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Topic: Chingachgook

In the News (Mon 21 May 18)

  GradeSaver: ClassicNote: Last of the Mohicans - Full Summary and Analysis
Chingachgook, however, speaks in flowery language that relies mainly on nature imagery: he refers to rivers, skies, and animals many times.
When Chingachgook speaks of Uncas as the last of his tribe, he speaks of the end of one world in the face of the new world of the whites, a consequence of white colonization.
The knowledge of Chingachgook's symbol on the chests of the neighboring tribe is a clever foreshadowing device.
www.gradesaver.com /ClassicNotes/Titles/mohicans/fullsumm.html   (22955 words)

 James Fenimore Cooper - The Deerslayer
Chingachgook landed and Deerslayer paddled around a point and lay motionless in the fl shadow of the shore, where he could see the Iroquois.
Warned by the little chirrup of a squirrel from a tree immediately behind her, Hist was on the alert when the old squaw called to her to go along to the spring behind the camp for water, and gripped her by the wrist as they started down the trail.
When he delivered the answers of Chingachgook and the three girls there was a movement of angry excitement among the warriors; and when, in addition, he again refused for his own part to join the tribe and marry a squaw, the brother of the jilted woman hurled a tomahawk at his head.
www.oldandsold.com /articles25/cooper-18.shtml   (3426 words)

 Coopers Chingachgook   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Death of Chingachgook as the Apogee of the tragedy of the Indian Nation in Cooper^s The Pioneers The Pioneers, written by James Fenimore Cooper in 1823 opens the popular series of books about the adventures of an inhabitant of the New England forests Natty Bampo ^ a white man, a scout, and a hunter.
Though Chingachgook has been baptized and even acquired a Christian name John, he still is a stranger among the white people and does not want to continue living without his nation.
This is not by chance that Chingachgook is called a warrior here ^ thus the novelist introduces the idea that this man, even baptized, holds on to his national way of life, to his national habits and beliefs.
www.4essays.com /essays/COOPERS_.HTM   (1552 words)

 Spirits of Sky, Spirits of Earth: The Spirituality of Chingachgook
Chingachgook's specialty was Earth medicine, which is why he knew of the herbal remedies to cure Young Eagle, Oliver Effingham, of The Pioneers.
Thus, Chingachgook's drinking was not, as among Europeans, for the purpose of inebriation but for the purpose of contacting his Sky spirit and entertaining visions of his death.
Fire is of vital importance in this connection, for the implication of the Leather-stocking Tales is that Wah-ta-Wah died in the genocidal fires at Goschochking, the Lenâpé capital in Ohio.
external.oneonta.edu /cooper/articles/ala/2002ala-mann.html   (2559 words)

 Chingachgook, Branches, Capital District YMCA
With a spectacular location on one of the cleanest lakes in the world, top-notch, dedicated staff, and modern yet rustic facilities, Chingachgook is the choice for families, school groups, children's summer camp, conferences and retreats, and sailing programs.
Chingachgook sits on the quiet east shore of Lake George in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.
A wide variety of waterfront activities takes place on Chingachgook's extensive waterfront, which features two 80-foot docks and a fleet of 75 canoes, kayaks, rowboats, sailboats, sailboards, and motor boats.
www.capitaldistrictymca.com /branches/chingachgook/chingachgook.asp?id=2   (237 words)

 YMCA Camp Chingachgook Alumni Association
Campers who signed up one new camper received a Chingachgook T-shirt, a camping flashlight for a second, and a Chingachgook sweatshirt for a third.
In the case of a tie, an essay contest on "What Chingachgook Means to Me" was held.
Chingachgook hosts two counselors from austria and one from India:Ernst Steiner, Josef Niedermuller, and Kiritkumar Desai.
alumni.chingachgook.org /2000newsletter/lookingback.cfm   (599 words)

Chingachgook was also known as John Mohegan and he named his son Uncas.
I suspect that Chingachgook’s Father was one of these, he joined the Delaware and took a Mahican wife.
One of Chingachgook’s sons married the daughter of Natty Bumppo.
www.pjfarmer.com /secret/woldwest/Tonto.htm   (2381 words)

 YMCA Camp Chingachgook Alumni Association
Established in 1913, YMCA Camp Chingachgook on Lake George is one of the oldest children's summer camps in the country.
In 1994, the Camp Chingachgook board of managers once again reviewed the entire long-range facility and program plan with the support of the Capital District YMCA (the new parent organization resulting from the 1990 merger of the Schenectady, Albany, and Troy YMCAs).
Chingachgook's volunteer and staff partnership is very excited about our accomplishments, our momentum, and our vision for the future.
alumni.chingachgook.org /whatsnew/masterplan.cfm   (425 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Chingachgook and the others avoid stepping on the grass and cross to the other side of it.
Chingachgook throws Hawkeye Killdeer and Hawkeye shrugs into his pouch and powder horn as he races with Uncas for the head of the column...
CHINGACHGOOK protecting Hawkeye, slams his war club into one Huron, breaking his attack, his arm and his skull and swings the other way burying the bladed end into the chest of an Ottawa who's behind him.
www.un-official.com /The_Daily_Script/lastmohi.txt   (17333 words)

 Chapter Chapter 32 of The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper
Chingachgook assumed the station to which his birth and experience gave him so distinguished a claim, with the grave dignity that always gives force to the mandates of a native warrior.
Following the footsteps of the scout, he led the party back through the thicket, his men scalping the fallen Hurons and secreting the bodies of their own dead as they proceeded, until they gained a point where the former was content to make a halt.
At that instant the whoop was given, and a dozen Hurons fell by a discharge from Chingachgook and his band.
www.bibliomania.com /0/0/23/50/17447/5.html   (710 words)

 ISHI: A Real-Life Last Of The Mohicans
Chingachgook, the noble man of "The Leatherstocking Tales", the Last of the Mohicans.
In Cooper's fictional account of the fate of the Mohican people, Chingachgook was the lonely figure left behind by his people.
Like Chingachgook, he was the lonely figure left behind in a world strange and frighteningly different.
www.mohicanpress.com /mo08019.html   (4094 words)

 The Last of the Mohicans (1992)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Nathaniel, or ‘Hawkeye', is the adopted son of Chingachgook, played by Russell Means, whose real and lone son Uncas contributes to the team's claim of being the last of the Mohican clan.
Magua is bent on the utter destruction of Colonel Munro and his two daughters, hence ‘wiping his seed from the earth'.
Chingachgook and his two sons become entwined in between all this.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0104691   (919 words)

 MonkeyNotes-The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper-Free Book notes/Chapter Summary
Chingachgook is stoic and is calm even when facing death.
Chingachgook is proud of his son Uncas, who, as he says, is the "last of the Mohicans." When Uncas dies in the battle, he mourns his death silently.
He is the son of Chingachgook and the last of the Mohicans.
www.pinkmonkey.com /booknotes/monkeynotes/pmLastMohicans42.asp   (709 words)

 Residential Chingachgook YMCA Camp and Outdoor Center based in New York.
Camp Chingachgook, established in 1913, is one of the oldest children's summer camps in America and sits on the quiet east shore of Lake George in the Adirondack State Park.
A wide variety of waterfront activities takes place on Chingachgook's extensive shoreline with two 80-foot docks and a fleet of 70 assorted watercraft from canoes, windsurfers, and ski boats to 24-foot sailboats.
Chingachgook's summer camping season is divided into three two-week sessions and three one-week sessions.
www.campdepot.com /camps/c453.html   (260 words)

Hawkeye and Chingachgook go to the Ottawa camp and see Magua as an agitator; Hawkeye asks the colonel to release the Americans from their obligation, but he refuses.
Chingachgook avenges his son's death by killing Mangua in a tomahawk duel.
Meanwhile Chingachgook guides Alice and Heyward to safety and they come across Captian Winthrop and his men, who rescue Hawkeye in the nick of time.
www.sover.net /~ozus/lastofthemohicans.htm   (688 words)

 SAIL Ser.2, 13.1
Indeed, reactions to Chingachgook's role will vary widely among individuals regardless of what their social groups are, but I will cautiously assume that, in general, American Indian-oriented audiences have increased interest in and empathy for Chingachgook's character due to Means' presence.
Chingachgook again becomes the prime agent of action in the climactic sequence of the film, after Hawkeye debates Magua in the Huron village.
Chingachgook is the action hero of this climactic sequence, the Westerner who displays remarkable fighting ability in the service of blood vengeance.
oncampus.richmond.edu /faculty/ASAIL/SAIL2/131.html   (17668 words)

 Romanticism On the Net 14 (May 1999)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Despite Oliver's wound, which will later be healed by the ancient arts of Chingachgook, the dispute takes several pages to resolve, because a variety of claims have to be asserted and the Judge is determined to establish 'title' by purchase if not by deed or by shot.
Natty and Chingachgook, unable to resist the call of the wild, intercept the deer on the lakeshore, and Natty kills it.
Chingachgook (the Great Sarpent) whose splendid prime will be celebrated throughout three of the subsequent novels, is known for much of the novel as Mohegan, or John Mohegan or merely as Indian John.
www.erudit.org /revue/ron/1999/v/n14/005853ar.html   (9069 words)

 Last minute travel last minute cruise last minute vacation last minute travel deal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
And the Indians, Chingachgook and Uncas, are the very prototypes of the noble savage, so much used and over-used today.
This is a tale of action first and foremost without much plot but so well told that you barely notice, as our heroes flee and pursue their enemies in turn until the very quickness of the prose seems to mirror and embody the speed of the action.
This is a tale of action first and foremost without much plot but so well told that you barely notice, as our heroes flee and pursue their enemies in turn -- until the very quickness of the prose seems to mirror and embody the speed of the action.
www.nevarts.com /last   (1866 words)

 [No title]
With his son's death, Chingachgook sadly says that he is "the last of the Mohicans," but his pronouncement is peripheral to the primary story line of the movie.
With the loss of his son, Chingachgook mournfully intones, "I am alone"; Hawkeye responds, "you are not alone," and then "Chingachgook grasped" his hand (349), apparently affirming the essential and profound brotherhood of red man and white.
In after years, she wrote, "nothing in fiction could be imagined more truly melancholy than the actual recorded history of these Connecticut Mohicans in their struggles against the fire-arms, the cunning, the grasping cupidity, the cruelty, and the poison fire-water of their white neighbors, crushing out their very life and spirit" (xxi).
sye.freeshell.org /xerox/last.txt   (5827 words)

 Last of the Mohicans
On their way they find a scout raised by Indians named Natty Bumppo and a brave pair of Indians, Chingachgook, who is the older and Wiser.
Chingachgook was old, but still strong and brave.
It had a lot of adventures, such as when they fight or for example when Alice, Cora and Chingachgook were in a canoe and they didn't know that a giant waterfall was dead ahead.
silverinternational.mbhs.edu /v132/i209mohicans.htm   (1065 words)

 4 Free Essays
Not to far away in the same forest, were an Indian and a White man talking about their race’s existence in the "New World." The Indian was Chingachgook, the chief of the Mohicans, and the White man, Hawkeye; this was the name given to him by the Indians.
Chingachgook and Uncas offered to lead the horses up stream to where the others were going by canoe.
They found out the reason for this was that the Iroquois were so amazed by his singing that they dressed him as one of them and let him come and go at will, he then reveals where the sisters are being kept.
www.4freeessays.com /essays/2277.shtml   (1744 words)

 Saratoga Lake Sailing Club Membership Info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Each summer the Capital District YMCA's Y-Knot Sailing Association at Camp Chingachgook on Lake George makes it possible for people with spinal cord injuries and other disabling conditions to participate in the sport we all love....
Each of the sailing clinics this summer will depend on volunteers to help with everything from helping sailors getting their life jackets on, getting on and off the boats, and of course, learning to sail.
By attending you will be able to try out the various volunteer activities, get all the training you need, try sailing the boats, eat all the world famous Camp Chingachgook hotdogs and hamburgers you can handle, and of course, spend a day at one of the most beautiful places on earth.
www.sailsaratoga.org /y-knot.html   (499 words)

 Promontory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Chingachgook and Hawkeye are sprinting up the pathway, coming at the Huron troop from the rear, but there is still a way to go.
Chingachgook shoots one warrior, shatters the nose of a second, and is still charging forward.
Chingachgook goes at him without stopping, and as Magua swings his tomahawk Chingachgook rolls under it and drives his club into the Huron’s back.
homepage.ntlworld.com /rksullivan/mohicans/promontory.htm   (799 words)

 GradeSaver: ClassicNote: Last of the Mohicans - Short Summary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The author switches to a scene nearby, where Hawkeye and Chingachgook are conversing about the different beliefs of whites and Indians.
Chingachgook battles with Magua as the other two kill his comrades.
The group stays a bit longer until Chingachgook decides it is time to leave.
www.gradesaver.com /ClassicNotes/Titles/mohicans/shortsumm.html   (1624 words)

 nature romantics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Leatherstocking or Hawkeye, and his Indian companion Chingachgook.
Chingachgook are played first time by native American actors, Eric
Chingachgook dies in a forest fire in spite of
geogdata.csun.edu /geogcourses/nature_romantics03.html   (962 words)

You, as Chingachgook, appeared loving and affectionate toward your son, Uncas, and very relaxed, in general, during these scenes.
Chingachgook, it was very evident in the script...
We certainly enjoyed the opportunity to speak with Russell Means about his role as Chingachgook and the opportunities, both currently and prospectively, for Indian actors.
www.mohicanpress.com /mo06009.html   (7322 words)

 FREE MonkeyNotes-The Deerslayer by James Fenimore Cooper-SHORT PLOT/CHAPTER SUMMARY SYNOPSIS-Free Booknotes Chapter ...
After Judith gives Deerslayer her father's gun, Killdeer, and Chingachgook and Deerslayer try it out--Deerslayer shoots an eagle, and is sorry for his wasteful idiocy--Deerslayer goes back to the Iroquois to relay the message of refusal and submit to torture and death.
Just at the moment when Chingachgook bounds into the circle of Indians where his friend is half tied and the fire is burning close (he hands Deerslayer the trusty Killdeer), the troops arrive, and there is a terrible bloodbath.
Fifteen years later, Deerslayer and Chingachgook return to the lake with Chingachgook's son and survey the ruins of the sight of the massacre and Tom Hutter's life.
www.pinkmonkey.com /booknotes/monkeynotes/pmDeerslayer06.asp   (739 words)

Indeed, the opening sequence of The Last of the Mohicans yanks us in by the collar, as Chingachgook, his biological son, Uncas, and his adopted son, Hawkeye (or, Nathaniel Poe), to the urgent beat of synth-and-bass-drum music, pursue an elk with crude but effective weapons.
Hawkeye scores the killshot with his flint rifle (after a single pull of the trigger), and these hunters, two of them, we'll soon learn, the only surviving members of an indigenous race, say a prayer for the animal's spirit.
Finally, we discover that Chingachgook's clan of three is comprised of compassionate hunters, humbled by their ecological superiority.
www.filmfreakcentral.net /dvdreviews/lastofthemohicans.htm   (1201 words)

 SparkNotes: The Last of the Mohicans: Chapters XII–XVII
In the battle, Uncas saves Cora and Chingachgook becomes locked in hand-to-hand combat with Magua, who escapes only by feigning his own death.
Chingachgook scalps the dead victims, while Heyward and Uncas ensure the well-being of Cora and Alice.
Hawkeye explains that with the brilliant aid of Uncas he and Chingachgook succeeded in tracking the Hurons for twenty miles.
www.sparknotes.com /lit/mohicans/section5.rhtml   (1248 words)

 Emma Willard School Parent Connections Jan. 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This retreat builds upon the work done at the yearly freshman retreat (also at Chingachgook) and also offers an opportunity for our new sophomores to connect more fully with their classmates.
The two-day trip, on Friday, January 14, and Saturday, January 15, will allow students to experience outdoor fun (snowshoeing, work with map and compass, and sledding) as well as to discuss issues of diversity.
In addition to being the state’s capital, Albany and the nearby cities of Troy, Saratoga Springs, and Schenectady provide Emma Willard students extraordinary resources in higher education, high-tech business, the fine and performing arts, and wonderful restaurants, entertainment, and recreational opportunities.
www.emma.troy.ny.us /parents/your_rel/pc_jan_05/chingachgook.php   (199 words)

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