not arrive in the world alone and that a baby genius has brothers and sisters who may also be geniuses, themselves.
It is a child, aged 11 or under, who shows an adult level of ability in a scientific area.
It is a child whose thinking is far beyond their years, who can match or exceed the intellectual function of an adult in at least one area.
prweb.com /releases/prodigy/genius/prweb444037.htm   (1416 words)

 Prodigy Child Development - About Prodigy
Prodigy Child Development, Inc. believes that young children should have the opportunity to develop intellectually, socially and physically through exposure to a variety of activities and games.
Prodigy Child Development acknowledges children's interests and varying needs in addition to planned learning activities, allowing children to develop a firm sense of self-worth and individuality.
Prodigy Child Development's furtherance of self-worth also stems from a constant environment of peers that forms a strong sense of belonging while learning to relate to people.
partners.dubuque365.com /prodigy/about.html   (431 words)

 Mel Bay's Creative Keyboard® Webzine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
After hearing a ten year old boy play a classic sonatina on the piano, a gentleman remarked that the boy was a child prodigy.
Beethoven's father wanted his son to be a child prodigy and forced him to practice, practice, practice.
All child prodigies had to practice to become one.
www.creativekeyboard.com /jun05/prodigy.html   (948 words)

 Prufrock's Gifted Child Information Blog - Prufrock Press Inc.
Prodigies tend to be unusually focused, determined, and highly motivated to reach the highest levels of their fields.
The Boy Who Knew Too Much: A Child Prodigy is a blog written by the father of a young boy in Singapore, deemed to be a scientific child prodigy.
Also, because a prodigy is often told how wonderful she is, she may actually stop trying to develop her talents further.
www.prufrock.com /client/giftedBlog/index.cfm?commentID=105   (1327 words)

 village voice > news > When Prodigy Classic — a pioneering cyber community — shut down for good, longtime ...
Prodigy Classic, one of the first and most forward-thinking colonies in cyberspace—a kind of Roanoke of the Net—would be going dark at 12:00 a.m.
Those assembled that night were Prodigy lifers, the old guard, and they stood at the coast of their world, watching the ground beneath them disappear.
"Prodigy execs were focused strictly on the technical aspects of connecting computers together and the Net came along and said, 'That's not a big deal—you've got to do something more interesting than that,"' says Day.
www.villagevoice.com /issues/9943/bunn.shtml   (1777 words)

 Child Prodigy's Time to 'Do Something Great,' Mom Says (washingtonpost.com)
He started reading as a toddler, played piano at age 3 and delivered a high school commencement speech when he was 10, saying he was so unusual he practically "qualified for the endangered species list."
Brandenn Bremmer was a child prodigy: He composed and recorded music, won piano competitions, breezed through college courses with an IQ of 178, and mastered everything from archery to photography, hurtling through life precociously.
Last Tuesday, Brandenn was found dead in his Nebraska home from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/articles/A50248-2005Mar19.html   (403 words)

 Backstory: The child prodigy in few of us | csmonitor.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Nor would it be considered proper to suggest that child prodigies be given neither consideration.
But the fact is that we can't do anything about child prodigies.
Though he wasn't specifically discussing child prodigies, he once said: "We can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by."
www.csmonitor.com /2006/1201/p20s02-algn.html   (762 words)

 Prodigy blocks child porn | CNET News.com
Prodigy is cutting off members' access to some Internet newsgroups that the company says regularly provide access to child pornography.
Child pornography, already illegal in the United States and several other countries, has become the emotional touchstone in heated Internet censorship debates.
Moreover, Prodigy announced in April that it is launching service in ten cities in China, a country that has very restrictive laws.
news.com.com /2100-1023-201653.html   (461 words)

 How to bring up a child prodigy? - Womanspassions.com
This is a child with a bright talent, it’s impossible not to notice him.
A child that moves a lot outstrips a meek creature and lazy fellow in mental faculties.
They are harping on since his birth: “Don’t fall down, don’t push, don’t crash…” At school teachers make a child to sit there like stuffed dummy, although any psychologist will say that the more a child moves, the less he gets tired and easier learns school material.
www.womanspassions.com /articles/76.html   (1110 words)

 Representations of Global Capital
to stress the uninhibited child's mind in which the unadulterated creative impulse exists.
Moreover, these ads represent children as prodigies unleashed by the power of technology.
In fact, a reversal takes place in which the child is now smarter or at least better equipped than the adult.
it.stlawu.edu /~global/childrensigs/prodigy.html   (384 words)

 Is Six Year Old Child Prodigy, Ainan Celeste
The one-hour chemistry talk entitled: “Acids And Alkalis In Everyday Life.” was the brain-child of the young child prodigy.
He is a child prodigy and former baby genius.
As a child, he had the uncanny gift of being able to sing or whistle any piece of music he had heard only once.
www.pressrelease.com.np /science/Is-Six-Year-Old-Child-Prodigy-Ainan-Celeste-200611205445.php   (1341 words)

 Celebrating the child in child prodigy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Conductor Jekowsky likens parents of child prodigies to "general contractors." As such, he says, they are charged with the singular responsibility of "leading their kids to the right subcontractors"--educators, mentors, promoters, media, and audiences--to help these highly vulnerable children avoid private and professional difficulties.
For prodigious young musicians to have a stimulating yet harmonious childhood, the right combination of support is essential.
Ultimately, the most important act of support is to recognize that child prodigies are, indeed, children.
www.gt-cybersource.org /Record.aspx?NavID=2_0&rid=11422   (4506 words)

 School Voucher Case Being Argued for Child Prodigy Before California Court of Appeal Today - Christian Newswire
The California Department of Education is opposing a 14-year-old prodigy's bid to receive government funds so he can continue his schooling at a state university -- the only suitable education for the student's highly specialized needs, his mother argues.
The Sacramento trial court that first heard the case indicated in its now appealed ruling that the plaintiffs would just have to face the potential that the child prodigy would have to drop out of UCLA and see what happens because he does not have "special needs" under the law.
Ackerman asserts that at "a bare minimum, the CDE ought to be required to fund Levi's education to the same monetary level as provided on a per-student basis for every other child in the public schools, which happens to be between six and seven thousand dollars a head.
www.christiannewswire.com /news/741911293.html   (666 words)

 Is Six Year Old Child Prodigy, Ainan Celeste Cawley, The World's Youngest Science Teacher?
Six year old child prodigy Ainan Celeste Cawley gave a science lecture, at a Singaporean School, on Wednesday, 15th November, 2006, making him the world's youngest known science teacher.
When scientific child prodigy, Ainan, was one year old, his mother, ambidextrous artist, Syahidah Osman Cawley, placed a red cape about his shoulders and said: "There, Ainan, you are Superman!"
He is a scientific child prodigy and former baby genius.
prweb.com /releases/2006/11/prweb480311.htm   (1666 words)

 TIME Asia: Small Wonders
Son's parents—teachers with a combined income of less than $100 a month—are at a loss to explain why their otherwise ordinary child is a whiz at the ancient board game.
How a child prodigy like Son comes by his preternatural ability is not something that has made much sense to scientists.
Often taunted by their peers, hounded by the press, prodded by demanding parents and haunted by outsize expectations of greatness, they are treated as wondrous curiosities.
www.time.com /time/asia/covers/501030217/story.html   (845 words)

 Worldandnation: Child prodigy blazed a short path
Brandenn Bremmer was a child prodigy: He composed and recorded music, won piano competitions, breezed through college courses with an off-the-charts IQ and mastered everything from archery to photography, hurtling through life precociously.
He had just shown his family the art for the cover of his new CD that was about to be released.
He was, his family and teachers say, an extraordinary blend of fun-loving child and serious adult.
www.sptimes.com /2005/03/20/Worldandnation/Child_prodigy_blazed_.shtml   (589 words)

 Blind, Disabled Child Prodigy's Autobiography Unveils Pitfalls in American Medical and School Systems, and Her ...
Child Prodigy Shirley Cheng's gripping autobiography tells of true, unfortunate and upsetting incidents and pitfalls in American medical and school systems, such as false reports from doctors and psychologists, parental rights, disability issues, society issues, human rights, and education.
Replete with fifty photographs, The Revelation of a Star's Endless Shine unveils the gripping, never before told tale of child prodigy Shirley Cheng--a blind and physically disabled victim and survivor of severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) and more so of falsehood in American medical system--and her loving mother, Juliet Cheng.
Blind and disabled child prodigy Shirley Cheng's autobiography unveils twenty-year horror and triumph, including the 1990 international news of mother's victory over injustice in her custody case.
www.emediawire.com /releases/2005/7/emw256146.htm   (1085 words)

 Denver - Restaurants - Child Prodigy
At the Aspen Food & Wine Magazine Classic a few weeks ago, Julia, the woman who made French cooking user-friendly, titillated the closet fat addicts hanging on her every word by dumping enough butter and cream into her recipes to make the American Heart Association have a cow.
"I'm risking a visit from the food police," she intoned in that oft-imitated Julia Child way, while creating a salmon dish that was essentially a mousse of cream with a little fish in it and Escoffier's original pound-o'-butter hollandaise.
Of course, at the age of 82, it's easy to be unconcerned over clogging your arteries--but Julia Child is right.
www.westword.com /1996-07-11/dining/child-prodigy   (805 words)

 Child Art Prodigy, Part 2
I can partly control the environment my child will be in while in the highschool years...once she's 18 she can either chuck out everything I taught her...or keep going w/ it.
She paints more than any child i know, and she obviously thinks in a very different way, so just because she's not jumping around everywhere and getting all excited when she's painting doesnt prove to me that she's not a prodigy.
Whilst it could be argued that she was unable to work at the best of her artistic abilities due to the camera in place- let's remind ourselves that it was hidden which means that in theory she shouldn't have been aware she was being watched.
www.museumofhoaxes.com /hoax/weblog/comments/2524/P20   (2695 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Child art prodigy wows New York
Using brushes, spatulas, her fingers and even ketchup bottles, she is creating canvases of six by six foot.
The prodigy has already sold about 25 paintings, raising $40,000 (£22,000) and a new exhibition opens on Friday.
Gallery owner Anthony Brunelli said of 10 pieces about to go on show, six were already sold, and that the remaining four could fetch between $8-10,000.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/entertainment/3701484.stm   (412 words)

 Robert Menga, 70; was child prodigy on violin - The Boston Globe
Robert Menga, 70; was child prodigy on violin - The Boston Globe
Robert Menga, 70; was child prodigy on violin
Robert Menga gave his first violin concert at a flower show in Attleboro when he was 5.
www.boston.com /news/globe/obituaries/articles/2006/12/04/robert_menga_70_was_child_prodigy_on_violin   (791 words)

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