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Topic: Chiron

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Chiron Perihelion Campaign
Chiron is unusual because it has a detectable coma, indicating that it is a cometary body, but it is over 50,000 times the characteristic volume of a comet, a size more commensurate with a large asteroid, which it was initially assumed to be.
(Chiron is named after the wisest of the Centaurs, the tutor of Achilles and Hercules.) It is believed that the Centaurs may be objects which have escaped from the Kuiper belt, a disk of objects orbiting beyond Neptune.
The orbit is inclined 6.93 degrees to the ecliptic plane.
nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov /planetary/chiron.html   (1231 words)

  Chiron, Greek Mythology Link - www.maicar.com
Chiron, who was not a drunkard like other CENTAURS, never used his weapons against a man. Instead he spent his Old Age learning about herbs, and teaching to play the lyre to his pupils.
Chiron was born in very ancient times, for some have said that he was conceived at the time when Zeus was hiding in Crete, and his father Cronos, anxious to devour the little god, was looking for him throughout the earth.
Actaeon, who was bred by Chiron to be a hunter, is famous for his terrible death; for he, in the shape of a deer, was devoured by his own dogs.
homepage.mac.com /cparada/GML/Chiron.html   (1874 words)

 Chiron Information and Documentation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A contribution to the observation and study of the Chiron perihelion passage.
Chiron is a minor body discovered by Charles Kowal on photographic plates made on 18 and 19 October 1977.
In 1988 a tail was observed, indicating that this celestial body is a comet.
www.vub.ac.be /STER/www.astro/chihp.htm   (216 words)

 Star Lights: Chiron
In mythology, Chiron (ky-ron) was a centaur, half-man and half-horse.
Chiron represents the bridge between the animal and the spiritual; and the inner marriage of masculine/feminine.
Chiron's location between Saturn and Uranus highlights the connection between the old and the new, the past and the future, the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius.
www.creativechoices.com /article/star/star_lights_Chiron.htm   (353 words)

 2004 Chiron Flu Vaccine Chronology
Chiron informed FDA that it thought it had identified the root cause for the contamination and believed that the contamination was confined to a limited number of final vaccine lots.
Chiron also informed FDA that all results from the retesting were negative for all other finished product and that its final investigative report would be submitted to FDA during the week of October 4-8.
Chiron presented the key results of their investigation, including negative retesting of all other lots, and indicated that they believed that the results, which they had planned to submit to the FDA, supported their conclusion that the contamination problem was confined to a limited number of lots identified by their testing.
www.fda.gov /oc/opacom/hottopics/chronology1016.html   (640 words)

 Chiron Lecture
Chiron failed to show the expected coma (halo caused by surface evaporation from the heat of the sun) as it passed through perihelion causing scientists to rethink what makes a comet a comet and why these Kuiper bodies are out there doing anomalous things.
Chiron is associated with the shamanic tradition as he was born of the result of a shape-shifting event in Thessaly, the last stronghold of shamanism in ancient Greece.
Constraints on the diameter and albedo of 2060 Chiron.
www.largocanyon.org /pi/chiron/chiron.htm   (2996 words)

Originally, Chiron was a Thessalian god of healing, but in later Greek mythology he survived as one of the centaurs.
When he was accidentally hit by a poisonous arrow shot by Heracles, Chiron relinquished his immortality (in favor of Prometheus) in order to escape the pain by dying.
Chiron is regarded as a son of Cronus and Philyra.
www.pantheon.org /articles/c/chiron.html   (112 words)

 Aquamoonlight Astrology - Asteroids in Astrology - Chiron - The Wounded Healer
Chiron is depicted according to the Greek legend as a centaur being half horse, half-human.
Chiron is known as the "Wounded Healer" for that is what it symbolises in astrology.
Chiron is also known to be the "planet" of relationships and is now being used as an indicator of compatibility between two people.
www.aquamoonlight.co.uk /chiron.html   (698 words)

 Chiron, Pholus and Co. - Advanced Astrology Articles - Understanding Astrology - Astrodienst   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Before Chiron was defined as a captured comet, he was regarded as an errant asteroid, far from the "herd", or belt, of the other asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, a loner and rebel, going his own way.
Chiron is a creature both animal and human, combining the dark, natural, instinctive parts with the rational.
The position of Chiron is not included in Lunar and Solar returns, progressions, transits, etc. However, Chiron is included in the data print-outs for natal charts with an additional chart ring, types 24.xx, 25.xx und 23.xx for all methods.
www.astro.com /astrology/in_chiron_e.htm   (1023 words)

 F1 News - Grandprix.com > GP Encyclopedia > Drivers > Louis Chiron
The son of the maitre d'hotel at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, Chiron was born in the Principality in 1899.
For 1933 Chiron joined forces with Rudolf Caracciola to found the ill-starred Scuderia CC, from which Caracciola was sidelined almost immediately with an horrendous, career-threatening shunt at Monaco.
In 1954 Chiron won his last event, the Monte Carlo Rally, and in 1955 he was entered in a Lancia D50 for the Monaco Grand Prix in which he finished sixth.
www.grandprix.com /gpe/drv-chilou.html   (479 words)

In the exemplum of Chiron and Achilles, the prince and future hero is removed from the family setting, indeed from all kin, to obtain instruction from one who is not even a member of the same race.
Chiron's authority and power over the prince in his youth is equated with counselors' influence on him during his reign; they then exercise the power and authority he delegates to them.
Chiron is an intermediary between stages of development; he represents the best of the old wisdom and technology, passing on what is most valuable to the next age.
education.umn.edu /EdPA/iconics/lecture_hall/chiron.htm   (5252 words)

 Chiron Publications
This is an important volume for the many readers of Jungian literature who have over the years come to appreciate the depth of insight and compassion of Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz.
Chiron is the most celebrated of the centaurs of Greek mythology.
Chiron was entrusted with the rearing and education of many Greek heroes including the healer Aesculapius.
www.chironpublications.com   (190 words)

 Astrology: Chiron
Chiron shows where we can have an affinity for teaching, but, ironically, that is where we can teach others how to do things better than we can do them ourselves.
Chiron's orbit actually crosses the orbit of Saturn, so it should come as no surprise that are some similarities in the effect it has on us.
By contrast, with Chiron aspecting the Moon, you can think you are being criticized you even when you are not, and then you react to this imaginary "attack." Of course there will also be the tendency to "mother" others and help them with their emotional expression.
www.bobmarksastrologer.com /chiron21.5.html   (5372 words)

 Chiron - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Chiron Reports First-Quarter 2005 Pro-Forma Earnings of 4 Cents Per Share, GAAP Loss of 5 Cents Per Share; Chiron Expects 2005 Pro-Forma EPS to Be Between $1.40 and $1.50 Per Share, 2005 GAAP EPS Between $1.06 and $1.16 Per Share.
Chiron Reports Second-Quarter 2005 Adjusted Earnings of $0.08 Per Share, GAAP Earnings of Less Than $0.01 Per Share; 10 Percent Increase in Revenues Over Second-Quarter 2004.
Chiron Announces Merger Agreement with Novartis; Novartis to Acquire Outstanding 58 Percent of Chiron Shares for $45.00 Per Share in Cash; Agreement Recognizes the Value of Chiron's Assets and People.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-Chiron.html   (573 words)

Chiron will actually pass Saturn and be closer to the Sun than Saturn then travel beyond Uranus deeper into the outer rim of our solar system.
Chiron is not like any other comet with over 50,000 times the volume of the typical comet.
Chiron the mythical charater is an orphane who was born unlike his peers the Centaurs, and unlike the God who fathered him.
groups.msn.com /psychicmiracle-astrology/chiron.msnw   (356 words)

 About Chiron
The Truth about Chiron is that it points to the type of qualities and the area of our life that is designated to give us the opportunity to understand selfless giving and to grow through our chosen responses to these potholes.
Chiron takes 50 years to make one complete orbit, so that we have to provide 50 years of effort that may not be rewarded until Chiron connects with where it started out in our charts.
Chiron in the sign of Capricorn has impacted people with their career, status, positions of power, prestige, financial empires, business ventures, and accomplishments that have been given to Chiron’s Bank Account.
www.carolbarbeau.com /html/about_chiron.html   (1330 words)

 Buie: Chiron news and info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Chiron orbits the Sun between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, quite unusual for asteroids.
An occultation by Chiron's nucleus was recorded at one of these sites, while a possible graze by the nucleus was seen at the next closest location.
The presence of dust in Chiron's inner coma was also detected in four of the five occultation datasets.
www.lowell.edu /~buie/chiron/chiron.html   (399 words)

 Expanding Chiron
Chiron is the only major body that has been discovered in our time, and we have been able to watch it unfold before us from the beginning (see discovery data at end of article).
Interpretations of the astrological Chiron have tended to centre largely around the motif of the "Wounded Healer," an analogy drawn directly from the story of Chiron's ill-fated encounter with a wounding arrow, whether self-inflicted or at the hands of his friend Hercules.
They stress that Chiron regretted his immortality, that he raged in his agony, fervently wishing to die, and that it was Prometheus who consented to take on the burden of the Centaur's immortality.
www.aplaceinspace.net /Pages/ExpandingChiron.html   (6672 words)

The aspects to Chiron are the keys to determining the personal nature of the exact wound.
Because of Chiron's erratic orbit it touches the personal with the impersonal, causing a transpersonl energy to evolve and emerge.
Chiron in aspect with a personal planet (the inner planets ~ Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) will bring a transpersonal energy to these planets, bringing the energy to a higher vibration, calling it to the spiritual path.
groups.msn.com /psychicmiracle-astrology/chiron1.msnw   (627 words)

 Holistic Astrology: Chiron - StarIQ.com
Though the majority of astrologers don't use Chiron in their charts, its themes have had an undeniable effect on astrology, providing us with the most spiritually-oriented planetary influence since Neptune, and guiding astrology to the level of a holistic healing art.
Chiron was a hundred times too large to be a conventional comet, but not as big as Pluto, so it wasn't really a planet in the previous sense.
But now we have Chiron, and by using its natal placement and transits, we work on a level where astrology is raised to the level of a holistic art and a spiritual science.
www.stariq.com /Main/Articles/P0000866.HTM   (1117 words)

Chiron Corp. was wrestling with bacterial contamination of flu vaccine at its Liverpool plant as early as March, and its finished vials began failing sterility tests nearly two months before the company warned regulators it had a problem, newly surfaced documents show.
Chiron, the world's second-largest maker of influenza vaccines, needs to begin making shots for next year by March to be ready in time for the 2005-2006 flu season, the company said in a U.S. regulatory filing last month.
Chiron Corp. of Emeryville, one of the six manufacturers invited to the meeting, is developing two bird flu vaccines under contracts with the government.
www.vaccinetruth.org /chiron.htm   (11001 words)

 Chiron Mythology
Chiron's teachings focussed on integrating the physical, spiritual/moral, and intellectual natures, because only by developing and integrating all three could heroes realize their true nature.
Chiron was wounded by an arrow from the bow of Hercules.
Since Chiron's teachings were unique in helping each of his students learn to reach the summit of his physical, spiritual, and intellectual nature, it is appropriate that Chiron's orbit is so erratic as to make its effect in each person's life totally individual.
www.aquarianage.org /west/planets/ch-myth1.html   (1342 words)

Physically, Chiron moves at perihelion within the orbit of Saturn and at aphelion is further from the sun than Uranus at its perihelion (although, technically Chiron does not cross Uranus’ orbit).
Mythologically, Chiron is the priest king of the Centaurs and the half-brother to Zeus.
Chiron’s warrior training was one of the spirit, encompassing a way of life and ranging from the sacred spiritual warrior to members of street gangs -- existing at all levels along a continuum.
www.halexandria.org /dward326.htm   (1936 words)

 Chiron in Astrology
I believe that partly due to Chiron's influence we are at an evolutionary turning point on many levels, and though not entirely "enlightened" as a race, well on our way to righting many of the wrongs of the past.
Chiron transits are said to trigger difficult and painful life passages.
My little daughter was born with Chiron conjunct Pluto and the Sun (thankfully - in Sagittarius.) One might think dire thoughts, but I find her to be an extremely sensitive, intuitive and deep little child.
www.mooncatsastrology.com /astro/chiron.htm   (669 words)

 Martin Lass - Chiron Astrology & Healing
Chiron's issues and affairs concern health and disease and their relationship to our spiritual journey through life.
Chiron in the myth was the centaur--half horse (animal) and half human--who was wounded in the leg and subsequently pursued a vocation of healing under the guidance of Apollo, the god of Light.
As Chiron's message unfolds, we begin to see that Healing is not just about health and disease, but encompasses every area of human endeavor and human expression, from astrology to medicine to mythology to quantum physics.
www.martinlass.com /chiron.htm   (326 words)

 Chiron Studies Program   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Chiron Studies Program is a student fee-funded group at Portland State University.
Chiron exists to allow students the opportunity to offer a course in a university setting for institutional credit.
We answer all questions - students interested in taking Chiron courses, prospective instructors with ideas for courses, or even general knowledge seekers are encouraged to call, email, or simply drop by the office (see the Contact page for details).
chiron.pdx.edu   (120 words)

Chiron is a celestial object orbiting between Saturn and Uranus that was discovered in 1977.
Chiron is known as the "wounded healer." In Greek mythology, Chiron was the son of Kronos (Saturn) and a nymph named Philyra.
Chiron represents our unhealed wounds, which are often caused by our relationship with our parents, and which we often attempt to heal through our relationship with our spouse.
members.aol.com /sun04sc09/chiron.htm   (805 words)

 Chiron says some flu shots tainted / Distribution halted -- bad lots found at British factory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Chiron Corp. of Emeryville was preparing to roll out 50 million doses of this year's vaccine -- for flu shot programs that typically begin in October -- when it discovered that eight of its first 60 lots were somehow contaminated at a factory in Liverpool, England.
The Chiron chief executive declined to identify the nature or suspected cause of the contamination, but he told The Chronicle in a telephone interview that the tainted batches do not harbor any live influenza viruses.
Chiron's production problems create an immediate headache for the operators of large-scale immunization programs run by both state governments and private organizations.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2004/08/27/MNGPF8FF2M1.DTL   (1199 words)

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