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Topic: China National Highway 312

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 Encyclopedia: China National Highway
China National Highway 321: Guangzhou (Guangdong) _ Chengdu (Sichuan), 2,168 km
China National Highway 221: Harbin (Heilongjiang) _ Tongjiang (Heilongjiang), 662 km
China National Highway 216: Altay (Xinjiang) - Baluntai (Xinjiang), 853 km /encyclopedia/China-National-Highway

 China ABC
Xinjiang, China's largest province-level unit of administration in terms of territory, stretches along the National Highway 312 from Urumqi and Turpan in the east to Horgas and Yili in the west, with stops in various major cities and same towns along the way, including Changji, Kuiton and Shihezi.
In addition, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) offers a number of international air routes originating in Urumqi and connecting Urumqi to foreign cities such as Alma Ata, Tashkent and Istanbul, as part of an effort to meet increasing demand for both passenger and freight transportation.
The region, the driest area in China, is home to China's longest inland river, the lowest depression in terms of elevation, most expansive desert, and both the warmest and coldest areas in the country. /english/china_abc/xinjiang.htm

 Let's Go Travel Guides Discover China
China has a thousand faces, from the extravagantly in-your-face new to the hauntingly old, and guessing what you’ll see next is like trying to predict the latest fashions in Shanghai.
But China is not without growing pains, and part of its fascination is the neverending balancing act of past and present, with one sometimes shoved aside for the other.
Nor has China forgotten to look back: its millennia of history and tradition are as much a source of pride as the latest growth reports and gleaming new highrises. /CHI/13-Northwest-196

National output declined for the second consecutive year in 1989, and two of the largest fish farms filed for bankruptcy.
The crackdown in China in 1989 casts a long shadow over the longer term economic outlook.
Moreover, electric power is in short supply and constitutes a major barrier to future gains in national output. /fun/w-fact-3.txt

 Wuxi's motorbike market shifts up a gear (
As the biggest wholesaler for motorbikes and accessories in eastern China, the Wuxi Tongyi Motor Accessories Market is naturally a member of the Market and Trade Committee of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (Motor Cycle).
It is to the east of the East China Car City on Jianghai West Road.
Its turnover accounts for over 70% of the total in eastern China, with annual turnover reaching Rmb500 million (HK$471.6 million). /mne/it/auto013.htm

 China shoes Suppliers,China shoes factory,Apparel & Accessories Catalog
China Sanjiu (999) Import & Export Corp. (CSIEC) is the subsidiary corporation responsible for all import and export activities.
China (Fujian) Foreign Trade Centre is a large state-owned comprehensive foreign trade corporation in China.
Doublestar group is the largest state-owned enterprise group, which has been one of the excellent five hundred companies in china. /products/search/list_com/6e6f2b6c696d6974/108/no/64/prod/53686f6573/Apparel_Accessories_Shoes.html

 Hefei Travel China
Among the existing highways are state highway 312 running from the east to west, a part of which is Hefei-Nanjing-Shanghai expressway, and Hefei-Wuhu expressway which runs from the south to the north.
As the provincial centre of highway network, Hefei is one of the 45 highway transportation hubs in China.
One of the five largest fresh water lakes in China, the Chaohu Lake occupies an area of 782 Square kilometers, one third of which is within the boundaries of Hefei. /China_Hefei_travel.asp

 Textile mart becomes a national landmark in Shanghai (
Conveniently located at the starting point of National Highway 312, the mart is linked with the Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Jiaxing and Shanghai-Ningbo expressways, the Western Station of the Shanghai Rail, the Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai's inner and outer ring roads.
China's best upholstery manufacturers have all established their presence, selling all kinds of mid-to-high end upholstery fabrics, screens, blinds and other accessories.
The mart is located at 1618 Cao'an Road in Shanghai's West Main Gate district, the western gateway to the city. /mne/garment/textiles006.htm

 Weiyuan spring factory of Wujin
It nears national travel resort (Ma Shan) to the east, Xiyi provincial highway, 312 national highway, Jinghang Canal, the Beijing-Shanghai railway line, Ninghu expressway to the north, face the airport of Changzhou on the west.
It is located in open area of East China where scenery is pretty and traffic is convenient.
Main products include shock absorber of motorcycle spring, agricultural vehicle and automobile spring, various kinds of extension springs and spring of swivel chair, etc. integrating scientific research, developing and producing, management, the factory employ experts to raise scientific and technological content of the products, made quality reliable.

Grade II Highway between Yongshou to Changwu is an important section of No.312 National Highway (Shanghai-Horgus of Xinjiang).
It is one of the main passages to the northwestern regions of China.
This highway starts in the south of Yongshou county seat and ends in Fengkou at the boundary between Shaanxi and Gansu. /snhk/en/104.htm

When study estimates were combined with those from national mortality statistics for men aged 20-40, only an estimated 42% (95% confidence interval 36% to 50%)of lifelong smokers alive at the age of 20 would be alive at 73, compared with 78% (74% to 82%) of lifelong non-smokers.
The National Research Council of the USA is supporting a new approach to assessment, Nature 381 (1996), 638, 659; Lancet 347 (1996), 1179; EST 30 (1996), 238-9A; and a review is Perera, F. "Uncovering new clues to cancer risk", SA (May 1996), 54-62.
Confirmation of the role of mild alcohol use in reducing heart disease is BMJ 312 (1996), 731-6, 736-41; and on alcoholism, JAMA 275 (1996), 803-4; Lancet 347 (1996), 545-6; MJA 164 (1996), 133-4, 141-5. /learning/eubios/NBBDR.html

 K&K Audio / Lundahl Transformers - company introduction - chao jenify, January 05, 2005 at 18:45:25
The Yangtze river is to its north and Taihu Lake is to its south and the Shanghai-Nangjing Expressway and the Nangjing-Hangzhou Expressway,No.312 National Highway pass through it.Here is nearby Civil Airport and railway station.The traffic and communication are very convenient.
The products of the company are well sold to the famous domestic enterprises and are also exported to Europe, America,Japan and Korea,etc. The company has a team that is engaged in designing and developing professionally and has set up better cooperative relationship with Nanjing University-famous institution in China.
Now the company mainly produces two series of speakers,one is micro-speaker for potable computer,palm DVD and mobile telephone and the other is acoustics speaker for household acoustics,TV and automobile acoustics. /forums/KandK/messages/3364.html

 Wuxi Tongda Stainless Steel Co,. LtdStainless steel pipe, knitwear, garments, Q. A agent, Investment consultant
We locates near the exit no.6 shuofang of shanghai-nanjing expressway in wuxi new district, neighboring to wuxi airport, national highway no.312, beijing-shanghai railway and the great canal.
With 20 years of hard work of all staffs, wtssg has become the major producer in china and an industry group with fabrication, sales, international marketing, and hi-tech research.
In 1992, wtssg developed to be a group company, and in the same year, obtained the fabrication permit granted by china metallurgy authority, and the qualification certificate of material supplier for construction of nuclear power station abroad. /com/72192.htm

 China Chemicals & Chemical -- Intermediates
Tongling Yangguang Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. -- Tongling Yangguang Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Tongling city, which is located near national highway 312, Nanjing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.
It enjoys a convenient transportation for it is close to aerodrome, railway station, national highway and river transit.
It is located in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, a typical medium-sized city in Yangtze Delta, China's economic powerhouse. /cn/Featured_Suppliers/Intermediates/index3.html - China National Highway 112
China National Highway 112, circular highway around Beijing, passes through Tianjin Municipality...
That is the seminal study done by C. Kahane of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...
CJKV characters simplified differently in Japan and China /China-National-Highway-112/reference/search

It is an important passage on north to south highway transportation of China.
Because of the rapid economic development of China since reformation and opening to world, highway traffic volume is increased greatly.
(2) The major provisions of the Land Management Law (the most important part) are shown as follows: Ownership (1) The people's Republic of China carries out socialist public ownership for land. /servlet/WDSContentServer/WDSP/IB/2000/04/13/000094946_00040503444834/Rendered/INDEX/multi_page.txt

 China Textile Apparel Manufacturers Supplier Directory
The factory is near to face Changzhou airport, the Beijing-Shanghai railway line, the Shang-Nanjing expressway, national highway 312, have harbours of Changzhou and Hangzhou, Beijing the Grand Canal.
Adjoining the heaviest economic center of the whole country in Shanghai on the east, the west is towards Nanjing of ancient capital.
The traffic is very convenient.The company was established in 1991, there were 260 staff, engineers and technicians accounted for 40% among them. /company.php?cid=12973

 Changzhou Yingyida Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd
Huning Expressway, Jinghu Railway and 312 National Highway lie 5km south to the company; 18km to its west is Changhzhou Airport; Changzhou Harbor is 3km to its north; and Shanghai, the international metropolis lies 128km east to the company.
Changzhou Yingyida Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional producer of dust removal equipment and weighing automatic packing equipment, and the performance and quality are one of the best in China.
In addition, it has the excellent skill and capability of the design and installation of electromechanical integration systems and of the design and development of the hardware and software of automatic control systems.

 DingXin Machinery Factory of Wujin Changzhou city
It borders on the Shanghai-Nanjing expressway and No. 312 national highway in the north, on Shanghai in the east.
Our factory is a share-issuing enterprise, has a modernized production base, produces the products of two major classes mainly: (1) various kinds of automobile fittings of mechanical fittings of motorcycle of different forms, specifications; (2) various kinds of automobile fittings and water tank of warm air blower, which are produced for domestic well-known producer.

 Scott Wilson
Prepared a traffic and revenue forecast study of the 258km Jiangsu Section of the expressway between Shanghai and Nanjing, the parallel Class 2 National Highway 312 and the proposed 51km North and South Approach Expressways to the Jiangyin Yangtze Bridge.
Prepared independent traffic forecasts for the period 1997 to 2025 based on available socio-economic data and highway development plans, traffic surveys, and output from a traffic forecasting model developed for the project.
Compiled information on existing and planned highway infrastructure, traffic data, and socio-economic data for the study area. /cameos.asp?service=transportation

 Suzhou China
Beijing- Shanghai Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, National Highway 312, Shanghai-Suzhou Airport Expressway all run through the city.
The comprehensive strength of the zone ranked No. 3 in all the national EDZs in 2002.
National Level EDZ - Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone /English/Invest/16.shtml

 Usenet Archive
The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, in a July 1 report, blamed dealership service departments or others who improperly installed oil filters.
Nationally, an income of $42,810 was needed to afford a home with the median price tag of $183,600.
Government and national union leaders said Thursday that talks between Shell and unions on the issues are "positive." On Monday, unions gave ExxonMobil a 21-day ultimatum to rectify what they said was an influx of foreigners into its Nigerian operations. /Dir48/File667.html

 People's Daily Online -- Highway accident kills three students in Shaanxi Province
Three students were killed and two other students injured while walking along a national highway in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, as the driver of a truck fully loaded with coal mishandled his vehicle.
According to local police, the tragedy took place near Baiyangdian section of the national highway No. 312 in Shangzhou around 6 a.m.
Highway accident kills three students in Shaanxi Province /200503/02/print20050302_175270.html

 Market News Express : Steel mart goes smart (
The Wuxi Stainless Steel Mart is located inside the Hutong Economic and Trade Zone of Dongbeitang town, Xishan district, where the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, National Highway 312, Wuxi-Jiangyin Expressway and Shanghai-Nanjing Railway meet.
It is also the second largest stainless steel trading market in China, with turnover expanding at a rate of between 20% and 30% a year.
This specialised mart was centrally planned and established under the Wuxi city government in 2001, with investment from Daming Logistics Co Ltd, a private enterprise. /mne/it/transportation004.htm

 Shaoxing Carrie Enterprise Ltd - Knitting Fabrics;; Non-woven Cloth;;Linen;;Ramie;;Hemp ;;
It has advantage in the transportation, thanks to its excellent location.10 kilometres east of china textile city,80 kilometres from Hangzhou, No.312 National Highway traversing the company.
The total assets of the company is more then 22 million yuan with 520 employees.
The majority of our clients are based in the North American and European markets, and some Asia countries.

 Wuxi Wan Wang Printing and Dyeing co., Ltd.
With Hu-Ning Railroad, No. 312 National Highway and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal on the south, Hu-Ning Highway on the north, Xi-Yi Highway on the west, the company enjoys very convenient transportation.
The company covers a total area of 32000 square meters with the construction area amounting to 28000 square meters.

 [No title]
  Located at Wujin City that has developed economy, Hua Ling Electric Machinery Co., Ltd enjoys transport facilities, being near Miaoqiao Jiuhua in the south suburb, close to Hu-Ning Expressway and Hu-Ning Railway, National Highway 312 and Changzhou Port in the north, adjacent to Changzhou Airport in the west, Chang-Cao Highway running across it. /en/company.htm

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