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Topic: Chinese name

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  Chinese names, Chinese name meaning, Chinese name symbol, Name in chinese, Chinese last names
Foremost there is a huge difference between the Chinese names and the western names relating to the order of the given name and the family name.
While in the Chinese name the first preference is given to the family name, which is followed by the given name, like Hu Jintao.
In the Chinese culture utmost importance is given to ancestors and family and hence they pay respect to their ancestors by placing the family name ahead of the given name.
www.123chinesenewyear.com /china-culture/chinese-names.html   (397 words)

 Get a Chinese Name
This program or the names generated may not be used in any commercial activity without permission of the website owner.
Name Coolligraphy: English names written in a Chinese style.
Chinese Surname and Geneaology Discussion Board: Great place to go if you are a foreign born Chinese with questions about your name.
www.mandarintools.com /chinesename.html   (335 words)

  Chinese Name Tattoo- Chinese Name Translation - Chinese Name Calligraphy- translate names from English to Chinese ...
Most Chinese names have 3 or 2 characters, with the first character being the surname and the remaining characters being the first name.
For instance, for the name shown in the sample, we have matched the Surname of "Gore" with a Chinese surname which also means tall.
Chinese characters evolved from pictographs to more abstract ideograms to the modern-day character, which bears a slight resemblance to its pictographic origins.
www.transname.com /chinesename1.html   (931 words)

  Jordan: Chinese Personal Names
Chinese biographical dictionaries and other reference books tend to list people by their xìng and míngzi, but they are normally also quite meticulous in recording the zì of the people they write about, and various hào if they were much used.
Traditionally personal names were selected with attention to their meanings, but also to the numbers of strokes and the elements that made up the characters.
Chinese kinship terms are a study in themselves, since there are great many distinct terms that allow very precise indication of the relationships, and since there is some regional variation, and a difference between literary and colloquial usage.
weber.ucsd.edu /~dkjordan/chin/hbnames-u.html   (1848 words)

  Chinese name - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Traditional naming schemes often followed a pattern of using generation names as part of a two-character given name; however, this is less used today, especially in the mainland of the People's Republic of China, where many given names use only one character.
Among Chinese Americans, it is common practice to be referred to primarily by the Western name and to use the Chinese given name as a middle name; for instance, Soong would have "James Chu-yu Soong".
Chinese from Mainland China are generally recognizable from the Hanyu pinyin romanization used which includes "x", "zh" and "q" which are not found in other romanization systems and which does not use hyphens.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chinese_name   (1974 words)

 Chinese style name - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The zì, sometimes called the biǎozì or 'courtesy name', is a name traditionally given to Chinese males at the age of 20, marking their coming of age.
Thus, the given name was reserved for oneself and one's elders, while the zì would be used by adults of the same generation to refer to one another on formal occasions or in writing; hence the term 'courtesy name'.
Thus Confucius, whose Chinese name was Kong Qiu, who was the second son in his family, was given the zì Zhòngní (仲尼), where the first character zhòng indicates that he was the second brother.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chinese_style_name   (675 words)

 Chinese name calligraphy
Chinese name calligraphy from a famous Chinese calligrapher
Some Chinese names indicate wish, some Chinese names are blessing, some Chinese names display spirits, some Chinese names might be memorial.
Chinese name calligraphy is also a great gift idea.
wavedancing.net /service/name.htm   (201 words)

 Chinese name calligraphy
Chinese name calligraphy from a famous Chinese calligrapher
Some Chinese names indicate wish, some Chinese names are blessing, some Chinese names display spirits, some Chinese names might be memorial.
Chinese name calligraphy is also a great gift idea.
www.wavedancing.net /service/name.htm   (201 words)

 English names catch on among Chinese - The Boston Globe
When students enroll in Chinese colleges, they routinely are required to pick English names as a way to prepare themselves for life in their increasingly Westernized world.
Promise Hong, a 30-year-old writer in Beijing, said her English name was a rough translation of her Chinese one, Xu, and that she saw a philosophical connotation in it.
While most Chinese with English names reserve their use for times when they are in the company of foreigners, Eddy said more people, especially young women, prefer using their English names.
www.boston.com /news/world/asia/articles/2006/10/01/english_names_catch_on_among_chinese   (765 words)

 Studio of Three Words: Devising a Chinese Name   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If you are not Chinese then the easiest thing to do is to adopt a surname which sounds similar to your own, but it is probably best to avoid choosing a surname which is too common or you will find yourself with a large number of new "relatives".
Names that consist of words all of the same tone are awkward and ugly.
Chinese has only a limited syllabary, so it is especially easy to mistakenly produce a Chinese name which sounds like a known phrase, with possibly embarassing consequences.
members.tripod.com /~gavvie/sealcarving/names/devisingnames.html   (1375 words)

 Your FREE Chinese Name Translation ! Download and use these as your screensaver or wallpapers - Zen Art and Chinese ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Names which have 2 names like mary-anne will found in 2 separate pages M and A. : For technical difficulty opening image attachment, you must notify me within 1 week, after this expiration date no images will be resent.
A certain limited set of Chinese characters has come into common use for transliteration purposes, but I don't know the exact rules for how to transliterate a name (in any case, Taiwan and mainland China have different rules and use different characters).
Chinese names consist of the surname (family name) in first position, followed by a given name of one or two characters.
www.artzbox.com /freenames.htm   (486 words)

 Find Super Magic Lucky Perfect Name for baby
Chinese I-Ching Numerology tells us the lucky numbers are 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 23, 24, 25...
When it applies to baby's name, there is a rule for the lucky name.
From the Chinese Fortune-Telling view, a perfect name is a lucky name with lucky numbers and with the implication of lucky elements.
www.chineseastrologyonline.com /PerfectName12.htm   (619 words)

 Naming Your Baby In Chinese
Actually, since Chinese have their surnames first and their given names second, the middle position makes sense: the Chinese given name of your adoptee is always second, whether you read it the English way or the Chinese way.
So the child's name could be Meigui, pronounced "may-gway", a beautiful, charming name ("gui" means extraordinary or admirable, but its use with mei2 to make mei2-gui4 is mainly to differentiate it from another mei2 that means plum; it is the easiest way in spoken Chinese to distinguish the two mei2's).
My name is Selina Yoon and I founded Asia for Kids educational catalog and www.asiaforkids.com as I was clueless about teaching my children about their Chinese heritage and language without enough knowledge to do so myself (I am of Korean Heritage).
www.pshrink.com /chinadopt/NameYourBaby.html   (1497 words)

 How to Give Your Baby a Chinese Name | eHow.com
Many Chinese names include two or three different words or characters to make a phrase.
Keep in mind that these names come from various parts of the country and can be derived from different cultures.
Her original name was Ling Mei, which my husband and I changed to Lena Mei to honor my mother.
www.ehow.com /how_6623_give-baby-chinese.html   (489 words)

 Chinese Names - Chinese Name - Chinese
Chinese names, in modern times, have contained Chinese family names, which are always placed first, with a one- or two-character personal names (given names) (名).
Among Chinese Americans, it is common practice to be referred to primarily by the Western name and to using the Chinese name as a middle name.
Now, Chinese names varies from places to places, such as in Singapore, Chinese names often do not just represent the environment or the time, but also sophisticated words and often got to do with luck and fortune.
www.famouschinese.com /virtual/Chinese_Names   (749 words)

 Editorial: My Chinese Name
In Australia, having a chinese name was a way to express my interest and enthusiasm for learning chinese, but now that I was surrounded by the language every day, having an alias seemed meaningless, even a bit childish.
Chinese is not my first language, so I can't answer them without contradicting my own advice about always enlisting the help of a native speaker in selecting a chinese name.
But for parents who have the luxury of naming their babies, given the creative flexibility inherent in Chinese names and the enormous number of English/European names that could be tapped, there must be hundreds of name combinations that would work beautifully in both Chinese and English (European).
www.waze.net /china/my_name.php   (6073 words)

 Chinese penpal - learn Chinese from friends, school gilrs and boys, penpal, romance and travel partner ...
Most noticeably, a Chinese name is written with the family name (surname or last name) first and the given name second.
Traditional naming schemes often followed a pattern of using generation names as part of a two-character given name; however, this is less used today, especially in the mainland of the People's Republic of China, where many given names use only one character.
When generation names are used as part of a two-characters given name, it is generally inappropriate and can be confusing to refer to someone by the first part of their given name only which will generally be their generation name.
www.bizchinatown.com /friends/chinese_name.php   (350 words)

 Understand Chinese names | Batgung
I highlight these names because these names utilise a format that is quite unique to this part of the world and individuals with this name format may face difficulties when dealing with various authorities in the West especially if they are confronted with staffs who are very familiar with this name format.
Typical Chinese Name Format with Surname First is actually quite well known but a Surname that occurs in the middle of a strings of name may seem to be a novelty to inexperienced officials.
In Malaysia and Singapore as well as Brunei this name format is not an issue because official forms do not have differentiated field for Surname and Given Names but this name format does have immigration implication as regards to immigration to the WEST and Airline Tickets.
www.batgung.com /understand-chinese-names   (4130 words)

 Chinese Names - China Style
The full name of a Han Chinese is composed of two parts: the surname and the given name, while the opposite of the arrangement of names is widely practiced in many other countries outside Asia.
A full Chinese name always has two or three characters, but can also have four if there is both a compound surname and two-syllable given name.
The Chinese have had surnames long before the period of the Three Emperors and Five Kings (21st century BC), that is, during the time when recognition was given only to one's mother and not one's father.
library.thinkquest.org /05aug/01780/essential/chinese-names.htm   (1151 words)

 Chinese Names: FREE Chinese Name Translation in Chinese Symbols & Characters
Chinese Names: FREE Chinese Name Translation in Chinese Symbols & Characters
You can use the image to do a tattoo or just learn how to write your name in Chinese characters.
Chinese Name Dictionary: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
www.chinesenames.org   (171 words)

 Your Name in Chinese: Chinese name translation
Our Chinese name web translation program is unique in the world in that we guarantee that whatever your name is, it will be translated by our Chinese translation team.
In Chinese, when performing the translation from English to Chinese for your name, a translator will convert your English name into Chinese phonetics as a first step.
Chinese uses phonetic sounds for foreign names, and as such one person's translation may be different from that of the other person, although certain commonly used words have fixed translations.
www.tepson.com /Free-Chinese-name-translation.htm   (336 words)

 The difficulties of translating your name into Chinese | fiLi’s world
Chinese can be tough for many reasons, but the most frustrating issue has to be that of what should be a very simple task - translating a western name.
I tried out all the "Get a Chinese name" websites and discussed this issue with my Taiwanese friends for long while, trying to figure out what might be a decent name to use.
There’s an Israeli forum for Chinese language and culture on Tapuz that I sometimes read, and it’s funny to see that 25% of the messages posted there by new comers are from Israelis who are trying to get help in translating their names to Chinese.
www.filination.com /blog/2006/11/27/the-difficulties-of-translating-your-name-into-chinese   (1040 words)

 My Chinese Name Deluxe Package
A transliterated Chinese name that not only sounds like your English name, has an excellent meaning, and is pleasing to the eye, but also hints at your personality or profession.
An authentic Chinese name that is inspired by your real name, is limited to two to four characters, and meets the requirement of the Chinese government to be registered as your official Chinese name.
Especially if your name is unusual or in a language other than English, we need precise pronunciation to match your name with appropriate characters.
goodcharacters.com /name/chinese.name.deluxe.html   (774 words)

 Seoul Changes Chinese Name
Chinese and Korean should remain brothers as we always were in the last two thousand years and don't let a small thing like changing a name of a city affect us.
I thought the request from South Korea to change the name was odd, citing Chinese names for foreign places are as close phonetically as possible to the cities' names in the native languages elsewhere, but not in the Korean case.
It is by all means the Chinese's right to call something whatever name they want to call it by, this is their right to use their language.After all, I am sure the Koreans don't call China exactly "Zhong Guo".
home.wangjianshuo.com /archives/20050122_seoul_changes_chinese_name.htm   (4033 words)

 [No title]
So when Chinese translators need to write a non-Chinese name in their language, they try to choose Chinese characters which, when pronounced, sound something like the name they wish to translate.
First character: This is the Chinese word for "American." The brackets indicate to readers that what follows is a Chinese version of an American name.
Put the sounds of the name together and you have "Ger-er Way-da-er," with that final "er" sound representing the final "l" as written in some forms of Chinese.
www.pitt.edu /~kloman/chinesename.html   (691 words)

 liminal musings » Chinese name & whatnot   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Both first names end with “-an”, partly because “An” is CC’s Chinese nickname and the first two letters of his western first name (”CC” refers to his Chinese names, one of which ends with “-an”).
PonyBoy’s name, for example, was chosen because it has some appropriate meaning & the written form has some of the same strokes as the word horse, which is the year in which he was born.
The newbie’s name was chosen because it has a good meaning and sounds a bit like the bark of a dog, which is the current year.
www.liminalmusings.com /?p=983   (376 words)

 Chinese Name Topic Center - Chinese
Chinese Names Chinese names in modern times, have contained Chinese family names, which are always placed first, with a one- or two- personal names(given names)
Chinese sovereign The king or wang (王 wang2) was the Chinese head of state from the Zhou dynastyZhou to Qin dynastyQin dynasties.
Name of China in various languages The different usages and names for China in world languagelanguages is generally consistent with how knowledge of China's existence first r...
www.famouschinese.com /topic/Chinese_Name   (257 words)

 My Chinese name
A generation name, common to the offspring of each generation, is typically given to the children
In some families (including my own), generation names are only assigned to male children, however, my parents broke with tradition and gave their girls the same generation name.
Although traditionally generation names are only assigned to the children of male descendants, my cousin Mary (crazy radical that she is) broke with tradition in assigning her children the corresponding generation name from great-great-grandfather's couplet.
www.theo.to /name.html   (353 words)

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