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Topic: Children

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  Children Now Home
Children Now leads outreach to improve quality of K-12 system
Children Now report profiles 10 pioneering preschools in California
Children Now named to FCC obesity task force
www.childrennow.org   (0 words)

  A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust-Children
Many children were left homeless in the ghettos as their parents were either killed or deported to concentration camps.
Children were also deported to concentration camps where in some cases medical experiments were performed on them or they were subjected to slave labor.
In addition, the children had to be between the ages of 3 and 17 and they had to leave Germany alone, without their parents.
fcit.coedu.usf.edu /holocaust/people/children.htm   (1358 words)

 American Red Cross
Children's fears also may stem from their imagination, and you should take these feelings seriously.
Having children participate in the family's recovery activities will help them feel that their life will return to "normal." Your response during this time may have a lasting impact.
Children get anxious, and they'll worry that their parents won't return.
www.redcross.org /services/disaster/0,1082,0_602_,00.html   (755 words)

 PTSD in Children and Adolescents // National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Of those children and adolescents who have experienced a trauma, 3 to 15% of girls and 1 to 6% of boys could be diagnosed with PTSD.
Instead, young children may report more generalized fears such as stranger or separation anxiety, avoidance of situations that may or may not be related to the trauma, sleep disturbances, and a preoccupation with words or symbols that may or may not be related to the trauma.
Children can be exposed gradually and taught relaxation so that they can learn to relax while recalling their experiences.
www.ncptsd.va.gov /facts/specific/fs_children.html   (2188 words)

 Children - Ask the Dietitian
Most children can handle whole or low fat milk, not skim and they don't need the low fat or fat free versions of food unless they are overweight for height.
Children who are obese should be seen by a physician to determine any physical cause for the weight gain.
Children also eat more when they are in a growth spurt and less when their growth has plateaued.
www.dietitian.com /children.html   (6522 words)

 HIV, AIDS and children
Children who have HIV in their family may be stigmatized and affected by discrimination.
Most routine-vaccines are safe in children living with HIV and are strongly recommended, although ‘live vaccines’ (where a weakened or killed version of a virus is injected, so that the body builds up an immunity to it) are not generally considered safe.
Children who have lost their parents as a result of AIDS may be in particular need of support and care.
www.avert.org /children.htm   (3705 words)

 Human Rights Watch: Children's Rights
Their ill-treatment calls for special attention because, for the most part, children cannot speak for themselves, their opinions are seldom taken into account and they can only rarely form their own organizations to work for change.
This 62-page report documents the many types of human rights violations that children experience in pre-trial detention, in the investigation and prosecution of cases, and while in prison.
Based on interviews with more than 100 children as well as with prosecutors and prison staff, the report details cases of physical and sexual abuse of children by other inmates, shortages of food, poor sanitary conditions, and a total lack of any organized education inside the prisons.
www.hrw.org /children   (1344 words)

 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Children - National Cancer Institute
Treatment for children with ALL is complex and involves multiple drugs given in precise schedules over a period of two to three years.
Because of this, children with the disease should be treated by doctors with experience and expertise in the treatment of childhood leukemias.
Clinical trials for children with ALL often enroll large numbers of children and are conducted at children's cancer centers nationwide.
www.cancer.gov /newscenter/all3   (1411 words)

 Children - Indigo Children - Crystalinks
Some sources use the term "crystal children" to describe indigos at a young age (younger than age 7); and some state that the children being born today (after the year 2000) are "crystal children" who are more sensitive and spiritually connected than the indigos, who they claim are more warrior-like in nature.
It is possible to use the traits assigned to supposed indigo Children as a weakly scientific observation of social trends, rather than as a signifier of a new race or form of consciousness.
Alleged indigo children are often the offspring of "new age" parents.
www.crystalinks.com /children.html   (2402 words)

 Helping Children Handle Disaster-Related Anxiety   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Whatever the child’s age or relationship to the damage caused by disaster, it’s important that you be open about the consequences for your family, and that you encourage him or her to talk about it.
Children this age may ask many questions about the disaster, and it’s important that you try to answer them in clear and simple language.
Children’s fears often get worse around bedtime, so you might want to stick around until the child falls asleep in order to make him or her feel protected.
www.nmha.org /reassurance/children.cfm   (790 words)

 NAMI | Facts About Childhood-Onset Bipolar Disorder
These children act flirtatious beyond their years, may try to touch the private areas of adults (including teachers), and use explicit sexual language.
In addition, it is most common for children with mania to have multiple cycles during the day from giddy, silly highs to morose, gloomy suicidal depressions.
At this time there are several ongoing studies of how to best treat children, but until more scientific data is available clinicians are left using their best judgement on how to manage using medications that have been effective in adults.
www.nami.org /helpline/bipolar-child.html   (962 words)

 CHILDREN - Definition   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Seeing children in your dream means your own childlike qualities or a retreat back to a childlike state.
Dreaming that your own grown children are still very young indicates that you still see them as young and dependent.
Dreaming that you are watching children but they do not know you are there, is a metaphor for some hidden knowledge or some latent talent which you have failed to recognize.
www.hyperdictionary.com /dictionary/children   (144 words)

 Children Ministries   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Children’s Ministries exists to resource, train, and support districts and local churches as they minister to children.
With this in mind, the Board of General Superintendents of the Church of the Nazarene calls the Church to a decade of emphasis on children and youth – Connecting a New Generation.
January 2002 through January 2012 has been designated to be a decade for assessing the needs and issues facing children and youth, creating ministries that will meet the needs of children and youth, supporting and nurturing the family unit, and integrating children and youth into the faith community.
www.nazarene.org /ssm/children/index.html   (227 words)

 How to Give Medicine to Children
The younger the child, the trickier using medicine is. Children under 2 years shouldn't be given any over-the-counter drug without a doctor's OK. Your pediatrician can tell you how much of a common drug, like acetaminophen (Tylenol), is safe for babies.
In addition, FDA is taking steps to increase the numbers of drugs being tested in children, and the agency is working closely with the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development to conduct pediatric studies.
Children and teenagers should never take aspirin, or products containing aspirin or other salicylates, if they have chickenpox or flu symptoms or are recovering from these or other viral illnesses.
www.fda.gov /fdac/features/196_kid.html   (1819 words)

 Interpol - Children
Children are the most vulnerable individuals in our society; they are also the most precious commodity that the world has and have a right to be protected from all forms of abuse.
Interpol as an organization is also committed to eradicating the sexual abuse of children and has passed several resolutions making crimes against children one of International policing top priorities.
Interpol’s Specialist Group on Crimes against Children focuses on four different arenas; commercial exploitation and trafficking in Children; sex offenders; serious violent crimes against children and child pornography, and represent a worldwide forum of specialist dealing with this type of crimes.
www.interpol.int /Public/Children   (329 words)

 BMI - Body Mass Index: BMI for Children and Teens | DNPA | CDC   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In children and teens, body mass index is used to assess underweight, overweight, and risk for overweight.
These charts are used for children and teens 2 – 20 years of age.
The 60th percentile means that compared to children of the same gender and age, 60% have a lower BMI.
www.cdc.gov /nccdphp/dnpa/bmi/bmi-for-age.htm   (427 words)

 Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Children
Children shouldn't be forced to finish meals if they aren't hungry as they often vary caloric intake from meal to meal.
Children’s recommended fruit intake ranges from 1 cup/day, between ages 1 and 3, to 2 cups for a 14–18-year-old boy.
Estimated calories needed by children range from 900/day for a 1-year-old to 1,800 for a 14–18-year-old girl and 2,200 for a 14–18-year-old boy.
www.americanheart.org /presenter.jhtml?identifier=4575   (454 words)

 Urinary Tract Infections in Children   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In some children a urinary tract infection may be a sign of an abnormal urinary tract that may be prone to repeated problems.
This abnormality is common in children with urinary infections.
Young children are at the greatest risk for kidney damage from urinary tract infections, especially if they have some unknown urinary tract abnormality.
kidney.niddk.nih.gov /kudiseases/pubs/utichildren   (2093 words)

 The Urban Institute | Children
Children's spending increasingly shifted from broad-based programs to programs targeting low-income or special needs children over the 1960 to 2006 period.
Over the next ten years, children's programs are scheduled to decline both as a share of GDP and domestic spending, because they do not compete on a level playing field with these rapidly growing entitlement programs.
Key findings are that: close to 2 million uninsured children are eligible for SCHIP, the majority of SCHIP enrollees could not be enrolled in an employer plan that covers their parents, and almost 40% of SCHIP enrollees lives with an uninsured parent.
www.urban.org /children/index.cfm   (569 words)

 Greece: Traveling with Children
Andrea and I feel like we are experts at bringing children to Greece because by time our daughter Amarandi was 5 years old she had been to Greece seven times including once in the womb.
As children get older be prepared for the possibility that they may not find the beauty of Greece as stimulating as you do.
In fact you may be worried that they will eat your children for at times they will disappear from sight as the ducks surround them like they have not eaten in days, but generally they are harmless.
greecetravel.com /kids   (3441 words)

 City of Toronto, Children's Services
Children's Services is pleased to announce that child care programs created under Best Start are available and we are now placing children.
Whether you need care because you are working or attending school or simply because you would like a preschool experience for your child, licensed child care offers children opportunities for play, socialization, exploration and age-appropriate learning in a nurturing and safe environment.
This report is a collaborative effort between City staff from Children's Services, Public Health, Parks and Recreation, Social Services, Social Development, Shelter Housing and Support, Toronto Public Library, as well as Toronto school boards and Toronto child welfare agencies.
www.toronto.ca /children   (605 words)

 Cuernavaca, Mexico Spanish Classes for Children and Teens
Although these courses for children are available year round, certain summer weeks offer a special opportunity for the students to interact with local Mexican children.
For children under 4 years of age, an excellent day care center accepting children infant to 4 years old is just a short walk from Instituto Chac-Mool.
Please note: Children must be supervised by the parent or guardian outside of the class time, which is Monday through Friday 8:50 am to 1:50 pm.
www.chac-mool.com /children.html   (901 words)

 Children   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We care for the children of the Earth and the childlike nature within you that is your soul.
Indigo Children, Super-Psychic Children, Violet Children, Children of OZ and Chrystal Children are all refering to children born with a new level of consciousness.
Indigo Children are the current generation being born today and most of those who are 8 years old or younger.
www.experiencefestival.com /children   (819 words)

 usairways.com: traveling with infants and children   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Children ages 5 to 14 who are traveling as unaccompanied minors will be accepted by US Airways for travel only on nonstop flights.
Children traveling alone are not eligible for children's fares, so the reservation must be booked as an adult.
Unaccompanied children at least five years old and under 15 years old will be charged the applicable adult fare and a service charge*.
www.usairways.com /customers/travel_policies/minors   (2078 words)

 UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In recent decades literally tens of millions of children have been given a new chance to grow and prosper through better medical care, schooling or, in the case of refugees, through the protection of UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations.
The guiding principles seek to ensure that all actions and decisions taken concerning separated children are anchored in a protection framework and respect the principles of family unity and the best interests of the child.
Untold numbers of children, including millions of refugees, continue to live in unimaginable conditions around the world.
www.unhcr.ch /cgi-bin/texis/vtx/home?page=PROTECT&id=3b8373992   (268 words)

 Children Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Children with special needs will receive the same financial resources as they move from foster care to permanent relative or adoptive families under a five-year demonstration project launched in 2005.
Counties are always seeking foster families from a variety of backgrounds who reflect the diversity of children in care, particularly older children and sibling groups.
Children in home situations where there are signs of potential neglect or abuse are the focus of the Parent Support Outreach Pilot Project, an initiative of the Minnesota Department of Human Services that has received a three-year grant of $3 million from the McKnight Foundation.
www.dhs.state.mn.us /main/groups/children/documents/pub/dhs_Children.hcsp   (542 words)

Children Living With Relatives by Type of Relative, Presence of Parents, by Race and Hispanic Origin and Whether Below Poverty Level: 2001
1990 census information on children is available at the national, state, and sub-state levels.
Numbers of children at the national and state level.
www.census.gov /population/www/socdemo/children.html   (0 words)

 Save the Children: Helping Children in Poverty and Children in Need
Save the Children, UN and leading humanitarian organizations launch appeal not to forget millions of flood survivors in Asia
Save the Children joins actress Angelina Jolie and UNHCR to improve education for refugee children in war zones
Save the Children appeals to Congress to help children in war-torn countries
www.savethechildren.org   (0 words)

 Children Quotes, Sayings about Kids   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Children are one third of our population and all of our future.  ~Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health, 1981
In the United States today, there is a pervasive tendency to treat children as adults, and adults as children.  The options of children are thus steadily expanded, while those of adults are progressively constricted.  The result is unruly children and childish adults. ; ~Thomas Szasz
Children are contemptuous, haughty, irritable, envious, sneaky, selfish, lazy, flighty, timid, liars and hypocrites, quick to laugh and cry, extreme in expressing joy and sorrow, especially about trifles, they'll do anything to avoid pain but they enjoy inflicting it:  little men already.  ~Jean de La Bruyère, Les Caractères, 1688
www.quotegarden.com /children.html   (957 words)

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